Why do rosterfags obsess over Phoenix Weight...

Why do rosterfags obsess over Phoenix Weight? I noticed that for both MvC3 and now Smash Bros he keeps getting named as a roster choice, while he's a good pic for MvC3, I would argue that for Smash that Dante and Viewtiful Joe are better pics than Wright, hell it's practically become a meme in the same way the Japs keep asking for Magnemite. It's fucking assinine.

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Because he's the ultimate joke character for a fighting game.

Because autism.


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maybe if you knew how to have fun and laugh you'd understand.

He would be a joke character just like Mr. Game & Watch, pacman, duck hunt and even pic related. Characters from not fighting games are always great to put in smash.
I would love Phoenix Wright in smash.


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Why do rosterfags obsess over Ridley?

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I'm pretty sure people want him for the same reason people play him in mvc3, which is to land the level three super. Or in smash bros case to use his ultimate smash.

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fucking checked

lesser check

But he's not a Nintendo character and Smash isn't fucking MUGEN.

obviously never played the game. The reason is to get the evidence and point the finger of Justice

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I'm not even that into Smash and even I know that's not fucking requirement.

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Reminder that Frank West is the must have for any fightan.
Question is, will later games have DR4 or DR1 frank

Yes, but Snake is the face of the game that revolutionized the stealth genre in the same way Dante is the face of the game that revolutionized the action genre.

no billy

Rosterfags are roastiefags.

Phoenix Wright is kind of the face for investigative games, and has been more "nintendo" due to how many of the serie's games have been on the handhelds. With cloud being in 4, I don't think your argument really works.

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investigative games aren't as popular as action games nor has the series had the same impact as Devil May Cry.

Dante is dead and Bayonetta took his place, both in the genre and in Smash Bros.

Dante lives

In your heart, maybe, but that's about it. Some random reference in Monster Hunter doesn't mean shit.

all his games are on Nintendo handhelds. also there's Megaman, Sonic, Snake, Bsyonetta, Cloud.
Damn do you try to be this retarded, or is it natural?

They put Dead rising 1 frank in MVC I and they put his outfit in Dead Rising 4, as if that would get people to buy it. Capcom knows which version of their characters are the most popular, That's why DMC3 Dante keeps showing up, and why DmC Dante was relaged to a DLC coustme for desperate DmC fans.

Bayonetta while good in her own way is a pretender to the throne when it comes to action games, The only ones who ever fought over the title of king of action games were Dante and Ryu Hayabusa.

will see about that come E3

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I use just "Action game" as a catch all term. Since IMO there are too many names, (Hack and slash Character action, stylish action beat em up, Curaazzy ect,) it's all semantics to me.

Even if it's announced, will it be good?
Should I bother with DMC3/4? DMC1 was really good but DMC2 just sucked all the fun out of me.

Yeah, do other.

Because he's canonically not that big. The only Ridley that I remember from any game that was excessively large was Mecha Ridley from Zero Mission, which was just a copy built by the real Ridley, and maybe the X parasite clone from Fusion. Neither of them are actually Ridley. The sad fact is that Sakurai is a fucking hack and the Smash games are the dictionary definition of wasted potential.

DMC 2 is infamous for being a rushed out and disappointing sequel. DMC3 was is as good as it is because Itsuno had to redeem the series. so yes DMC 3 and 4 are very much worth playing.

i was just reminiscing about the NES/MS games

I wouldn't have minded Ridley initially, but Metroidfags obsessing over him is so amusing that losing the entertainment would made the world a much sadder place.

Oh yes, I see. It easy for people to forget about those, even though they are just as important to gaming as 3D Ninja Gaiden.

So, this is the next Smash thread? Okay.

>The character I want to see in the next Smash are Pious Augustus (Eternal Darkness), Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101), Ray (Custom Robo), Saki and/or Isa (Sin & Punishment/S&P: Star Successor), and Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk/Last Window)

DLC characters that are unlocked with amiibos

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Ridley is best

What the fuck's a rosterfag?

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All of the characters are owned by Nintendo, dumbass.

Including snake and cloud?

Huh? I though you were refering to these characters:
>Pious Augustus (Eternal Darkness), Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101), Ray (Custom Robo), Saki and/or Isa (Sin & Punishment/S&P: Star Successor), and Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk/Last Window)

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The video's author is a "rosterfag"? A rosterfag is someone who picks a character because he likes the character over the gameplay? What?


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He's accociated with Nintendo as is Layton

I'd prefer that as Amiibos are worthless after a few years so if I ever get bored I get the dlc for cheap

This shouldn't surprise you.
It's a fucking party game, that's what it was always meant to be. The autists that tried making an actual fighting game out of Melee are the same ones that sucked all the fun out of it.
Honestly, Meleefags strike me as the type of people who'd complain about Mario Party being bullshit too.
shame, as the game itself is fine, and a speed balance between Melee and 4 would be ideal for me, but the community surrounding Melee is worse than most fandoms

I've always considered Ace Attorney more popular than Layton, but it seems like Layton has sold more overall, kinda struck me as surprising.

When’s Odin coming? Atlus love ridzing Ninty dick so much, you’d think an SMT rep would show up at some point.

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You know it'll either be Jack Frost or a Persona rep.

They wouldn’t do a Persona rep since the only games they have on a Ninty system is the Etrian styled games. It makes more sense for it to be an SMT rep that isn’t Jack Frost, mainly seeing as how Atlus barely look at Jack Frost now anyway. The rep would be used to promote SMT V and since, from the way the initial teaser for SMT V was presented, it looked like Odin was going to be a big focus.

So, either Odin or the protagonist of SMT V.

It will be Jack Frost. that guy is retarded.
if they throw an actual game MC, it will be like Corrin and it will be SMT V protagonist

Did you forgot about SMT4/SMT4A?

Hey, Cloud never apepared on a Nintendo console either. Crono, Cecil, Terra, or a Bravely Default rep would have made far more sense if that's what we're going with.
I get where you're coming from, but I wouldn't consider the SMT reps to be memorable enough to get a slot like that. Jack frost is most likely, still, though.
Or the most popular Persona. Pic related.

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Because Smash doesn't have much representation in terms of both villains and heavy-weight characters. There's also the fact that the only character from Metroid in Smash is Samus. He's just a perfect fit and people love him.

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And Cloud has been around for a long ass time in a very popular series from a game that is considered one of the best in that series. It makes more sense why they’d pick Cloud over one of the other characters you listed.

No? What’s your point? They didn’t use Smash to advert those? Considering the state of the Switch and it’s games, it makes sense to push a long running franchise’s first mainline entry on Nintendo’s new console. SMT4 and 4A were released on the 3DS long after the 3DS came out.

Fuck you guys I want Demi-Fiend in smash.
They did the same thing with cloud why cant they do it with him?

Mara never ever, not even as an assist trophy

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I remember that poll.

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wow the game is developed by shitposters who had ran out of ideas with their franchises

Phoenix wright needs to die

>why do do
Board sliding should be a global report matter.