I had high hopes for this piece of shit, but it just teaches all of us why modern devs are not to be trusted under any circumstances.

if you're going to post a thread that embeds a youtube link, especially if it has bullshit attention whoring clickbait in the thumbnail, use fucking hooktube. I ain't clicking that shit nigger.
Sage for shit.

What happened to Youtube links automatically embedding themselves as Hooktube links?

Your fault for even having hope.
Golden rule of gaming: all games are shit, until they can be pirated. Only then, maybe some will be good.


This game looked so promising. I want to cry. Where are all of the crazy arcade racers, anons?

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Okay, now then how can you complain that all games are shit if you aren't buying them, and you aren't a customer? Why developers should listen to you?

you mean the thing that never happened?
Yeah that never happened.

I pirated Redout. I'm not much of a racing guy but if you're looking for arcadey, it's definitely that.

Why should I buy games that are trash, don't target me and are generally not worth buying?
Who gives a shit if some numale soyboy doesn't listen to me? There are literally thousands of games worth playing from decades back.

I wonder if the devs followed the marxists courses at the GDC.

You can't outbuy normalfag masses, user, simple as that. Everyone on this board could drop down on their knees and buy five copies of whatever games they truly love, but Bethesdashit and pozzed indieshit will always make billions, so that's where all the devs will go.
The only way I'll start actively buying games again is if the industry crashes and /agdg/ and the like pick up the slack. until then, I'm sticking to making my own game.

Even the UI looks like Overcucks.

You mean /agdg/ will made next "undertale" of indies and crashes this site with influx of redditors.
That what will actually happen at some point. Good riddance some of them like Yandere dev just fuck off.
But at some point someone with skill won't fuck off and that will kill us all.

Well get ready, user, there's one mate there planning to sell 50k copies of his first game because he "did research".

I bought games for longer than most casual shitters nowadays have even been alive and companies still betrayed me. Fuck them.

I don't really see what the problem is here OP. I'm really digging the gamemodes. It also seems that the lootboxes are just cosmetic, so I don't care that much. What's the problem with team-based multiplayer games? Also,

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Wow, they really did just blatantly copy Overwatch. It looks like it's ripped straight from that game.

Why did they have to try to innovate a genre that hasn't been innovated since Burnout for a good goddamn reason?
Why do people in the industry keep trying to reinvent the fucking wheel? When will it stop?


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Mario Kart doesn't dumb down racing as much as this game and it's still popular, why would they need to do things like get rid of 1st/2nd/3rd/etc place?

Arcadecucks BTFO.
Anti-gravity chads win again.
Hail WipEout.

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Speaking as an avid WipEoutfag, the ruination of an arcadey racer is no laughing matter. The genre's in grave danger.

Because i pretend to be a concerned customer in other mediums, and the developers never know that i am just waiting to steal from them.
I got to nput my views of what i want from the final product without even paying for it in the end, and developers and companies don't even know that they are making a better game for someone that will just steal from them.
Life is good.

Also, those.
Fuck developers. They are all communist soyboys. What they want does not concern me. And making them lose everything is as good as playing the games.

When you man up and start killing leftists and jews.

Then kill Mark.

Redout IS neat. But I like to go Vroom Vroom not VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWHOOOSHVEEEEEEEE

We didn't know what he had until we no longer had it.

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is that james may?

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Guess I'll just stick to Wipeout for now. Is there any other upcoming racing game that might turn out to be decent?

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There's GRIP coming soon if you liked Rollcage. Seems like it's Switch exclusive though.

Because I can't try them beforehand.
Do you buy your clothes without trying them on first?

Yep, totally the same logic there

It's a PC game that's been on early access for ages. Rollcage 1 and 2 were also fixed to work on modern systems (360 controller support, high-res widescreen, ogg music as opposed to cd-audio, etc.) by one of the original programmers who's also involved with Grip and can be downloaded freely from his personal website.


Don't worry, there's more than just tranny sandniggers to choose from.

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And there I was sitting happy, thinking that at least racing games can't be pozzed. Fuck me.

None of this affects sims. The more arcade you go the worse it gets, from mostly harmless (multiracial team of rivals in Gravel) to absolute cancer (mobile games, lootboxes). This isn't even anything new: I still get mad thinking about NFS Underground and how it took a massive dump on a franchise I used to love, desecrating it with nigger music and aesthetics. This game here is peanuts compared to that.