Toaster Thread

Some good games to play on shitty older PCs!
Right now I'm specifically looking for semi recent games that are toaster friendly.
One Way Heroics for example came out in 2015 and requires very low specs for its time.
That old Zwei!! that was recently translated is also pretty toaster friendly, even tought it barely runs at full speed on mine.

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Other urls found in this thread: Systems - Mini / Booksize-_-9SIABRA4NG8682&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI65nx1Z6Q2gIVi5J-Ch3ULwjaEAQYASABEgIckvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Speebot is relatively toaster friendly.

Also one of the few games it is fine to shill here. How are sales doing Speedev?

i am not him

Also not Speedev
Here's the Steamspy for it. Steamspy can be wildly inaccurate for games with lower sales. Considering the only cost to Speedev to make this game was time I'd say he did just fine.

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Heroes M&M 3 complete (the original, not the Ubishit one). HD mod is great.

Might & Magic 7 is also a blast. You can get a download file from SsethTzeentach's youtube video on it. Someone called GreyFace also did a patch that fixes bugs and has some other improvements if you want to use mouse-look.

Terraria. Minecraft, but with an actual goal and game.

FTL is great once you learn what is bullshit and what isn't.

I don't remember Terraria being this lightweight.
Maybe that's the power of the lowest settings and smallest world size.

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Half-Minute Hero 1&2
You have 30 seconds to save the world from the Evil Lord and his spell of destruction. Surprisingly deep storyline in the sequel, which includes what is quite possibly the most most gut wrenchingly tense scene in vidya its in chapter 3's last level

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I remember liking the First Half minute Hero.
Half minute hero 2 says it requires 2GB of RAM tough, not all toasters have that, I'll give it a shot on my 1GB system and I'll report back later.

Other games I've found are KeroBlaster, Magic Potion Explorer/Destroyer and Rozenkreuzstillete 1 and 2.

The LISA games are also pretty lightweight.
I guess most RPGMaker games areā€¦

the trails in the sky games are pretty toaster friendly aren't they?
RPG Maker games should be as well if they're not too script laden

Try Uncommon Time, that's a great one

Here's a pic of what's currently on my desktop among other things. Haven't even played a few of them for more than a few minutes but to my knowledge they all run fine on an i3.

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How many toaster threads a week do we need until you're satisfied, OP?

Don't ye forget Anonymous Agonye.

Old school flash games.
Swords and Sandals is a fun silly grindfest
West of Loathing is a neat western rpg, with the combat of southpark's stick of truth. psuedo-grid based attacks, items, and magic, that type of stuff. play on hard mode or else the game becomes a breeze. some of the puzzles in this game are really difficult and at some points you must look up something on the internet to solve. for one example it requires the knowledge of the zodiac killer case, it's neat.

Risk of Rain gets bloaty at times when you get to late game.

Ducks bite

Rarely. If you keep most tasks off to save up some CPU space I only notice it during small segments a few enemies and when I farm for shit to the point where there's so many buff and item effects going on that it causes a CTD.

All the stuff I have installed on my X200. Nuclear Throne and Terraria in particular being great ways to burn some time. If anyone wants a cracked Steam version of Terraria for Linux (note this means you can use mods, unlike the GOG version) ask and I'll upload it. Same goes for NT, though for some reason while the Wangblows version uses Steam as DRM the Linux version doesn't.

Since I assume some other people will have an X200 as well, has anyone succesfully played Brigador on one? Or a laptop with similar hardware? It causes a GPU hang in Xorg when the game attempts to load any assets like vehicles or guns for me, devs say it's my hardware and despite spending hours tweaking stuff I've had no luck. One other guy with an X200 I sent the game to said he had the same problem. If anyone knows how to get it working I'd be stoked, I really enjoy it but don't play it much because I prefer to play games on my toaster.

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Did a nigger build that?

Do you like point-and-click adventures? Gemini Rue and Primordia are relatively recent, and they're pretty good.
If you like management games, look into Yoot Tower. It's a "sequel" to SimTower that most people don't know about since it was only released in Japan (the actual story behind it is more complex than that but I'm too lazy to explain it all). It's not a "recent" game but it's something most people haven't heard of.

Have some more. Don't forget your emulation software as well. Oh also the fucking chart that I should have posted first.

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FTL is a lot of fun.
Get a flak gun if you can.

I hear people dismissing the Vulcan for some reason. I mean I know it has a long charge time but it's almost always a guaranteed win if you get it to level 4. If you have a good dodge+shield you're essentially set for the rest of the run. Especially if you have another decent weapon like a solid missile/teleportermine.

Any good 3D games that'll run on a Am5x86 120 MHz besides Doom? Quake manages to crawl on it.

Morrowind, Starcraft, Warcraft III, Touhou, MUGEN, Deus Ex, Age of Myth, Age of Emp. 2, RCT3, Warning Forever, Cave Story

What are the sys reqs for don't starve? Systems - Mini / Booksize-_-9SIABRA4NG8682&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI65nx1Z6Q2gIVi5J-Ch3ULwjaEAQYASABEgIckvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

This shit costs 45 bucks. If your PC is at the same level or worse than this, then you have 0 excuses for why you can't upgrade to something even somewhat better

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Fuck, Speccy screenshot unrelated by the way

Does anyone really have a computer worse than that? That's lower than those super-light laptops with Intel atom processors.

Modern Intel Atom processors have full HD series integrated GPUs and full out of order execution. They're nothing like the older Atoms. The one in that link is a tablet-tier chip. I used to own an Intel Atom tablet, you could easily get away with playing pre-2010 AAA titles on it, including Source games and Fallout:NV. Modern Atoms are probably better than P4s given they're all multicore nowadays. I'm just saying, if you're still using a P4 shitbox (which I still see a lot of people doing) then you have no excuse not to upgrade to something even somewhat more recent. This shit is 45 bucks brand new mind you. Not even used

This guy managed to get quake running really well with a Am5x86 overclock 160 Mhz and Voodoo2 card. He's also playing at high resolution so it might be even faster on 320x200.