What are you looking forward too?
What do you expect to happen?
Who will win this year? Do you care?
Who wasted money to go to E3 knowing damn well you can only play the games after waiting 6 hours?

E3 general….

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Why does Holla Forums watch E3 every year even though they never show anything worthwhile? Schadenfreude hasn't counted since 2011

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Ren had better not fail us again

Because you need a good laugh every now and then hitler.

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It's a source of new characters to draw porn of or simply sexualize.

Wow, an answer I actually didn't expect for once.

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Hey, asshole, why don't you make a thread in 75 days then?

You can smell the newfaggotry.

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why do we need the cancer E3 threads when it isn't coming in a long ass time? i don't need another clock for fuck's sake

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for example

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Because we need an E3 general thread for the next three months, of course.

Bonerlord will be announced.

you must be new here

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I can't be the only one who feels like the last E3 was only two or three months ago. Right?

There is nothing to look forward to.

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You still reek of it.

They didn't do it last year, I'm not holding my breath this year.

I just want something Smash-related. Good or bad, it doesn’t fucking matter. The actual best fucking times I have ever had on this board are during Japan Time.

A fine example indeed.

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MOre noews on Smash and Senran Kagura for Switch
A lack of nice things

I'm looking forward to Demon's Souls 6.

More diversity and less games
There is no winner. We all lose every year.


I enjoy making OC, and this is always a good source, Hitler. It's also why I hang around AGDQ as well.

I'm primarily looking forward to Ubisoft's new dance number, but I'm also hoping someone announces another car.
I expect developers to get up on stage and blatantly lie, just like they do every other year.
Nobody wins E3 anymore.
Going to E3 would mean actually leaving the house.

Fire Emblem Switch if they bother to announce the bloody thing, news on that Megaman X collection that I know it will be dogshit but I'm curious anyway
Microsoft shitting the bed on their presentation, some shit about gun control, new COD, new Battlefield,
The question is not who will win, the question is who will shit the bed the less
Don't give a shit

I vote that we use The Final Countdown for this year

Let's not play easy mode.

I remember a long time ago, as a kid, my great gran would always tell me that time will start flying fast when I'm old. I always thought she meant when I reached my 40s or 50s.

I don't like this.

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I wish.

I want to.

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-Serious Sam 4
-DMC5 Dragons Dogma 2
-REmake 2
-Halo MCC PC
-Maybe a nice surprise announcement
-Cringe and garbage for the most part

Something happened?

Someone hasn't had all their hopes and dreams crushed yet, but they will join the rest of us in the pit soon.

Ah yes, the age theory of relativity. Time flies faster the older you are and you age faster the faster time flies.

Its as never ever as bonerlord.

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Mark will be there, the flight plan I just filed with the agency lists me, my mark, but only one of you. First one to pay gets to stay on my aircraft.

Something completely new, like Splatoon was in 2014. Comfy threads.
Hundreds of sequels and thousands of HD remakes. Threads full of shitposts.
Whoever makes the best bingo card and gets drunk the fastest. The prize is regret. The participation prize is also regret.
Hopefully Ren-user did.

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Funner way to get informed on what's coming out, with live shitposting to boot. And who knows, maybe something you like will get announced, or something hilariously awful.

I have a feeling that they're going to reveal it at E3. I just hope that it won't be only for Windows 10.

Cancer and new memes/OC.
Something retarded, more inclusive garbage and that Ren will stop being lazy.
Either Nutendo or Soy. Not really.
I didn't.

I'd go for a Dragons Dogma 2… mostly I want to see the new From games. The Dark Souls remake better not be pozd somehow………

The remake isn't being done by From. It's some chinese outfit doing it.

Thats fine and all, I just want to use my old poise-stun build to destroy giantdad cosplayers again

We will see who's right and who's wrong when the day comes user.

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I'm not a NEET and it still feels like yesterday. Time goes fast when you're having fun.

Even if DMC5 is announced I won't have any expectations until I know Itsuno is directing the project, and even then I'll proceed with cautious optimism.


Bayonetta 3, Smash Bros, maybe AC7 and DMC5
OC from fellow Holla Forumsirgins
The ones who didn't go there. No.

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When are we making another one of these?

After what the backlash with DmC I find it hard to believe Capcom would give DMC5 to anyone but Itsuno. It's practically his job to redeem DMC when other people fuck it up. It happened when he couldn't fix DMC2 with the time given so he made DMC3 , and after DmC, DMC4SE happened to make it up to people.

Probably when the E3 is much nearer, I'm also looking forward to what the new bingo card will look like

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i wanna see dmc5, bayo3 and REmake 2. most likely i'll see only two of those because fuck having nice things but whatever
monhun world getting new monsters and areas would be great too
monhun xx in goddamn english would also be damn great lol never ever, i know. whishful thinking
no fucks given about anything else really. low expectations overall, pic related.

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Hi user. :)

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The Crowbcat recap video.

DLC announcements, Super Smash Brothers Battle Royale mode, the PC showcase will be another AMD shillfest with lots of definitive editions of old multiplats and other general stupidity.

Nobody and no.

figured i'd make one now since its almost beginning of April

she was a cute as well

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what ever happened to that game? never seen or herd anything about it after E3… what was it called again

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Yarny. It got great reviews at launch but I don't think the dev's done anything new since then.
It got almost no r34, which is a shame because the character is cute.

The game was Unraveled, Everyone forgot about it because for PC it's only on Origin.

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Shit, I mixed up the character and the name.
I think no one really talked about it on Holla Forums also because the dev's ideas don't really align with the board's

I know I'm going to be disappointed, I'm just curious to know HOW I'll be disappointed. It's all about hitting a new low.

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