Gears of War 4

Did they ever get this to a playable state on pc?

was it any good to begin with?

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I don't know, you have to download 100+ gigs first;

I've never seen such a dead console since ouya. Lmao.

What I love about the XBone is that the only thing it has going for it is that it has backwards compatibility. That basically just makes it a glorified Xbox 360

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Wait, what?




gear of war 4 more like gears of fucking shitty crap diarrhea 4

It wasn't bad multiplayer wise. I just got bored of it quickly though as I already played all the older games and I'm pretty burnt out on the series. Let see, what else, new characters in the story suck. Diversity shit shoved in too as with all recent MS games. Oh and loot boxes.

As for whether it was good? It was more of the same. New stuff like grabbing dudes over cover and shit is nice, but doesn't dramatically alter the fights from what they usually are. So if you are starved for Gears content it will be alright. If you were kinda burnt out on the series, then I can safely say it will not last long.

And that game is shit.

Also i don't understand, the locust were destroyed at the end of gow 3 so what the fuck are they fighting now?

I wouldn't know. I bought it on sale because my cousin was bugging me about getting something we could both play and I refused to get an Xbox. Had to fight like hell for two weeks with the Microsoft storefront just to get it downloaded, and that only lasted a few months before an errant update nuked my entire install.

So… no? I guess… at least not for me. The Windows Store has no ability to resume downloads - so if you're on anything less than 20mbps, there's a good chance that it will just up and shit itself - forget where it was in the download, and then start the entire 100+gig install from scratch. Again, this applies to updates as well, where any interruption or just taking too long to download will obliterate your install.

I have no fucking idea why Microsoft thought that it would be a good idea to put 100+gb downloads up on a service that has worse download management capabilities than pre-2000 Netscape.

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The locust lol.

No seriously its the locust. You remember how people used to think Marcus was the queens son? Well thats not the case anyone the new girl character they introduced is actually the Queens grand daughter.


My big problem with Gears is that with every new iteration the game design gets more and more visible.

Everytime I play those games, I end up sick of it half way through. It's a shame though because the story is shit but the gameplay is quite fun.

I don't remember that part, but then again, I wasn't really paying that close attention. Did I miss the entire end of the game? It sure felt that way. Last thing I remember is fighting to the gates of the nu-Hive, fighting a boss, and just as shit felt like it was about to kick into overdrive the game ended and the credits rolled.

What are the sales? I'm not trying to start shit, but I don't know why any consolefag would choose it over the PS4 besides brand loyalty I guess.

Shes given her grandmothers necklace and its the locust symbol. Her mom was also given special treatment for some reason when compared to the other humans.

My problem with Gears 4 was the MC. J.D. I dont understand the fucking reasoning of making a new protag and bringing back Marcus. They also kept mentioning J.D.'s past and other shit but you never played it. Also please do not say something like "why are the COG evil now???? fucking SJW devs" since the COG were always bad people.

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Yep, like I said, I'm pretty burnt out of the formula at this point.

It was at the very end I think. She gets a necklace from her grandmother and on the back of it is the Locust logo. Implying they were related to the Queen.

Around 35~38 million last I saw. Most people who bought an Xbox One are burgers who apparently are the only demographic that Microsoft is capable of marketing to, and most of them bought an Xbox One not for the games - but for the ecosystem and their friendslist. If it weren't for achievements and the social manipulation hooks - I have no doubt that the Xbox One would still be under 20 million units. Out of my group of friends, I'm the only one who didn't get an Xbox One. None of them even really play games anymore except for the most casual multiplat shit or free to play MMOs (except it's the only platform where they're not even free because the dumb fucks have to pay Microsoft to play them).

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Having to download games from the Windows Store was a mistake. I have the game on One so I got it for free on the Windows Store… but it's just impossible for me to download 100+ gig, the store takes all the bandwidth and the download always fail or start over.
I wish they would give more options for the download, like separating the campaign from the multiplayer, the language packs etc. like Activision does with Call of Duty.
TBH I just wanted to play on PC for the campaign at 60fps because I always get a headache when I play Gears at 30.

They need to just let you download a torrent file, and then install it via PowerShell with a confirmation in the Windows Store to verify that you own the product. You can actually use a web development toolkit like Fiddler to hijack the download link and then feed that into a proper download manager (then install via PowerShell) and it works 100x better.

That's still way too fucking much effort to go through for a shit game hosted on a shit service, and it would require 200+GB because once you get it downloaded, you'll want to keep a copy of the install backed up so you don't have to go through that shit again when/if the latest updates nuke your game.

theres a big sale on the Microsoft app store, that’s probably why they are popping up.

Does the multiplayer still have life to it? I assume it’s crossplay with the console version.

Nothing is exclusive if it's on the Bone. It's a timed exclusive, or it's 'console exclusive' i.e. PC gets it, but Sony/Switch won't.
Microsoft has an absolute shit digital storefront, and a console that can't keep titles to save its life.

Just as Sony went full fucking hubris last gen and squandered much of the goodwill generated with the PS2, Microsoft has gone full fucking hubris this gen and squandered it with the Bone. Kicked this gen off with some of the worst messaging any console maker has ever done (locking games to a console? fuck right off), outright forcing players to use their shit camera, then everything gets walked back. Now, they're picking up PS4/Switch/PC scraps.

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Better than the third, except story, the story is complete shit, it ends super abruptly, and nothing is accomplished. Gears 4 ran mostly fine on my PC, but I ran it at all medium, my PC isn't particularly powerful but it should be powerful enough to run this game above medium, well it isn't. The female secondary character is stupid, they are so blatantly designed to be appealing to people who play video games, the addition of female characters in Gears 3 at least made some sense since it got to the point in the war where women would have to be enlisted.

Free Game pass trial, you can play Sea of Thieves, Recore and Gears 4 for free right now.

Microsoft putting their games on PC is great, they need to go one step further and get their backwards compatibility on PC and then get games like Halo 5, Rare Replay and Sunset Overdrive on PC.

I haven't played it in like 3 or so months (I only rented it), but when I did, it seemed like there were still people around. I never had to wait long for a match.

As for crossplay, it seems like you can do public matches, but ranked games are limited to what you own. At least according to some article I read a while back. Could be different now.

One of the only redeeming qualities of the game is that it's fully crossplay with the console version, including ranked deathmatches - meaning you can largely just kite around the perimeter of the map laying down hammerbursts to people's heads with pinpoint accuracy while they're all congregating at choke points in a shotgun moshpit since they can't use KB & Mouse. When I played, I mostly just stuck to whored mode - which was pretty much bullshit since they cocked it all up with lootboxes containing significant power upgrades, class progression, bounties, and crafting. What would usually happen is that you'd join a game and everything would proceed as normal until about wave 20, after which everyone would bail and leave you to fend for yourself. The reason being because lvl 20 was a common "wave clear" bounty, which payed out a significant chunk of class XP, and after wave 20 it was more economical to simply quit out and equip another bounty card. Consequentially, almost nobody knew how to play Horde because nobody really stuck around after it got even slightly difficult.

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It's just all so derivative

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AKA the least shit game that Comcept was ever tangentially involved with. If I remember correctly, the initial PC release had a bug that caused load times to be interminably long because, get this, the game was loading every fucking map at every fucking load screen. Yep.

You've never tried buying stuff from the Microsoft Store. There's a reason it does fuck-all business when compared with Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.

Just in case he needs a visual aid.

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I just wanted to try the games, even if they are bad, Sea of Thieves does a bunch of things nicely and then everything else poorly, it's some of the strangest fucking shit I've played and I have no idea how anyone could fuck up so badly.

I haven't tried buying from the Microsoft store, because it's such a shit to navigate, you can't even sort Game Pass games by platform, it's just painful, but Game Pass was great, I'd probably have a constant subscription if they had Xbox original and Xbox 360 games on game pass and playable on PC.

Was this ever playable in first place?

How can you even fuck up this badly i mean didnt every fucking shitty launcher do this 10 years ago already ?

Man i hate a lot of things but microshit is in a special place.