Good games featuring furry characters

What are the best games, that are actually good while featuring felines, animalistic characters and anamorphic animals as protagonists?

Hardcore mode: no sonic games

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My favorite is sage

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Not quite the type of game you request, but still pretty unique Ukrainian game inspired by The Island of Doctor Moreau. You play as a human but your enemies are intelligent anthropomorphic creatures which was created by the main antagonist. The game has the cool feature when you can shoot off part of enemies' skin and muscles.
And the engine by itself renders an unique atmosphered image.

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Earthworm Jim 1&2 for the Sega Genesis, G-d's gaming system.

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Is there an english translation?

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Of course. Try this magnet:

bloody roar might be up your alley OP

Thanks user. I'll test it out later.

If something goes wrong get this Russian release and try to replace text files with the English ones.

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Morrowind has those cat people and the scalies.

Daxter comes to mind, pretty fun platformer game.

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Breath of Fire isn't bad. Had a lot of potential, but it went down the shitter with the PS2.
More importantly, what games highlight the differences or functions of an anthropomorphic world? Sure, a lot of games have animal characters, but which ones actually detail how such a world works?

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I don't think a /fur/fag is allowed to shit on a game for having OCs.

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The game isn't working? Does it crash?

The magnet wasn't working at first, it's better now

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It was a fun furry killing simulator.

That game is a "gold mine" of furshit if the doujin artists doesnt focus exclusively at gay shotacon.

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The job was copy-pasted half way through. It's clear they ran out of time/money.

Starfox Assault was much better
I still liked Adventures though

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Solatorobo has nice robots

It's even a template thread for fucks sake.

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