Forza Horizon 3

Has anyone bought the game? Was it worth it? Ive been playing the elamigos release for a long time and considered buying it for online functionality but Microsoft seems to be as bad as EA in terms of DLC abuse and different editions.
Is online worth it? How does the standard edition compete in comparison with the Deluxe or Ultimate edition. Is all content and Blizzard mountain included? After all this time they still charge a lot of money and Im on the fence wether or not they deserve any of it. Opinions will be really appreaciated.

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I don't play online but I enjoyed FH3. The Blizzard Mountain and Hotwheels expansions were pretty impressive.

The Hot Wheels expansion looks fun, but fuck MS if they think I'm buying a Xbox for just one game.

its worth it even without online or dlc's. there's A LOT of shit to do in that game and its hard to get bored while playing.
i have 100% overall completion and i still return to it every now and then

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Forza is a good series locked behind shit platforms like Xbone or Win10.

How good is the open world? I played the 360 version of FH2 and was pretty underwhelmed about how the developers had to cut off road races compared to the proper Xbone release.

The real problem is that they're forced to shit out a game every 2 years. In the case of Forza Horizon it's ok because the devs always come up with great ideas for their open world spin-off but for the main Forza IP it's a problem because there's less progress made in two years. I remember playing the Forza 7 demo and didn't really see any big differences between F6 and 7.
Also F7 has microtransactions everywhere, even the pilot's racing suits have a lootbox system.

You mean aside from performance completely tanking compared to F6 because Turn10 thought it would be a good idea to run the entire game on a single fucking core?

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I've owned it for a while.
I was never happy about having to use the Windows store to get it, but with the amount of entertaining gameplay I've had out of it, I have to admit it was worth the money.
I still come back to it to collect rare cars every forzathon and have a lot of fun making interesting or silly cars and paintjobs.

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GT Sport also has custom decal shit.

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Yes, but I don't own a console, and I don't really intend to get one for the forseeable future.
I did love my original Playstation and Playstation 2.

just checked the store and how much DLC was released since its debut and it sickens me how much like EA microsoft or turn 10 shit studios is. Goddamn so many cars will be missing if id buy a regular version. It just shows time and time again that devs do not give a fuck about their customers and I will fucking keep playing the pirated verison until I get white hair on my nutsack. Fucking assholes.

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The game has 350 cars base. If you're complaining that car company's make Turn 10 or Microsoft pay to use the cars in the game then blame Microsoft or Turn 10 for putting them in DLC you're fucking retarded.

That doesnt excuse their fucking dlc behaviour. If they wanted they could release one big ass dlc with a bunch of cars and or maps but its easier to sell many smaller packages to shit eating goyim who will literally defend them instead of calling them out on their shit, Licenes are retarded anyway since car manufacturers get free ads through this game. But Forza isnt the only game that does this. Gran Turismo 5 also started doing shit like this and its only gotten worse with 6. Since FH3 is more like an arcade game than a simulator I call bullshit on the fact that its so hard to put these cars in the base game. No fucking car in this game is acting like their real life counter parts anyway.

Are you just rallying against updates to driving games in general?

No its more of a hate for massive dlc. Its like with Sims where they release a bunch of content and to see it all you have to pay an assload of money to see it all. I enjoy Forza and actually thought about getting it for online gameplay but this shit is ridiculous if you look at the price in the end if you want to have everything in your game. Its always pirates who get the best out of games these days and not paying customers. This development in recent years is getting to the point where you cant even buy a new game right off the bat knowing you will miss out on something at some point. Doesnt matter what developer they all did it at some point.

Yeah, that seems to be the trend for anyone that isn't Polyphony Digital.

I would say its a "fair" deal.
DLC maps are half as big as the main game and cost half as much, not perfect but at least blizzmountain is interesting.

Its not perfect but imo one of the best open world racing games because it manages to focus on fun without turning into casual trash like NF$.

So people can purchase stuff they don't want for a couple of cars or one map they like? It's retarded.
Tell that to any gun manufacturer, music publisher, or in general any fucking brand that's been in a video game before.

How fucking much do you honestly think it costs to go to let's say Germany. Have negotiations with Porsche to use THEIR cars in YOUR game. Pay to use THEIR product in YOUR product, then pay to rent/lease/borrow said cars, and then model each car to Porsche's standards. Then have a fucking sound studio come over and record hours on end of the car running in various conditions, and finally, fucking finally you just MIGHT be able to put the car in your game if Porsche is happy with the results you've gotten, if not it's back to step fucking one.
As I said you're a fucking idiot. The standards that a developer like Turn 10 have to adhere to in general is far more demanding and resource intensive than Remedy Entertainment putting energizer batteries in Alan Wake.

Well as I mentioned above even Gran Turismo started with the whole microtransaction movement as well. I bought my brother GT 6 and he hasnt played it a lot even though he has been a hardcore fan since the first installment. They did add DLC cars which isnt too bad considering that GT always had a massive car list to begin with but at some point they made it tedious to collect money in the game and instead offered a way to buy ingame cash with money.
Its really no wonder that GT Sport was received negatively.

GT Sport was criticized more for being always online multiplayer no fun allowed more than anything. But yeah, GT6 was kinda anemic as far as credits just not enough to really sway someone to pay for credits.

While i agree that its overwhelmingly much you have to consider that you kinda have no reason to buy all of them.
Get the one or two cars you like for a few bucks and you are good to go.

No need to buy a shitton of cars that you wont drive anyways.

Also licenses are not that retarded because players want real cars and that means developers want real cars and that means there is a demand which means there is a market for selling licenses. Welcome to capitalism.

The expenses literally dont matter to a company that is loaded and backed by microsoft.

Next you tell me that video games are art you fucking shill faggot. Its people like you that think developers have such a fucking hard time creating good games when its quite obvious that the quality standard keeps declining since its easier to have a casual fanbase than hardcore enthusiast paying for your trash. Forza wasnt good since 4 and thats a fact. FH is a fun arcade racer and there are lots of games that can fill this niche without being so fucking expenisve.

Hey man maybe you should not talk about things that you dont understand ? Like for example art or basic economics ?

It doesn't matter if Microsoft had 100x the amount of money they have now. It makes zero business sense to pay for licensing for certain cars and not sell them to the end user. That's the fucking point of paying for licensing in the first place. People want to buy digital implementations of Porsche cars. It costs Turn 10 money in more than one area to make those cars. Of course it's going to be packaged as DLC.
Besides, an user already explained to you that you're not forced to buy every DLC they have. Most people buy one or two cars separately, and a few decide to get a car pass for all of them.

If you can't understand the concept of operational costs alongside a flat/percentage based fee going to the licensee themselves you're hopeless. Being paid to make an Energizer battery texture isn't even in the same league as completely modelling 7-8 cars around a manufacturers standards.
Just stop.

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I think we can safely say at least it's not Onrush now.


Just fucking pirate the game user, then an hero. I'm done with you.

The real shit eating sperg here is you, user.

The only real critiques I have of the game are the Windows Store shit you have to go through, the PC port being of questionable quality (lacklustre performance, shitty voice chat implementation and bugs preventing it from launching that took a full Windows reinstall for me to fix), and poor steering wheel compatability and implementation.
I wish I could cruise around Australia in this game with my old trusty G25 wheel, pedals and H-shifter, but they fucked up the H-shifter gear mapping and put reverse on first gear and sixth gear on reverse, remapping the gears isn't possible and despite knowing about this problem for a long time they haven't patched it out.
The force feedback is also shit, but the game feels fine to play on controller as the arcade racer that it is.

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The hotwheels DLC was good shit, almost Blood Dragon levels of good
My only complain is that there were not enough Hot Wheels cars like Deora 2, Red Baron, Sweet 16 II, Mega Duty, etc. That and not enough Metallica and Reverend Horton Heat