Dragon Quest XI on PC

It keeps happening

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The 3DS version can already be emulated.


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Isn't that version radically different though?

What's the new gimmick with XI?



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Yakuza next shitstain, I'll be licking your tears after this.

My body is ready. I fucking love dragon quest.

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Check your phone app kid I think you got the wrong door, cuckchan is two blocks down.

He isn't entirely wrong. Look what happened to Dark Souls.

how's that 30fps treatin ya boy?

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He is entirely wrong.

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Yea bro because onlyafro and ENB were console peasants. :^)

I think the only game in the series I played was Dragon Warrior. How is this one gameplay wise and which of the series is worth checking out? I've been meaning to ask for a while now.

God that horse has a nice ass.

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Getting flashbacks to a guy that I thought I knew well that one day had a massive fucking spergout over "PC port beggars" when the rumors over Atelier going multiplat first started going around a couple of years ago. Funnily enough I had not heard of anyone asking for a PC version of Atelier before then.

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-Dragons Dogma
This shit meme is the most cuckchan fucking thing and if anything more IPs were ruined by and for consoletards than the other way around.

3 5 73d 8 9

Those are the best games.

Alright, and how's this one?

Now this is worst Dragon Quest ever.
However PC deserves Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Atelier Sophie/Iris (and the twins sequel) were the worst Atelier games though.

It is made with PC in mind, so the possibility of XI being trash is quite high. Like 100% shit.

I thought this was already out?
why would it being for PC increase the chances of it being trash?

Look up all latest Square multiplatform games. They are all shit.

Because reddit likes PCs so Holla Forums hipsters have to hate them.

I say it again - check all recent square multiplats. They are all questionable mediocre shits. They don't release good games like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Dragon Quest Builders on PC.

open world
Its more of a back to form after an MMO

I never played it yet. Was waiting for the English version. I am hoping it isn't censored but I will still enjoy it regardless. I love all of the Dragon Quest games.

So what you're saying is that games that aren't good are simply marketed as good because they're exclusive?
I guess Nier Tomato is a piece of shit

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This one is more Dragon Ball than any other. And not only because protagonist looks like android 17.

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This is exactly what Holla Forums thinks.

The non-exclusive, multi-platform game that doesn’t have anything to do with your preceding statement, you mean? That one? Yes, it’s shit, but only because it crashes every five minutes on the PC “port”, which had no effort put into it. You, on the other hand, are completely wrong.

And plenty anons lavish it with praise.

You also get this guy.

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I'll believe it when I see it. Personally, I loved the game, thought it was great. I guess that's one.

You've got to see shitty japanese commercial though.

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i dont understand. is this an emulation? or an PC release of a ps4 """exclusive"""

Here's some random battle gameplay.

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You dont have to tell me twice considering you're defending KH as good.


GT was actually good because it mixed both the original DB and Z.
It falls apart after Baby though

No user. That's random battle. Just like this one.

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This series was ruined a long time ago.

Who's the semen demon?

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So this is what toriyama does in his free time.

Omg. I'm gonna love this game.

You have all the info in the images to find it.

There's also horse racing. Obviously inspired by chocobo racing minigame from FFXV.

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That attack looks fucking sick though, I'm actually looking forward to this game.

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That doesn't look overpowered at all.

How's the Open World?
Is it dense enough to not feel like an empty barren wasteland?
Are there mechanics focused on it's explortion?

As long as you buy it.

Dragon Quest was always open world. The difference is that you unlock parts of the world by progressing in story.

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You can actually engage enemies earthbound style now instead of dq8 random encounters every 4 seconds?

I can download the nip version right now on freeshop on my 3ds.
But yeah that game looks genuinely worth buying, especially that I can always rely on nip games to always be good or at least decent and not undoubtedly shit all over my expectations like another AA/AAA western game.
I'm planning on getting Ni no kuni 2 first though.

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Not in every location.

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the 3ds DQ8 release does the same thing.

Okay, i think that's enough webm'ing. Here's crafting system.

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Kill yourself shill.

emulating a ps4 game isnt the same as an official port user…

Never enough webm'ing based user

Are you retarded?

Bunch of pointless name changes in the english 'localisation' of DQXI already. No hope here folks shits as fucked as usual.
King of Delcadar>King Carnelian


I can't handle all these games coming to PC, I already got a bunch of really long ones to finish.
Even nip shit is coming to PC and not just consoles anymore.

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FFXV localization was terrible. A lot of shit changed for absolutely no reason. I think this one is going to be in the same vein.

Blatant low energy shilling with (1) posters inserted in which means an IP masker was used, fuck off.

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It was. It had good story, music, and moveset. The enemies were trash and the difficulty settings didn't help. There never should have been leveling up, it should have been a straight action game with equippable upgrades. Upon using the chapter select, enemies should scale in strength so you can fight old bosses with new weapons. There's lots of major flaws, and it wasn't worth to me to get the DLC considering it was arena DLC and combat was the weakest aspect with P* really dropping the fucking ball. I still loved it though.

I dunno, maybe-
Yeah, okay, that's shilling.

He is level 99 fighting what are probably weak midgame enemies. Also, that's a shill.

How do they even justify shit like this?

You just shot yourself in the foot shill-kun.

At least you called it out. But then again it's their job, they're paid money to do this. Some of these people with a good probability take the job that are accustomed to the culture of the site they're targeting. It's pretty blatant but it's work, can't have a single bit of transparency apparently with these kinds of (((people))).

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Holy fucking shit shill-kun.

Well with a PC port, much of that shit can probably be fixed. Nude mods when?

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Yes, they are that retarded.

Check your privileges.

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Thanks for the beta testing you subhuman shit.

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Any knews of the 3DS english release? It was promised last year but I fear they won't deliver.

Do you have any sources for this? It sounds believable but I want to see for myself.

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the menus suck dick, why couldn't they make them look better?

I'm way too tired for this shit, but have a (you) for your shilling efforts


King Carnelian (デルカダール王, Derukadāru-ō, King of Delcadar)
Hendrik (グレイグ, Gureigu)
Erik (カミュ, Camus)

Delcadar>Heliodor can be confirmed from the trailer in OP.


They never browsed falcom threads. If falcom threads weren't already a "general" thing on Holla Forums, somebody would told people cheering for next YS or Trails are shills.
Because Dragon Quest doesn't have general fanbase here any positive talk of the game is seen as shilling.

But this is Square Enix. Its alright to shit on Square products.

Its all from the trailer, i went and did the comparisons my self so i suppose i am the source?

Saying something like "DQ was always open-world" makes you sound fucking retarded, don't pretend to miss the context of the post while doubling over yourselves like retarded kikes.

Are you fucking kidding?
There have been mountains of dragon quest threads, they just aren't as persistent as other generals. That's like saying there isn't an SMT or a Persona community here.
People are aware that dragon quest games are generally good to great, that doesn't mean you can't be a shill for them
How's about you fucking kill yourself.

Maybe if you weren't aggressive nazis over every discussion, somebody would care about your opinions.

I see you aren't from around here. If you look in the manual, you'll see this vector of attack is much more effective on people who would be ashamed or mortified at being called an aggressive nazi. The 4chan Holla Forums community fits this vector much better, I would suggest you take your efforts there for maximum impact, just a tip.

Not even gonna bother to pirate it

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And japanese version doesn't even have voices. Just go into options and lower the voice down to minimum.

What high verbal IQ you must have.

Like with the DS remakes; that doesn't solve the problem with the text.

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Is every DQ game full of puns?
I've only played 8 and some of those lines are still not forgotten. I accept dehands.. or was it defeat?

Christ I forgot how painful that was


There goes anyone taking you seriously.

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The earlier games had some puns but weren't that bad; after 8 it only gets worse to the point where they spoil the story and rewrite entire scenes just to squeeze in as many puns as possible.

When i first played the game i honestly thought i was playing some chinese bootleg rom.
I had absolutely no idea what the fuck was going on.

Is it that bad in the Japanese version or just the localization team ruining things?

That's the point you niggerfaggotjew. There is no "difference", it's the fucking usual.

oh hey a trunks that doesn't have bright hair

The puns are all a result of localisation and not in the original JP scripts.

There is puns in the the japanese version but nowhere near as many as the localization and they mainly stay relegated to fluff dialogue/nothing story important.

Anyone claiming that open world means a game with a world map is a fucking shill and needs to die. Period.

So what do you consider an open world game to be then?

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I really do want them to die.

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It's identical except for graphics, and mini game.

Open world games are a genre that is derived from 3D GTA games. It doesn't just mean "has big spaces."

Will nip lang option be available or will the kikes remove the moonrunes?

Yeah. Just like how the Pokemon anime is identical except for some visuals and dialogue. also, the 3DS game contains a new superboss and probably some equipment and a new dungeon leading to the boss. Meaning that with the censorship, there is now no complete version of the game

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If be excited if this wasn't a square release which means denuvo.

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Gureigu is just Greg
Delcadal is named after the two founders of the kingdom, Derukan (Delcan) and Daaru (Dall). What the fuck is Heliodor supposed to stand for? Heli and Odor?

Graphics don't mean shit in a turn based game where you spend most of your time reading message windows or moving through menus.

already beat the 3ds version a long time ago in nip, the extra content in the PS version is a target shooting mini game, but a dungeon crawling mini game where you collect little niggas through street pass and send them through a maze in the 3ds. It's not very fun and it's a gay waste of time (especially when you don't have nips to trade with on street pass). The "super boss" is just a reskin of the regular extra end game boss that's in boss versions, and he's actually weaker than the unweakened version of the regular extra boss (you have a choice to use hero's sword to weaken the fucker or not when fighting him.)

Probably that's the reason for remaining.
Delcan and Dall aren't really realistic western names.
So instead you have Helios and Dorian.

They aren't realistic Japanese names either, they're made up "Western sounding" gibberish.

I assumed you referring to the censorship. Various costumes were changed and removed, the cutscene with Leopold altered a camera angle I believe, the puff puff cave was removed, and I don't what else.

That's gay. Why can't they just port the nip version 100% as is, especially on the PC version which is supposed to be international.

A Heliodor is a gemstone

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Yep, see how desperate to redefine words these shills are?

Because (((localizers))) thought "times have changed" and so things needed to be altered to maintain that T rating. Or they thought it was sexist. Or they did it out of spite. Or they did it to see if they could get away with it and thus continue to justify it in the industry elsewhere by pointing to this as one more example where "nobody cares about the chnages" even though people do care. Any number of reasons really.

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By open world you mean something such as a seamless playground sort of world with a bunch of content sprinkled around?
That makes sense but i played 2 DQ games myself and they end up like but but usually only once you get the the end game though.
So the games technically fufill all of your qualifications at a point but 'still arent technically open world even then?

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No, they do not in the slightest, and your faggot attempt to tag team shill is pathetic.

A number of GTA games aren't open world, as you are locked out of certain parts of the map until you progress the story.

Or they aren't satisfied with their position as a localizer and start using it to express their "creativity".

tbh playing Ni no Kuni II now and I have to agreed with Phil Fish, japanese games suck

Tell me how they don't then.
You're not giving me much to work with here.

Wasnt GTA3 like that?
And doesn't most of the GTA games send a fucking army after you if you drive out of the designated play area for no good reason at all?

Don't forget that the more changes they make the more money localizers get for butchering games.

Nigger its going to be on PC. You know, that platform that lets you easily modify video games? The DQ fanbase is fairly autistic.

Do the math you dumb nigger.

Wait has DQ11 already been confirmed for censored?


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Yeah, gonna have to agree with this is fucking shilling.

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I was talking about DQ8VIII and didn't realize XI is on the 3DS as well. I may have confused some other anons too. How fucking much did they shrink it down and/or how little was there in the first place, for them to fit a current gen console game on the 3DS?

Though it has been confirmed that there are plenty of pointless unecessary name changes at the very least.

It's also on PS4.
It's nothing special mustards, and you're just gonna get a version you bitch about anyway but hey, it'll have 10% more foliage and that's always cool right?

How about you reverse image search.

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Oh that's good I wouldn't want any foreign sounding names in my fantasy game that was made by a foreign country.

(Hail Satan)

I already answered this question. It's almost exactly the same except for the mini games and graphics. Of course the limitation in graphics means that the layout of the maps themselves are quite a bit different sometimes, as the PS4 is capable of more complex terrain. As for "how could they cram all that content on 3DS", DQVII is much longer than DQXI anyhow.

None of the other games on the DS or 3DS got a delocalization patch despite it being piss easy to do. Why would a PC release change any of that?

And would you look at that, it's gonna be on the Switch too.

I still haven't played that one, but always here that's it's really long. But that's not the same as having tons of fucking uncompressed textures and audio like PS4 games do.

They both got patches that reversed the graphical changes. In fact I think DQ8 got costumes put back in from the PS2 version that the 3DS japanese version didn't even have. If you are talking about the script that takes time. Rewriting the entire game especially in the case of 7 is a massive effort.

What a contradiction.

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I understand that it takes long, but there was never any even considering doing it. Look at the DS game; they're still massively fucked. It's been a decade and DQ4 is still painful to read and has not had it's party chat restored.

There isn't gonna be a delocalization patch regardless of the platform.

As far as i can tell they aren't even going to buy it. Especially if it has copy protection because its a grave sin nowadays to add those. They will bitch about denuvo for couple of months, then play the game after those couple of months when it gets cracked, smugly commenting how "i just had to wait a couple of months", like it, and never buy it. And that week the game will be cracked will be the only discussion about it.
And then they will bitch why developer doesn't cater to their tastes.
We've had this carousel of hypocrisy every fucking big release. It never changes. The worst part is that games aren't even big part of your life, why bitch? Just walk away from the industry. Stop playing. What's the point of endless bitching, cracking and having a fit over quality of stolen goods?

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Delocalization patches are fucking rare nowadays the last one I can think of is FE:Fates. If you want to play Japanese games properly nowadays you just have to learn japanese.

Last one was either Fates or Nep Nep Rebirth 3, and I don't think the delocalization patch for Fates was even finished.

Nep Nep?

Isn't even an option when the kikes take moon runes out of the steam version of the game.

The graphics are shit compared to PS4 in the 3DS version, so how would that be a factor?

The fates one is still being worked on last I checked they got the main story and all the non-children conversations done.

wew lad

It's not retranslating the whole game hopefully. Name changes are a much simpler fix. Are the same fags that add accents to everything still translating DQ?

Jokes on you, I don't buy digital products.

So you're saying Dragon Quest XI will have nudity…

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I played an hour or so of Dragon Quest Builders and it seemed fine. It was text only though.

Text only is where it started but they may have eased up on that when voice acting came into newer games and decided it was a waste of effort to purposefully write that retarded.

Oh I know I'm just saying retarded accents are severely downplayed in text so I may not have noticed anything in the hour I played.

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Found your problem

inb4 the promise to release the 3ds version in the US is neglected because of this and the switch release

they've been doing that since DQ9

why do you presume that? looks good to me
DQB 2 needs to happen

He's right though.

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They need those spicy memes for those jewtube videos to rake in those eceleb shekels.

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