ITT: Games that aged extremely well

ITT: Games that aged extremely well

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They're right. Your thread is low effort template shit

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Most 2d games - particularly the sonic ones. Final Fantasy IX.


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I could list hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of games from the GC/PS2 era and earlier.

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You're right, 2D SNES/GBA colorful games tend to age like fine wine because the artstyle is classic and never gets old.

How play on windows 8.1? :(

Do you have a problem making it run on 8.1?

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Age of Empires 2. Sadly the first one hasn't aged nearly as well, mostly due to pathfinding and a lack of quality of life features such as villagers not autogathering once they finish building a resource drop off point.

I had the fatal string error before and couldn't find a solution. I remember trying (installing and running the game) multiple times on different occasions with each compatibility mode setting and never getting it to work. All I did this time was switch to windows 95 compatibility and Run as Admin and it works. Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have tried again if your post didn't imply someone out the was running it on 8.1.

I was gonna ask if it were the colors looking like shit on 8.1 like that issue with Blizzard games.
That's because it's a known culprit that Explorer causes it.
People had to shut it down so that the color would look normal.

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Any of the good 90s FPSs

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good job codeflunky the site ate my pic

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Pratically the entire SNES, Genesis and GBA libraries aged like fine wine, expecially the Genesis imho.
Let's talk about games that aged like dogshit instead:
I was replaying mafia 1 recently and while the driving mechanics are still fine, the gunplay feels absolutely horrible by today's standards. I also noticed this is a problem for most early 2000s Third Person Shooters.


Good luck finding a non-HD remake version though.

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Fucking right. Still play Doom a few times a month (Zandronum multiplayer), it's great.

Is this like metabait, where the bait post is actually the post accusing the other of being bait?

That's the case 95% of the time when bait is thrown around

Too bad Freespace is unplayable without a fucking flight sim hardware.


Dark Souls is the jalapeno casserole of fine dining.

I take it that the HD remakes are shit?
just asking because I was planning to give the games another playthrough

Ace combat

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It's perfectly playable with KBM and probably better to play that way too

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Maybe if you like having to pick up and move your mouse repeatedly while trying to tail some agile alien bastard.

Damn Far Cry looks comfy
Too bad I don't like FPS

Try 99.99%
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I don't know why you're so fascinated by putting "meta" in front of words.

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Freespace/2 is perfectly playable and beatable on the hardest difficulty with kb+m. I did it just last year. Same goes for any mod.

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Why would you use a KB&M when a flightstick feels so much better to play the game with? What kind of class A pleb are you?

The game has dozens of keybinds, of course i'll use my kb+m. Never owned a flightstick in my life, and probably never will.

The first one's Age of Wonders, it says right there in the filename.
The second one is Call of Duty 1 I think.
The third is Zanzarah as it also says in the filename.
The last is some rainbow six game.

I have always preferred TibSun to Red Alert. Feel free to explain why my preference is wrong.

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Let the airforce know that they could get more combat effectiveness out of their pilots by switching. This could be huge!

Kill yourself.

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This from the pleb using M&KB to play flight sims. I'm dying.

Its not. Its the right one.