4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite game to play when you want to relax?

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Grim dawn is a pretty good one for relaxing


Sometimes GTA or SR2 to drive around and listen to the radio.

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Morning everyone, Ritsu here

Tonight on batman theatre I watched batman forever and son of batman. Tommy lee jones and jim carrey were so great in forever, so cheesy. And son of batman was pretty neat actually. Think its part of a trilogy too so thats nice.

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Still haven't heard back from work yet if I'm fired or not. After I discussed my situation with the fam, they actually said I'm better of quitting at this point.

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Animal Crossing of course. This E3 is gonna be the one to announce a new AC game, I can feel it

Morning. Ended up reading all of goblin slayer after work yesterday. It was pretty good, but left me wondering how it's going to work as an anime


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How goes user

How are you enjoying your time off?

AC as in assassins creed or armored core?
What'd you do today user

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I went to the club meeting. After ward me and the rest of the club went to go visit my welding teacher. Me and the club president talked. She is a solid 9/10 super qt girl. I made her laugh. I might have a chance.

As in Animal Crossing you dunce, I said it in my post

Why is it going to be hard to convert to anime?
How goes fam

What kind of club?

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Skills USA. They do competitions and stuff.

For pure comfy, maybe Spyro.

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I've been sleeping in, mostly. Family still wants me to start looking for a new job. I also paid my rent for the month today, and I'm thinking of holding off on the PS3 until I know for sure if I'm keeping or losing my job.

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y tho?

At least your fam accepted it.

It should've helped that you said Animal Crossing first.

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He probably means animal crossing

Might be best to quit if things aren't looking good. It means you can at least truthfully say you quit instead of saying you were fired in your next job interview

I liked the Jim Carey riddler

It's quite graphic

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>tfw Avalon Code will never see a successor that fixes the original's faults.

Probably a good idea, though you might also ant to look into the pros and cons of the various models while you're not buying it yet.

Uh huh sure whatever you say user

Oh right. But do you have skills

How goes user

Just do like I do and "look for a job"

Because the 90s batman movies are fun. Batman and Robin is my favorite live action batman.

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I'm working on them. I can barely make a consistent weld.

Well, at least it isn't The Dark Knight. Still shit

Anyone know if Break Blade (AKA Broken Blade) is a good series? I see that it’s got some film adaptations, but given the manga is apparently still ongoing, I’m guessing the anime got an “anime only” ending, which I’m not too fond of (fucking stop making adaptations when a series is nowhere near completion).

Meh. Slept badly since the gardeners came early yesterday morning and made a lot of ruckus, and I couldn't get back to sleep quite as good. Shoulder also hurts, think I was sleeping on it wrong.

At least my state's banning those self driving cars. Been getting sick of seeing one or two cruising around every mile whilst they've been testing them.

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They'll probably just water it down then sadly


The nolan movies are bland as fuck. And I don't plan on watching them or the movies after in my nightly batman movies.

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No but seriously, i made a girl laugh. A hot chick too.

That's actually the reasoning they gave about why it's better to quit and give two weeks notice instead of getting fired. They also said to start playing the autism card at work.

I'm already considering getting a slim model along with P5 and maybe some other vidya that look interesting.

Does "look for a job" consist of not actually looking for work? Like camping out in the middle of nowhere until the fam stops bugging me about work?

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I have an intense hatred of self driving cars. Those things are going to basically turn every human into cattle in the future.
They'll add insane taxes or push insurance rates on normal cars up to prices that only the rich can afford, forcing everyone else into those death traps that they can remotely control and track everywhere you go. Its sickening.

Are you actually going to talk to her?

Ok well when my fam starts getting on my ass about it I have various stages I go through. At first you are just like "yeah yeah looking" then it moves on to "Looking online everyday" then every once in a while you leave the house and drive around for a few hours "putting in resumes" but really you are just listening to music and getting fast food.

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Can you handle being a neet?

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I already talked to her, how else do you make a girl laugh? We talked for a good 10 minutes. It was a pretty indepth conversation too. Asking about more personal things than just about school.

Be careful with slims if you're interested in CFW and pirating. 20XX models should be fine, but 25XX ones are iffy. Though, maybe they've got something worked out for post systems with factory firmware post 3.56 now. And yeah, never buy a system without having enough games of interest to justify doing so.

Yeah, and my town's been one of the lucky ones where they test that shit. Fucking Waymo.

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Did you get her number? Did you make a power move?

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The last time I was looking for work, I went to some group that helped mentally disabled people (I.E autistics) find work. I haven't been there since I got a job, but they'll probably just get me to go there.

If I don't spend any money on anything but debts to pay off, I'd be fine. But I still wanna buy shit for myself.

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Nah, we didnt talk long enough but if need be i can contact her by email. I can try to get her number next meeting.

I'd just follow it around fucking with it constantly so it gets bad data. No laws against that really.

If you have diagnosed autism why not just get on gibs. Ain't it easy in canada

You disappoint me

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The last time I was looking for work, I went to some group that helped mentally disabled people (I.E autistics) find work.
I've been to one of those myself. Didn't work, since what I'd focused on schools wasn't good enough for what I was really wanting to do.

That'll piss off your parents for sure, also did you mean to spoil that pic?

Honestly that just sounds like fun. But I've got a two week notice written up in my backpack just in case I feel I fucked up big time

Which is unfortunate because the censorship will kill a lot of the edginess impact. The story starts of with an adventuring party getting raped and murdered by goblins. Good thing the goblin slayer is such a lovable guy.

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I would have tried but again, we didnt talk long enough. I do think there is a mutual attraction though.

You should see if they actually sell those "Please be patient, I have Autism" hats.

Does it have impregnated lactation slaves?

Theres no amount of time thats too short to make a move

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Next meeting i'll try but no promises.

I don't ask for promises. I make demands

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So if these are allowed now, will the E3 general come back?

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Fine. I'll try being a tiny bit more aggressive but i dont wanna push her away by going too fast. holy shit she is so attractive

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Honestly, I probably could. I know my "friend" in uni had one for school supplies, and used it to get a new laptop and Overwatch, among other things. I don't think he ever told me what it was, he just said it was a "learning disability."


The thing about the autism card is that I've never liked wanting to use it, because It makes me feel like I'm falsely playing the victim.

I guess I should. Oddly enough autism jokes never really bother me, and I've had some people say I'm more "in control" of my actions than the average autist.

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Are you in high school? You know this site is 18+ only, right?

No, college.

When were they banned?

Whats attractive about her

Fucking do it. Free money. Could pay your moms rent shes taking from you, and put the rest in savings or buying shit.
Use any advantage life gives you, even autism

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Can't have been too long. Last time I was here they were being deleted by the (((vols)))

They banned them for like 2 days almost 2 years ago.

Did you go into a coma or something?

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Nice body
Nice clothes which i cant say for alot of girls at school
Nice hair
She's really sweet

The ones who kept making them kept getting banned…

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Same. I've been called "high functioning" and for the most part know how to not display my issues outside the house.

Which was when, fagmo? These threads don't get deleted by the janny, though Mark apparently scrubs them when he gets up (but to be fair by then the thread's ran its course for the night anyhow). People avatarfagging still get banned though (and rightly so).

But that was 2 years ago.

Yeah, Holla Forums screws that up.

When do you remember this happening? Because that was ages ago.

I've posted the thread every night for 2 years. I'd remember that user

Nice isn't a good description

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You were on vacation while I posted them.

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What else am i supposed to say?
She does wear this khaki jacket thing that looks really good. She also has these jeans that makes her ass stand out. She is just skinny enough to look good while having nice legs.

Irrelevant since there are male characters. Not like you're gonna watch it

You're lucky that your autism support group is at least functional. I used to go to one of those in my town, and I made the mistake of bringing a book for a role-playing game with me. Some guy went on for nearly an hour about his online erotic role-playing experiences. That was my first and last time there.
Also if you are a leaf come work at my gas station we are desperate for people

Fair enough. Though on the basis of quitting, it's two weeks of not giving a fuck and messing with coworkers and customers in my eyes

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Last I checked was a week ago, nigger. Mark gets uppity over them, this is true.

…I'm just going to keep waiting.

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Whats her eye color? Approximate bra size? Hip to waist ratio? How tall is she?

Yeah but I might read doujins you never know

Kids these days

How's your day going user

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And 2006 feels like an eternity ago now.

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How was the time warp?

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Medium sized boobs
Brown eyes
Hips are bigger. Has an hourglass figure.
I am like an inch taller

What I would do to go back to 2006. I'd be so rich.

RIP fammo

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Give me a break, being 5'6" hurts.

That's the deal breaker yo.

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anything puzzle is fine, but even a racing game too

Damn you eBay, another 15% off deal?

Spent only $25 on The Last of Us remastered and Wipeout Omega Collection brand new.

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You really wanna know, huh? really pretty face. Full lips. Nothing ugly about her.


Feels good to be 5'7. 5'6 manlets, when will they learn

Let me know how wipeout is
How goes user

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nigger you might be dating someone with a huge nozzle and not know.

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I still have an extra year to grow

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as long as she isnt jewish nose size isnt that big an issue unless it's giant.

Thats what they all say

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Thr doctor said so

Simpler times. I sorta miss epic fail guy

Well I can see pregnancy being a common fetish associated with any goblin slayer related doujins, but I haven't bothered looking.

Must suck being a midget

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>trusting (((doctors)))

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More so if I ever get to TLOU thanks to this and shit tons of other PS4 exclusives

Friend of mine is letting me borrow Yakuza Kiwami to finally play one

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If I wanted to replay Gen 2, should I play Gold, Silver, Crystal, HG/SS, or any Gen 2 romhacks instead?

what a shame. I'm 5'10" myself.

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The doctors kept me alive
i'm gonna come right out and say it. The qt girl is mexican

hey better than nothing

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I prefer human_cattle. Especially machine impregnation. Heavy focus on lactation

I still haven't played the yakuza game I got for ps4 honestly

Do the randomized run I've been recommending for months.

I figured when you said brown eyes

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I'm serious when i say she is the most attractive girl i have ever seen period.

Machines not so much, but women are kept as breeding stock essentially so there's that

Make a move before I go take her for myself then

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You haven't been around enough girls then

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Good luck. I'm in cali.

She is more attractive than any anime girl.

The whole machine thing was my first fetish when I was like 10 years old. I don't know how the young pervert me thought of that shit and it wasn't until years later I found 2d stuff of it.


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I'm not joking. She is literally the hottest girl i have ever seen.

Maybe you have shit taste.

Maybe but i would assume most people would agree.

Post pics of her next time

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I dont take pics but maybe if i manage to win a competition i'll post about it and share a pic of the whole team and point her out or something.

Remind me, what is NEET life like? I remember mine was just mostly having the drive people around and just wasting gas and money.

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Well, you would always have to ask for money tbh.

This is for you.

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Never being forced to do anything, staying in your comfy room forever, and being free to play/watch/listen/read anything at all times.
Its the best

Get a creep shot

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Too creepy and risky. I think it would just ruin my chances with her.

Looks like you fags got your shit bumplocked

Yeah, I don't know shit about girls but creepshots are always a bad idea with anybody unless you're some kind of undercover journalist fag. Respect privacy, even if it's with normals.

I play vidya, browse the net, stay up all night, sleep as late as I want, and do occasional errands for family. Spend what little money I do get on cheap ass vidya when I see it.

That happens every night, usually right after the thread's made, unless the janny is absent.

Where have you been? Thats happened for years now


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Even better, I don't even need to immigrate then

Strange fetish to start things off, but I shouldn't be saying anything. I discovered porn back in the limewire days trying to download Pokemon episodes. Ended up with a picture of Jesse with her ekans in her pussy and things went downhill from there

Hello, first time in /4am/?

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All i'm gonna say before i head to bed is that this girl is 10/10 and i am determined to get with her if possible.

Oh man limewire. Those were fun times. That shit turned so many guys our age into perverts.

this tbh

Cya next time user

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Do you guys ever feel like you're living without a purpose in life?

See you around.

That's what I do already, besides work.

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All the damn time.

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My purpose in life is to squeeze as much pleasure out of it as possible before I kick the bucket.

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I gave up on having a purpose a long time ago. I just kind of accepting I'm a failure. But I still work on self-improvement all the time mostly because I have literally nothing else to do with my hopefully short life.

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How's your day going user

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Sometimes I think the same time. I originally wanted to kill myself after high school ended, as I still didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up and didn't want to spend the next 50-60 years living without purpose. Two years later I'm still alive, and things turned out much differently than I thought.

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Yeah, the viruses i got back then were absurd too.
My hardcore Catholic friend got into limewire too after showing it to him.
Until he ended up getting horse porn instead of an episode of the boondocks he wanted.

My purpose in life is clear: collect anime titties.

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You couldn't use limewire without eventually getting horse porn or CP on accident.
And yeah I bricked my families first PC trying to pirate some game off it.

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Alright I suppose. Earlier I finished off a 500 page package of paper I bought to do practice sketches on about two months back.

I wasn't all that happy with my life in highschool either, but I knew what I wanted to do. Of course those plans fell through immediately because of health issues and having no fucking money. So here I am almost five years later, accomplished nothing. I'd already have done myself in if I didn't think it would be terribly impolite to the handful of people in my life that I think genuinely care about me.

Attached: goat with a leaf.jpg (590x473, 77.53K)

Oh nice. Good job keeping up with it that much.
Post your favorite thing you drew so far

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Okay, I suppose horse porn has been a long standing joke on the net, but I never used limewire when I was younger. Did that get the reputation as a down risk the way dolphin porn has on imageboards?

I still remember that hilarious ban someone got many years back for filling Jewt's inbox with horsecock, and whose ban appeal was apparently just ASCII horsecock.

Kind of impressed you could get through that many pages. How much space did you use per page on average before going to another?

Limewire had no preview or anything so you basically just downloaded shit based off filename, and people named a lot of stuff wrong on purpose.

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Breasts or Ass?

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Ah, I didn't do much downloading back then (in retrospect I really should have, even seeing old /rs/ be nothing but a graveyard by the time I got interested was disheartening). I suppose there's always a risk to that. Like how swfchan hosts bait flashes for dumping elsewhere that are completely unrelated to the filename.



It was the true wild west feel on the internet thats so long gone

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I miss it, having only caught the tail end. Hopefully the next big technological breakthrough, that's difficult/expensive for normalfags to wrap their minds around, can bring some of that back.

What made it better was his mom was in the room when he opened it. I was on the couch playing some viewtiful joe when I hear a scream, I look over, his mom rushes over and he's in front of the screen sobbing while there's a video of a Brazilian girl laying under a horse trying to stuff it's dick into her cunt. After a few weeks we had a good laugh about it.

Yeah. I ended up downloading a lot of dog or horse porn trying to find other things. Every video was basically a leap of faith


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Holy shit thats fucking amazing. I'd pay to see that happen

Even with darknet stuff its just not the same

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I'm going to bed. See you guys tomorrow.

Attached: Elphelt 23.jpg (618x709, 112.43K)

Cya next time fam


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That's fantastic. He was the one that screamed, not his mom?

Were the filetypes at least accurate? IE: if it was a ROM of a game you knew it was a game, an mp4 or whatever at least a video, etc?

Attached: 1365220924145.png (108x108, 2.47K)

No, she was yelling and visibly upset. Luckily her tech-savvy dad explained the inherent risks of limewire after and nothing really bad actually came of it outside of no more downloading until I introduced him to torrenting. I mean, chances are your 14 year old son wasn't deliberately looking for bestiality

No, I mean did he scream and that brought his mom over, or did she find her kid crying and scream at what was on the screen?

Whoops hit that send button early. And sort of. There were a lot of .jpeg.exe .mp3.exe files or whatever, and many files were a garbled mess of keywords to get maximum exposure. You learned very quickly to avoid any file with pthc

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Nothing really much to have a favourite about, just gesture drawings with nothing to favour (tried to get a random picture but my webcam isn't working).

Just one per page. My friend who's an artist said to use a large drawing area for gestures, so I try to fit it for the entire piece of paper, one on each side.

He screamed which prompted her to see what was going on.

Attached: 1521427051101.jpg (1012x716, 581.16K)

You post great 2ds fam but I already saved all these

Well dig some out for next thread.

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I just keep recycling all the ones I particularly like. I've got well over 500 pics in my 'sfw' type-moon folder.
Maybe I'll scrape some boorus for more today

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