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I still haven't watched this show yet, but I'm going to.

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Hahaha, can't wait for normalfag memes from Facebook! Upvote if you agree!

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I just realized that these along with the GG threads are the two threads I always see posted yet never see anybody talk about.
Is it the same few people using them or something?

It's the same spammers posting non-videogames over and over and over again.
Such as the one above your post
You can see him here in the last thread with (21) non-videogame replies

wrong quote

They're plenty talked about, we were just doing that in the meta thread. GG is just a containment thread for the same circlejerk, webm threads seem to be largely the same people but to a lesser extent.


There's probably a small core of posters that needlessly dumps/spams their folders everytime that easily make up the majority of these threads.

Reminder that Mark has agreed to clean up these threads
keep it vidya

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I still can't believe they made an episode where Chris-chan was the villain.

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Fuck enforcing a vidya ratio, just deal with niggers who dump non-vidya and facebook shit which is easily the biggest source of it.

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2 years too late faggots.

What game? Music combined with the enviroment says modded New Vegas, but I am not sure.

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The agreement was 85% vidya. I don't know why but it's a start since last thread it was around

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jesus christ its been 4 years already. what the fuck am i doing with my life

No, it wasn't. Kill yourself.

Go to Holla Forums if you want to post non-videogame rubbish
Here's a new thread on Holla Forums right now 8ch.net/b/res/7860535.html


Holla Forums is full of scary gore apparently

It changed to vidya in the op only a while go m8

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No it wasn't, only you supported that number. Go quote the entire thread again, webm thread autist, except this time don't fill the "non vidya" section with vidya related webms to inflate your numbers.

Source film maker rubbish like is not videogames.



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do vidya filenames count?

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Mark didn't reply and went to bed so we'll see. I'm perfectly fine with 85% though and 50% is pretty trash. 100% would be ideal but what are you gonna do. Also
The user who recorded those was more strict and wanted pure gameplay. Even then you could have cut 30 non vidya posts and it still would have been more than 75% offtopic.


Did you see the meta thread?

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Some SFM is vidya related. Much of it isn't, like the porn. The entire point is moot though because SFM is objectively garbage animation software and whenever it's posted I can't watch it.

Ummmmhm, no sweetie


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this is gonna sound like stupid but lel how do i upvote on a chan?

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Good, just admit it wasn't agreed upon.

Vidya characters are vidya and your retarded metric won't be adopted, Holla Forums has always been a mainstay of tertiary vidya content. Sorry to burst your bubble. If there's an issue it's that they're mostly shit.

Didn't San Andreas have that?

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This is not fucking videogames you swine.

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maybe you forgot that part, so unfortunately it is

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that game was overhyped garbage tbh.

Might. Like I said Mark went to bed.
Not when they don't do anything partaining to vidya and are just models/assets used for animation.
And it's been shrinking over time to be replaced with facebook shit and anime.

Stay wrong newfag.

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Some of the niggers were saying they didn't want to post their offtopic trash on Holla Forums because of all the porn and gore.

I know it's pretty funny how much of a weak stomach outsiders have to this stuff. Plus Mark offered to make an alternative Holla Forums just so this wouldn't be the case. There's really 0 room for this argument tbh.

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I like how these thread were just fine on their own before a purist faggot came in to ruin every elses fun. And the guy complaining most about how bad these threads are is actively making them worse for real.

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Oh well.

Opinion discarded.

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Welcome to literally everything.

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but user you didn't post videogames either, you just posted tranny hentai

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Fallout 4 thread on Holla Forums is vidya. Especially when you consider that we're still actively discussing how shit the game is every so often.

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is this video games?

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Any reason it wouldn't be?

no user, vidya is vidya
vidya discussion is not vidya
vidya references is not vidya
vidya filenames is not vidya
vidya commentary is not vidya
vidya speedruns is not vidya


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well it's not the most exciting bit of gameplay footage out there and I haven't had the chance to run it by the "webm autismo purity department" to see if it was worthy of being posted on a webm thread.

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Are you having a rough time? Need any help or something?

I think you're just over thinking it. When people are saying non-vidya they're talking about facebook shit which is pretty simply not vidya. Webm related is something that's more on the cusp but still vidya related since it's a joke on the gamepshere meme that referenced how fucking weird consoles were getting. Something like a video of a dog farting or an episode of Drake and Josh isn't vidya.

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There is gore and fighting videos in the webm/mp4 thread on Holla Forums! It's scary! I don't wanna go there and dump 50 non-videogame webms there!!!

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I genuinely can't get into this game after playing Diddy Kong Racing. Currently trying to PB my time in Greenwood Village. Only been playing the level for a few days though. Wish I could post me playing but the recordings are to jittering since I'm on an i3

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this is why this argument is retarded: webm autist does not get to define what is vidya and what isn't

Well what isn't is pretty obvious 99% of the time. If that 1% angers you to much I don't know what to tell you.

I don't know user, that webm seems like 99% Drake & Josh, 1% meme and only 1% video games. That won't run by the 85% ratio, no sir.
You meant to say "jumping to conclusions". And yes, that's exactly what I'm doing to illustrate how stupid it is to enforce what kind of content has to be posted in these thread when everything was just fine before.
I'm ok with occasional cancer, gotta have the good with the bad. Sometimes you run into some funny shit, even if it facebook shit. HIT IT JOE is not videogames in any capacity, but it still kicks ass and I watch it to the end every time it's posted.
Just have some fun, faggot.

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according to the bitching in the meta thread, our conversation that we're having here right now should be a bannable offense. or how do you feel about webms where the webm itself isn't vidya related, but with the filename it's posted under it becomes a vidya joke?

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I think you need to lay down user. It's pretty simple, not vidya is not vidya. If you wanna have a fit over it then just reply to nobody and start screaming in caps I guess.

meta offtopic? Yea actually it probably should. That's why I'm done after this post.
It's vidya. A video of a chair titled "Metal Gear" with no other context isn't vidya.

Can you walk 5 meters without your feet contradicting each other?

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Can you beat my time in Greenwood village?

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this is 100% vidya

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Desperate non-videogame webm spammers making things up:
Just stop fucking posting non-vidya normalfag ylyl rubbish. Go to Holla Forums if you want to do that.
We post videogame webms here
We can then discuss videogame webms here.


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Can you beat my meat and post some webms like a good boy?

Attached: rawkit launchair.mp4 (640x360, 9.17M)

Say please

nonvidya normalfag webm spammers are shit, but I don't want to have my sparingly posted regular nonvidya webms deleted like last time because of how others are posting

fuck bees

user, that window border is really not videogames, I am getting thuper triggered right now I mean I can't even, I AM THE 85%!

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Close enough.

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You're such a little bitch. Why don't you go be gay somewhere else?

Attached: Napalm_Sticks_to_Kids.mp4 (1280x720, 8.82M)

i have been posting whatever the fuck i want in these webm threads for years, u cant stop me newfag

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wait I got a better one, it was from your food blog

Attached: I'm gay.webm (640x360, 1.53M)

made this a while ago.

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You just reminded me that I still need to reinstall oblivion and mod it.

Attached: 2016-09-09 10-38-20_12.webm (1920x1080, 9.64M)

Man where do you people even come from? I understood the >>>/cow/ incident bringing in a bunch of cuckchan retards but that was weeks ago. Was there something else that happened that I'm unaware of or is this some sort of leftypol raid?

It's been a while since I played a good tank game or RTS game.

Attached: eZZ.webm (1280x720, 4.14M)

Where did you come from?
Remember when Holla Forums didn't get fucking triggered over a single word?
No, you don't, because it's obvious you don't belong here


And you reminded me that I need to upgrade my PC so I can mod Skyrim. Not looking forward to learning which mods I prefer all over again. Especially since Oblivion only has half the mod count.
any questions you have about modding Oblivion? I have over a hundred esp's loaded atm along with plenty of reskins.

It's a word often used by french.

He's just trying to play epic oldfag elitist. It's very common around here. Ignore him and his content-less post.

Attached: TOP 50 GREATEST MOMENTS IN GTA V (GameSprout)-P4AA_PFdDX4 17.webm (1280x720, 3.13M)

It's cuckchans latest le epic (You) farming word. Take note of the sudden brigade of (1) posters the second someone was called out on it.



There has never been a time when that didn't happen.

Like you proxyfag.

Attached: The_Day_Neogaf_died.mp4 (1200x720, 12.63M)

That'd make sense, considering how sissified the french of france are.

Attached: Yuro.webm (852x480, 1.41M)

I've never fucking seen anybody here use sweetie here and I have 20 tabs open at all times. Why wouldn't you just assume he's french?

He did post a file though in
What are you on about?

Attached: This Summer Ron SCHNIEDER GDQ.webm (1280x720, 4.77M)

I just need the essential mods list and a guide for tweaking the ini file. If you want some fallout new vegas mods ill share some gun network stuff

Attached: FalloutNV_2017_10_06_19_53_56_332.jpg (1920x1080 396.8 KB, 365.29K)

Imageboards are meant for written discussion. Webm threads are merely tolerated for the fact that they are somewhat entertaining and can occasionally spur discussions of their own. If you are unironically implying that because someone is attempting to engage in a written discussion inside a useless barely tolerated webm thread that they are somehow shit-posting, you should probably consider suicide.

Because the entire catalog is filled with (1) and done OP's and almost every single thread has a metric fuck ton of shit-posters, significantly more than even during the /cow/ raid.
Jesus christ nigger learn to follow the flow of posts.

Share the super secret stuff.

Attached: Clothes.webm (640x800, 3.63M)

It's called being burdened with dynamic IP sweetie dearest. If it makes you feel any better I have to spend about 20 minutes doing captchas. Every 24 hours.

ID: 0a8524 (me) was referring to who didn't post a file or anything of meaning at all. Just bloat.


Attached: Cow.webm (720x540, 342.9K)

ok. mega.nz/#F!UlpQTZRC!8-yNdIi4NzwUAJEQ2hf-vw


Attached: Bam.webm (720x404, 1.44M)

Ill try uploading more stuff I found to my mega

I rarely trust mod lists since they never give me what I exactly want. Plus there's a lot of optional mods that I want to look at.

What does that have to do with the fact that there's no content?
We call that a thursday user. It's nothing new. And I've still yet to see any of them full of the word "sweetie". Why is it so hard to just assume the more likely scenario?
I am. Learn how to properly phrase your criticisms.

Attached: The Dream.webm (1024x576, 7.07M)

If your IP switches that much then you'd configure it to keep a static IP otherwise you'd have problems with direct LAN setups, you obviously keep it dynamic on purpose faggot. You're the only one who even talks like that in this whole thread, possibly even this entire board.

Any additions are appreciated

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Attached: Dream.webm (480x480, 598.5K)

Attached: ABC ME - The Privilege Bridge - YouTube.webm (1280x720, 4.8M)

At this point I'm just going to assume you're pretending to be retarded to save face.


Not really no. Women just use the term feminest or not. As do the french.
You're answering your own questions here man. You need to stop posting.

None are vidya either.

Attached: Gamecube.webm (360x360, 131.32K)

you are welcome.

I'm looking through my folders right now

Attached: FalloutNV_2017_05_05_06_09_59_783.jpg (1280x720 340.14 KB, 10.45M)

Attached: my dick is like.webm (640x360, 233.72K)

How do you not ctd from that shit.

I wouldn't be surprised if this whole shitfest concerning these threads is the result of a raid of some sort. Every once in a while the webm autist would come by these threads and mark all the "non" vidya just to farm (you)s and stir the pot up. Now suddenly you got perhaps the same autist doing the same thing again last thread, but this time hes got the backup from a bunch of (1)s and some dudes using proxies who bitch and moan on the webm thread itself and on the meta thread. Really makes you think.

Attached: c0056482034134010c2759f189f9f589b3ad029cf06a375fa21450624d4e74df.mp4 (1280x720, 13.24M)

why is his hand writing on paper the same as his writing on the table. I get writing like that on a table to make the words more visible but there's literally no reason to write like that on paper

Attached: 0_speechcraft.webm (1280x720, 11.38M)

Hopefully lots of productive activites and video game playing.

Attached: Ace Combat Zero - The Belkan War PlayStation 2 Trailer -.webm (480x360, 9.64M)

I only ctd once in a blue moon but I use alot of performance mods and compressed my textures with a Skyrim texture optimizing tool and tweaked my ini file a lot over the years

Attached: 2018-01-16 00-47-00.webm (1280x720, 6.53M)

The webm autist has been here for a while. But the meta thread decided to clean up the excess non vidya a bit and a good majority of people agreed to this. Stay mad I guess and make sure to post vidya. Or head off onto Holla Forums to do otherwise.

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previous webm thread archive.is/uGmrg

Attached: GTA IV Natural and realistic ENB - _Friends & Enemies_ (1152p_30fps_H264-128kbit_AAC)

Attached: Todd Howard Seduces You in the Bathroom at a Fleetwood Mac Concert.webm (640x360, 8.22M)

pure coincidence

45 videogame webms
229 non-videogame webms
Count them yourself

If you want to bitch do it in the meta thread autist. I've explained every point you've made there and then some. The only person making the thread worse is you with this shit.

Attached: Burger Eater.mp4 (964x720, 10.32M)

w e w
e w e
w e w

Are you going to shit up another thread talking about this the whole time?

Is this some kind of poor attempt at "wait a minute, that card" humor?

Attached: newsworthy.webm (654x368, 321.73K)

Fuck off man, webm threads are going to die because of you.

Attached: shut it down.mp4 (1280x720, 7.37M)

It was the last thread

Attached: Horse_Disease_Foaming_Illness_Sick_Crazed_Hypnotized_Beauty and the Beast (Burbank) Phelous.png (854x480, 543.3K)

Attached: Doorstuck.webm (622x350 3.31 MB, 10.62M)

what the fuck is wrong with you, nigger?

Attached: Ike counter.webm (480x360, 3.91M)

Attached: bye_HD.webm (622x350 3 MB, 10.28M)

Attached: women always lie.webm (622x350 809.19 KB, 7.02M)

Attached: Counter-Strike Scrim Griefing - GoronCity Ringing Riots - Made by z0mby.webm (656x480 7.51 MB, 5.83M)

Attached: Streamer is told he can switch gears for extra speed.webm (656x480 3.5 MB, 11.2M)

Attached: vac banning innocent people.webm (640x360 2.94 MB, 2.86M)

Attached: Left 4 Dead 2 Tips_ Smoker Spots (Instant Kills).webm (640x480 4.7 MB, 2M)

Attached: L4D2 Rooftop instant kills part 2, _what-to-do_ guide for dummies.webm (711x400 6.52 MB, 6.57M)

Attached: Left 4 dead 2- _187 Instant kills_ . No mercy- Recopilación.webm (533x300 7.31 MB, 6.63M)

Attached: Ventrilo Harassment - Duke Nukem Style (360p)

Astounding. Take a few breathes and calm down faggots. We have a thread for this discussion. Bring it there.

Attached: Kirby is a Monster.mp4 (480x320, 11.79M)

Attached: I double perfect DSP.webm (1920x1080 7.07 MB, 2.75M)

Attached: DSP gets Falcon Kicked and KO'ed (UFC 2014).webm (800x450 6.26 MB, 6.62M)

here i found something better



Attached: 2018-01-27 23-32-52.webm (1280x720, 13.28M)

Attached: DSP Tries It_ Humble In Victory, Gracious In Defeat.webm (800x450 6.94 MB, 7.93M)

Attached: LawBreakers Launch Trailer.webm (1280x720, 4.02M)

Attached: gta.webm (1280x720 7.41 MB, 1.32M)

Attached: DSP's Ultimate Ass-Beating (Freddy vs Cyrax)

oh god calm down sweetie, just post oc videogame webms before the autist is triggered

Attached: DSP's Ultimate Ass-Beating (Raiden vs Freddy)

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (MK)

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (Baraka Final)

Did you know that the poster above you has just posted more videogame webms than the whole of last thread?

Pewter already proved that the vols can't determine what is and isn't vidya related and the webm autist only further proved this point. Yet niggers like 408e6a insist that we need more moderation on these threads. These threads have been mostly smooth sailing for a while it was only recently that we started seeing dumpers and shitters like you shitting threads up with incessant whining about said dumpers.

Attached: killurself.webm (512x512, 927.81K)

Attached: dsp vs pdp, Crash Bandicoot.webm (746x432, 10.97M)

Attached: dsp vs pdp, Crash Bandicoot_1.webm (746x432, 11.33M)

did you know that I don't give a shit?

Attached: vietnam napalm bombing.mp4 (454x360, 14.59M)

Attached: dsp vs pdp, Crash Bandicoot_2.webm (768x432, 9.7M)

Attached: dsp vs pdp, Crash Bandicoot_3.webm (768x432, 11.85M)

Move to Holla Forums if you want no vidya. And again use the meta thread to discuss this.

DSP is definitely retarded, but did anybody else notice him put the UK flag over the UK on his second attempt and it still said it was wrong?

Attached: howdy.webm (640x360, 1.6M)

Attached: tanks for this.webm (960x540, 15.95M)

Nigger I don't think a single person here doesn't want to see more vidya webms we just don't want to see people bitching and trying to shit things up because they get offended at non vidya

Attached: AoTF.webm (1920x1080, 2.89M)

Again, use the meta thread. The threads here are roughly 90% not vidya much of the time. Apparently it took this shitstorm to actually fix it a bit.


You do realize that scrubbing all of the posters here isn't going to actually be replaced with "vidya" webms or posters who will post those webms, only the last 10% will remain at most then the threads will repaidly die and go down hill from there.

fuck off and stay off

Attached: get out jew.mp4 (640x360, 9.48M)


You do realize we're already posting video game webms and nothing has gone wrong besides your autistic screaming right?

Head to Holla Forums if you don't want them to be mostly gameplay focused. Reminder this is Holla Forums

According to the autist it's still 80% care to explain that discrepancy?

He's talking about the last thread youfucking mouth breather. Jesus fuck do what I told you to do some replies ago and read the fucking meta thread.

Attached: rottytop theme.webm (426x240, 6.74M)

Nah fuck you, you and I both know that it's going to be the Mod's idea of vidya games and not whatever the fuck is in that guy's mind.

Attached: motion capture.mp4 (466x344, 232.67K)

Attached: Juri theme.webm (480x360, 4.14M)

It's not hard to tell the difference.

Low tier bants. I mod Oblivion, I don't run Skyrim because low specs. Your reding comprehension is laughable.
Ok fine fag. Just remember to keep it vidya.


They're not even going to watch the webms you autist, one look at the thumbnail or just rely entirely on reports. Did you even pay attention to the Vol who outright said they're not going to dig through every report because they get hundreds? No quality filter is going to exist you're just asking for video game flavored Facebook shit.

no, you said you couldn't run modded Skyrim, and you had to re-learn which mods you liked so don't try and bullshit me, you reddit tier nigger:

who died and made you the king autist?

Attached: I'm too young to die.webm (640x360, 10.71M)

This was discussed in the meta thread. The people who shit up the boards make 50+ posts of non vidya content. Just remove their posts and problem solved.
Report the webms in question then they don't have to look.

Yes because I need to upgrade my PC. I can't run the game period and I wouldn't play the game vanilla because it's trash. Again, reading comprehension.

it was poorly worded period and you still want to play skyrim, modded or unmodded it still makes you a Todd boy. And keep this meta garbage in the meta thread
begone thot

Attached: spoopers.webm (640x360, 7.91M)

It wasn't meant for you and it's worded fine. You just jumped the gun and are to emotionally invested to stop replying when you were wrong.
Name a porn game that does half the shit modded Skyrim does. Go ahead, I'll wait.
You can stop posting any time. And we're on Skyrim now so I guess it's not meta.

Attached: Lets Play Oblivion (Part 207 of 256)-1.mp4 (854x480, 4.44M)

sure, bitch nigga

Attached: ARIA - The Night is Shorter than Day.webm (320x240 10.31 MB, 4.87M)

Wow really got me. Not like my Oblivion folder isn't nothing but porn mods or anything. Honestly you can ask me about anything oblivion modding related. I even make some of my own mods and edit meshes/dds files for fun. Enjoy missing out on quality fap material I guess.

Attached: The power of modding.jpg (1755x711, 272.09K)

I play videogames for fun and bitching music.

Attached: Rampage edition.webm (640x360 2.63 MB, 6.69M)

Porn is fun.

Attached: Madden Glitches With John Madden Highlights.mp4 (540x360, 5.22M)

I wonder how much alcohol John Madden has consumed over the span of his life.

Attached: blocks your path.webm (1280x720, 7.2M)

to quote a nintendo dork:
I find it more distracting, but I can't disagree.
Game theory: is porn the predecessor of videogames? If so, were those nerds just trying to draw boobs on an oscilloscope back in 1958?

The fucking golden age!

Attached: Johnny_Bravo_goes_Duke_Nukem.webm (480x360, 11M)

Enough to think planes are giant monsters 24/7 probably.

Attached: Lets Play Daytona (Part 1 of 256).mp4 (1280x720, 6.43M)

Attached: SHINOBI 1-B.webm (480x320, 8.9M)

Just a typical journalist playthrough in [current year]

I almost thought I was having a stroke reading this post.

Attached: privlege.mp4 (480x360, 1.17M)

Attached: SHINOBI 4-A.webm (640x360, 12.05M)


Attached: SHINOBI 6-A.webm (640x360, 10.85M)

Attached: fuck geese.webm (480x360, 5.49M)

Attached: videoplayback.webm (640x360, 15.83M)

You're a lying son of a bitch. There was a handful of people jerking off and defending list-autist and much, much more offering counterarguments and pointing out how much of his list was bullshit. I have the thread open right now, I can which ids and how many said what.

Attached: What's poppin' daddy o.mp4 (854x480, 12.87M)

Attached: Jurassic Park (MegadriveGenesis) - Pump Station.webm (320x240, 3.43M)

Attached: this is why items suck.webm (768x432, 8.43M)

Reminder that Lloyd looks like Goebbels

Attached: womyn can't drive 2.webm (800x450 3.57 MB, 10.83M)

Attached: Chill night!_1.webm (768x432 6.16 MB, 5.96M)

Attached: Chill night!_16.webm (768x432 4.99 MB, 4.06M)

Attached: Chill night!_6.webm (768x432 6.04 MB, 8M)

3 anons making several posts does not make more arguments. It makes 3. And again, keep it in the meta thread.

Attached: Oekaki.png (500x250, 5.87K)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_8.webm (978x550 3.7 MB, 11.4M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_26.webm (768x432 5.29 MB, 9.61M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_1.webm (768x432 5.03 MB, 7.01M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_3.webm (768x432 5.18 MB, 6.54M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_5.webm (768x432 3.96 MB, 4.57M)

Attached: HHH.mp4 (360x360, 209.6K)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_9.webm (768x432 8.78 MB, 6.11M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_12.webm (768x432 5.16 MB, 7.55M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_11.webm (768x432, 11.19M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_14.webm (768x432 7.96 MB, 5.35M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_16.webm (768x432 5.62 MB, 5.73M)

Fuck forgot to delete my doodle of Mark while I was posting a webm. My bad.

Attached: Sonic Adventure 2 (Part 189 of 256).mp4 (512x336, 3.96M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_18.webm (768x432 7.36 MB, 7.91M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_20.webm (768x432 7.92 MB, 6.83M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_22.webm (768x432 8.29 MB, 7.34M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_24.webm (768x432 6.96 MB, 6.2M)

You're not keeping it in the meta thread, so why should I? That 85% number you're pulling out of your ass was mentioned by two people in the thread, and nowhere in the reply chains did I see Mark or any vol go "sure."

Attached: Is this the DARK SOULS OF.webm (640x360, 3.91M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_26.webm (768x432 5.29 MB, 7.77M)

Attached: valid_feminist_complaints.mp4 (180x274, 990.32K)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_27.webm (1280x720 7.56 MB, 6.12M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Mario Kart 8_28.webm (768x432, 11.88M)

Attached: CROUCH JUMP FAIL Half-Life 1 Black Mesa (DSPgaming)

Attached: how to crouch jump V2.webm (1386x700 3.42 MB, 3.49M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa.webm (792x400, 11.19M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_1.webm (792x400, 9.61M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_2.webm (792x400, 10.54M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_3.webm (792x400, 10.91M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_4.webm (792x400, 9.19M)

Post in the meta thread then faggot. You said you have it open.
One of those people was mark and I said it wasn't confirmed 85% in this thread. His last post about it was 50% and the person he replied to told him 85% but he went to bed. Be more thorough next time.

Now seriously faggot post in the meta thread.

Attached: Tera Loli.mp4 (1280x720, 4.66M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_6.webm (792x400 5.07 MB, 8.6M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_7.webm (792x400, 9.27M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_8.webm (792x400, 8.06M)

He said he had the previous webm thread open. Where is your reading comprehension, hypocritanon?

Attached: The_Parachute_Ending.webm (800x450 7.99 MB, 5.6M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_9.webm (792x400, 7.94M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_11.webm (792x400 7.47 MB, 7.96M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_12.webm (792x400, 9.62M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_14.webm (792x400 6.54 MB, 6.42M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_16.webm (792x400 3.72 MB, 7.69M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_17.webm (792x400, 9.86M)


I don't think I actually specified the thread

Attached: Not as much autism as you, I admit.png (432x270 109.75 KB, 2.85M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_19.webm (792x400 4.01 MB, 7.1M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_20.webm (792x400, 11.09M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_21.webm (792x400, 9.44M)

Attached: This is how you DON'T play Black Mesa_22.webm (792x400, 11M)

Attached: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer gameplay pt1.webm (889x500, 8.35M)

Attached: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer gameplay pt1_1.webm (889x500, 8.78M)

I like how the new theme of webm threads are several severely autistic crybabies shrieking about non-vidya webms and, when that fails to do anything, they proceed to pump as many vidya webm's into the thread until it hits bump lock. So fucking autistic.

Attached: stop clowning around stalker.webm (640x480, 7.26M)

Attached: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer gameplay pt2_1.webm (801x450 8.16 MB, 7.32M)

Attached: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer gameplay pt3.webm (800x450 7.5 MB, 5.58M)

Attached: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer gameplay pt3_2.webm (800x450 8.92 MB, 5.33M)

Attached: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer gameplay pt3_3.webm (800x450, 8.92M)

He didn't imply either thread and it's more implied since that was the thread I was referencing in the post he replied to. Jesus christ get over it user.

Since you can't read the meta thread I'll just bring it to you.

Again, end the meta discussion or just bring it to the meta thread. No reason you need to discuss this further here.

Attached: Your Wallet His Empire.mp4 (480x360, 1.8M)

Attached: children and their balls.mp4 (202x360, 5.98M)

you're the only one discussing meta shit user
stop shitting up the thread

Attached: cancelled wow.webm (480x360 9.56 MB, 6.18M)

I'll apologize for now realizing I'm the second one bringing this up but having your first post in the thread be "the agreement was 85% vidya" and only backing down when called on it keeps you a faggot.

Attached: How It Once Was.webm (640x360, 2.63M)


Attached: battlebard enters the field.webm (720x480, 5.46M)

Attached: DSP's Excellent Ass-Beating_1.webm (854x480 6.21 MB, 5.85M)

Attached: DSP's Excellent Ass-Beating_3.webm (854x480 4.3 MB, 4.54M)

Don't be silly user, it's no older than the Dota song

Attached: DotA.webm (320x240, 3.4M)

Attached: DSP's Excellent Ass-Beating_5.webm (854x480 7.14 MB, 6.88M)

Attached: dsp getting molested.webm (854x480 4.12 MB, 5.96M)

Attached: Salty Sundays with DSP_1.webm (1280x720 3.97 MB, 5.84M)

Attached: Salty Sundays with DSP_5.webm (1280x720 6.44 MB, 5.82M)

Attached: DSP's Magnificent Ass-Beating (Zangief vs Ryu)

Attached: DSP's Magnificent Ass-Beating (Chun Lie vs Akuma)

Attached: there were no survivors.webm (853x480, 1.98M)


Attached: SHINOBI 8-A.webm (480x320, 15.58M)

Attached: DSP's Magnificent Ass-Beating (Ryu vs Akuma)

Attached: DSP's Superb Ass-Beating (Bison vs Fei Long)

Attached: DSP's Superb Ass-Beating (Cammy vs Dan)

and a ching chong nip nong to you too, young lady

Attached: slap.webm (640x360, 6.25M)

Attached: DSP's Superb Ass-Beating (Guile vs Hakan)

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (Bison vs Dudley)

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (Baraka)

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (Ryu vs Guile).webm (889x500, 7.41M)

Attached: typical TF2 match cca 2007.mp4 (640x360 8.64 MB, 5.85M)

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (Vega vs Hakan)

It's simple. You stop replying about meta and I stop replying about meta.

I backed down because I made a mistake in double checking since I thought the reply for 85% was replied to by mark. I made this reply only a few moments after I made the statement. I mean shit I'm only human here. My internet is so shit right now that I have to refresh my browser just to post, probably gonna go for the night in a bit

Attached: DSP's Wonderful Ass-Beating (Season 1 Finale) (Vega vs Hakan)_1.webm (889x500, 5.54M)

My guess would be, that he uses the same writing style as a reference to his library scribbles, that way his "see you…" message is addressed to the person he was writing with on the table.

Attached: 1504661703305.webm (854x480 3.96 MB, 9.19M)

no YOU hang up first
I never realized how shit FRIENDS was

Attached: you shnookums you.webm (480x360, 6.87M)

The rap video about all the black people on it was funnier than the show. Also try Frasier and the first season of Cheers if you want a decent live audience comedy.

I questioned the credibility of this non-fiction book that I am reading which mentions how people on mobile devices are oblivious to what goes on around them and how they are common victims to such easily avoidable outcomes.

Yea I heard the phrase they were using to describe this phenomenon was "common sense".

Attached: nerd culture.webm (640x360, 10.46M)

fuck common sense, I have post shit on my facebook wall!

Attached: facebork.webm (640x360, 13.58M)

is this a dragons dogma mod? or is this what the vanilla game actually offers.

Attached: dragons dogma kill crows.webm (1280x720, 7.7M)

You realize if that weren't a mod the devs might be in jail right now right?

Attached: mettoroido.webm (640x360, 643.49K)

why? do the devs live in the islamic state of britain?

Attached: DQB OP.webm (640x360, 14.47M)

Dunno but if it were real you would have heard about it I'm sure.

so you dont actually know? youre just guessing?
what an asshole
fyi, the reason i asked is because i've heard people talk about lolis in dragons dogma back when it was a ps3 exclusive (no mods). i assumed it just meant you can make a skinny midget but never looked into it because i dont have a ps3. this is the first video i've ever seen of a loli in dragons dogma so i asked.

Attached: EDF loli.mp4 (640x360, 7.3M)

How was this possibly allowed to air? That is hilarious.

This is "quality" according to pewcucks.

I mean I'm seeing laws on it start. Though I guess it depends on what state they live in. Also there's no way the producers would have approved of it and if they did it they would probably be violating a mountain of contracts.

This happens with non-vidya webms to. Are you new here or something?

A third of this thread is just one guy spamming shit. And a fourth is WEBM autist sperging and not actually posting any webms. Can we just go back to ignoring this faggot and get back to the way things should be?

Attached: Screaming Marmot Remix.webm (360x360, 611.44K)

b-but user I am not spamming things.

Attached: AC05_Operation_Katina_01.mp4 (640x360, 13.19M)

dragons dogma vanilla has lolis.
there are no laws in japan or the united states against loli lewds.
why do you continue? user, are you lonely? i an humor you, but please post webms.

Attached: HELP coloseum.webm (854x480 2.55 MB, 11.71M)

you should learn how to filter IDs. its a pretty neat trick.

Attached: glitchstone.mp4 (480x360 5.56 MB, 7.09M)

Yeah. I should have done it a long time ago. Sweet release.

Attached: youdidit.mp4 (480x480, 307.66K)

Anyone got some new RCT webms? My folder is lacking those.

Attached: becausephysics.mp4 (960x720 7.02 MB, 4.64M)

Attached: Dont_forget_to_have_your_hand_stamped_so_you_can_ride_again.webm (1826x1080 7.73 MB, 6.42M)

Attached: RCT2 - 4,601GuestAccident.webm (1000x750 3.04 MB, 5.15M)

My internet is fucked right now and webms keep freezing at 50-60% Not like discussion about vidya is hurting right?
There's been some talk about one that passed just a week or so ago actually. How valid it is I'm not sure. And like it seems like common sense that a producer would not want people who make naked loli's to represent their clients. Call me crazy.

Attached: This burger from Burger Bar 13796 is really good value.webm (1280x720 6.42 MB, 7.97M)

No webm, no post.

Attached: 2018-02-11 03_01_19.webm.png (1280x720, 1.41M)

Not how it works bud.

post smaller webms.
its a webm thread.
not in japan or US unless you mistake dailymail news articles for laws.
How valid it is I'm not sure.
dailymail articles are not a subsitute for legislation.
youre not just crazy. youre also very new. there are lolis in tons of japanese games. there are even loli themed lewd games. how are you even trying to make this argument?

Attached: DOA Marie Rose Mobius (normal)

Tried posting a 1mb webm and same issue.
Not an argument
Like I said I've heard about it from other anons posting here. If you're sure then fine but either way you're taking this a bit seriously don't you think?
And? I'm talking about a western audience and the people who allow that content here. Why are you so flustered over this though? It's just a loli in a game and if it was released here like that there's no way somebody wouldn't be in a lot of trouble due to the size of the game.

What game is that? Looks familiar but I just can't tell

Attached: ocelot.webm (800x450, 7.9M)

nude mod and enb.

Attached: 2017-05-24 12-09-29.webm (1280x720, 8.02M)

Dude I ==LOVE== DSP being spammed in the thread again!

Attached: MC3DE Close.webm (1280x720, 14.99M)

Well I guess it's better than the Simpsons.

that completely refutes your point
those mentioned games are available to western audiences
i'm not, but why are you answering questions you dont know the answer to? and persisting like you do?
in trouble with nonexistent laws? dragons dogma does have lolis user, just stop.

so the only mods are for better shading and for nudity? the game actually lets you make lolis like that?

Attached: Rogue class vs warrior.webm (1920x1080 4.75 MB, 7.3M)

Are midnight Club games worth emulating? I'm not into racing games, but I like unrealistic and car combat games like Carmageddon and Burnout.

I'll rephrase my previous statement:
Leave and stay leave.

Attached: Razormind.webm (640x360, 6.58M)

Yeah, besides some minor graphical glitches (look at the top right of the webm) it runs pretty solid and bug free.

Attached: MC3DER YOU SPIN ME.webm (1280x720, 4.17M)

All we had to do was ban the overwatch autist but no we have to fuck our selves harder.

you meant to say the entire left border, correct?

Attached: Everything_sexist.webm (1280x720, 2.74M)

Also, I can't vouch for anything else in the series but Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix is the best in the series, with named brand cars that can be customized (some more than others). AI doesn't rubberband to like many modern racing games have a problem with, but they do I have speed boost ability but so do you.

I stopped playing that a long time ago, if you are mainly blaming overwatchfags then you are wrong.

Attached: MC3DE Race to the Finish.webm (1152x720, 15.73M)

Yes my bad

Attached: 82da0108d14ce4094d8c4bc8b06d40928a1a548483598de3a51aff3d5ebebcdd.gif (440x458, 844.5K)

Is it there because the developers never anticipated wide screen displays and left that little problem in the game thinking there was no harm?

Attached: Imaginary Rocket Launcher.webm (726x444, 3.63M)

I posted webms and discussed vidya. Why is this serious?
You don't have a point
With nude loli as vanilla content? That doesn't seem like it would get a lot of attention?
I made an offhand comment. You're the one who's trying to break it down like I made a horrible tabu or something. It's not like it would have been hard to simply say that it wasn't likely without trying to act as if I was pushing something as a fact.
You're an expert on them? What would happen if Nintendo released a nude loli on their next Zelda game? No repercussions? Honestly I'm genuinely interested.
Yes but basic indication assumes they're not nude.

I posted several. I can try posting again though it seems like my Internets back.

Attached: BRAAOOOWWWWW.mp4 (1280x720, 1.67M)


Considering widescreen tvs where not uncommon at the time I figure its just a emulation glitch.

yes, the modding community isn't that great right now, most mods Ive seen on the nexus are just skimpy armor re-textures. the most interesting mod I liked was this nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/96 it lets you change the appearance of you or your pawn it's a trainer

Attached: 2017-12-18 01-16-39.webm (1280x720, 14.05M)

dragons dogma has lolis. you said it doesnt because of laws that dont exist.
my point was that you shouldnt answer questions you dont know the answer to. your answers have all been wrong.
no legal repercussions. correct.

thank you for posting an mp4.

Attached: fitz - monster girl quest review.webm (1280x720 2.87 MB, 8.06M)

i think im misunderstanding you, but isnt the main characters and pawns in this game both made with a character creator? does this mod just allow you to change them at any time?

i may have to play this game just to fuck around and make a loli army of rogues. does the pawn system require you to be online? do mods keep you from playing online? can i pirate it and still play online?
how do you make lolis? is it just making short/thin on sliders during character/pawn creation? this is hilarious.

Attached: Final Fantasy Noodle.webm (1280x720 3.7 MB, 10M)

Eggs Dee!

Thought you were on about not posting webms.
And my point is you shouldn't take comments so seriously.
I never asserted they were fact. And you likely haven't checked about that legislation. Why is it that you have to make a long winded post just because I'm incorrect though?
It would create such a shitstorm you would hear about it though. Which is more to my point. If DD had this and it was in the US version there would be hundreds of articles on the shit.
Why does it matter? Discussion is discussion.

Attached: White Out - 1080° Snowboarding (1080p_30fps_H264-128kbit_AAC) (2).webm (720x404, 6.22M)

New 1080 fucking when, Nintendo?

bretty gud

Attached: TenEightyAvalanche Midnight City.webm (640x360, 9.33M)

stop projecting user, it really makes you look like a retard.

this is a webm thread newfriend. reported

Attached: Localization comparison.webm (640x360 3.99 MB, 10.49M)

the trainer works a little funky you have to press manual in the main menu and if I remember correctly it will only work if you use a controller or maybe it was mouse. you just drop those files in the game directory you don't have to play online and yeah just use the sliders to make your loli and apply nude mod of your choice

Attached: 2018-01-27 21-10-35.webm (1280x720, 3.73M)

creating a character you have to press manual not the use the whole trainer.

Why not? Like I said I'm not the one who's annoyed by this. If you keep replying I'll keep posting.
For it to be btfo that would imply we were having an argument or something. Is it really so hard for you to just have a leisure discussion? I'm not even calling you wrong or anything, you're just sperging like I somehow made an attack on your daughter.
Yes and I'm not breaking any rules and have posted vidya discussion. If you want to report me go ahead. Just keep in mind you're doing this because you can't just allow a normal discussion to take place.

Attached: Spire Pathfinding Test 1.mp4 (848x480, 874.76K)

well, atleast youre right about something today, newfriend.

Attached: pizza is an open face sandwich.mp4 (1067x600 3.25 MB, 11.01M)

i take it pirated versions dont have online, but i dont care as long as i can still mess around with this stuff.
i'll give it a shot. any idea how the pawn system works in general? and how it works in offline mode?

You finally settle down?

Attached: Battle of 64.webm (1280x720, 6.65M)


Attached: EDF double punch.webm (960x540 2.23 MB, 9.02M)

user, are you ok?

Attached: DSP - san andreas jacking.webm (640x360 791.17 KB, 9.51M)

Cmon now user. How was your day?

Attached: Spire - flying pathfinding, second pass.mp4 (1280x720, 6.84M)

Anyone have that webm of insurgency where a grenade lands in front of the player and a nasheed starts playing?

Attached: yells in russian.mp4 (630x360, 2.1M)

you need to lay off the lefty meme's user. its not healthy.

this? (no nasheed tho)

Attached: Grenade Riot.mp4 (640x358, 2.21M)

It's because you have to let the flag snap to the X, something DSP was also too retarded to figure out.

what would give you that idea?

Attached: DSP plays MGS2.webm (1920x1080 7.33 MB, 6.27M)

nah it was a webm of insurgency and some grenade rolls in front of the player but then kills some other guy while a nasheed plays.

First of all sorry for no sound I seem to have disabled it somehow, I'm using a prated copy also so yeah no online, get the GOG version of the game if you can. I haven't even beat the game yet so I don't know how a lot of stuff works still sorry user also you do need a controller to press manual, for some odd reason mouse just brings you to the game manual instead of character customization.

Attached: 2018-03-28 11-51-32.webm (1280x720, 9.7M)

You asked if I was projecting? Also cool it with the buzzwords friend. You're trying to fit in to hard.

Attached: The great shrug thread of 2015.webm (500x500, 3.97M)

Attached: SteelVengeance.webm (1280x720, 14.09M)

Attached: RobotChickenRCT.webm (1280x720, 4.92M)

Attached: TenEightyAvalanche Diesel Disaster.webm (640x360, 8.89M)

thats cool. they linked the manual to a character creation menu.
but the only benefit of this mod is to modify, right? the vanilla game lets you create these characters, but the only difference is that in vanilla the result is final, right?

you keep projecting that i'm mad at you and that i am trying to argue with you.
so i asked if you were ok.

Attached: whatareyousaing.webm (1280x720 7.93 MB, 1.91M)

Well you can't know that now can you? After all I haven't said a single mean thing about you really. I mean I don't care what you call me but why all the angst?

Attached: Boston Salt Part Part 2.webm (1280x720, 7.98M)

The legend of user who got so blasted, he projected his rage, his inaccuracies, his errors, his misinformation, his lack of information, his wife's son, but not this movie will be told in threads for generations to come.

Attached: Streaming_this_movie_because_Im_so_great.webm (640x272, 16M)

yes, easily.
youre saying im angry and arguing with you. the fact that i said i'm not means you projected those emotions onto me.
again. are you ok user? you seem like youre having a problem. do you need the conductor?

Attached: Yakuza Kiwami hardest karaoke track in game 970pts.webm (640x360, 15.31M)

Meme all you want user. It's not like I can convince people of things on a Peruvian wind pipe forum.

If you weren't we wouldn't be having this discussion. I mean I pretty much said I wasn't positive on most of the stuff 2 posts in.
Why wouldn't I be? I mean I can assume that you're still mad but that's about as effective as you assuming the same. If you don't want to discuss anything then just don't reply back. That's all.

Attached: Play Asia based.webm (1280x720, 2.04M)

Its a trainer so you can do a lot of stuff with it. you can add more money, change your stats or level and I think you can spawn in items but I don't remember I just use it to customize my arisen and pawn.

Attached: nice moves.webm (1280x720 10.47 MB, 2.98M)


why dont we start there. why do you think """i'm""" angry? please quote if you need to.

im just amazed the vanilla game allows the create such… "realistic" lolis. i always assumed lolis meant midgets.

Attached: Yakuza 0 majima rouge of love perfect.webm (640x360, 14.6M)

actually we can
every time you post some bullshit, you get called out on it
every time you are called out on it, you will say on or more of the following:
a) why are you taking this so seriously?
b) my internet is broken
c) yeah well no because
d) can you not read?
e) why are you so mad?
f) go back to Holla Forums
g) keep meta in meta
You will continue to say you are above everyone else in this thread and that all this bickering is beneath you yet you are most likely the person with lowest webm-to-post ratio in this thread aside from an occasional (1) poster. I'm not autistic enough to check, but I'm sure you will. And you will inevitably forget to mention some crucial detail.
your next line will be "See how mad you are about this? Pshaw! I was just pretending to be reatrded!"

of course you can't, you're full of shit

Attached: chillaxing.webm (720x405, 14.48M)

ah these really take me back.

Attached: myg0t.mp4 (480x360, 9.87M)

mmm classic newgrounds/albinoblacksheep

Attached: Dad's At Work.webm (480x360, 7.4M)

I said vice versa to and you picked only one of them. Sure you're ok there?
People who are calm minded don't just assume that their being targeted because I brought up a simple statement. Also my logic in is pretty sound. Either way the conclusion was pretty simple but you seem more focused on me bring wrong than the subject itself. If you aren't angry then I guess you were heavy on calling people assholes and stuff, which is fine.

And I simply admitted I wasn't sure about it. Why do you take that as me being butthurt?
Well why? This is a board about discussing video games. Not assuming I'm spreading bullshit with the intent to spread disinfo.
It's not broke it's got a bad signal because my land line cables are deteriorating.
When do I say this?
I said that when an user legitimately missed something I referenced to him several times. Why are you taking things out of context?
I explained above.
I said go to Holla Forums. And it's true if all you do is upload offtopic webms. This makes me mad?
So? Like I've stated before I'm more focused on discussion than webms. Notice how after the first 50 or so replies most of my posts are only to people who reply to me outside the start of the thread? I'm not going out of my way here to post anything offtopic. But you and others are bringing it up so what do you expect?
This is kind of what I'm talking about here though. If you are trying to say you're trying to argue then why are you posting that? I'm just explaining my reasoning after you asked these questions and this makes me mad?
Why so hostile?

Attached: Dog F-Zero Big Blue.mp4 (480x320, 1.68M)

wrong one

Attached: Dad's home.webm (640x360, 9.96M)

I can't believe triple dubs

Attached: nice copy.jpg (640x640, 190.05K)

see what I mean?
ya keep dodging and weaving instead of admitting you were wrong or simply not replying
you keep contradicting yourself in your own posts

Attached: Warframe Pete.webm (720x405, 15.25M)

How the fuck does a webm thread hit 300 in a single day.

Attached: Metal Gear Rising - Reheatance.webm (640x360, 14.43M)

Attached: Autistic screeching.webm (320x240 5.42 MB, 4.1M)

did you notice how you wont even say why you think im angry?
did you notice how you moved the goalposts from the law and what capcom put in DD to "there would be a buzz if nintendo did that"?
are you that desperate to be right about something user?

Attached: Yakuza 0 Majima and chinese girl.webm (640x360 10.08 MB, 4.29M)

I literally stated I wasn't sure about it. What more do you need?
Post where.

Attached: Anton and Coolpecker threads.mp4 (1280x720, 2.78M)

I did.
I used that as my point for an example as to why you wouldn't need to continue posting about that. Not to decline that I made a mistake before that.
I told you I didn't know about the law in my second post to you.
Why are you making things up?

Attached: Yakuza 0 Judgement.webm (640x360, 12.88M)

you said you "dunno" if the devs are from the islamic state of britain. not that you "dunno" about the law.
arent you embarassed user?

Attached: witcher 3 IRL.mp4 (1280x720, 11.61M)

Attached: Chivalry MW - Dragging.webm (800x450 4.63 MB, 9.93M)

Attached: Chivalry MW - Dragging_3.webm (720x450 5.08 MB, 9.72M)

Attached: Chivalry MW - Dragging_4.webm (720x450 6.3 MB, 7.35M)

Attached: Chivalry MW - The Knight_1.webm (800x450 3.75 MB, 3.47M)

Attached: Chivalry MW - The Knight_4.webm (800x450 4.33 MB, 8.65M)


And in none of them I said they were true. Just that I heard anons talking about it.
Couldn't you have done the same when I said I didn't know?
I'm 65 posts in to a webm thread on an anonymous board dedicated to discussion about video games. What am I trying to save here?
And you keep dodging mine. Can't you just stop replying?

You mentioned them being in alternate countries so I assumed you meant that it was legal in the US. Why would I think DD was made in the UK?

Attached: ece9def520a67c6e7eb7728acf9728bf02291fea915825d29bb5de14e68bbb6f.webm (1280x720, 752.42K)

Am I breaking any rules? Those are all gaming related webms that I created myself.

Attached: Chivalry Beta_ Dueling with Criken.webm (622x350, 11.86M)

Attached: Chivalry_ The Medieval Warfare Waltz.webm (533x300, 11.79M)

Attached: TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL - Chivalry Deadliest Warrior.webm (800x450 7.92 MB, 7.86M)

You couldn't limit them to an extent? This is pretty much spam even if it's webms.

Attached: Chivalry Deadliest Warrior_ Deadliest FOV.webm (622x350 4.63 MB, 9.76M)

I mean… if you listen to certain people everything above (30) is wrong…

Attached: Chivalry Deadliest Warrior_ THE PIRATES_3.webm (711x400 7.21 MB, 5.65M)

Attached: Chivalry Deadliest Warrior_ We Are Probably the Deadliest_5.webm (622x350 6.16 MB, 6.69M)

Attached: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Moments of Skill.webm (711x400, 9.97M)

Attached: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Moments of Skill_1.webm (711x400, 9.41M)

Attached: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Moments of Skill_2.webm (622x350, 9.27M)

Attached: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Moments of Skill_3.webm (622x350, 10.32M)

Attached: Chivalry Medieval Warfare - Fists only Gameplay on new map Tavern.webm (711x400, 9.73M)

Attached: Chivalry Deadliest Warrior_ Davey Jones' Spa and The Pirate Bros_3.webm (622x350 5.58 MB, 6.84M)

Attached: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Tactics_ The Reverse Overhead, aka The Rainbow_4.webm (800x450 3.29 MB, 9.68M)

Attached: got throatal aids.webm (768x432 6.09 MB, 8.4M)

Well not all my posts are centered around 1 thing though yea I usually make less than a dozen posts here or at all I don't care if you post a bunch I just don't see why it needs to be dumped en mass. You know people would probably look at the webms if you just posted around 10 right?

Hey, I am offering a very wide variety of gaming webm's. So far I posted multiplayer games, singleplayer games, fighting games, racing games and even first person shooters.

Attached: got throatal aids_2.webm (768x432 5.75 MB, 6.31M)

Attached: Slasher_1.webm (768x432 6.35 MB, 6.49M)

Attached: chivalry gameplay.webm (768x432 5.23 MB, 10.25M)

thats why i asked user. it's pretty pathetic tbh.

Attached: Warframe cartoon.webm (960x540, 14.21M)

Attached: High Rank 2v1 - Chivalry MW_1.webm (768x432 4.17 MB, 7.42M)

Nothing of either lasting value or usability in terms of reactions.
Lord almighty.
Shooting for the stars, are we?

Attached: wipe this meme from the face of the earth.webm (640x360, 429.01K)

You jealous?

Attached: 26244486640-offset-799.219-60.mp4 (854x480 3.72 MB, 1.64M)

Attached: 26242086480-offset-21850-60.webm (1280x720 6.03 MB, 5.36M)

Attached: 26242086480-offset-26101-60.webm (1280x720 3.01 MB, 3.35M)

Attached: 26242086480-offset-20994-60.webm (768x432 5.96 MB, 5.95M)

Yes but why can't you just make 10 or so posts and see if it does well before you post more? You could post top tier webms vidya or not but if you do nothing but dump them you're not going to get reactions either way.

I answered you. It's an anonymous image board. There's nothing worth saving. Lurk more if you didn't know what.

fuck I just now noticed CIA in there

Attached: eternal_silence_plane_scene.webm (186x437 11.46 MB, 22.82K)

I am. I wish I had several TB of space to waste on my drives like you seem to do.

Well, I mean I got some reactions today, and I kind of get them every time I do this.

Attached: 26242086480-offset-25111-60.webm (768x432 5.97 MB, 5.97M)

it's not a waste if it's something I enjoy.

Attached: 26242086480-offset-20811-60.webm (768x432 5.97 MB, 5.97M)

I'm pretty sure these are what flooded the gameplay only webm threads and people told him to stop to.

Well yes but not because of the content on the webms.

exactly my point, so why are you moving goalposts to make yourself appear right? its sad.
are you a sad user?

Attached: YURI WHERE IS THE YURI.webm (640x360 304.24 KB, 6.67M)

not looking for that right now
Well you can check yourself… archive.is/qLsE1

Attached: 26242086480-offset-25180-60.webm (768x432 5.98 MB, 5.98M)

Attached: My friend's girlfriend having a try at drift (Ready_ Ready.webm (959x717 1.09 MB, 1.2M)

but he's over the 85% margin
what's wrong, hypocritanon? can't backpedal any further?

Attached: This guy is un-fucking-believable (360p_30fps_H264-96kbit_AAC).mp4 (480x360 5.04 MB, 1.35M)

Attached: sex mods in skyrim.webm (711x400 3.83 MB, 11.34M)

I'm not. I explained my points. If you don't want to directly refute them then that's your problem.

So then you're posting them with the hopes of getting angry replies? This is spam.

Oh I didn't know you enjoyed this. By all means then continue letting him post.

(121), broke my old record of 120 archive.is/PmMlI

That said, I am also almost out of gaming webm's

Attached: MAKE SKYRIM GREAT AGAIN!.webm (889x500, 11.85M)

Stop interpreting things into my post, I never said that. I am just sharing my glorious webm's with you lousy peasants.

Attached: Batman is mad as hell.webm (853x480, 15.58M)

Except you're not looking at the content. I get you're point. But it doesn't change the fact that you could be posting non-vidya in the same fashion and you would be getting just as much shit.

But is it really worth being this autistic about proving a point in a thread not even 80 anons frequent?
Not to mention going through streams of not even funny streamers to make webms of not funny content.

Quantity over quality is how you want to prove some autistic point?
That's how spam starts.

about loli being illegal? about DD not having lolis?
you did make those points. and they were wrong. and yet… instead of saying "my bad" you started moving goalposts and replying desperately trying to change what you said.

if this wasnt to save face. then why did you do that?

Attached: witcher 3 quality.webm (640x360, 10.34M)

I don't like that, What I do like is throwing shit back in the faces of people like you.

Attached: EXTREME POLICE BRUTALITY ….webm (700x394, 4.69M)

I am not randomly dropping webm's like some other anons do. I post my webm's in the right order and I know what I am uploading. The Black Mesa webm's I posted above are sorted by date, not filesize.

Attached: Getting Better at Fighting Games.webm (768x432, 15.82M)

and they were wrong. and yet… instead of saying "my bad" you started moving goalposts and replying desperately trying to change what you said.
Again, if you aren't going to refute my points directly don't bother replying.

What shit? This is spam. He could have done this 6 months ago and not vidya and it would still be what it is.

And again you could be doing this in any other fashion and it would remain the same thing.

which of your 2 points are you now trying to fall back on? about loli being illegal in US and JP? about capcom not putting loli in DD even though they did?
or are you just going to play kike games and pretend you won the argument even though every point you made was wrong.

Attached: Apple mac products just work.webm (640x360 1.53 MB, 10.71M)

I'm perfectly fine with 85% though and 50% is pretty trash. 100% would be ideal but what are you gonna do
>The agreement was 85% vidya. I don't know why but it's a start since last thread it was around


Don't. The moment this rule passes webm threads will die. People will either spam the same old webm's all over, or nobody is gonna post at all. Gaming related webm's are not easy to find or to created. People can't just pull OC out of their ass every second day.

Attached: Super Smash Bros Commercial (N64).webm (1280x720 1.05 MB, 3.22M)

It's not going to be 100% obviously. That's just what I prefer. Not like I don't enjoy posting here either way.
Because it's tanking the thread to bumplock before people probably got up this morning. That has nothing to do with the 85% rule. There's nothing hypocritical about not wanting spam. You're merging the facts here and you know it.

Also then what if the webms weren't vidya related? Would that somehow make the thread better? You're making more claims than you are answering them. Stay on topic here.

Meta thread.

woah buddy, I fucked up the formatting, that's all him talking before redtext

Attached: Aaaah, the french.mp4 (626x360 1.37 MB, 1.25M)

Nah, I don't believe that for a minute.

Do it. There are not a lot of anons who make gaming related webm oc. Some work goes into webm's I make, but even my webm's are usually taken from youtube since I don't have the hardware to record shit. I know 3 anons who make OC webm's, There is this one user who makes Dirty and My Summer Car webm's, then there is this user who makes insurgency webm's and there is one who makes Overwatch webm's. I don't really watch those overwatch webm's so I don't even know if they are his original content or taken from youtube. I suspect that the user who makes insurgency webm's is the same user who also makes those Dirt webm's. And both of those rarely get any attention.

There are only a few anons who can make OC and I doubt you are one of them.

Attached: Sega Rally PS3 Gameplay Test.webm (711x400, 10.94M)

No because they prefer ripping it from facebook instead. OC isn't hard. I've made it before and I would make it now if my toaster didn't take several hours to render shit even the smallest files. The only reason some anons might not be able to post often is if you're a compression snob and won't take any webm under a minute for less than 4mb.

I think the increase in file size limit decreases the quality of thread content. When the limit is lower, only the ffmpeg autists - whom also have better webum tastes - have the ability to post new content.

Attached: All Fun And Games Til Someone Loses An Eli.webm (747x420, 11.98M)

but maybe it's because of the recent influx of newfags

Attached: Chain of /k/ommand.webm (1024x432 1.01 MB, 14.17M)

You're probably not to far off. I don't really miss back when webms were often shorter than a few minutes and not full length episodes on ATHF. That being said not enough people ost here for there to be low quality content either and it's not like you can't criticize it and show them how to do better.

There's a recent influx every month now. since 2013. Not much point in bringing it up.

I do really miss back*

share your OC, I wanna see it.

It did, back then people tried to make good looking webm's with decent file size. People who sucked at making webm's didn't even bother and posted in the request threads. But now that we have 16mb webm's every idiot can make their own content. I fucking hate these short 360p webms with huge filesizes.

Attached: Leningrad — Voyage.webm (1200x500, 15.97M)

oh you asking for it nigger

Attached: ATHF S01E16 - PDA.webm (480x360, 11.45M)

Attached: ATHF S01E17 - bride.webm (480x360, 11.49M)

Attached: ATHF S01E18 - Cybernetic ghost of christmas past from the future.webm (480x360, 11.49M)

Attached: ATHF S02E01 - Super birthday snake.webm (480x360, 11.68M)

Attached: ATHF S02E02 - Super hero.webm (480x360, 11.66M)

Attached: ATHF S02E03 - Super bowl.webm (480x360, 11.74M)

Attached: ATHF S02E04 - Super computer.webm (480x360, 11.68M)

Attached: ATHF S02E05 - Super model.webm (480x360, 11.68M)

Attached: ATHF S02E06 - Super spore.webm (480x360, 11.64M)

Attached: ATHF S02E10 - Super trivia.webm (480x360, 11.66M)

Attached: ATHF S02E11 - Universal remonster.webm (480x360, 11.71M)

Attached: ATHF S02E12 - Total_re-Carl.webm (480x360, 11.3M)

Attached: ATHF S02E16 - Broodwich.webm (480x360, 11.63M)

Attached: ATHF S02E17 - Kidney car.webm (480x360, 11.69M)

Attached: ATHF S02E18 - The cubing.webm (480x360, 11.7M)

Attached: ATHF S03E07 - Robositter.webm (480x360, 11.97M)

Attached: ATHF S03E08 - Moon master.webm (480x360, 11.99M)

Attached: ATHF S03E09 - Diet.webm (480x360, 11.94M)

Attached: ATHF S03E10.webm (480x360, 11.25M)

Attached: ATHF S04E03 - Deleted scenes1.webm (480x360, 11.98M)

Attached: ATHF S04E03 - Deleted scenes2.webm (480x360, 11.99M)

Attached: ATHF S04E04 - Dickesode.webm (480x360, 11.96M)

Attached: ATHF S06E01 - Gene E.webm (638x360, 11.98M)

Attached: ATHF S06E02 - Shake like me.webm (638x360, 11.99M)

Attached: ATHF S06E03 - She creature.webm (638x360, 11.86M)

Attached: ATHF S06E10 - Last one forever and ever.webm (638x360, 11.96M)

Attached: Xavier.Renegade.Angel.S01E01.What.Life.D-D-Doth_new.webm (720x364, 15.09M)

Attached: mirror_matches.webm (854x480, 7.28M)

My old drive is now a puddle which left my drive dead. but I did have some raw Terraria footage I recorded. Though it's giving me stream errors whenever I try and upload it. Worked back in 2015 though. Have some screenshots of it. If you need any other info just ask.

It's in my top 10's. Doesn't mean I'm tired of seeing it posted here every thread since I've seen every episode enough times.

Attached: Screenshot_243.png (774x542 201.22 KB, 160.42K)

jesus christ user, can anything go right for you today?

Attached: 64tick.webm (640x488 4.33 MB, 11.42M)

All of the webms I have uploaded to this thread have been my own recorded footage. It's not that hard.
1. Play game
2. Record footage
3. Cut clip of footage
4. Encode video
5. ???
6. Profit
You don't have to be the best player, you don't have to have a perfect score, just record yourself playing and upload. How hard can it be? If I can do it, then you can do it. Anyone can do it.

Attached: vs Ceaseless Discharge.webm (640x360, 8.75M)

Nothing I can do about it. I just don't have any videos that I made still on my drive save 2 videos and some other terraria builds that other anons had saved. Like I said, any questions just ask.
What this user said. It's fucking easy. I just don't have the capture quality I need on this toaster.

Attached: bc5c6a6c54e2a6d99c57f955192d5502f9d7d18a9eee9cf054498baa3cb1515e.png (1200x1760, 268.54K)

And your OC generated a single (you) unless I missed one.
yeah you see, the problem here is that some anons don't have the hardware to record it. I had 800 bucks saved to buy a new gpu back in mid 2017, but all the current gpu's we have are trash and not worth the money. And I don't know how long it will take for them to make proper cards. I honestly believe that the next wave of cards will suck too.

Attached: Barack Obama - Happy Pharell Williams Parody.webm (1920x874, 9.21M)

Why does that matter? I'm not out to make some shitty memes, I just want to see what others are playing and share my own footage
Fine, but a lot of anons do. Even if you can't record yourself, you can still contribute. You don't need to have a lot of hardware to rip shit from YouTube and convert it into a webm. As long as it's actual gameplay footage, why does it matter where it came from? My point is, if you're going to rip from some other place instead of creating your own footage, you could at least rip some fucking gameplay and upload that instead of gore videos or whatever else people like to upload that has nothing to do with vidya.

Well back in the Terraria thread it got around 3 or 4 replies because I was swimming up a waterfall on a turtle.
Not really no. If you have the specs to run a current year performance game you can record webms easy. Recording software isn't that intensive for a decent rig for a good price. I mean I can play Bayonetta silky smooth with a rig that's less than 2.5k. Probably 1.5k honestly. And it's not like recording software has gotten much worse than the cards. I just don't see why you think this is difficult unless you take that extra step to autistically compress the video.

Just pointing out that people are rarely interested in actual gaming webm's.

They wouldn't have been interested in your webms if they weren't vidya if you posted them the way you did.

Attached: 2017-05-05 03-56-44.webm (1280x720, 10.83M)

This isn't about me, this is about gaming to non gaming webm ratio.

Going by whose definition of gaming webm?

No it's not.

There are websites better suited to your kind. I bet you're one triggering away from calling everyone a gamergoober.

Attached: blitzkrieg.webm (512x360 3.28 MB, 1.69M)


Attached: /v/ & /k/ escort mission.webm (960x518, 8.95M)

Nice try Holla Forums.

Attached: Nuclear Kazoo Version.webm (853x480, 15.85M)

time to test if it works here I may do more MIDI conversions with various soundfonts sometime in the future

Attached: Descent - Luna [SGM V2.01 sf2].webm (800x999, 2.91M)

and another test rip

Attached: Duke Nukem 3D - Water World [SGM V2.01 sf2].webm (158x200, 5M)

I was watching Cromartie High School and it sounded like Noboru Yamaguchi could be describing pretty much anything on television nowadays.

Attached: Yamaguchi hates this.webm (640x480, 8.17M)

Gamergate scum like you are ungrateful for all the help Holla Forums gave you. You'd be nothing without us. In case you're not baiting, go look up the history of your "movement".

Go play pretend on Holla Forums.

Attached: Go_Home.webm (768x576, 436.68K)

Desperation: the post

Please lurk more

Attached: 【DAYTONA USA】KARAOKEモードでGo Away!!【デイトナUSA】.webm (853x480, 11.79M)

DCS World I believe.

Attached: best girls.mp4 (1280x720, 9.17M)

He's lying. The times I kept filtering him, he'd switch over almost immediately. Dynamic IP doesn't switch around that much.

last one for this thread

Attached: Blood - Unholy Voices [Arachno Soundfont V1.0 sf].webm (499x600, 3.51M)

The threads been past bump limit for a while now. Plus this is some good bait.

This part hits the nail on the head. Most people just conform to the way their parents cooked without thinking whether what they're used to eating is actually good for them. Not to mention that most of the things we eat is simply the cheapest available garbage. The food we eat influences the obvious things like whether or not you'll be a fattas, but it goes way deeper than that. People just don't realize how true that "you're what you eat" saying is.

Attached: spurdo goncern.png (253x199, 5.61K)

and a fresh last OC from me as well

Attached: Improvement and preparation.webm (720x405, 14.58M)

Damn, that's good.

Have you tried dodging his attacks?

Should've rolled.

One of the "webm autist" here
This was a pretty garbage thread as you can see, ID:a42a22 just spammed 130 reposts for the ==HUNDREDTH== time. Mario cart webms, DSP webms, starting off with the counterstrke reposts 'harass_and_threaten_girl_gamer.webm'
Many anons said it was rubbish that no one wants to watch, besides as you know it's a repost so there's even less of a reason to watch it since you've already see it before.

Let us take a look at this post right here

Attached: __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_asn398__e7cd02867c8bc91337355f32b76cd92d.jpg (800x800, 105.95K)

Attached: Use Incognito Mode.webm (1280x720, 1.06M)

the 50% idea wasn't final, just try to keep it mostly vidya.

Webm threads are the bane of gamma males with sticks up their asses.

Attached: 2hu Party Night.webm (480x360, 6.47M)

Attached: DSPGaming This is why games all hold your hand today.webm (1280x720, 5.24M)

Whats going to happen if it doesn't stay mostly vidya and instead stays exactly the same as all the other threads previous to like 2,3 weeks ago. It was only very recently that you started seeing a few select people bitching and shitting up the threads and then you had pewter come by a thread and delete a shitload of webm posts because "It needs to stay mostly vidya" when the reality was that some of the posts he deleted were actually vidya or vidya related.

Attached: In the House Eureka 7 Remix.webm (480x360, 6.02M)

god damn DSP is a retard

Attached: Dark Souls DRIFT SOULS.webm (1280x720, 11.87M)

I make tons of WebM's, but whenever I post the Overwatch ones there's always somebody who cries about it

Attached: Overwatch Genji can't believe that shot.webm (1920x1080 1.99 MB, 11.98M)

Let's be real, though; Overwatch is normalfag cancer. Not saying you shouldn't be able to post it. Post what you like. But it's a pretty shitty game when you get down to it.

Attached: hidden land medley.webm (180x180, 13.85M)

Attached: purring chicken.webm (640x360 3.73 MB, 9.2M)

wew I knew the salt was going to be great but this thread was an even bigger shit show than I was hoping for.

Because overwatch is trash and you're trash for liking it. There is also the freebie good goy status too since you willingly gave money to Blizzard. Feel free to post it for the guaranteed (you)'s but if you think anons aren't going to call you out for your horrible tastes in games and music than you have another thing coming. Anons with shit taste deserve all the bullying and redicule they get. Keep posting the same shitty overwatch videos (redundant since any overwatch is already shitty) and anons will keep laughing at you for such casual and horrible taste.

Attached: DMC4_keyboard_gameplay.mp4 (216x382, 2.94M)

Attached: how to install amd drivers.webm (480x360, 750.86K)

Attached: Star Citizen - Shooting Stars Meme.webm (1280x720, 15.17M)

Attached: ted luther king.mp4 (480x236, 5.94M)

Attached: Hetero Gamer Podcast coming soon - - no women allowed.mp4 (1280x720, 8.64M)

I mean, lets be serious here, how many games here in this thread posted that you could quote unquote say are normalfag cancer?

Would I be playing other games if I would? Yes, but I'd be playing mostly single player console games then

I like multiplayer and FPS games, which limits me down to PubG/Fortnite/Overwatch/CS:GO/R6 Siege, all of those games are "Normalfag" games

I could play through Doom for the hundredth time but there's no point, once you learn how a game works in single player they're never hard again

I like to compete in games, and while single player games are fun, they're not hard

And I find overwatch fun, its by no stretch a great game but is passes the time

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Just scrolling up a bit, I found
There are more, but the point is that, while some of these games have varying levels of popularity, they're nowhere near as popular as the likes of those you mentioned. Also, some of these games have higher skill ceilings that may require that a person take a long time to become proficient at them. For instance, I have all the DMC games but I have never completed any of the Bloody Palace modes, and that's because I need to git gud. I don't have a lot of experience with any of the games you mentioned, but they're pretty shallow, aren't they? Especially Overwatch, which only requires that your team don't act like total retards. In terms of individual player skill, most people are on a very level playing field, and it's not that hard to become moderately competent with the game and without putting forth that much effort.
Surely, there's something out there that is better to play than these games. Red Orchestra? I don't know, I'm not big on FPS games.

Whatever, man. You play what you want, I don't care. Shit is shit, though, and you can't expect people to not say anything when you post what they think is shit.

please do not be sincere

don't suppose anyone has that clip of the deep sea king fight from One Punch Man, but the subtitles were changes to talk about subverting tropes or something?

Reminds me of a certain someone

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I don't demand people like it, but it's just amazing how people loose their absolute shit over seeing the game period

There's some extreme autist problem going on here lately and it would be interesting to know where it's coming from

-Post Animations? "NOT VIDYA"
-Post Vidya? "I HATE THAT VIDYA"

Everyone just wants to be an insufferable cunt lately

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I mean shit I remember the day I posted this, the very first day I posted it as my first post of the day and two people were already going "OH MY GOD FUCKING REPOSTS FUCK YOU"

How the fuck was it a repost if it's never even been posted before?

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That explains everything. Please take your non-videogame webms to Holla Forums
Have some decency

You're not alone

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I don't know what to say about that. It's the nature of anonymity. People are gonna fling shit. I get that it can be a pain to deal with at times, but we need it. Without it, we'd become some shitty GameFAQs rip off.

Just learn to shrug off stupidity, cause you won't be able to communicate here without being very good at that.

Here, brand spanking fresh new content 5 min off the line as I mess with new upscaling tools and compression settings

it's only been the last 4-6 months, I mean we've always had the WebM autist who has been showing up time and time again, but lately it's more than one of them and they all start REEEEEEEing at the entire thread

It's not just me, other anons like & are noticing it as well

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I really enjoy that song.

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Unhappy bummblefucks can come here and throw a "tism" fit with little to no downside.

It only gets worse because they don't leave.

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Fuck you and your webm wizardry. Best I can do is ~2-3 minutes at 480p

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Special repost for the autists

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Wow, nice encodes. I don't know why you'd use that method to make Family Guy shit, but you mind sharing your ways?

Is the ですreally needed at the end of a statement like that? I'm still learning.

If you wish to be formal. If you're with friends, then です usually isn't needed (and may be considered rude if you are seen as being too formal). For example, "それはゲームですか" could be simply asked as "それゲーム?" if you are asking friends/family. I used です because user did as well so it seemed correct to do so back just to fit the mood if nothing else.

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Holy fucking shit that was a laugh and a half.

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Good to know. ありがと

Good luck with your studies! Don't forget to use the learning threads on Holla Forums and /a/ (and elsewhere).

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If your not slightly paranoid about everything your not paying enough attention.

Page 13, 545 replies. What a glorious thread. So, autist from last thread going to calculate the gaming to non gaming webm ratio again?


We passed "slightly" a long time ago.

I did

Hadn't figured out the difference between a roll and a superman leap yet at that point.