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March Event Schedule
02/28~03/11 - What Makes the Sky Blue 2: Paradise Lost
03/12~03/18 - Rise of the Beasts
03/18~03/24 - Xeno Corow
03/24~03/30 - Robomi Generations (Rerun)
03/31~04/08 - New Scenario Event

1.Infinity - 692908
2.Kihou - 740471
3.Sky Lords - 733000
4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

Guides and info

You can play it from your browser by going to

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

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Fixed the 3rd and 4th one

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This a new nip meme?

I like this meme. I like it a lot.

Opening in Kihou Kihou when?

The grind to 77M casino chips is brutal.

Is there any purpose to doing the rupee draw after the first free one at rank 1?

Primary source of +Bonus, infrequent source of R characters. Skill up food.

Seriously I pulled three R characters in one ten draw either last week or the week before. I am down to 4 and 3 of them are event rares. You should be pulling max every day. I feed the N weapons to my crew's ship.

Can very rarely get R characters if you don't have them already. The R weapons you get from it have skills, so they can be used for (very low-level) skill fodder for SSR weapons. Additionally, you can draw weapons and summons with +1 bonuses on them, which carry over to other weapons/summons actually worth keeping.

So Draphtective in the Jewel Resort Incident is starting in 2 hours. I can finally get my grubby dickskinners on Sarya.

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She's one of the 2 girls with glasses this game has, and desperately needs.

Somewhere, out there, there is an individual, probably jap, who spends thousands of shekels on this.


There was

He protected that smile, goy.

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Are the other races even trying?

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Reminder that Granblue is only good for oppai lolis, and that even those don't justify playing mobage.

^^^^ s e e t h i n g

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H-hey guys, I m-made some art.

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Your chick looks like a dude.


Can an honest man get some big fat draph tiddies?

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H-how about these breasts?


Here, have a Yaia.

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I'm stumped.

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It's d, notice how it's the only flat lizard?

Its E.

All the other pictures have at least 3 limbs.

I can't grind anymore. Bluh.

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Where'd this start from? I remember seeing it on some Virtual Youtuber channel but I don't think that was the original.

The event is really tiring and the prices are atrocious.
I'll go as far as I can be bothered, but fuck getting everything.

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Do you quadruple nignogs even read the event stories?

I wanted to make a Lyriamate for a while.
I make a Ruriamate too so she can keep your draph sluts away from her dick.

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Yes. I usually let the characters speak fully before moving on.
I say usually because there are times when I just don't care about what is going on like in the "Four knights in a fallen land" side story which I finished last night.
I let everything play out normally for all chapters, but then the finale started to drag on and I just couldn't give less of a shit about the characters involved, so I mashed my left mouse button through it while glancing at the text.

Now that I think about it, the same happened during this event.
I loved "Blade of the young champion," though. It's not exactly a literary masterpiece, but it had enough interesting things in it to make me like it and it featured the main cast.

Good job user.

More Io, because fuck Io.

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This is a good plan.

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I see.

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How much you want to bet that the event character for Robomi:Z will be named Kuro? Also Shirou might end up being a permanent backline member of my light team. He is pretty decent as a defender, two turn skill cooldown is useful as fuck, and he is cool looking.

New character could also be Kenji to complete his villain to hero transformation.

The weapons look like abomination skins. Maybe it is Kenji with an abomination body modeled after Rider Shirou. Robomi is returning and all he wanted was to follow his programming and hunt her down. Redemption arcs for dark riders are classic as fuck.

Man I am so hype. Seriously the Robomi storyline is my favorite in Granblue. Friends of justice are always the best.

Robomi x Grancypher Rangers event when?

They should take advantage of that and make some Rider costumes for the Granblue cast.

More Cypher Pink is always needed. Replace the entire treasure trade table with Grancypher Ranger skins.

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They already exist for some of them, user.

never doubt me again

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And they say you shouldn't put effort in these raids.

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Holy shit, you're cancer

What's wrong with that team exactly?

Does anyone know if Water Lancelot's 95 support skill activates from the backline or do I need to frontline him?

Clearly it's that there are not draphs on the team.

I'd have a hard time deciding which to use, but that's a good problem to have.

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Schooluncle Cags has some cute as HECK sprite animations. Always KIRA‚úįKIRA in the middle of my formation.

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So have we determined if it's gay to love cagliostro yet?

don't start this


is right. Besides, everyone already knows that it isn't gay.

Someone else started it - we need to finish it.
We'll be knocking out countless other birds with this stone. Tanya, Da Vinci, etc etc.
It's a bit like falling in love with a female avatar in some social life game.

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I'm not sure myself.

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It's gay as fuck and this kind of autistic faggotry was why I left that shitty potato crew and the spic captain talking about how trannies are really women because they believe they are.

Am I gonna have to break out the Vyrn?

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>calls us the autists
I'm sure the potato crew was glad to be rid of you Although I would have left myself if the captain were a shitskin

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I should have listened to /gbf/ when they said that crew would be cancerous as fuck. There was one cool dude in it, but holy shit the autistic trannychasing spic was obnoxious.

Why'd you leave the crew Silver?

>She has a voice

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There was even a loli Yugu that had voiced lines back in RoB.

Heretical. She's cutest the way she is in Granblue.

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Man, that's a huge differrence in a month of time. Really, nothing can beat the cock enmity.

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I'm more surprised you managed to go from 0 to spark in one and a half months.

100+ rolls plus all the tickets plus all the easy as fuck crystals everywhere at the beginning of the game would have made it possible.

True enough.

I am a compulsive luckshitter and I was still able to finally spark during the anniversary.

jk 3 - this time the crew is dead and there should be more time for people to join i hope


For Nerom sometimes I use a 2nd claw

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Do you have to be a part of a crew in order to participate in Unite and Fight?
I left my crew and don't have any plans on joining one, besides losing out on the crew buffs and strike time, do I miss out on anything else?
Should I just make my own crew and toss a few gold/silver moons to buy all the necessary buffs?

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You can get some honor badges solo now, besides being able to draw from the boxes normally.
No chance of Tier C for you though.


Badges will also be a lot slower too, right?

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I can't see solo/unqualified crew badges surpassing losing Tier C matches.

Were you the guy who got kicked from Kihou?

I don't want to ruin this thread with crew shit
I was in one of the 8ch crews but left
Since I couldn't put in the time everyday I left, freeing up a crew slot for someone who can handle the everyday grind
Now I just want to play at my own pace

Wait, you're that guy from crew 3 then?

Only one that would care that much would be Infinity unless you're gone for weeks at a time.

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Get back in your crew right this instant young man.

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Recently I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of grindan but then I realized it was because I was forcing myself to do it, having GBF open for hours while I browsed the web really made me not feel like continuing, so I'm slowing down in order to still enjoy this game

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Join Crew 3 then, one old member just left and it's a lot more relaxed