Are there any parody games worth playing?

I can't think of any games that would fit the definition of parody?
are there any parody games, flash games don't count, uless they are really good.
What ones are worth playing?

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Would something like viscera clean up detail count?

Shadow Hearts.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters
DLC Quest
Surgeon Simulator
Duty Calls

can't remember other ones

Pyst :^)

Grezzo 2

Cthulhu's Return is a parody of RPGmaker games and JRPGs to a larger extent.

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Liberal Crime Squad

This should of been the first response

Windom XP

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Good pick,but it's more a parody of movies

What is this, a doujin version of Gundam Versus?

Anything Neptunia.

Pretty much

I might give it a shot then, Versus was fun but runs like ass on the vita.

forgot about Conker. but to new it seems like the Scary Movie, Epic Movie, ect. where the joke is that it is referencing something else, that is not parody.
the exaggeration or tongue-in-cheek approaches to troupes and cliques in a genre is parody.
That's what I want.

Bard's tale

The entire game is a knock on traditional 3d platformers and the content you find in them. Even going so far as explaining WHY your character gets multiple lives.

Well if that's allowed, Gex should be on the list as well.

Parodius and a ton of other shmups.

Blood Dragon parodies a lot of things in modern FPS games, like the constant text messages popping up telling you how to do basic shit.


How the fuck did forget about Blood Dragon? I was even able to get it for free a while back, it's just been collecting dust in my backlog!

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the build engine trilogy

cho aniki is also worth playing, especially for the music.

I'm conflicted, man.
Anyway, to answer your question, I'm pretty sure there's been more than one flash game that took the idea of buying upgrades to the logical extreme, including buying graphics that aren't early 80's tier. I agree that Conker is more a parody of movies. Personally I found the delivery funny/amusing but the jokes lacking in the whole, much like the gameplay which I found to be every step of the way tedious. Even the portions I enjoyed typically had you doing the same thing 6 fucking times, which is ~twice as tedious as just doing the same thing 3 times.

a good gif is a good gif no matter from where it was birthed.
yeah Conker was funny and good, but looking for a game that parodies games, not movies.

Takeshi's Challenge.


Sexy Parodius

For real, actually a pretty good game. And from the maker of Dwarf Fortress no less.

trio the punch: never forget me



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Lamentably, Eat Lead was a mediocre TPS, but it was still made with a decent amount of love.

mock 2: the speed of stupid

Tons of games reference or parody other games. Timesplitters parodies a lot of stuff in general. I liked the character profile that explained that a man and his brother were known for doing welding jobs together, also known as "dual welding", when dual wielding was the hot new thing thanks to Halo 2. There's also that one Asterix game.

Merry Gear Solid

I was on board until I saw the gameplay.

Yeah the gameplay really lets the game down, but if you can stomach it it's a pretty good parody of a lot of the tropes of games.


Evoland 1 more or less parodies the technological progress of JRPGs through the years, but is too short to be worth its price.

Evoland 2 is less of a parody, but chiefly plays around with 8bit/16bit/3d graphics as a time-travel gimmick, as well as incorporating various minigames with mechanics ranging from Beat'Em Up to Card Games.

What is it a parody off, exactly?
It's "paying homage" to Mother, and references anime (not any specific anime, just "anime culture").
It's not really a parody of RPGs either, as it's meant to be a deconstruction.

I get it, it's an easy game to get (you)s with in any thread, but at least try to make sense, user.

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It parodies dating sims in that one part.

That was a bloody weird part. Took the plot to a screeching halt for an unfunny joke, set to bootleg Ace Attorney music.
I don't think Toby's core audience took that as a joke, user.

Just because retards may have missed the joke doesn't mean it isn't one. Also that's a disturbing thought.

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Barkley: Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden: Part 1 of the Hoopz Barkley Saga

There's also I'm Fine, that ultra violent parody of Jack Thompson's complaints.

Trash tier.

True Crime Streets of LA

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It's into the "so bad it's good" territory for me.

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Duke3d is a Doom/Doom2 parody. It was even enjoyable.

Bulletstorm and GTA V, with the latter being a hodgepodge of parodies.

The Bard's Tale spoofs traditional fantasy WRPG tropes.

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