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FTL Thread? FTL thread.
Recently been grinding through this RNG fest again, seems like i'm getting a frightening amount of nebulae. Hope i can get the Slug Cruiser soon. So what's your favorite…
Starting to fall in love with the Firebomb, finding it's better even than the Firebeam or Firedrone, if you have the missiles for it anyway. It's making killing crew real easy, might upgrade my doors and use it on enemy boarding parties. Seems like it'd be a great way to get rid of boarders rather than sending my own guys after them or opening doors into space and suffocating them. Though i'd still have to deal with my own ship being on fire.

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Fun game user
I've started your thread off, you're welcome

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I'm pretty shit at the game. Done around 10 runs so far and only two had actually reached the flagship, and one of those was an insanely embarassing run where I ended up getting my ass handed to me by a drone, then accidentally jumped into the flag ship where I immediately got my ass handed to me.
I don't really have an idea where my efforts should be going. Most of the time I die because either I have a really hard time dealing with 3+ shields or I get really unlucky with a missile fucking up something crucial and I don't have cloaking and can't repair shit in time. And starting some AE runs hacking gives me some serious trouble if it hits my weapons.

Tbh user, it really is RNG all the way, personally, I'm a huge faggot and like to explore/not be rushed, so I changed a file to permanently delay the advancing fleet so I have time to gear up and look around. Even then, it's a lot of playing through about 3-4 sectors in and still getting your shit packed in because of an unfavorable run.

If you plan on playing it vanilla, it's all trial and error, all you can do is try to mitigate that a bit.

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Why do you faggots feel the need to self congratulatorily anounce what fucking thread it is like someone else is agreeing with you.

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Don't get hit. The entire game is about how much damage you can avoid while upgrading your ship to defeat the flagship. If you take damage, then you fucked up.

No, you shhh. You don't belong here.

I played a bunch more FTL leading up to the release of Breach. Still love FTL. The flipside of the unfair amount of RNG is how good it feels when your luck is ridiculously good. In a recent game I had ended up with 3 mark-2 lasers and I bought the scrap recovery arm in the first sector. Melted the mothership and everything before it with ease.

Shut the fuck up.

Please, I just want to git gud

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I kept losing in the original version all the time due to the RNG options where you can lose members and get hull damage. Only winning move is not to play, skip all of them unless there's a blue option. Once you get a diverse crew and weaponry/rooms, you'll run into blue options every second jump and gain so much shit you won't know what to do with it.

That's exactly it my man, it's like chasing the dragon. How is their other game? Seemed meh to me

You'll make it user, I believe in you

That's pretty much the secret, just keep trying until you get a good run going, once you start to snowball, it's usually gonna take you the distance, and most of those choices you have to make in game are a toss up of risk vs reward, half the time I don't even read the text scenario, just the choices and keep it moving.

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Sort of. It's very manageable RNG if you know what you're doing.

Not as good if I'm to believe what Holla Forums has to say. A lot of the complaints are (again) on the RNG though so I'm going to give it a play soon.

The game is 90% RNG so it's less about getting good and more about getting lucky.

No it's not. I play the game and consistently can win. You just need to know how to optimize everything you can when you play.

Oh wew, did the bad user hurt your feelings?
What's with these games always bringing the cuckchanners, i swear to god.

What ever you say friendo :^)

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Breach is alright but I recommend waiting on an AE.


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Underrated post

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Anyone got the latest magnet/mega?
And the OST in mp3 format would be great too

I got the soundtrack, uploading now.
Dropbox good or should I mega it?

either or, vola is also a good alternative.
much appreciated, polite sage for off-topic.

Still uploading, though