How are people going to react when this is unavoidably revealed to be Bloodborne 2?

How are people going to react when this is unavoidably revealed to be Bloodborne 2?

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I'd hope it's something different. Getting tired of the dodge, dodge, dodge, attack, attack, dodge dodge, dodge, repeat 20-40x boss fights of these games. I want to see From do something different.

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I wish they make it more Zelda-like

No you don't, because it would be an even greater bottleneck to build viability.

I really hope it's not going to be BB2 but instead a spiritual successor to BB.

nigga they've been a one trick pony they're entire run,that isn't gonna change now that they got their formula down to the point where they bred the cash-cow to maturity.Now they're gonna milk it for all it's worth

They've made a large variety of games and I'd like to see them return to the days of cookie and cream, Otogi, and Thousand Land. Go away until you've played these games.

Yeah Armored Core plays exactly the same as Souls.

I hope they try to rip off Nioh a bit and make a Bloodborne-Nioh hybrid. Both in a mechanics sense and in a setting sense. Fucking blood katana and oni werewolves everywhere.

Sounds like all video games ever created tbh

I wouldn't be surprised in the least, they did say they were working with another IP on some project though.

What covenants do you want to see in Bloodborne 2? One for best girl obviously but what else?

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nigga don't even pretend that those were not simply an experimentation until they refined the formula they started with King's Field and led them all the way to where they are today.Churning out sequel after sequel after sequel of their cash cow and their various soulsliek spin-offs,they're not gonna deviate from it because they don't have the ability to do so

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I hope there's a button to skip combat.

Nah but making boss battles at least more "puzzly" would be fun, they're the low point of the series because of how boring memorizing movesets and when to dodge is.

Is this bait or are you are genuine retard?

It's most likely Tenchu you dumb faggot.

I bet it's a sequel to Kuon

this isn't even a joke, I legit think it's going to be a sequel to Kuon, maybe with DS combat

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I thought the bottom part was a huge dick

i'm gonna go with the later because at least it's not gonna get me b& if i admit to it:^)

It's Shadow Tower

Is this game good? Been considering playing it for Walpurgis next month.

There are people who unironically think they would follow up their million sale games with a sequel of literally who games

Why not? 90% of people thought Bloodbourne would be X Souls.

Because it would be far less interested for the general public than if it was just a new IP.

Wait, there was actually doubt in anyone's mind that this was bloodborne?
I was sure the point was that they had a recognizable brand that didn't need spelling out.

As long as gameplay looks vaguely souls-like they can release anything. When Bloodborne was announced the conversation was,
"What the fuck is that?"
"It's made by the Dark Souls guys"
"Oh shit hell yeah!"

But it's got zero chance to be bloodborne 2 you absolute retard. It's either tenchu or kuon.

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Either tenchu or otogi. Or OC.

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Yep it's bloodborne 2


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What if the Armored Core series is the sequel to Soulsborne?
The fuckers in Dark Souls and Demon Souls got fucking tired of souls, and they abandoned it for blood.
But blood raises a lot more bullshit problems as seen in Bloodborne, so the people say fuck it became war machines instead.

There was an actual autistic theory how souls and shit is just remnants of super advanced tech from Armored Core eras, with iron golem being some MT or something. Look it up.

If gendum broker 4 for PC sells well enough, bamco might go out and fund AC6 for multiplat development.
So make sure you buy it regardless of denuvo goy.

I can't even comprehend how much you would have to stretch concepts to come to that conclusion.

Yeah, this was the idea most of us had upon release of the teaser.

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It was based on tarkus helmet design being inspired by Jack-O's AC, being family heirloom and what not.
It also linked all AC generations into single timeline with Soulsbornes being far sequels to ACs.

With Bloodborne finally transitioning back to AC because war machines >>> blood and souls

Well this shit was before bloodborne so I dunno if that autist incorporated it in his headcanon somehow.
Pitch this shit to vaati or something.

Honestly an actual survival horror game with soul-ish combat might actually work. Except with actual resource management and saving instead of the sousborne model.

The three projects they are working right now are:
I hope they don't use DS combat if it is Kuon.

And no open-world, since that shit just takes out the horror from horror games.
Remember Evil Within 2?

It already has a name, you fucking nobodies. Shadows Die Twice.

Of course. You can have it be like old school RE or Silent Hill where you might backtrack on occasion to exploit for spooks or have a "hub" but none of the vast swathes of collectathon crap you see nowadays.

One of the games could be Miyazaki's robot space ninjas pet project, I think. Dude's been going on about how he's done with Souls and related shit for a while now, so I don't think they're gonna touch that shit again any time soon aside from Switch ports for Dark Souls, maybe. They also confirmed that Armored Core is in the studio's plans, but again no actual info if it's actually in development. Guess we're just gonna have to wait till E3 to find out just what they're cooking up.

That's the tagline, faggot.
There's a fucking full-stop in the damn sentence.

I bet at least one of the games will be featured at the Sony conference, they probably did everything short of sucking off every employee at From Soft to secure at least one more project as a playstation exclusive.

Well, the recruitment video they released a couple of years back that started the whole speculation about what they're doing next, listed all the major home consoles out at that time, Windows, and PSVR oddly enough. My guess is we're looking at most at a timed exclusive with a multiplat release down the line ala Valkyria Chronicles. Unless Sony get directly with development and contribute actual assets like they did with Bloodborne, there's no way current day From is gonna do an exclusive.

I'm still prepared for sour grapes 2: even sourer regardless because of the dark souls meme.

But its especially true for SoulsBorne. The games became more like action games, but poor ones.

Can't wait to see how they are gonna shit the bed like they did with nuDS3.
Specially ironic, as this entry was fantastic due to From straying away from the DS nostalgia-fagging.

Have you ever played Armored Core? It works on a fundamentally different level.
They made an Armored Core game after Demon Souls an Dark Souls so that also disproves it.

This; the script in the OP is Heian era, the same era Kuon is set.

I am waiting for the salt when it will reveals to be not another souls clone.

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nigger you and i know that is going to be tenchu or kuon, no ammount of rituals is gonna change that i still want armored core 6

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Nah, you fags got it all wrong.

Nah this is clearly evergrace 2 or cookies and cream HD

No, its clearly Another Century's Episode! Don't you see that hidden Gundam in the trailer?

It's Tenchu, you fucking mongoloids.

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It's going to be a Dark Souls MMO

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Maybe something like the mound makers

no but I am not against the idea
could be
doubt it but maybe
hopefully this

I'd be fine with it.
The Japanese scrolls in the back tell me it's not though.

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Nonsense, they've got a dedicated normalfag fanbase now. They can shit out whatever they want and it will sell.

Yeah, you really need some hardcore wishful thinking to think this is going to be bloodborne. The number of fags who think this in this very thread is quite alarming actually.

Would you fucking not

Rikimaru-san will return to us? I just hope it isn't Otogi because that was an Xbox exclusive back then.

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Now you Microshitters know how Segafags felt when JSRF, OutRun 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta and several other 'Xbox classics' were stolen from the Dreamcast.

Well are they gonna lose it or will FromSoft be stupid enough to make a new Otogi AND make it Xbone exclusive?

This. Trailer uses the scare jingle from Kuon.

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it's Tenchu: Shadowborne

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But wait, it could be Bloodborne 2 since an "eastern land" is mentioned in item descriptions throughout the game and the garb/weapons are explicitly Japanese.

When you think of it like that, it could be anything including a new IP.

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An eastern land is mentioned is roughly 80% of japanese games, and 100% of souls games. Is this really the only argument you have for an utterly YOOOOOO trailer to be about a victorian england horror game?

No you motherfucker, it could still be Bloodborne but set in a different part of the world, where Yamamura comes from.

From are clearly capable of making good action combat without devolving it into i-frame spam. Dark 3 had those knights in the first stage that would alternate between regular offense, shielding and stance, making you play a rock-scissors-paper of guarding, moving and shield breaking. Normal attacks are quick and difficult to move out of range of reliably but can be blocked, shielding requires you to go into stance and break, but slows you down andleaves you vulnerable to normal attacks and stance breaks your guard but is slow and predictable, forcing you to move to avoid it and counter attack.
They totally dropped all that in favor of DUDE MASH O LMAO within 30 minutes though.

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No, it could not still be bloodborne. There is literally nothing in shadows die twice that in any way indicates it could be bloodborne, and "it's japanese as fuck so it could totally be Bloodborne but in Japan" is some of the most retarded reasoning I ever had the displeasure to witness. But don't cry bitch tears just yet, as there is still a decent chance it's going to be PS4 exclusive.

It's gonna be on PS4 no matter what it turns out to be. I'm just opening up the possibility that it could be connected to Bloodborne based on item descriptions. By that same measure it could easily be related to Dark Souls or even Demon's Souls too because an eastern land is mentioned in every souls game.


Implying we won’t get dark souls with robots first

mechs are vehicles

They should call it Blloodborne



Bloodborne 2 confirmed.

Ayo hol up

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And I agree, the moderation is too fucking exaggerated for a board that's supposed to be about free speech as long as within the subject of videogames.

And what the hell makes you say that?

How is it retarded when an "eastern land" exists in all of the Souls universes somewhere? There's nothing constraining the bloodborne IP to a certain location or theme, and it could very well be a spinoff too. Maybe the real dumb theory is that it's gonna be Tenchu or Otogi? Hmm

It's amusing how your brain is damaged enough to be this retarded, but not enough to prevent you from typing. Hmm

What's stupid about it? FromSoft is predictable. The unpredictable thing would be to revive Tenchu or Otogi so you can shove your useless insults right back up your ass. There's no need for it. Why the fuck are you insulting me for saying it might not be what people hope for? I could probably kill your autistic faggot ass in a fight so shut the fuck up. You need to be beaten til you're incontinent you piece of fucking shit. Die in a grease fire motherfucker.

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