In looking at the data, it seems that Mark's activity begins to spin up at 8am ET… and continues straight through until midnight… nonstop. It appears this is when he gets to bed and sleeps until 8am where he rinses and repeats.

He's posting all throughout the day. Not even a break for lunch. Doesn't even look like there's a period where he's in commute to work. Does he even have a job?

How can the board go to shit like this when he's always available to tend to all the spam and shitposting that occurs all throughout the day?

Are you in a wheelchair, Mark?

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Maybe there's more than one mark.

I'm mark

no i'm mark

He wasn't alone.

you don't get to bring cake

Don't worry no charge for that.

Don't worry, no cake for them.

And why would I want cake?

How about cock?

Hold up nigger, your sample size is too small, only one day, you would at the bare minimum need a week's worth of data before claiming he is constantly posting.
Are you counting every post Mark makes with his capcode or just guessing in each bread who sounds like Mark?
Also, do you have archives to back up each post in that graph or do I have to listen and believe your dataset?

This is sloppy work user, 2/10 study.

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nice (((statistics))), you're a bigger kike than mark

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Looks like it says from 3-20 in the graph header. Also, I think you can look at the board logs to get all that, no? I forget the url to the board log. Anyone have it?

I am a troll myself, but this is kinda cold. Calling someone a faggot and a nigger over keyboard is one thing, but mark could legit be handicapped. Taking a dug at someone's immutable characteristics is a shitty thing to do (this logic does not apply to faggots and nuggers)

Board log doesn't record capcode use.
Its shit work, I've seen feminist autoethnography papers with more effort.

What's the board log url? Why is it linked nowhere on the site?

Board logs are only public if enabled by the board owner.
Mark actually put a link to the public board log in Holla Forums's rules at the bottom.

now we know when he sleeps, now we know when we can strike and take the board back!

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You can see the names of the mod in this, so there's that. However, all the times are relative and aggregated to a unit of time. The further down you go, they start aggregating into greater time lengths, so it indeed it would be impossible to get an accurate hourly count unless this autist has some kind of service running that checks the log for new activity every 30 mins or hour

I think I just found out how he's doing it. Looks like the actual date and time are in the html/metadata. Appears to be GMT. So the logs give the mod name as well as the exact time. And you could go back months on the logs if you wanted. Seems like this would be an sufficient pool to sample data from

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You're not paying attention user, OP claims his graph is of Mark's posting on the board, not moderation activity.
Nothing in the board log shows Mark's use of capcode or general postings, so he most likely pulled the numbers in the graph out of his ass unless he has some actual evidence, like archives, of Mark's posts for 3/20.

Ok you're right. I conflated posting with moderation activity. Still, I don't think the graph is so much about the quantity of activity as it is the continuity of it

It's almost like an account can be accessed and used by multiple people or something.

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Is there any way to create mutiny and save ourselves from Mark and his non-existent betterment of this board?

I am a (((troll))) myself.
now let (((me))) tell you fellow trolls why someone's disability should be off limits. and you are bad for making fun of it, nevermind that HotWheels embraced and accepted his disability and any jokes about it!
listen here (((trash))) next time you touch your keyboard, I am grabbing the gas.

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