Game Recommendation Thread

This is a simple thread. Recommend a game you recently played/finished. Give a description and, if you want, your rating of the game.

To start us off, I'll recommend Fortune Summoners. It's a metroidvania (Though without a map, which can be quite annoying) in which you control 1 of 3 lolis. The controls are very funky and require quite a bit of time to get used to, but about 1/3 into the game you've mastered them and you'll begin enjoying them.
Each loli has a different control scheme and spells/abilities, with the sword loli being the most complex - and honestly the most effective.
Enemy A.I. can be very annoying. Think of Shadow Link in Zelda 2. That's pretty much every enemy, if you ask me. The game can be very frustrating as a whole, but I think it's a healthy amount of frustration that keeps your wits sharp, kind of like a danmaku, I suppose.

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Friendy reminder never to pay for the localised version of Fortune Summoners due to censorship. I'm sure somebody has the image.

I was thinking of playing this, if someone could share details I'd appreciate it.

The only censorship in the game iirc is in a hot springs CG where, in the Japanese version, the girls are not wearing any clothing (although any private parts are submerged in water) whereas in the English version, the girls are wearing clothes.

It's a very slight change, but still censorship nonetheless. As the first user said, don't buy it unless it's on a heavy discount. Definitely worth a pirate, though.

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That team also made Duo Princess, right? I have been meaning to give that a try as I am a big fan of Threads of Fate.

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Not sure about Duo Princess, but I know that the main developer worked on a small freeware game where you play as a loli chasing rabbits and playing dress-up. Besides that, it was localized by the same folks behind Chantelise and Recettear.

Hyperdimension Neptunia re;birth 1
I don't play weebshit, that was my first real experience with things like that, and it was wonderful. Of course the game had a ton of flaws but it was a very relaxing, very happy experience with a lot of memorable moments that I'll cherish for a long time (and have screencapped a lot of them to do so)
the more you know about video games the more fun it will be, and this is coming from someone who despises comfyfags

Rabi ribi?

Not quite. It's called Fushigi na Mori no Pokora.

It's not recent and some may argue that VN's are not games, but if you haven't played this by now, get it and read the summary for the first game. You'll be in for a fucking ride.

This was there response on /jp/. They really are a shit company too scared to accept their loli love.

Fortune summoners is a really good game though. Here is a little webm I made back when 4chan first got webms, hence the no sound.

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The first game is still a good galge. Don't just hand wave it away.

I was very glad when the Carpe Fulgur guy tried to kill himself because it meant he had to back out of his work on Trails in the Sky and couldn't infect it with his taint. My only regret is that his attempt didn't succeed.

Nigga please.
Also, it's dumb to recommend that people skip Extra and Unlimited. There's a whole ton of nuance and setups that you miss out on by reading a summary, not to mention actually giving a shit about the characters. And for all the flak that SoL romance VNs get, Muv-Luv is still one of the better examples.
The point is moot though, because the payoff's not worth it. Alternative completely shits the bed.

It's just bland. If you want to know more about the characters, you should finish it, but if you just don't give a damn it's best to skip.

This is correct, but people might not want to waste 10+ hours on two VNs that they may not like just to play a third one that they may not like either.

Elaborate? I liked the intense case of PTSD MC gets after going through half the plot. He gets such a huge advantage with the knowledge of what's gonna happen in the future and all the combat experience from the loops and then promptly shuts the fuck down at the first sign of failure. And then the suffering doesn't stop.

That's exactly the point where I stopped giving a shit, because I can't fucking stand Takeru. He spends the next several hours just shitting around and being a crybaby while accomplishing nothing. Some interesting stuff does happen during that time and if it had happened earlier on I probably would have liked it a lot, but by that point we're halfway through the VN and Takeru has been acting like a whiny bitch the entire time. I was so sick of his bullshit that I couldn't bring myself to care.
It doesn't help that this all takes place after that 8 hour coup d'etat arc that had nothing to do with the main plot and was just an excuse for the writer to spout pseudo-philosophical bullshit in an attempt to sound deep and profound.

I guess that's my problem with MLA. The pacing is fucked so the plot doesn't really start until halfway through but the MC is too insufferable to carry the narrative until that point.

I bought that piece of shit years ago and never played it because it runs at ONE frame per second and there's no fix to it despite several people having the same issue. I tried to refund it but they didn't want to give it to me since I had it sitting in my library for more than a year.

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I couldn't imagine why. What brand of CPU do you have? It could be related to that. I personally can't even launch VM:B because I use an intel CPU.

Why the fuck would you expect an average japanese harem protagonist to not act like a fucking kid? In the first game, he acts like an indecisive sperg until the very last moment where he picks the girl regardless of how much points you get with each heroine. In Unlimited, he doesn't get to fight BETA at all, so he doesn't get a chance to stop acting like a fucking kid.

>coup d'etat
It was most likely present only because of MC abusing the fucking future experience and not getting any chance to fight. Sensei was behind the BETA ambush that one time, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that she went "let's just let this happen" because it would give her more time to finish the thing and give the 207 a free promotion. I'll agree with you that long-winded monologues about nothing from the Harem Protagonist Fuckup are terrible, but this arc was here for a reason.

It's intel as well, and it's the mostest specialest snowflake model of its family since every other model can install custom drivers, while this can't.

Dark Souls, because it's the Dark Souls of video games.


Did anybody mentioned that Fortune Summoners have an expansion/deluxe version with new voice acting and a bunch of new content like dungeons, enemies etc?
Well its jap only and is not compatible with fucked western version.
So the censorship is not the only problem with it.

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Reminder to not buy NISA handled games and apply the retranslation patch for Nep that anons made to fix NISA’s fuck ups.

You've gotta be kidding me

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I think I might still have the uncensor patch somewhere, fucking thing was an absolute bitch to find back when I searched for it

Nope, it's true. I got it and it does have a bunch of additional stuff, including voice acting.
However, CF's release isn't exactly the vanilla version either. It does add a few bugfixes and random doodads from the Deluxe version, but it lacks the voice acting, of course.

Also, CF's "translation" isn't really that, it's more of a rewrite. If you can handle some moonrunes, Deluxe is the way to go.

Rabi Ribi. Challenging gameplay. Great replay value.

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Man I really wish that faggot had killed himself.