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I think we need to have a little chat about the state of the board.

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What do you want to talk about?
pic unrelated.

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That anatomy is concerning

I dont care what you think.

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No we fucking don't, because Mark's a power-addicted kike who will never listen.

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Why the board is so shit lately and what we need to do to fix it.

Would you care to extrapolate? What exactly is bothering you user-kun? Mark can't pretend to fix your problem if you don't state it.

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The webm threads definitely need to be slowed down. Change the rule to where the thread needs to be at page 14 of the catalog before a new one can be made. Even better have them wait until the thread completely falls of the catalog before they can make another.

Seriously what was the last time this board changed?

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What a fantastic way to start the thread with a shit OP.
It's meta within meta, really.

know what I think? for once we could actually talk about

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I think when we got rid of the name field however many months ago.

State your issue or else this is now a LOL thread.

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What does meta mean?

it means you gotta check dubs

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It's that thing Undertale and Doki Doki Literature Club do near the end

Run by a kike. Will never stop be being run by a kike. You are completely powerless to change this. Nothing you say or do will affect anything. Shut the fuck up.


I never realized how erotic the idea of jasper and gred would be
Do you have more?

This entire website just feels like it’s a fucking zombie with nothing but Holla Forums and Holla Forums keeping it afloat with shitposting.

Why would mark risk losing board popularity with actual changes?

Commit suicide, you fucking queer.


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This is the reason Jim (the government contractor) took over the site.


meta = most effective tactic available, we're talking vidya here, user clearly wants to discuss the best way to shitpost his way to mount olympus

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Several years is not "lately"
Remove mark and his soyboys.

And the problem exposes itself

Last I heard those were je-, I mean gems.
Either way, not even human.

Nigger don't push that bullshit it's pretty fucking obvious when a woman is a woman.

Removing IDs would also help btw.

Of course, how could he risk losing all the refugees? Build bridges not walls, amarite?
The board is already dying but the only reason it seems the opposite is all the shitters flooding in.

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OP you better state your problem explicitly soon or the thread is gonna sink faster.

Holy fuck, nevermind, kill yourself OP.

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I like how everyone is ignoring these two posts. Bitching without even trying to properly criticize and offer an alternative is retarded.

No, really - go on and pretend you're not going to just make the same type of thread over and over again with the intention of creating dissent and chaos, as though nobody is watching you.

Just remember, we are watching you.

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It's not just my problem you retard. Either you're fucking blind or you're part of the problem and pretending to be retarded.

Jasper looks like a man with a wig, you are still a homo if you want to fuck a giant cheeto puff with muscles

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Watch your anus instead dog

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the number of derails that happen on this Holla Forums are to fucking high.

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I bet you're a nigger who likes pearl or something retarded like lapis

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bring me back to 2006 4chan when stupid impact font memes were still funny to me

Nihon Falcom Shilling Thread General

I'm conflicted. (1)'s are cancer, but they would be the same people postinh regardless of ID's, no?

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I'm here forever. I know it. I have no choice but to suffer through this. The cage is open and I could leave any time, but my spirit is broken and I have been beaten into complacency by a never ending litany of shitposts. Nothing I say matters. Nothing any of you say will matter. We're all fucking doomed, etc. Why contain it? etc.

I got it!
OP wants LESS video game talk.

Well shit I may hate you may like. what some anons may consider political derails are an integral part of Holla Forums, what some anons may consider board culture others would call cancer. So be upfront, what is your ideal Holla Forums?

That's not new.

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Just leave you fucking pussy

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Can we have Waifu Wednesdays back? The last thread was really good.

Are you Mark?

they ruined posting vidya girls for the entire fucking board

First of all, no.
Secondly, there was a waifu thread this week already and it was full on shitposting without so much as a single vol caring.

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guess again

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I can't. I'm here forever. You're here forever, too. There's nothing that can be done. At least it's comfortable here, around the fire.

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And yet, not a one of you can properly list any real criticisms or alternatives.

at least this faggot tried, but still no answers on how to fix anything.


Thanks for the sauce, hope she's not a coalburner!

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Blame Mark all you want but I personally blame a majority of you faggots. Its your fault Holla Forums is still a top board on Holla Forums even with how shit it is. You make no effort to actually fix it and rather bitch about it. Its your fault barely any of you have tried a mass exodus of Holla Forums to the other video game boards on Holla Forums. You rather stay here and shitpost about politics, make .webms threads, and overall blame all the websites on problems on outside forces and not yourselfs

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He's probably just pissed about anons making Dark Souls threads or something like that.

That's some mighty fine taste you got there,shame you can't realize the true superiority of jaspers body.

That pic smells of butthurt

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Well I didn't make the fucking thread, did I.
I've been shitposting in a designated shitposting thread since OP is too retarded to make a proper OP, which is ironic because that's one of the biggest issues Holla Forums is facing right now.

Explain why Friday Night threads every week and 4am threads every day are fine and Waifu Wednesdays aren't.
You clearly didn't take part in it.

this is what you get for banning pedos on sight but keep the gays around

pedo pride worldwide

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You're only stuck here because you don't know the alternatives.

No problem.

All of it boils down to ban/delete that which I do not like. We just need mark to buckledown on what it is that gets banned/deleted.

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Banning cuckchanners would be a good start. The board was pretty comfy before cuckchan started leaking again.

None of those circlejerk threads belong.

Here's a plan: fucking leave imageboards entirely. There's no fixing this place while the kike lets retard cuckchan kids run free. But oh, by all means, go make your own board where you can have riveting discussion with all of two other people. Face it, it's hopeless.

Best gem coming through.

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I hate both of you.

And yet they will continue. Unless they're all going to be banned I want some consistency here.

You fucking cunt i haven't watched the new episodes yet.

Tell me how to you propose to detect the cuckchanners? Posting soy or mutt? 15+ filenames?

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I actually agree with this.

why haven't you shot yourself yet?

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Blame Mark for creating special rule exemptions for certain threads.

Friday night isn't a thread for about 5 people but for the whole board. 4am should've been removed a long time ago, but that's on Mark.

Then have a refresher if your memory can't last past 5 minutes.
It was just an excuse to shitpost.

at least pedos are still straight

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This is real? Well hot damn, crinkle my toes, Rebecca Sugar is a self hating Jew.

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Same with Holla Forums.

The only consistent factor in any one of your problems is always going to be you.

good point, also nice dubs

Well, yeah. I think banning shit that's obviously cuckchan/reddit/goonshit is a good start. Doing some good legwork and keeping track of IRC/dis''''cord faggotry is another step in the right direction. Sadly, legwork is clearly not mark's specialty.

i think the #1 thing that will instantly and noticeably improve board quality is one extremely simple idea:
instead of replying to bait, political derails, muttposters or otherwise, report and ignore them

Well, that'd be a start.


I do but i'm a (you) whore who wants friendly banter with anons

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That doujin ever get translated?

Friday night threads create multiple conversations when they work right, not necessarily about video games but it does have posters communicating with each other in a means other than just trying to sniff out who is a jew or a shill. There is the argument of it being old-culture as well. Speaking of old-culture theres the 4am threads but they're honestly a complete fucking mess and I'll admit to visiting them once in awhile because i yearn for the 4am threads i remember back on 4chan, but these ones are also an avatarfag circlejerk run but an autismo NEET apologist

How about a fucking BO who can function, doesn't delete everything when banning, read the threads he is banning in, ACTUALLY READ THE POSTS HE IS BANNING, isn't insanely bias, isn't a console drone. Just for starters. Oh and I can name an alternative but that would just attract faggots like you who are retarded enough to worship the kike and I would get accuse of shilling and most likely banned.

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Reporting doesn't do anything, idiot.

Thing is mark did that, but then it was just posted more out of spite and (presumably Holla Forums) anons started to adopt it. This is the ultimate problem, consistency.

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Mark just enables the shitty attitudes on this board but I’d agree a majority of the posterbase don’t care and don’t want change

That's what I always do, but the mods are useless even when you report something.

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Forgive me user.

That's just going to punish people who save original filenames.

They can just not use the unix option. The default filename here isn't that anymore.

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Look, there you go, giving him responses. He's been making these shitposts for weeks and no one recognizes this and just report and moves on.

This board has gotten so bad it rivals cuckchan now, I've left a while ago and you should as well.
Either that or be a self pitying fucking pussy wallowing in mediocrity.

Sound like you share ebin cuckchan memes on Twatter.

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I was taking a break for a bit since it seems like I was being a bit too mod heavy during the past few months. Everything okay? Seems normal to me other than the occasional shitty "What are some games that" threads which I usually delete when I see them.

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Global report.


I'm genuinely curious about which alternatives there are besides not only slower, but even faggier imageboards, whose axes spin round a single IRC/disagreement fag autist circlejerk core.

Nice assumptions, nigger.

Why not make your own board if it's so terrible here?

Shit like that has always been the case. When you ban some stupid faggot or faggots who just can't help but spread their virtual feces everywhere, they ban evade and then do it more.

The trick is to point them out and call them out. Public bans and even stickying shamefur disprays could help. Having a more consistent culture against faggotry is usually good. Even still, you'll always have those stubborn cunts, but eventually they go away (see: quentin, pretty sure he killed himself).

Also, I've always felt like the term "lurk moar" needs to be used again, or some variant of it. That shit matters - just coming to a board and posting right away is always cancer, and ousts you as an outsider niggerfagot.

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Put your foot down. Your moderation team is inconsistent.

I only kiss girls.


Attached: ai_chan_tucker_carlson_face.png (840x700, 450.93K)

You leftards can't exist anywhere.

yeah dude go away and eat a cake or something, everything's fine

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Well you say that like it isn't refugees taking their own bait to shit up threads.
Also, reports don't do shit on here anymore.
The vols might as well not be there, which they sometimes really aren't, especially around 1-6am. part of Pewter's shift if I am not mistaken, makes ya think

Speaking of filenames, does anyone else save images by clicking on the original name and instead of saving the file it opens it separately?
It happens every now and then for me and we had this before a couple years ago when you still had to right click and save.
Anyone else having this happen lately?

Extend the break for ever.

Take a break as a BO, and have someone take over. You should actually get your life together, the time you dedicate in this board is fucking you up.


in what way?

I'm fairly certain that the unix filenames here don't add 3 random numbers on the end, though they used to.

Okay, how about girly boys?


This place isn't salvageable, I wish a Holla Forums alternative would actually stick so I wouldn't have to wade through this fetid garbage anymore

As if you wouldn't fuck NiGHTS.

But there is already an alternative 1000 time less shitty than Holla Forums
Hey I'm just telling you you are eating shit.
Clearly you are a drone

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I got banned for posting this unspoiled, despite the fact that it is already censored.


Attached: [HARP Plays] Cloptopia (My Little Pony MLP Clop Porn Game).mp4 (640x360, 3.1M)

Kissy Kissy~~~

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Attached: I seriously hope you guys dont survive this.jpg (532x464, 108.13K)

in this way

>>>/v8/ is always there for you

Go away bunny demon.

Nope, no loli's either

Mark my man, sell all your valuables or give them to someone you actually cheerish, pay a hefty sum to a hooked nose hooker to pop your cherry, fuck her on top of the Empire State Building and then throw yourself over.

This lack of awareness on the overall state of the board is fucking pathetic.

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Again, what is the problem?
Oh, and don't just say "cuckchan posters" without specifying what distinguishes a "cuckchan" post.

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Mark were you the one who deleted those hexes,cmon,that was a nice get.

It should be pretty self explanatory.

I delete soyjacks whenever I see them, I'm not gonna ban the guys who post it though. a simple deletion is enough. Same thing with mutts, pron should be spoiled and video game related politics is allows.

The constant shitting up of various threads is more pervasive than one might realize. Especially the webm threads, where it's about ~10% vidya, the rest is reposted normalfag shit that isn't even remotely Holla Forums related. Pretty sure there are dedicated shitposters who flood those threads intentionally in order to drive people away from them (since webm threads are somewhat of a staple of Holla Forums culture).

Also, while tripfaggotry might be gone from here, you still have dedicated groups of shitposters who organize elsewhere. Maybe take some more steps toward fixing that shit.

Attached: 1450823818919-0.png (1003x564, 315.24K)

Mark always acts clueless in meta threads you dumbfucks

You should stop being triggered by truth soyboy

Hey man, can I make a drawing of you as a soyjack?

I think a problem that Holla Forums has, and by extension Holla Forums has, is a low population. A low population means the less tolerated have more of a voice than they otherwise would, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't help that politics have become injected into vidya left and right, and now buying or even talking about certain vidya is a political statement. It's not really a symptom of the people posting because the western world itself seems to have been set alight with political grandstanding (I blame leftists/jews, but whatever) so it becomes hard to not only enjoy our hobby, but even talk about it. It's really just a dark time for vidya. Our hobby is taken over by normalfags, most companies engage in politically correct horseshit that is unavoidable and aimed directly at the main userbase of places like this. There are other problems, of course, but that's a big one for me.

Attached: 1435847094950.jpg (519x495, 37.43K)

I'm fine with a little bit of board culture as long as its fair.

Wouldn't surprise me if a no-brain niggermonkey vol nukes the thread even though Mark is posting in it.

Attached: abstract.png (926x525, 559.18K)


fuck you faggot,spamming posts in the same thread for a get is nigger tier
next step is stealing dead boards gets like /sp/ currently does

There you go again, not stating your problem.

"whenever you see it" is not enough. Does the entire vol staff do that? And give them an hour ban if you're gonna bother deleting or accomplishes nothing. And your definition of "vidya related" for politics is shaky at fucking best.

Attached: pringle prison.jpg (2764x2064, 374.16K)

Mark you need to purge the cuckchanners. Stop being lenient with them.

Please explain it, sometimes no one reports political derails quick enough. So that needs to be reported more. Especially in the Far Cry 5 threads now that it's confirmed to not be another Wolfenstein 2 situation

Damn it mark>>14555582

You're assuming i did that though,when i was merely checking it saged as a sign of respect.

So you'd show that to your boss at work?

honestly it feels deliberate, and i don't think it's any (((coincidence))) that an "alternative" to Holla Forums just recently started ramping up d&c efforts


Attached: mark twitter.png (684x1634, 143.76K)

I'd like to know how exactly you and your vols handle reports these days.
Do you even read them anymore?
Do you check the threads to check the posts that were reported?
What's the modus operandi, Mark?

I guarantee you it's the dis-cord fags. For some reason, people keep using it even though they know the dangers.

Attached: WhyYouShouldntUseDiscord.webm (711x400, 11.95M)

Yeah I'm calling shenanigans at this point. You've repeatedly refused to elaborate on what's bugging you despite it apparently being important enough to make a thread over.
Shit or get off the pot.

Attached: DLhBFzZVYAAWutp.jpg (901x1200 146.17 KB, 106.56K)

He's probably aware that they're like a hydra. The harder he tries to get rid of them, the harder they'll infest the board
See; 4 AM
also, spiderwolf is a gay cuckold

Attached: Spiderwolf confirmed cuck.jpg (1065x1341 532.74 KB, 485.39K)

I'm talking about what constitutes a cuckchan post you retard.

is the thing for you
Super fast boards and all the cancer you could ever want


I have him as a friend on steam,he hasn't posted here in like a month

Holla Forums's issue is that it goes to fast but not fast enough at the same time

Still can't get over how Zoe Quinn looks like a Steven universe enemy

Attached: 56ebb80101aa3066d714a213c28db989463dbe07ee079219a3ef4a415ca7633a.gif (320x240, 1.17M)

The derails were happening way before.

Man, soy is no joke.

Read it again you double faggot

He was being harassed on his tumblr iirc, he made it private after being picked on so much.

i'm assuming because who else would complain about something like that

Attached: 141868565685363.webm (720x306, 397.25K)

It is VERY deliberate. I've been watching these faggots for years. It's been going on since, like, 2007 back on cuckchan. It's not all the same people, mind you, but it's all got the same air of "deliberate". It's not even "forced meme" shit anymore, either.

Attached: 1374698717658.png (586x908 74.94 KB, 500.94K)

Attached: A_Mr_Fugface_Art.png (550x550, 19.99K)

Even when getting fit, she still truly looks like a broken person inside. SAD! Vile Snake Woman.

point is this place has gotten too shitty for even that faggot.

Answer me nigger

Oh please god tell me he offed himself, that'd be like an early christmas.

Is that the "16" year old he tried to bang in the ass?

Yes I remember, not seeing what this has to do with Holla Forums though.

He was a cancer himself, so good fucking riddance.

Attached: DEacfzDUwAAC1Ah.jpg (1080x720 231.41 KB, 139.66K)

THE definition of "vidya related" for politics is shaky at best. Particularly with how on edge every body is any more. Unless you are going to ban ALL political discourse except for in the GG thread or something like that then it's always going to be fuzzy logic.
/tg/ has a specific politics general to prevent derailing other threads. Maybe we should try that.

Attached: _tg_-_Catalog_-_2018-03-27_21.36.03.png (152x204, 31.26K)

They live in a different locations, so probably no, spider cuck is a UK faggot iirc

explain why, because I'm clearly behind on this piece of drama

How do you handle threads that discuss the politics surrounding a specific game's devs/publisher? Is that kind of discussion acceptable as long as it doesn't turn into shitflinging?

Like I said, you need to report these things since we're not in every thread at every time.

Let's say I'm in a thread about Web of Shadows or talking about how Pheonix Wright is a shit meme and Dante over him. Then someone is shitting up the RTS thread and no one reports it, I won't know that said faggot is shitting up said thread because no one reported him and the report que is empty.

The problem is that you then have to define what is and isn't "politics", which is such a slippery slope.

Fucking thank you satan. My opinion is either let politically charged OPs fester (like FC5) or make a containment general (which should be the fucking GG thread in the first place but I don't mind a duplicate if it solves shit)

Attached: inkling squidbilly.png (371x404, 19.45K)


Well what does constitute a cuckchan post?

They're spam and mark is also self conscious on his fat bitch tits

Is Holla Forums banned on Holla Forums now? Please say yes.

Attached: communism_ban_on_sight.jpg (1781x129, 50.83K)

Why does mark like to pull statistics out of his ass?


No if you are going to do a containment general then it should be separate from GG. GG is the vidya activism thread.

anything can be spam if it's spammed

Should vidya activism be separate from politics?

It's used as cancer which is why it bothers me, I don't mind the box shit, the 12 game overs, the cake jokes, the jewish stuff, etc. The only reason I delete it is because its cancer.

No shit sherlock.


Soyjacks kept getting posted in every Nintendo thread, so Mark got pissed and deleted them. This just made them that much more prevalent, as ban evading faggots tend to do.

I don't really mind them being banned on site, it ran its course of being funny and is just as "le epic hilarious meme XD" as ugandan knuckles or some shit.

explain using big boy words, I don't even have a single soyjack saved on my pc but it the way you phrase this comes off more as "I don't like it" rather than "it has a negative effect on the board"

Lurk more

It's pretty simple, if it's related to video games then it's green. Like say if someone is planning a bill to ban video games, then I feel that should be discussed.

I'd rather not get involved unless necessary, reason being is that it's better to mock and shit on them rather than to just sperg all over them. Bully but don't derail the thread over it.

Except soyjack is funny because of how accurate he is.

Attached: 1516213557001-1024x908.jpg (1024x908, 410.19K)

Sure, basically what said.

but image related isn't soyjack, that's just soy shit. I got no problem with that.

I'd say it is. They're the cancer killing this board.

/tg/ and /fit/ are a bit slow but other than that faggot spamming his disagreement they are pretty comfy

Answer me about Waifu threads cake man.

The problem is it never just stays at vidya related. It takes only five posts for an OP about FOSTA or whatever to turn into "why national socialism is the best option for europe". It's inevitable. So either let the threads segue or keep it contained.

Soyjack is a carricature of that fatty

What good is that gonna do when they make up the majority of users?

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They were spammed in Nintendo threads and Mark got so triggered he wiped them and banned on sight. He used the "spam" excuse every time despite them not being spammed on most occasions, the truth is that he deletes what he doesn't like, as you can see here:

Yes because while some parts of the whole GG issue is political not all of it. Loot boxes and shitty journalistic and advertising practices and the like aren't political even if those things hide behind politics some times. The GG threads gets derailed by politics some times too.


It's become the equivalent of any other stale meme posted ad nauseum.

Shitting on soyboys is one thing, but soyjack is literally reddit-tier ("lol I made a MSpaint/vectorized version of this already existing thing!"). Please strongly consider suicide.


you're dodging the question.

this guy seems to know better

How the fuck do you derail a shitposting thread?

Sure is fun being 16

You re-rail it by making it quality.

See mark, right now, when people accuse you of dodging the question, you just need to say fuck off, not allowed, end of story. CONSISTENCY

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Hello Mr. (19)
I am also (19).

gotta agree with this guy

Well then report the guy asking about national socialism.

I'm sorry, I'm juggling a bit. What's your question?


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No it's straightforward, lurk more.

Israel needs to burn to the fucking ground, and I say this as a Sephardic Jew.

Yeah, the problem with identifying certain memes, images, or posting styles with cancer is that you'll usually end up deleting/banning perfectly innocent posts/posters, too.

He wants you to put waifufags on a report on sight list :^)

My opinion, if anyone gives a shit:
You know people are just going to make a new one the moment the old one is considered obsolete. Might as well sticky that shit and keep it going indefinitely.

Whenever soy or soyjack is spammed it's usually done so to shit up threads about consoles. I don't mind it within context, however they're 99% used for that purpose. Which is why I delete them.

That's why people need to


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Consistency is good, when will he finally add "Moderation reserves the right to delete things they don't like on occasion" to the rules?

They were spammed initially, doesn't mean every time they're posted afterwards it's necessarily spam. Spam is excessive and obtrusive, most times I've seen were once or a couple of times in threads.

It's still better than the rest of the middle east

No. They have their thread on wednesdays, just stick to that.

The brainlet wojak is 50 times worse than the soyjak. It's the biggest sign of cuckchannery.

Mark, I'm going to rip off your shirt and twist your sensitive estrogen filled nipples, and I'm going to make you scream like a little bitch

Can we have them every Wednesday again?

Only due to US and British interference.

Well then stop posting. read threads and get a grip of how things work around here before posting.


Sure, but I'm deleting them at midnight. Just like I delete the 4am threads at around 10am EST.

Also no avatarfagging.

Oh, well, good point, yeah. Lurking moar is usually the best way to not get banned or deleted.

I remember when anons would just feel shame and duck out when that'd happen. Now the "norm" is to get angry and repost what you just got banned for. If anything is 100% cuckchan/redditor behavior, it's that.

marky, come on man. I really don't even care if soyjacks are forbidden here but you're reasoning just comes off as you trying to hide that you simply dislike them. I'd prefer it if you just said "I think they're fuckin gay lol' because at least that's not pussyfooting around it

that works, although way i see it it's just a way for posters to make you look bad for targeting a specific meme instead of targeting spam

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Sounds fair to me.
Well that's a given.

Eat more onions, work out, or get a job, raise your testosterone and ban 4 AM threads. Filter "ritsu" to a super long copypasta so it could easily be destroyed, and deleted.

Yeah pretty much, like I'm here when you need me. Just make a meta thread and I'll come if I can.

I already barely post in this faggot board because of you anyway. This place is getting worse and worse and im not the only who has noticed. And in the end only GG and refugees will be left.

how can we bribe you to drop the hammer on shitsu again

4am does this consistently though and do not get deleted/ banned. What gives?

hmu in fortnite my psn is 420xXxSasukexXxniggaz

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Oh good. I didn't have to make a thread myself. Let me show you the extent of the cancer in the Webm threads. We have single IDs RE-posting up to 50 (Fifty!) non-videogame webms. Here is the count from the current thread.

This isn't even the worst I've seen. I counted 20 (twenty) videogame posts in a webm thread once while around 250+ were non-videogames.


[not included: jpg png gif reaction images]







—–Videogames OST—–









a 14 minute 114x90 resolution music file. Prehaps the worst post in this thread.











(2) Another music file. Both nearly 10 mins long each. The framerate is not set to 1 and then set to loop only that frame.





So shitty it's in this section





229 total non-videogame posts
45 Total videogame posts

—328 replies | 254 images —


Agreed but that's a simple and obvious decision. So would a thread about Wolf 3D getting derailed about whether and to what degree Hitler was or wasn't right.
The problem comes in when the game being discussed clearly political themes that are meant to cause emotional reaction or discussion or if a company starts virtue signaling with retarded political shit. The line gets fuzzier there and I don't know what the right point to start moderating would be.

I will say a big part of the problem is that the actual political discussion boards on this site have all gone to shit and are impossible to actually discuss anything on with getting shouted down or banned. The overflow ends up gumming up every other board.

What a retarded reply when you post

Fucking hell, make up your mind.

You could also delete them around, I don't know, 4am?
Is there a single viable reason to leave those threads be on Holla Forums other than your retarded fear of spergs throwing a fit for about 1 hour?

The rules don't apply to them, remember

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You aren't here for us, you are NEVER here for us. you're just like your father, you're a fucking failure and you're too much of a self absoted cunt to admit it.

4am is the only exception to this rule, and i think it's because if they didn't have their designated shitting thread the avatarfags would spill out into actual vidya discussion. as it is, it's just a quarantine thread and is extremely easy to ignore, so it doesn't bother me

You're the kind of hero we need more of. Just know that I appreciate what you do, user. I hope Mark and his vol brigade do something about webm threads, myself. I'd be fine if he threw the whole thing out the window.

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Well yeah, it's why everyone calls me a Nintendrone despite being a SEGAryan. I don't care about Nintendo as a company, I think they make good games like Custom Robo, Xenoblade, Mario Odyssey and the like but shit like Zelda and Mario Party is fucking trash and I'm not afraid to say it. Also the Switch needs a hardware upgrade desperately.

Very well.

my post
has vidya characters dancing, and is a parody of a space channel 5, a video game. It doesn't get more vidya than that faggot.

That's the kind of autistic dedication Holla Forums needs more of.

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Mods have always been fags, lurk more

The point is to stop bitching, it doesn't get you anywhere. If anything, it's easier to just say "Fuck this" and go to another board since, y'know, you can fucking do that on Holla Forums (IE: I avoid Holla Forums since kampfy and his goons are sensitive turkroach cunts).


It's equal odds: Either you show up, or a lobotomized vol deletes the thread and bans the OP. Get your own people under control

You literally sorted a thread you fucking autist

What are you complaining about autism for on Holla Forums?

Because the last three times he tried to ban it, they made a bunch of threads that forced them to actually do things. Keep in mind the first time he "tried" to ban them was back in 2015.

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I actually occasionally post there, but did get banned one time for avatarfagging, but no other time. consistency.

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Jesus fuck Mark I hope you are watching this. This was super autistic but it was needed.

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The kind of autism Holla Forums needs, but doesn't deserve.

Well done.

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Well shit, what do you propose we do then? Bumplock the thread?

I'm not awake during this time. Blame the night time staff. Also we have specific guidelines for avatarfags.

Then what do you call this?

Do nothing. Webm threads are one of the focal points for 8/v/'s unique culture.

Use your ban hammer, you chubby tubby jiggly autist.


i see you very convieniently left out all the replies that posted

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They belong on Holla Forums

Well, if you don't crawl up their asses about avatarfags, they're never going to do anything other than bumplock the thread and hope you don't notice that they aren't doing anything.

I don't Mark to police webm threads for some vidya to non-vidya ratio and delete random posts. What can be done is purge people who dump facebook normalfag shit because it's often that one person shits on the webm thread like that.

It is though.

Have you seen the state of Holla Forums?

Then he had this retarded idea of turning rule 8 into what it is today and now it's the "ban what I don't like" rule.
As long as 4am continues to exist it will forever be a reminder of how much of a limp wristed faggot our BO is.

Moderation of 4am has been abandoned a long time ago, even before Lime left the vol team.

Well, what can I do?

You need to do more than that. You have to ban them, shame them, and metaphorically (or more literally, if possible) hang them by the nuts.

godspeed user

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No. It isn't. Fuck off.

His autism is worthless if he puts vidya in the non vidya section.


Just keep them vidya related for next time.

It's a containment board for retards, that's why they belong there.

I like your style, user.

Nothing. This is one of the cases of ban what I don't like. People can just filter the webm thread.

Filter it if you don't like it.

I'm not falling for this again, you already fucking ruined my day before

How are SFM's considered vidya? SFM's of non-vidya scenes, mind you. Fuck you by the way

I'm not going to filter it. It's not videogames, end of story. This isn't your call to make.

How are they not?

Holla Forums is a bit of a shitshow right now, speaking of which I had this idea for a board. Basically I was thinking a board that's basically like Holla Forums but without spam, gore and excessive lewds. Like a random board without the trash, do you guys think such a board could exist?

The characters are vidya, I've never seen SFM used with anything but those.

Hello, I purpose you make it so the IDs who only post non-videogame threads get banned temporarly, and then linked to Holla Forums where there non-videogame, facebook tier content belongs.

Webm threads on Holla Forums should be about videogames instead of hundreds of non-videogame posts.

If you would skim over the thread you can see that when you call out these non-videogame spammers they will just do a low effort, content-less shitpost reply. Pic related is an example of many in that very thread.

Attached: Untitled.png (1804x645, 177.58K)

Bullshit, plenty of threads aren't even cleaned up before they die
You get everything from newfags stating and spreading the most retarded misinfo and pretending to be anything but newfags to over agressive contrarian shitters that love pretending to be retarded and forcing their shit memes.
One things for certain, you can't control that and they're already the majority.
Half the time, an it doesnt do much the shitters simply use the term "soyboy" to anything they dislike or to deflect actual arguments ala cuckchan.
This shit is worse than "Cuck" when it's use peaked.
No you don't still plenty of them in many threads.
The E3 one included.
And you have no control over that, fair enough
Doesn't mean the quality doesn't go down regarless.
Except they derail even within the rules, it's piss easy to do.
Outside my own word and maybe a couple of other anons that might not even be here?
Nope, no archive, not like it would change anything, you lack self awareness.

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Well there you go.

More video game related than 4am threads.

Clearly you just don't understand his wisdom. By keeping the threads unmoderated, it allows for the full Holla Forums culture! Even if the threads are nothing but a few people being attentionwhores and not talking about video games.

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Attached: mark leaves the meta thread.jpg (446x960, 158.9K)

The point isn't that the idea of webm threads are bad, the point is that they're being deliberately shit upon by people endlessly reposting the same non-vidya shit and straight up flooding each thread.

That sounds like a good idea for once, 8/b/ is and always was uninhabitable so it'd be nice to have an offtopic board with a community similar to Holla Forums's.


One doesn't cancel the other one out. I just want the normalfag shit gone. Reddit content does not Holla Forums culture make.

To tell the truth I always thought of the webm thread as the designated shitposting/containment/blowing off steam thread. It doesn't bother me personally.
Although some times I do wish it would stay more vidya related.

Just focus on Holla Forums cause we already had a board spilt and drama just focus

I tried to make one like that as a variant for Holla Forums but forgot to actually advertise it, oops.

We can do that, but make sure to report them. I would need to go over the number with the team, but does at least a 50% ratio sound fair?


It will fail because the site is designed in such a way that popular/iconic imageboard names can be claimed first-come, first-serve. It's why /newb/ and /bbbb/ failed and also why a Holla Forums alternative would fail all the same because you got here first and staked a claim on it.

Attached: 1378263268722.jpg (640x480, 38.8K)

Well yeah, I'm focused on Holla Forums. I just thought it'd be a good idea for someone else to do.


Since fucking when has reporting done jack shit other than get bystanders banned?

Holla Forums before cuckchan flooding and Jim taking over and Holla Forums right now.

is /r/ taken?

Encourage ascii art posting too and you've got a deal.

hey mark can you add me on steam? I really want to be your friend.

Attached: pleasee.png (750x750, 606.29K)

Since the bystanders take the bait and get banned along with the ruseman.

Then ban any excessive reposts but a mod will have to babysit the thread and that's a big extra workload.

I don't want my shit deleted because of others' posts, like I said it'd be better if you went after people who dumped non-vidya of the cancer caliber, which happens basically in every thread?

sure, you know where I am.



one of Holla Forums's vols is hilarious

Attached: 8ch tv.webm (270x480, 10.92M)

I'm just no match for his (((strategies))). Oh the shame.

The issue with webm threads is the stale OC production and repetitiveness, not to mention the not even board related content that's piling up over time.

It's not rare for a webm thread to have one user with 50+ posts basically dumping something, just something whether it's old, new, vidya, not vidya.
We really need some form of way to encourage Holla Forums related OC to benefit the board rather than offer a place to anons who want to just dump some shit.

It reminds me of the state the draw threads were in when they were flooded with freeby thirsty waifufags until they were removed and the threads did not appear every single day anymore but instead in moderation.

I lied, mark, I don't want to be friends with a fat kike jewyorker

Attached: lol.jpg (999x1399, 152.17K)

wasn't that the original concept of /r9k/

that's the request board?

I've seen the ruseman get to go free many times.
And the thread he created that's rule breaking get to keep his thread.
There's no fucking consistency and every thing just ends up being "ban cus I say so."

Attached: 1472430276133.png (833x696, 898.77K)

That's a mean ruse.

Attached: 1326713806802.png (500x658, 113.82K)


True, this requires more thought and I probably need to sleep on it before I do anything.

Also I want to try bumplocked icons, I'll announce it next meta thread, which should be in two weeks due to the Holidays and Pax East. but after the success of Forced Anonymous I'm quite open towards the idea.

reporting needs to be done in a better way honestly. there are dedicated report spammers who will blast the queue with one-word reports, and i'm not even exaggerating when i say that sometimes one of us will wake up to a queue that's 100 deep where an autist has reported literally every single post he sees as "leftypol", "reddit", "spam" etc. reports that have no detail attached or are even blank are virtually worthless unless you want the vol to dig and dig, and sometimes that's just not an option when things are moving quickly

Attached: aaaaaaaa.jpg (239x258, 13.45K)

I don't think he'd like to be friends with yet another generic cookie cutter literal unfunny memer faggot who's not going to be remembered for anything special.

sorry meant Holla Forums, but there's no difference


About fucking time

well that's fucking gay and needs to be fixed

Unblock me in Díscord pls

You say that as if leftypol, reddit, and spam shouldn't be banned on sight

1. first 75 webms (or some other arbitrary number) must be of video game footage. reposts or not, but users should be encouraged to post new content
2. everything after that can be off-topic/non-vidya providing that video game webms are still being posted. i.e. you could get really autistic and say, "your off topic shit needs to be half the upload size, so that you will have room for at least one more accompanying webm that is of video game footage"
3. we have archives; if users are just posting the same shit over and over in order to meet the arbitrary number of webms before they can post non-vidya shit, crack down on that.

Can confirm

Attached: kill.webm (480x360, 143.86K)

how about killing yourself

Only if you promise not to spam me with pokeporn

How about we just make the thread cyclical too? Seems like that could fix some things.

Not that one

Contact code monkey, tell him to snag one feature from cuckchan: The Ability to Ban People who Abuse Reports.

That's your job, do it.

Attached: 38a52d5aad3ba78115e2cd14c6841a777b0b41ce095a365c2a714b443557080b.png (255x218, 27.05K)

yeah I suggested that in an earlier post.

That wasn't me, I was the guy who asked "If you were a dog, would your name be BARK?"
Tag is RebeccaSugar, let's chat

I don't give him enough hotpockets for that

I've been asking him for months

what the fuck

No, a 85% ratio sounds ideal to me.
If you would look at the videogame-related webms I quoted, many are actually reposts posted before.
Non-videogame content belongs on Holla Forums

85% is ideal.

We really need to be able to type a longer description in the report form. The fifty character limit comes at you fast.

I had a crush on the Jewess at one point.

Keep reminding him, he has to listen, even the smallest feature is enough to fuck up the state of Holla Forums.

Speaking of hotpockets, is it just me or is there a certain time frame, around between midnight and 4-5am where sometimes hotpockets are asleep?
I've looked at the board log multiple times and there's this time of day when the last vol activity was 3-4 hours ago and I highly doubt that it's because there was no need for moderation within that time.
Just throwing that out there, maybe I am imagining things, but it seems to coincide with what appears to be the shift change to pewter's shift.


so reports are just broken period and the report spam completely negates the purpose of it?
I don't have a single fucking clue how to fix it if that's the case, it just doesn't fucking work anymore.

85% would make it much better, but 50% is close to what it is now, that being around 35-40% games
baby steps I guess

I've seen your twitter dude, that option isn't off your table we both know it

You are a legit faggot.

Attached: like duh I'm smug.PNG (510x527, 574.98K)

This is not true.

nigga it's a report you're filling,not an essay on the things you regret in your life

I like your picture

man, that vol is a real treat
ignores reports on a rule breaking thread, even given the rules it's broken, and bans people who point it out
many times
great vol

I've counted it before, it's about 40% games give or take 5%.

We need an 20 word MINIMUM on reports, 20 word MINIMUM, 100 word MAX

I'm still not doing it.

That's a good fix, anyone know where codemonkey is? Does he respond to his twitter?

Hey man, you want a backrub? I give great massages.

I like that idea,but have it be something else like 5 words for shit like "This fucker is spamming gore" or something.

That's good too

ain't nobody got time fo dat

Attached: b33466d1bbe115dc33cde7164555830e.jpeg (400x400, 21.06K)


Attached: sips on hot tea.PNG (270x271, 200.36K)

t. report spammer

I got a minute

what we really need is a fucking drop down list of keywords (i.e. "off topic" "spam" "child porn" etc) and an accompanying text box where people can add additional information. that shit would make sorting through dozens of reports much easier I would think.

what could go wrong?

Also I hate to be a dick, but I'm getting rather sleepy. May I go to bed?


i hope you and hotpockets are ready for some reddit essays next time a report is filled

Check your report log first, I'm testing how people can abuse reports.

What's wrong with you where you prioritize the needs of a bunch of losers on an imageboard over your own health.

No you may not.

Attached: 1448443630919-0.jpg (156x500, 51.24K)

Just go to bed faggot, dont ask.

Promise me you will talk to the rest of the team about the webm threads please.

Attached: No!!.jpg (514x333, 34.17K)

wow so hard

Cuckchan uses t.? I've only ever seen it here.

I'll bring it up, but I doubt there's anything we can do about it.

It came from cuckchan, unfortunately


damn it

You can moderate it and ban the non-videogame spammers

Well, nothing is stopping you from using it, but be warned on the situation

and it came AFTER 2014,so it can stay there as far as i'm concerned alongside every faggot that uses it


t. is from some finnish board

You can but I can, give me that hammer.

now I'm confused

Because they're just models. Not vidya. You could replace them with other non vidya models and the content would remain the same. SFM shit is not vidya unless the animation is about vidya. This includes porn.

Was it good though?

This is correct.
Quoting it for emphasis

Woe is you, the place we and our culture came from, unless you're a newfag.

Alright, we'll crack down on any vidya parody that is not vidya enough to your obtuse tastes, hope you're glad.

You did, it's this board

He kept spamming Totodile at me

anyway have a good night everyone

if they would ban the 'non-videogame spammers' then they should first double ban any faggot that treats those threads like a youtube comment section by

so what you're saying is that he spammed best pokemon and you blocked him?

They contain jokes about the game they use the models for, you dense niggers.

You didn't unblock me man :/

Oh Mark

Attached: HAHAHA FAGGOT.JPG (655x792, 144.7K)

This would work.

Shit taste, he deserved the block

Attached: totodile.png (1002x657, 78.02K)

that's the most tumblr statement I've seen today

I hope you die from diabetes in your sleep

this is the most reddit response ITT

you've never seen a webm thread where there's just as many "omfg this is gay" posts, that don't have a webm attached, as there are webms posted?

>not being the most fun in the only good Pokemon games Mystery Dungeon
I bet you don't even use Cyndaquil either. Fucking casual.

no, but I've seen tumblr spamming their favorite anime webms untill the thread's 30% games 70% memes

You already have that, it's this board right here

I meant shit taste as in totodile porn.
just realized the colors in that cap are fucked up, tried fixing it

Attached: totodile_fix.png (1002x657, 77.34K)

Here's a thought: If mods are going to react to political derails, they should react evenly and delete all posts from every side of the discussion, instead of leaving one side's posts up and only deleting the posts from the side they don't agree with.

removed the politics out of that post for you my man

Fucking this. The threads are nothing but AMV's and isis/chinese snuff clips. Which is actually pretty comedic when you take it out of context. Either way it would make sense that people would be annoyed by this on a vidya board.

Oh look it's the autist that thinks Kirby's Adventure's opening animation, SMW's end credits, Jordan Peterson/Kermit the Frog (how does one even make this mistake?), [email protected], Pokémon Sun and Moon, Snatcher, and Touhou are all anime, and Metal Gear, Postal, Project X Zone, SFM, VGM he doesn't recognize, and streamers he doesn't like are not vidya.

Steamers in general are cancer. Don't post that shit here.

doesn't change the fact that they are vidya, even by the autist's definition that only webms that show gameplay are vidya

upvote my post

Attached: 9d67f4124c7a4faf8fac58124cd7b24a.gif (247x300, 4.27M)

streamers are ecelebs, which is rule 9. i mean, if it's a webm of that cute gook being called a nigger on PUBG or something else that a non-fan of the streamer can appreciate then who cares, but when it's an in-joke or it's about that particular eceleb's drama or something then it's gay

No they don't faggot.

So heavy and spy taunting each other using in game voice lines are not jokes about the game?

It's really not.
Even if some of the non vidya are technicly vidya the overall range here is fucking atrocious. You could remove 10-20 posts that aren't vidya and it would still be lopsided.

If the SFM is about the game it's a game. If it's a sleepycabin animation featuring the Scout and Heavy with no allusion towards it being a game it's not vidya.

It's vidya*

Don't listen to these fags, Mark, these are newfags trying to stir shit up for no reason on the webm threads. Its only been happening about the last few weeks that these fags show up and whine in the threads over and over.

So then is vidya yes? That dumb autist claimed it was not.

>Check to see if it's anything other than shitposts and that one guy who wants X thread/content banned and uses (((evidence))) to get his way
Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Attached: The best duck.jpeg (232x293, 20.14K)

I agree. I bet we can't even have lol threads anymore. And how literally autistic do you need to be to categorize every fucking post like that?

t. autist who dumps 50+ webms of facebook memes
It's been happening for years you fucking fruit. Even Mark knows this.
The irony is palpable.

His restrictions for vidya are stricter than mine. Doesn't mean he didn't make a good point. Feel free to shave off 30 of the webms he claimed are not vidya. You still have a problem.

Yes it does. If he cannot categorize shit correctly is undermines his credibility and makes it seem like a newfag whining about shit he doesn't know about. He repeatedly put 2hu into anime, and put things that have both anime and vidya into anime, while putting things that are explicitly vidya into non-vidya. I don't care one way or the other about webm threads, but he needs to be able to correctly know vidya from not vidya for me to give a shit about his opinion.

Nigger I've browsed the webm threads quite a bit and I can tell you shitters always start shitposting hard in webm threads around this time and it usually dies down during the summer. I wouldn't be surprised if you are part of the shitposters that pull this same shit every year trying to fuck with the board. The problem is hardly the content on this board, the problem is shitposters shitting threads up with nothing of value or starting shit that derails threads.

The only people complaining about this don't post any content, OC or otherwise. Last thread it was literally one autistic faggot. Let's keep the board the way we've always kept it and not give these idiots attention. That's all they're after and they'll always find something to complain about.

What's the reason why you don't post non-videogame related videos in Holla Forums? Canyou tell me?

He categorized it by what he thought was and wasn't vidya. You just don't agree with it and for a lot of them so do I. He probably wants to see more pure gameplay webms. I can't really blame him since we don't get much.
Was it the 2hu anime? If so that's not vidya it's anime. It's vidya by technicality but if all I see are amv's of that shit I see no reason it needs to be posted often.
I'll say this once again. And please listen this time. EVEN if you took away every example you didn't agree with it's still a lop sided thread with less than 25% vidya. 229 non vidys and 45 vidya. Even if you cut it to 200 that's still a ratio of 75/200 or 3/8'ths. You need to move on from this part of the argument because you're missing the point.

People being pissed about webm thread content is year round. And the chances of anything shitpost related ending in the summer are nill and only shows how new you are. You have a few threads where complaints aren't brought up, but you always have people reminding you faggots that the thread has turned into a facebook dumping ground and all you can do is call them autistic with no arguments. It's amazing this didn't happen sooner when you think about it.
Is it really that hard to believe people are fed up with how shit the webm threads have become to everybody but a small group of people who just mindlessly dump shit there?
It is actually. It's why the vols ban template threads.
I ask this every time and you fags never give me an appropriate answer. What the fuck do you want out of a webm thread? Because you don't want vidya (because you never post any) and you don't want offtopic discussion (which gets banned for rule 8). So what the fuck do you want? A retarded little circlejerk where you post videos to each other wordlessly like a fucking archive? You can't even establish what you're trying to achieve out of posting the webms endlessly and yet you want people to go along with it? This is Holla Forumsidya. The focus is vidya. If you don't like it move to Holla Forums and actually make the board not half the shithole it already is by contributing to it. Or do what Mark wants to do and recommend he makes that alternative Holla Forums so you don't h ave to deal with it and you can post webms of any nature to your hearts desire. Either way the Webm threads here have been reaching a boiling point for years now. And assuming Mark doesn't change his mind I'm in full support of it and will report users who can't post even things loosely based on vidya.

Content is not the same shit we just saw last thread being reposted. It's an annoying fucking joke of a "tradition" that's been getting worse.
It was 2 dedicated people posting and a bunch of other posters agreeing and only making a few posts.
I await the day where Mark doesn't ban somebody for complaining that things are to vidya related.

the fags in that thread came in, didn't post a single webm, whined about about reposts then said making OC was too hard, and complained that only a few posts ever get replies.
One posted two posts only asking a volunteer who had posted in the thread earlier to reply to their post.

Webm threads should not be policed because there is no good place to draw the line between what is and is not vidya. Gameplay is, but what about something like this (second webm), which is a joke about Oblivion? Then what about something like , which is a (pretty funny imo) joke about titty beach volleyball games from an episode of scooby-doo?
has what appear to be two songs from games (I'm not familiar with either so I can't say for certain). All of these webms were called "not vidya". Then there are posts that I'd say can be fairly called "not vidya" but are still valuable in a vidya thread, like , which for a Rollercoster Tycoon 3 fan like myself is super evocative of the game's coaster cam function, and made me imagine what a new RCT game could look like in 10 years.

What's the reason you don't just post in the /vg/ webm thread if the non-vidya bothers you so much?

Do not avoid my question.

Perhaps it was my mistake by not being specific, but I was talking about threads as a whole getting derailed by shitposting. Not just /webm/ threads that have Holla Forums or /christian/ or b8 posts that just turn into 50 webmless replies to whatever b8 webm the shitposter posted. As a whole shitposting to derail threads on this board has been getting worse and worse as the years go on.

No because they were complaining that the webms weren't vidya. And even IF some of us started making OC it still wouldn't change the fact that there are anons who make over 50 posts of nothing but offtopic content.
It's not hard actually. Snuff videos and 3D shit isn't vidya. If you remove those you remove about 50% of the posts in the webm thread. Even if you JUST removed those quality would raise by a good sum.
You don't seem to understand me here. You can try and deflect critasism all you want but you know just as well as I do that the majority of the webms in webm threads are NOT vidya. I'm not going to just fucking ignore that becuase you're trying and failing to add a grey area that doesn't matter.
This is beyond stretching it. Do you look at tea cups and think about Cuphead. Can I make a thread devoted to Cups because of cuphead? You can stop being retarded any time.

It's like the user says in the webm thread. I would rather a webm thread with 20 webms and the remaining posts discussing the webms than a thread full of nothing but webms and no discussion. The fact is that discussion in the webm threads aren't allowed because they always turn into non-vidya shit. Some of the people there flipped a gasket because of a pit bull debate. But so far I've seen no reason as to why it should have been banned if threads aren't vidya related. There needs to be a decision made here. Either webm threads are not vidya and non-vidya discussion is allowed or you clean it up and keep it vidya. It's not hard.
This is true and I think it's due to unrest more than anything. People are getting tired of the repetitious threads that say what we already know or have already discussed. The best thing we can do is try and spice things up and keep them interesting. Which is why a big issue right now is if we should remove low effort or (1) and done OP's.

just please for the love of christ stop overmoderration and don't make it so that if it looks most posters are against one you will take it upon yourself to stand for the majority opinion, the "community" and ban the poster yourself like a powertripping cuck who will take the side of any few people that sage to death the other guy

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but some time ago I called another guy's post a shitpost because his opinion was cancer. Some other anons agreed with me. half a day later I couldn't find anymore, leading me to believe it was deleted by retarded mods

He might've deleted it himself, check the board log if that happens again. You'd be surprised.

maybe but I always see massive amounts of deleted posts by mods themselves when checking the log. That's another point, banned posters shouldn't necessarily have all their posts removed, that's also retarded

They've started handing out public ban messages, I need more of that. And they really should ban if they delete, but not delete if they ban.

It's their way of "cleaning a thread" to get it back on track. The problem is they're not reading the threads to see if it's actually derailing anything or if it's worth not allowing the thread to derail for fun. I mean some of our best threads are/were derailed threads. And they only existed because mods didn't ban them on the spot and let the community poke fun of somebody or create fun.

Attached: Hotwheels burns.png (1787x1531 1.16 MB, 1.56M)

If you don't think the pitbull b8 webm was meant to derail the thread. I can't help you and you are part of what is wrong with this board and recent culture of shitposting to shit threads up.

If you had read my post you'd know. Webms that to you might not seem related to vidya in the slightest can be for some anons, like my example of the roller coaster POV webm. Another example (though this one I think is a bit more obvious) is this post , which to me seems to be a throwback to old FMV light gun games.

Can you point to one from the last thread?
to you maybe, but there's an undeniably subjective element to deciding what is and isn't vidya. If a post reminds you of a video game, then why WOULDN'T it be related to vidya?
check /vg/'s webm thread, virtually all webms are vidya, virtually all gameplay (iirc) and the whole thread is mainyl just a boring slog through FPS footage with virtually no discussion of the webms because more often than not watching unedited gameplay is BORING. If I wanted to watch people just play video games I'd be on youtube or twitch or something, not here. I'm the sort of person who would rather play a game that watch someone else play it. I'd much rather see nonvidya used to make vidya jokes and the like than just threads full of boring crap like the /vg thread

ID's aren't for identifying one-and-dones. They're for deterring shilling and astroturfing.

It's more of an anti samefag measure.

Yes, that too. I don't think there's a good reason to remove them

Answer my question I asked the other user. What do you fags want? Offtopic webms and discussion being allowed, or vidya only webms? Because as it stands all you post is offtopic webms, and then bitch that the discussion aboud said webms are offtopic. Talk about shooting yourself in your own foot. If you want higher uality threads then don't sabotage them before they even start.

Was just an example of a non vidya post. You and I know that there's a bunch of videos political offtopic or warzone deaths being posted there.
Thinking that a video of a rollercoaster is vidya related isn't subjective. It's objectively not vidya. And it's why this board doesn't allow a thread based on this premise.
Because it's not vidya. How hard is this to accept? By your logic ANYTHING can remind you of a vidya game. All you're doing at this point is trying to prove that you post non vidya so you can remember vidya instead of just posting vidya. In which case why don't you just fucking post vidya? Or better yet if it reminds you of vidya then why don't you post the webm with a lengthy post discussing Tycoon? You have no argument here, I'm not even trying to meme, I can't find your point.
No. I come here for vidya because I want to discuss games.
How would you know if a video of a roller coaster is vidya in your books?
.t redditer. Sorry you find video games boring. But it's not like you're making anything to counter it are you? Plus it's still on topic and it's also OC. Which makes it better overall content despite no discussion because at least you don't get banned for trying to have any.
Then don't browse the webm threads. And besides that not all vidya webms are just raw, uncut playing.
Mark disagree's. And frankly you can do this on Holla Forums or elsewhere just as easily. Or (again) you could just make the joke as you posted the webm or do what the filename threads do and put the punchline in the filename. There's many things you can do and you're pleased with nothing other than what we have now, which only exists to serve the ego of a small group of autists.

We should remove filtering however.


Because then he can shit up a thread by spaming and bitching.

I don't want 50 replies arguing over stupid b8 and adding no actual webms or actual content besides arguing who is right. You damn well know the pitbull webm was just there to start shit and not actually contribute to the thread itself.

Why do webm threads cause this much fucking autism? Just nuke them if it brings in this many retards.

I'd just like to point out that my experiments in the test board shows there is a character limit when filing reports. You can at most make a very short sentence so you can't really make any substantial explanation for the report.

man no wonder you can't understand what I'm telling you, from
onward I am talking about that thread, it's a terrible thread but exactly the kind of thread you want. Almost every post is undeniably vidya but nothing changes. There's no discussion due to the very nature of watching things, the same reason porn boards tend to lack discussion. The reaction is virtually the same: "that's erotic" in porn threads vs. "that's neat" or "that's funny" in webm threads. You might like or dislike the post, but there's almost never any reason to say so. The thing that generally generates discussion in those threads, is controversy, be it pitbulls or faggots trying to censor them.
If you want to have a discussion about something go into almost any other thread on this board and you will find one, but webm threads will not get you one because they're more focused on content than discussion.
As I said, it looks like something right out of RCT3, but IRL. Compare the embed with the coaster webm and you'll see what I mean.
However that's not the issue when talking about the /vg/ thread, as I said most webms in that thread are explicitly game-related.
a.) citation needed
b.) many of the board's banners do the same thing these kind of webms (which I believe are the best) do, make jokes/commentary about vidya using "nonvidya" sources
Some webms I have mentioned did this like "oblivion gameplay" but we shouldn't need to tag every post we make with "this is absolutely definitely vidya and relates to X game", that's just retarded, if you've played the game/s it's applicable to you'll probably get the joke, if you haven't you probably won't.
That's why I say it's subjective, because there are so many games and no one's played them all there are going to be webms that for some people are instantly evocative of a video game while for others it might seem completely unrelated to any game they've played. I didn't post the coaster webm, but I think I know what the user who posted it meant when they did.
Don't twist my words, swine. I find watching games boring, they're meant to be played.

I can make some graphs to help determine volunteer activity throughout the day.

Beats me, I only go there to take webms that interest me. I could care less if they're vidya related or not. Making them cyclical though misses the point of what cyclicals do, they kill interest in the topic over time not encourage it that's why /k/ keeps their vidya general a cyclical to drive the discussion away. It's a mistake everyone made in the past, and I'd certainly not like it to be repeated.

All ready non-videogame reposts.

So do you newfags actually know how to hyperlink?

the more they post the more I can't help but think they're straight out of reddit

Internet died.

Because it just serves for reddit and tumblr types to hide opinions they don't like. Any post that should be removed can be done by the mods. I'm not fully committed that it should be removed so you can ignore a spammer until the mods clean it up but otherwise I see no reason it needs to be here.

It was still a discussion. And if I recall it was a webm that got the discussion going. So there was absolutely no priniple for removing the thread.
Start what faggot? Again, it's a fucking webm thread. What the fuck made the pit bill discussion any different than another discussion about anything else?
To you contribution is flooding a thread with offtopic webms. So by the same measure so is discussion about them and so is pit bulls. Either answer my question on hat you consider an ideal webm thread to be or quit wasting my time.

It's been an ongoing discussion for years now and it's inherently against what Holla Forums is about currently.

You really don't get it? I'm not going to another board to get what I can get here. Telling people to leave is retarded when you're the people who refuse to let the board change for the better.
You can say the same about our current webm threads. Just as little discussion.
Speak for yourself.
Not a great argument here. If all you care about is the content and not the community then AGAIN you can just go to Holla Forums.
I see it. The other webm still not vidya. You're not going to change my mind by providing context since I played the game myself and didn't think of the game when I saw the webm. Admit it, you're either stretching this shit so far just to make a point or you're incredibly autistic to the point where everything you see reminds you of a video game. Either way this isn't vidya.
Read the thread.
Those are banners. And again their still vidya related unlike a fucking video of a roller coaster that's been reposted on the webm thread over 3 times in a row now. And if you're going to bring up banners then I'll (again) bring up threads and how if you tried to do this shit on an OP you would get banned on the spot.
Then don't. If you can't find a name for a webm that works as a punchline then don't post it. It's not hard.
I can get every reference if I just assosiate whatever I see with inanimate objects and longshot assumptions. Like that webm of a chair? I know a game with a chair in it! Must be a witty "reference" amaright?
Almost seems ripe to actually fucking post them so people can learn more about them and discuss them.
And I'm saying that's not a strong enough reason to post 50 fucking webms that have nothing to do with video games. Your entire argument is that people can post whatever they want because they're loosely related to video games in some way shape or form. This may be the most retarded argument I've heard in a long time.
So instead of discussing them you want to post webms that have nothing to do with games on a video game board? Actually listen to yourself here because I can't fathom how retarded this shit is.

So dopey
You can't inline a post from a different thread to the one your in now. Click the URL, click the post It makes no difference.

Attached: ccdbf8ee6f2ecda65c993ee86320ecc06b98b50e7615c1a194fce95930d496af.jpeg (727x480, 36.88K)

Christ why should anybody take you seriously.

neither of you know what inline posts are do you?

For the sake of your privilege to post I hope that is bait.

This isn't 4chan you lazy fuck, just put two >s and the post number and it takes care of itself. This combined with your lingo I've never seen used anywhere else clearly marks you as an outsider.

No offense but you're not helping things.

He already knows how to do it he simply chose not to.

Attached: Untitled.png (696x415, 25.65K)

saying my argument is retarded does not disprove it
that's the point, they're not there for discussion retard, no webm threads are
on a board about video games, it's natural to draw the conclusion that a post is about video games, I'm sorry that you lack any sort of imagination or creative thinking.

Webm threads are about webms not having a fucking discussion that goes on and on that stalls any further content being posted. You can't compare webm threads to other threads because at its core its dedicated to posting and sharing webms and not so much about their discussion. A webm thread is very different from say a thread about shmups.

Webm threads, on Holla Forums the videogame board, need to be about videogames. Take your facebook ylyl rubbish to Holla Forums


Policing what is and isn't vidya doesn't work and the vol who cleaned up a thread a few days ago proved that. I'd rather see mods make quality use of their time and remove thread derailing shitposters taken care of than to see webm threads policed as to what is and isn't vidya.

here, you can dump (50) non videogame webms

This has been bugging me for a while now but are you even a regular to the webm threads? At all?

Thanks for proving you're a proxyfag, faggot.
>>>Holla Forums7860535

Attached: 1440544102726.jpg (500x670, 60.14K)

Bravo, reddit.

You know what should be done to 4am? A thread should be made at the same time as the official one, the official one deleted and the OP of the fake thread posing as Ritsu to defame his e-personality. There's no reason to support and not fuck with what amounts to tripfags.

Not that it's bad. I'm talking about actual vidya webms between just retitling webms. If that were all you posted given your bad example then you could just title a webm anything vidya related even if it didn't make sense. A smart one can get by but unless you want to make 60+ webms with interesting vidya related names it's not happening.
No disproving it disproved it. Nice cherry picking.
Again speak for yourself. This is a disussion board. Archiving and alternative shit goes on the share thread or elsewhere.
Not if the board stops being about video games and more about facebook shit. You don't just assume a place is meant for a discussion, you actually discuss it.
Not an argument. Answer my other statement though. If this shit isn't allowed as a thread why is it allowed on a webm thread?
This is exactly what you're doing faggot. If you wanna explain how it isn't feel free.
If they belong to you I suppose they should. This is Holla Forums, not /remindsyouofv/
Do I also need to feed you and wake you up every morning? They're different compnents.
Except when they're not with the webms
But a banner isn't? Seriously faggot? You're raising more questions than answers.
Not if it's vidya.
Gave me a kek there. Please don't pretend the webm threads are anything other than reposts.
I'm not hurt by your words for some reason.
Now who's strawmemeing? You did that with my punchline statement to. Point to where I said discussion is equal to a vote system? though knowing you, you probably think they're also like banners.
And the webm thread community decided it was good. Don't pretend that the 3 autists who dump hundreds of webms each thread are the majority.
To bad. Go elsewhere if you're so squemish.
I may actually because Mark is enforcing more vidya. Wierd how that happens.
Well gee then I guess I wouldn't be able to open any of them then.
It's a primary way of killing a thread to if that's all you fucking post.
Not every thread in a row. And you know just as much as I do that nobody hasn't seen most of the shit here because it's been posted so much.

No actually Holla Forums is about discussion of video games. If this is new information I recommend you take some adderall and lurk more.
Sure I can. I'm doing it right now.
I said this to the other guy. Speak for yourself.
Sure. But it still has to retain the fact that it's centered around vidya discussion.


It's like a broken record. How many times do you faggots need to be reminded that if you allow people to post offtopic shit you will get offtopic discussion. Don't bitch because of a problem you refuse to fix. Especially when you start bringing up Policing you dumb nigger.

Well the biggest problem with your entire stance is your blatant assumption that the webm thread guys will not get pissed then leave, and they won't be coming back when that happens.

Sweetie, I just went over this an hour ago. Weather you click a hyperlink or a quote link to a different thread to the one your in now, they act the same. They do not inline. You know what inline posts are right?

>>>Holla Forums7860535

There is no reason to take the time to type out a quote instead of copying the URL. Stop trying to argue over trivial shit.

Attached: Dumb nigger.PNG (1244x550, 76.6K)

Well I don't really think nuking the thread with offtopic discussion is a really great idea now that Mark agreed to limit the offtopic stuff.

That is a preview, now click the quote link, do it. It will change the page to the thread, just like the URL link would. I will not inline.


And I've already told you this isn't 4chan, hyperlink or fuckoff and never post here again you lazy fuck.

Alright you little wannabe oldfag swine, I will make a webm for your retarded ass.

You clearly don't understand, the webm thread guys don't give a fuck. Stop treating them like they're anyone else you're posting with. TF2 guys were already alienated and they haven't come back, if the /vg/ board dies they're not coming back here because they're already alienated from the board and will just head back to 4/vg/ bitter. The same thing will happen to the webm guys, and you asked for it specifically.

There is exactly 2 people on this board who archive anything regularly. Get fuck outta here and don't come back.

Attached: bring it.PNG (1077x543, 43.01K)

Does it matter? There's a vidya enforcement now. If they don't want to follow it then they'll jut get their posts taken down.
I'm not nuking a thread with shit tier content just to remove people who don't post video games.

No difference apart from the URL link opening it in a new tab. Sorry thot, there is no difference, no benefit to typing it out like:

>>>Holla Forums7860535

Instead of:

Stop arguing with me about trivial shit you fucking wannabe.

Attached: Replay 2018-03-28 21-31-39 01.webm (746x1032, 1.44M)

Well let's see threads to setup Holla Forums coming together and sing were all maintained by one guy (a complete faggot btw) he's gone and he ain't coming back and this board has never had a Holla Forums sing along ever since, Holla Forumsacks who 're crossboarding between both have all but left entirely (but to be fair that's because of Holla Forums drama) but they were the regulars for Doom threads and those took a huge hit in activity and now it's gotten to the point where it's a generic retro FPS thread, TF2 guys and the Anons who are here only for game night packed up and moved to /vg/ and they comprise a third of the activity on this whole board. I could go on, my point is the people you want gone are the only ones who will keep those threads alive. They will not obey the rules, get banned, get pissed, leave holdovers will desperately try and keep things alive then give up and either lurk here bitterly or simply join back with 4chan. There is no large unity going on here just a series of divided cliques.

And all because you care too much about something none of those guys cared about since the first couple months of the board's life under Mark..

Nigger nobody gives a fuck about that unless they're phone posters, just right click and open in new tab.

he says while crying over links

Dawn of the new day thot
This will be my last reply.

You even realize how hard it would b to fuck up as bad as Val did?
No they havn't. The board just turned worse during the election and there was a nuclear melt down. We still have people posting here from there but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
Not webm threads. You're missing the fact that webm threads aren't required to function in the way game night and activity threads do. There's much less investment needed to just dump a folder of shit you don't even have to look at. And again, I'm not nuking a thread just because I don't like people. I'm not 12.

are you triggered because soyjak is an accurate representation of yourself?

We still have people posting here from there but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
I am one of them. None of the Holla Forumsacks I hung out with in the Doom threads have come back. None of them, it really sucks cause I miss those guys.

Good riddance, but you'll just switch back to another proxy anyways.

Attached: 1440796387924.jpg (252x252, 8.98K)

Makes me wish I played Doom when I was younger. I passed it up for other games on console shit. Pisses me off to this day.

how about this.
what I find funny is that the quality of Holla Forums was better 2 years ago when the site was broken and slow thanks to Josh Moon's fucking incompetence with Infinity Next. this meant that any post counted, and had to be evaluated, as shitposts couldn't be viable in such a slow and unstable board, and newfags didn't have the patience to sit down and think of their posts.

Attached: joe2.png (551x570, 368.66K)

I know that feeling, always passing up older games I otherwise really enjoy playing now.

Now hold on a minute, I've seen Anons mistake some Unix timestamps being from 4chan purely because Codemonkey playing around with different timestamps offset the unix timestamp by 3 digits.

I guess you have a point.
many anons may still have old 4chan images pre exodus, so it would be a pain renaming them.
unless the image obviously looks like it was made after late 2014, then I guess 4chan filenames have a pass.

This executive decision has to come from mark and mark will not do it if enough volunteers say they don't want that. It is /a/ tier moderation.

I think the biggest issue behind this whole controversy is that for the most part everyone who has whined in webm threads for the most part never contributes any webms of any sort let alone a vidya webm to said thread. The usage of proxies only further proves that you got a few people complaining about shit they won't even contribute to if the rules concerning webm threads get reworked.

Their posts don't disappear you stupid nigger, just look over the fucking thread before you go about deleting it and ban the avatarfags. Jesus fucking christ.

Also, you aren't going to fix the political sperging as long as Holla Forums is fucking dead as doornails. If Holla Forums wasn't the massive pile of shit it is right now people would keep more of it there. What you can actually fucking fix is removing the cuckchan shit and letting newfags know they aren't fucking welcome. Most of our problems are due to belligerent newfags, and the only solution is banning them because they will never learn.

I don't get the bother over webm threads because they're just one thread. ban the ones posting cuckchan named webms for obvious fucking reasons and leave it at that.


KYS yourself

Fuck off, retard

Oh, okay, let me just
*posts gfur in a pokemon thread and gets a 24h ban, but everyone else dumping sfur doesn't*

Its like getting mad at the GG threads or Friday Night threads. If you don't like whats in it, don't visit the thread its something that seems to be impossible for these few autists.

you deserve it faggot.

Care to explain?

Attached: 030.jpg (600x450, 69.07K)

Bait threads are not allowed.

Cobalt is a faggot, remember that.


Meant for

Holla Forums culture threads.

Culture threads are necessary because our culture is the only distinguishing feature between us and other video game discussion sites on the internet.

Otherwise, we'd be just like everyone else.

Attached: butthurtincoming.JPG (640x480, 113.8K)

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt user, I didn't realize you're genuinely retarded, I apologize.

Not really no, we're not normalfags because we have a 4am thread. Our culture is important but it's not a defining factor in what seperates us unless you count not playing most AAA shit a culture.

That's what's killing us, honestly. We have too low of a userbase and many actively reject any and all new users because they don't adhere to strict and extreme standards.

Holla Forums was supposed to be competition for 4chan. It wasn't meant to be tiny gated community for jaded individuals who hate 4chan and all of social media.

There is no such thing as "Holla Forums culture"
There are video games and not video games.
Btw rob was not a video game, thank god that faggot left for good.

Who cares about competition? I just want a good place to talk about video games.

Maybe the board is declining because there are like 5 or 6 games that hivemind approves of posting about?
personally i visit less and less because the mindset now is "why would i talk about games on Holla Forums when the vocal majority dont seem to want to anymore?"

ROB threads and Superbus threads made this place special. There was a sense of community that came with those threads.

Now they've been driven out and 8/v/ is dying.


ROB left on his own, despite mark policing the threads himself.

Years ago
It's easy to not be driven out by having thicker skin and not being retarded by showcasing garbage games. The format got old for ROB anyway. The writing tanked the thing though.

This. This 1000% is why this board is dying.

Pìss off, reddit.

You have the most bizarre idea of what is and isn't video games, this is why Mods policing the webm thread is going to be a disaster. It's like you don't actually want to talk about anything anyone wants to talk about and just have everyone be completely botlike and simply post a literal video game and not even respond with anything except another literal video game.

Is there video game content? Is it about video games? It's video games.
Listen faggot I'm not saying webm threads can't have a single fucking post not related to video games. But the webm threads are objectively fucking nothing but facebook tier shit half the time with no discussion about anything.

Only 2 of these threads
are "not video games" but by this post's logic none of them are. That's fucking retarded.
That's it? That's your whole beef with those threads and why you want to kill them? Because you think the webms not being vidya is why those threads are like that? Fuck man that's not going to change anything you're just going to get the exact same shit except it'll be progressively slower until only that one bot remains. Then there'll be no discussion and just a bot regurgitating "video games".


We're talking about the webm thread not threads in general. The fuck are you on about? Also every post there is vidya related besides the 4am thread and maybe the drink thread.
because I lurk there and the posts have shifted more to facebook shit so yes.
What makes you think it will get slower because the majority should be vidya related? What are you even basing this off of? If it pisses off people enough to leave then they'll likely migrate to Holla Forums or another board and nobody will be worse off. And the only reason the webm threads move at the pace they do is because there's 2 or 3 autists who do nothing but dump the same shit for several dozens of posts. Your entire fucking argument is based off of 2 or 3 people providing you with rehashed content. Either fuck off or actually have a proper reason we should continue allowing people to post reddit shit.

Webm threads aren't for discussing anything, they're purely content threads. My only problem is if someone is posting mostly non vidya webms, they might as well not be posting in this board. Offtopic webms are fine but keep it mostly vidya.

Speak for yourself. This is a discussion based board.
The problem is the majority of the webms in the threads are not vidya. Why don't you just look at the last webm thread before it goes down?

Zou know what would help webm threads? A good tutorial on recording vidya and make the resulting webm not like pixelated garbage. I also don't see many problems with the nonvidya shit as long they are kinda related to culture (otomads and the like).

We're sorta halfway there with the encoding chart. I would post more stuff I do if my toaster handle it. Currently on an i3.

Holla Forums is going to incompetent to do shit.

I'm pretty much only here for the mecha threads anymore. most people who give a shit about quality left because Mark has just time and again proven himself useless

I don't have to, webm threads are 99% content posts. Your opinion doesn't really matter against facts.

And the posts are the same reposted thing every thread. They also are rarely vidya.
The facts are that most of the posts in the webm threads aren't vidya. What facts are you trying to assert here?

That you're a faggot.

Oh well.

Source on Oppai Scientist please?

>Trying to enforce the 85% rule by whining at people even though Mark suggested half and half

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I want to know how one goes about ensuring a specific percentage of something like that in the first place. When it's multiple people making multiple posts, how does one regulate those random multiple posts into a specific quota? Who are these redditers and why is Mark even pretending to take them seriously?

Why don't you go through older webm threads and check how people react to gaming webm's. Nobody wants to see that trash. There is this one user who posts a lot of Dirty Rally OC. I personally like them and enjoy watching them, but everyone else hate them. It's non gaming related webm's that get all the (you)'s.

Yeah. No fuck off with that

As apposed to people reacting to webms of pit bulls and getting half the thread removed? Not much of a fix.

Removing half of the thread is gay, but nothing wrong with people talking about these dogs. I don't know why you hate discussions so much. Someone posts something and others react to it.

Zannen Onna Kanbu Black General-san

The worst part of that was the vidya webms that were caught in the swath of reports.

But you see Youtube/Reddit/whatever does "Reacts" things so by my skewed and generalized version of the verb that means it's always bad!

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It's Holla Forums.
It's Holla Forums.
And there was virtually no vidya in the thread.

I know I got banned in it with the report saying "keep it vidya"..

we should not discuss anything at all because this is Holla Forums?

Where are you getting this from? Read my earlier posts. I'm not saying we can't have a single moment of non vidya discussion or webms. But this is still Holla Forums and the primary focus should be video games.

non vidya related webm's are allowed, so I don't see why it's so wrong to discuss them.

You go through the webm and notice if there's to many non vidya webms. If this keeps happening you count the webms in the thread that are vidya in some way. You shouldn't have to do this at all if you just skim the thread though assuming people actually follow through with the rule.

Nothing, until non vidya related webms are all that's posted and there's no vidya discussion at all. I'm emphasizing focus on vidya webms, not a dictatorship on them.

That's due to people not wanted to discuss vidya related webm's. Banning everything else wont change this.

There are none that's why. If you encourage people to make them wthen you'll gain more attention. Just because you might not find discussing vidya on Holla Forums entertaining doesn't mean others should suffer.

Is this your first day here? We had a strict gameplay only webm thread. It was not only very slow because nobody had content to post, but everyone just preferred the normal webm thread over it. We had like 2 or 3 regular webm threads before that one died.

I know we did. I discussed this in the last webm thread.
The current webm thread has plenty of content. People just aren't willing to make more. If you want a good community you work for one.
Define everybody? I would be there right now if it were up.
If there's anything on this board that isn't consistent it's the webm thread speed. You should know the only reason the webm threads are so fast is because a select few anons make over 70 or so posts without even putting any discussion or thought into them while nobody replies. I mean shit, vidya or not people don't usually reply to those posters.

Also off to bed. I'll be back later tonight/tomorrow probably.

all it takes is 1 or 2 dedicated shitposters to completely send a thread off the rails

Ellipsis and exclamation points are commonly used by outsiders who don't belong here.
exclamation points usually are old faggots who are trying to spread some stupid idea of there's or rambling about philosophy. the only I people who I see use them are over the age of 30.
ellipsis are commonly used by redditors and tumblrs, they use it for sarcasm or as a sign of weakness (example: "whatever you say…" or "ok…").
it's a thing they do unconsciously like with meme spacing, and stands them out as people who do not belong.

Board death is what you get when you combine elitism (same shit that killed 7chan, I warned you faggots about this years ago) with a newfaggot board owner who, almost exactly like moot, wants his own personal Holla Forums with video games while simultaneously banning for opinions he doesn't agree with. Congratulations, Mark/v/, you earned it.

Right there! That's what's killing the place right there.

meme spacing


like shit

Facebook get out

how's it killing it?
you doing the double spacing just shows you do not belong here.

"WELL *board drops less than 100 pph* AT LEAST *users leave in droves* WE'RE NOT *board dies* REDDIT!"

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not dead yet, Holla Forums is very comfy right now.

Seriously, what's with this gatekeeping faggotry? Holla Forums is not a secret internet club.

this. Thot is a nigger tier word, just like "fam", "boi", "fuccboi", etc.
use of these words should be a n offene.

doesn't answer my question.

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No they're fucking shit. Mark needs to delete the gacha shit and the rest of the aforementioned because it's peddled by offsite crossposters and people with zero fucking taste, and when they start becoming regulars you get a massive drop in quality.

Lolno. We're not competition, we're an alternative with our own standards, and your kind isn't welcome here. Posters like you are the kind that are killing this site. You'll sit here whining that we need more users until it happens, wonder why the site is even shittier than it was a half a year ago, and then leave and do it again somewhere else.

part of the problem is back in the "good" days of 4chan if someone made a retarded post it would get met with like 2 people calling them retarded and then just straight up ignored even if the retard replied to those posts because don't feed the trolls. now everyone has to give their fucking 2 cents and somehow think if you reply to someone trolling enough it will bring up the quality of the board. related to that is nobody reads threads. you will get the exact same post 100 times in a thread sometime because fucking idiots don't know how to control+f or reverse image search or even type 2 words into a search engine

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This person does not use this board.

You have to go back.

How new are you?

Holla Forums is more than just video games at this point. Get over it. If you don't like it, go talk about nintendo games at 4/v/.


At this point in time Holla Forums is pretty linked to quite a few other boards which is why you see some of their content bleed over into Holla Forums and also visa versa. As such its not just strictly vidya which is why you get Holla Forums, Holla Forums and /a/ bleedover among other things.

There's definitely to much cross board posting I feel. Which I wouldn't mind if it didn't create this fucking vortex of mind games where every post you make creates a brick wall of suspicion.

Get the fuck out Holla Forums.

Holla Forums needs to die because it is infested with roaches. It's not just the mods, people on Holla Forums constantly link to freaking turkish websites. On top of that you get shady articles. It wouldn't surprise me if that board is only around to destabilise certain countries.

Don't you mean Holla Forums or /reddit/ or /cuckchan/? :^)

Last I checked 8ch's /a/ is pretty much the endgame of this whole content regulation debate where all of their threads are directly related to their board's topic and there is zero tolerance for shitposting or fartposting but at the cost of all native content creation, discussion of indirectly related material, as well as harsh enforcement of tangent rules including skewed interpretations of grammar and language. Without leniency there is no room for growth or inspiration, but with too much leniency the userbase would devolve into an unfocused proto culture. I'm trying not be the "oh both extremes are awful therefore I'm the best because I fencesit" asshole but in this case there should exist a happy medium.

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I think that's the problem. There's no alternative solutions allowed to even be considered and we have a go to jargon with no facts to deconstruct any opinion that hasn't even been explored that well. And when we consider going for something we've explored there's no connectivity and people bitch, and the mods fold. It happened with the 4am threads, it took several months of constant proof that the undertale threads were nothing but yiffing, and it may never take the LOL threads no matter how many times people might bitch about them. Add this to the fact that the moderation rules have clear exceptions for its constantly enforced rules with certain generals and you'll never get rid of people who aren't happy with the way things are.

To be fair, when most of the suggestions in these threads are things like, "restrict/stop/ban X" rather than "add/implement Y," there's going to be obvious pushback. It's much easier to see if something you added isn't working rather than removing something and trying to determine the effect of its absence. Bringing up the topic of board activity, I know there's people saying "well we just need to foster a better community to get more OC/better threads" but in all the meta threads I've seen it's been just me and a couple other anons actually bringing up suggestions to make that community happen, and even only a fraction of those suggestions aren't "gamenight but in a different form."

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There's pretty obvious ones that should tbh. Like "banning" people who post from 4chan on the spot. There's just to much shit people can assume that would make you from there to actually be able to prove it without them posting some blatant shit. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had an opinion that was a bit outside the norm and was accused of not being around here despite being here much before the GG migration exodus. I don't mind some paranoia here as it keeps us on our toes but this needs to die down a bit obiosuly.
Well sometimes it's both. Like dis-allowing certain threads to post outside of certain time frames or not restricting just how much offtopic content should/shouldn't be allowed in a board (a big contentious issue that we'll probably never get over).
You're not wrong at all about this. You can't fix a problem by hosting a game night. And I've texted mark a few times for a movie night or something to his living tumor he feeds off of, that he calls a disagreement, and never gotten replies back. the disagreement shit is the worst part honestly, at least to me. The fact that he sits in a room with people only he gets to remove because he doesn't like them essentially tells you everything you need to know about how his posting habits are and how they don't correlate with ours at all. Add that to the fact that everything he's said there has been likely sold as info to investors is the cherry on top