Help me find an old game anons

Help me find an old game anons
It's snake-like game with multiplayer focus with various modes, I remember that there was bunny eating competition and zone control. There were also some pick-up bonuses. It had a colourful graphic style. I have no idea how old it is, it worked on Windows XP at the very least.

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I also want to know this. I remember playing this gaem.

this is gonna become a genre in the near future isn't it?

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I hope so, I actually loved controlling that snake. If they made a sequel with actual hazards and enemies besides gravity I'd buy it in a heartbeat even if the additions turned out to be shit.

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The little shit bird was my nemesis.

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I know 2 snake games, 3 if you count the various version of nibbles, and that doesn't sound like any of them. Now I'm curious.

It's not what you're looking for, but pizza worm exists, and I had fun with it.


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Holy shit, snake pass is a year old.

god damn it you fags it's snake-lite.
You cant just take one aspect of the snake like term and just slather it all over anything you damn well please.
we have a proper definition of snake-like if it isn't a proper snake-like then call it a snake-lite

If you're looking for a snake-like game this is it…

Are Tron's lightcycles the most imaginative take on the snake game?

guys, I just didn't know there's terminology about it, it's just that it took idea of being a snake and played fast and loose with it.

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Listen here, faggot, if you want to be miserable then that's your choice. You're delusional if you think any of the classic Snake ripoffs were "pillars of the genre" or some other bullshit; language evolves naturally, so it doesn't matter what word comes after the "snake-" if it makes sense to the people discussing it.

Only snek game I can think off, save the ones about hiding in cardboard bawkses.

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Can't you understand this is a jab at the roguelike autists? Flag, nigga.

I think he was going along with the joke.

Well if we're still postan snek games here's another one.

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Is this the best iteration of Snake?

There was another snake game made by Rare for the Game Boy that was basically the 2D platformer version of SRNR instead of an isometric game. It was pretty fun too.

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I remember a game I played from a demo disc I played way back in the day that sounds sort of like this. Its name was Heroes, so good luck finding it again.

Never mind, it was pretty easy to find. I think I ran it on 2000 at the time, though. Sorry for potential doublepost, 8ch is shitting itself and I'm an impatient nigger

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thanks for the effort, but it definitely isn't that, I was too stupid back then to run anything in DOS

It has apparently been maintained and received OS ports after its initial DOS release, including a Linux version. There has apparently also been a windows version with native GUI at some point, but it seems lost to time. Source: