Terraria Thread: Never EVER Edition

Well we've got a new spoiler so I guess it's time for a new thread.
I wonder what's taking them so long with the update? I'm beginning to think that they've canceled 1.3.6 and are just going to roll it over into 1.4.

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Cool, a new melee weapon.

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Is that some kind of sperm gun?

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No. Just fireworks.

It's terrifying.
Why it does have so much of goddamn HP anyway?

It's a late post-Moonlord enemy that spawns at a certain depth, on even the freshest of worlds like that one the screenshots are of.

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That's retarded.
Couldn't that mod pajeet make sure it only spawns if you defeated Moon Lord?

The abyss is layered technically, the top mostly empty section is post-skeletron, the section where the islands start appearing is roughly hardmode, deeper is moonlord and post-moonlord.

Confirmed not actually Subnautica

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Man that guy's angry

just read the whole wiki, it feels like a super edgy mod


What does Earth birth?

The Sun Lord

Something something City of Forms.

would love to play on a calamity mod server and more shit if it doesn't bog it down to much


Did you try uninstalling the autism mod from your brain?

He can't. It's shaped like a puzzle piece and if he did it would look uneven and cause him to hyperventilate.

I was trying that but got bored, actually not hard if you put a stack of recall potions on a hotkey and escape whenever there's risk. The only point I'd likely die is right at the end with the Moon Lord since you can't escape and I haven't got much practice with him.

I try but I just can't find the "normal" Terraria experience satisfying. The game just doesn't punish you enough for failure.

Okay tough guy, give me a strategy for surviving Mothron consistently. Last time I tried an asphalt runway up in the air but I still got murdered somehow.

Depends. How much you wanna cheese it?

Play on Normal and exit the map after dying so your items get deleted, grinding items back will be less soul crushing than starting from scratch every time while still being punishing.

Anything that actually works would be nice. I've been thinking of setting up a long platform with teleporters on each end and then just warping back and forth. It worked for Plantera (when nothing else would).

If you don't care about cheese just set up an invincibility machine (look it up and you'll see what I mean) and get some minions that deal good damage and stack as many summon buffs as you can.
Or you can do what you recomended and build a minecart track or the UFO mount which helps. If you need breathing room and movility try farming for the Rod of disagreement. And as always make sure you have plenty of potion and overall buffs.

That or you can just ignore Mothron altogether once you beat it once and never do the solar event again since there's no real good loot once you kill the cultist.

I kind of need to be able to do this when Mothron first starts showing up, not at the end of the game. How do I beat this fucker with pre-Plantera gear?

Okay that's a little too cheesy. Who knows if any of these even still work in the latest patch.

I think those got patched.

Fair enough.
Build a bunker and wait for mothron to spawn. Then warp out with the rod and run like hell while you deal dps. Honestly mothron is incredibly fucking aggressive. Probably more so than any other vanilla enemy in the game. So focus on tanking maybe. And there's still good mounts. If you're desperate you can build a sky bridge and take the unicorn mount on it. Fuckers fast and jumps high. After that it really depends on your build.

It takes advantage of I frames in animations so it works for me, but I run a pirated copy from last October so it's probably outdated.

Huh, it occurs to me that I've never actually found a Rod of disagreement despite killing loads of chaos elementals.


If you actually fuck the ground you could probably give birth to some fungus.

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Unicorn sounds pretty lame when I'm already making asphalt runways. You did give me another idea though. I wonder if Frog Legs can give me that extra bit of vertical speed enough to survive.

Oh oh, Frogs Legs + a Jetpack.

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