Companies known to be part of this:

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
disagreement Inc.
Epic Games, Inc.
Huuuge Games
Intel Corporation
Ker-Chunk Games
Owlchemy Labs
Radial Games
Riot Games
Roblox Corporation
Rovio Entertainment Corp.
Space Ape Games
Spirit AI, Ltd.
Two Hat
Unity Technologies

edit: added list from other thread

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That's a nice list of companies to boycott

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They mean to campaign in the 2018 midterms


Probably a Microsoft initiative.

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Two of the most Toxic companies around teaming up to fight toxicity. That is going to cause a toxic cloud not even Captain Planet could clean up.

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Microsoft has always been the world leader in video game pozz, where have you even been?

I believe you mean "boicott"

What the fuck are they planning to do? Make PSAs against online trolling?



Ultimately censoring livestreams and youtube videos of any game made by developers outside of their ingroup.

time to stop giving my money to blizzard, riot, twitch and microsoft
oh wait

What the fuck is "toxicity"?
Fags that can't handle the banter?

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How are Twitch streamers are going to survive? BroTeam is a twitch whore, Vinny is a twitch whore, few others i have hard time to remember screamed about niggers out loud.
Are they going to cuck themselves out for money?

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The enforcement on this will be very selective.


I'd expect ninty not to get involved because nips don't play this game by why not soyny?


Underrated post.

Well nobody's a nigger here so I doubt that's what the furry piece of shit meant.

So they're going to ban everyone under 20 from their platforms then.

Wrongthink applied to behavior, basically. "Thing I don't like but don't want to or can't explain why it's bad, so I'll just imply that it's bad and ruining everything in the vaguest possible terms."

Here's a larger list of companies involved.
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.



disagreement Inc.

Epic Games, Inc.


Huuuge Games

Intel Corporation



Ker-Chunk Games


Owlchemy Labs


Radial Games

Riot Games

Roblox Corporation

Rovio Entertainment Corp.

Space Ape Games

Spirit AI, Ltd.


Two Hat


Unity Technologies

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So white American is being harrassed by muslim "coworkers" and british news covers it up by calling it banter. We all know the kind of trash that lives in Luton.

Quick, name the last decent game to come from one of these companies

They're well aware that if they force their big names to be pussies, they're gonna lose traffic. This is just another pointless PR stunt for good boy points.

Don't even joke about that.

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Well ain't that just the absolute axis of shit.
Unity officially and forever confirmed as shit.

Unreal Tournament 4 is good, but Epic abandoned it now.

It's still niggerspeak.

Anyone paying attention to Unity already knew.

t. /agdg/

That's true, but I don't think I count it as a release

Since when hasn't Unity been shit anyway?

That's completely retarded. Then everyone makes the rules, because everyone has an asshole.

It could well just be banter. He's from Jew-York City. I'm not surprised that he'd stoop to litigation at the drop of a hat.

That's really all I care about anymore.

Not surprised in the slightest.

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Don't buy games made with

That's weird, why? It's the best company on the list.

A lot of kids use Roblox.

Intel makes or publishes games? I thought they just made crappy overpriced processors.

It gets the job done. Not to appeal to popularity, but there's a reason it's one of the most-used engines.
Something doesn't add up there.

Last year there was a youtuber that raided them, Roblox banned him and that sparked a flooding in the forums. Shit got so out of control that Roblox had to only allow 10 (could me more) year-old accounts to post or something like that

I've heard a few people say that is wasn't that bad. I never believed them.

I never claimed to be smart baby.

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all of those are soyboy infested

nothing of value was lost

well shit.
There goes anyone who used Unity for their game engine, better let the /agdg/ thread know


They have more to do with esports, they sponsor events and shit like that like IEM.

Please go back wherever you came from

They're about to lose so many normalfag sales it's going to put them in the poorhouse.

Okay definitely nothing of value lost there.

Second crash when?

The logo is as gay as the one made by goobergrate

Of course, the most cancerous company would be on the list. Friendly reminder that they used to do psychological tests on their userbase without their consent. Some of their employees also participated in harassment campaigns.

I have no idea of what these companies do.

weee uuuuu weee uuuu

How much would you guys like to bet that in three to four years companies will try to implement a system where you can get banned for saying nasty words and then you'll have to pay a fine to be able to play the game again

Pic unrelated

Fucking niggers

You guys realize that newer versions of Windows won't allow unauthorized programs to work right?

>In March 2018, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 S would be deprecated due to market confusion, and would be replaced by "S Mode", an OEM option wherein Windows defaults to only allowing applications to be installed from Windows Store, but does not require payment in order to disable these restrictions.

Microsoft is currently holding the keys to PC gaming kingdom. And before someone says 'they'll never do it' just look into how they pushed UEFI on almost all PC hardware and got away with it. In the name of security.

Selling this as being a way 'to combat hate' or 'protect children' is why we saw a massive media campaign warning the public that video gaming culture was dangerous a week or so ago. Even the office of the US president was in on it.

They've tried locking down computing freedom for the last 30 years with every excuse imaginable. This is nothing new.

Normalfags don't care, and SJWs don't play vidya.

BroTeam went good goy and Vinny is shit at games. Nothing of value will be lost.

This type of shit is the fucking cancer killing online games. Now, that's hyperbolic, not because it isn't pure fucking cancer (and it is fucking prostate cancer cells injected into mammary cancer cells), but rather because this is the mere culmination of cancerous and controlling practices by these companies.

Essentially, the "toxicity" that these companies kvetch about is the result of their own game design, which has led to a form that has systematically sought to destroy any form of community-made standards over behavior or even community building at all.

This shit is the crop reaped from Modern Warfare 2 removing dedicated servers. By removing and diminishing the role of community-based dedicated servers and communities from their games, they've removed the community's own ability to regulate its own behavior.

There are no longer the servers that people hop onto after a day of work/school to unwind and see people that they've known for months or years playing the same game, nor is there the super-casual servers for people who are all almost entirely new, rather people now are either all together in the same space (whether they want to or not) or are segregated into unranked/ranked (which still inhibits the ability of communities to regulate themselves).

So now, with communities unable to decide what their conduct amongst themselves is, they must use the developer's (and only the developer's) tools to handle themselves.

tl;dr – The "toxicity" that is complained about is 1. a result of the developer's own doing in making communities unable to manage themselves and 2. a hollow excuse to exert more control over how people play their own fucking games that they paid money for.

user, that's what Blizzard does with Overwatch. One of their esports player got caught for wrong-think and had to apologize and pay a certain amount to come back.


Rovio are the Angry Birds guys. One of the biggest companies in Finland.

There's no way… I was only jesting

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yo OP why was (((disagreement))) not included in the list?

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This may seem crazy to us, but to kids growing up today it's normal. They've never known anything but heavily curated spaces, they never experimented with technology, or fucked it up and had to figure out how to fix it because everything these days treats you like a retarded children and user interfaces don't let you actually change any important settings. Despite growing up using cellphones, tablets, consoles, and computers, kids today don't actually know shit about how any of it works.

The leader really? I'd have thought that was EA since they have Bioware.

literally who?

oh, its wordfiltered was not aware
Dis cord

Have another sad dog.

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Newfags need to leave.

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Looked them up. They specialize in linguistic analysis. Their two main products are game AI to compose reasonable responses and behaviors and a chat monitor called Ally that detects "abuse." Not going to link the web page since it doesn't archive properly, so here's the info directly from their page.

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surprise, discucks are on the list. yeah yeah yeah.

It's a fairly recent wordfilter.

It probably pretty likely, assuming neither the country nor the game industry has crashed in three to four years.
Fortunately you'll be able to avoid any of that by simply never playing multiplayer.
What's going to fuck them up though is the fact that they're trying to ban people for saying or doing shit while not not even on their platforms.

This. They have created this horrible mess. By trying to "combat" it all they will do is kill their games. Good riddance.

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They already ban people for having a toxic Playstation ID, all while having/providing no option to modify it.
That said, wait until E3, they'll push the same thing on their platform.
Why would they be part of it? Their playerbase is already emasculated.

They're trying to "clean up" their public reputation in preparation for government lobbying.

I was already leaning away from learning UE4 because of Tencent owning Unreal. I guess it's Godot all the way from now on.

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Horse shit. Moderation, automated or not, is another pathway for harassment. Unlike mean words though, this one can't be dealt with by using the mute button.

That's one of those cock extenders, right? I hope he just to increase his foreskin length and that's not actually his dick.

Boicunt or boiclit. Like real life traps, nobody sane would want to get near them.

Surprised that Double Fine isn't on there.

This alongside the recent Facebook shitstorm should wake people up; but it won't happen, people prefer to give out their info and freedom in exchange for some communication commodities


Have they been using lead or arsenic in the process of stamping new dvds?
I would have thought that the production of videos games was of relatively low toxicity in comparison with other 'industries'.
Especially if they are released primarily online, then only the components of the computers present any chemical risk.
Perhaps hardware manufacturers would be better advised to support this thing, as they are the ones working with hazardous materials and heavy metals.

In other news, I'm boycotting these fucking stupid cunt faggots. Who do they think they are winning over, do they think a bunch of niggers and faggot cunt dyke mutants are going to buy more than one game a decade.
Fucking pathetic kike retards.

but that's shit, user.

You're right.
Ubisoft is doing the same on R6 Siege, they're cracking down on the "toxicity" instead of going after the team-killers and the cheaters.

Has anyone called these companies out on fact that a big cause of "toxicity" is their fucking obsession with matchmakers and small teams in their games?

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Unity was founded by the ex CEO of EA so there was never any reason to support them.

There's literally nothing wrong with this.

Kill yourself
Double kill yourself.

But "they'll fix it in the next update" is a very good excuse to not get off of your ass and make your own engine, though!


Really makes me think

Also, How the fuck is Tencent not stepping in to stop this?
Have they stopped giving a fuck?

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In five years, we might have well a gaming landscape where the idea of a dedicated server even isn't known, everything is part of the developer's matchmaking system, and nothing can be done outside of it.

This consortium is made for the purpose of consolidation of power. They've already decided using outside sources in deciding what disciplinary actions are to be made.
I want you to look at Discuck(cord) on that list. They're going to use Discuck to manage players in as many ways as they can.

Harmful Opinions tried to warn us when it came to BeCandid. Now this shit is going to be everywhere. It's obvious why Discuck is in on this, since they're being shilled as a communication platform. Corporate surveillance and control is the mode of today, and only FOSS can save us.

Disregard that last sentence, since Intel is on that list, even your fucking hardware is pozzed (anyone who has followed (((Intel)))'s backdoors to the NSA and overall talmudic practices will know).

Be more specific. And if you know of one, point me to a better 3D alternative. I'm not interested in making my own engine at the skill level I'm currently at.

I don't use Unity either.

These games are specifically designed to piss you off and waste time so you'll "wind down" by buying loot boxes.

Sony will do whatever is most profitable. They're just as greedy as Microsoft, they're just in a different setting.

pretty hard to do considering they companies themselves are toxic

There goes manufacturer of gayming© cpus and owner of Unity© Engine on which runs more than half of indieshit and not a minority of bigger than indie games.
I'm suprised that chinks approved Epic to cuck for Microshit and jew-owned companies.

Do you have nigger facts? Those are funny.

Will videogames finally die?

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Tencent are just Chinese jews.
Several of their companies are on this list.


Riot Games is on the list.

user, they will never listen. The reason why matchmaking is so fucking pushed is because it takes control over communities and servers from players to the company's (((community managers))).

This too. That's the reason why Valve forced dedicated servers to be unable to display skins that players hadn't yet bought or gambled money for.

This is meant to be done so that there is no control on the community's part. If people hate a design decision, they're cucked and unable to just mod in better weapons or remove unbalanced shit. Now only the devs can change that, and any player that tries to change anything is a hacker who is to be banned from the whole game.

I hope to god that the one game I'm looking forwards to, M&B: Butterlord doesn't have this shit.

Only thing stopping Silicon Valley nfrom collapsing now is Democrats bailing them out in the future

Community servers aren't under publishers' control, so they don't want them to exist.


You can tell these people know nothing about games
This is just something that naturally occurs from time to time while playing online. The fact they want to fight it speaks volumes.

This is already starting to backfire hard on Siege.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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The official subreddit loved the idea so that's all that matter to Ubisoft.

This. There's a reason why EA decided to go after the people who revived Battlefield 2 and 2142 last year.

Silicon valley fired all their white and asian men in favor of streetshitters anyway. The democratic party shouldnt have enough power to be able to bail them out. Surely somebody will step in and say no, you're not putting tax dollars towards this horse shit.

It's not a real community if you're constantly regulating it and neutering it. A true community can only thrive with zero restraints and let the community govern itself

wouldn't it be more profitable to just ignore it because "toxic" and non-toxic players still buy them game anyway? Now you're just more likely to lose revenue from the players you considered toxic because they're idea of fun doesn't line up with yours so you want them out of your game and money still in their wallet. these jews aren't every good at being jews.

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Real communities have never been tried.

It’s going to matter to them when their sales take a nosedive. The community reviews are reflecting their recent descision, we’ll see if they learn from it though. If Far Cry 5 is anything to go off they just might be greedy enough to not keep drinking the koolaid.

wtf noo pls don't do that!!

TaleWorlds Entertainment also joined

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1. They don’t NEED sales. They’re subsidized by the government because the video game industry is now officially a propaganda outlet.
2. They won’t lose sales. People aren’t waking up and they’re not going to start waking up. They’re going to sell more than ever.

Signaling is more important than making money to these clowns.

Prove it, fag.

They should've adopted what Microsoft used to to with their Xbox Live service on the 360. If someone was bothering you, you could just block the guy and you would move on and never encounter the player online again.
These days, it's all about being "inclusive" by restricting the liberties of certain people.

a very small portion of players actually vocalize their feelings on toxicity as well, a majority of casuals just play the game and ignore the news and media surrounding it.

Most online games still have built in mute functions for players who are screeching in the mic or whatever one considers annoying as well

I think we're starting to get to the point where even normalfags are getting pissed. These decisions aren't made based on a majority opinion, they come from fags and feminists in big cities. Focus groups and (((HR professionals))).

They still need sales, retard.
Do you have a single fact to back up any of your blackpill bullshit?

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Boycotting Israel is actually illegal in the USA.

Enjoy having unlimited cancer everywhere then.


The coming generation is already pissed at PC culture because their favored YouTube content creators keep getting targeted.

Your post is too realistic and has given me trauma as well as post-toxicity.
Delete it. I've already reported you to the internet crisis police.

Daily reminder that there were fags on the R6S threads defending the bans of "toxic" players.

Because it's not full of mature gamers like you right?

If it's an AI it can be fooled or subverted.

Actually in a lot of European countries they've been cracking down on sports stuff for years.

Oh yes.

it was to be expected. Its like being surprised when you find out that tumor you had was malignant

Brote is a early-tier gamergater who hasn’t connnected that jews are the cause of degeneracy in games

Wait until they forcibly remake every single old game, via bots supervised by kike sjws.
They will retroactively included 90% diverse npcs in every game ever made.
pacman will be made into a nigger just to make sure.
All relationships in all previous games ever will be 33% dyke, 33% faggot and 33% bisexual open relationships with bestiality, 1% will be CIS SCUM.
trannies will be 50% of the 'female' npcs, meaning half of that 1% will be trannies.

They've failed to note that autists like us have nothing better to do than to fuck with their system. This is a fight they cannot win.

Underrated post.

I really think that autism will be the strongest power in the world within a decade or so.
No joke.
This fucked up society the monsters have created has spawned an ever-growing number of emotionless, absolutely obsessive highly focussed machines of bitterness, they really have no idea what they are fucking with when they target our escapism sources.
Those are the only things keeping us from levelling the whole fucking planet.

I only ever go there to shitpost. I tried the game at my friend's house and honestly its just a worse SWAT 4 mixed in with CoD/CSGO's "competitive" bullshit. I'll just wait for Ready Or Not.

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Well if we ever do rise up I vote the Sonicfags as the sacrificial penal battalion.

Executive Producer.

dubs on dubs - checked
Samus is a male to female to male to female double decker tranny with a hollowed out penis and a piece of rolled up stitched on thigh fat for a replacement dick /spoilers!!

Oh my god, fuck off and die, you obnoxious piece of shit.

Mariofags can clear landmines.

You clearly haven't thought this through.


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With Nintendo you can barely abuse anyone with their lack of voice chat/online communication or even bother going through the process of setting up the Switch to mobile app voice chat option.
They already ended Miiverse, their greatest potential for abuse/harassment is already gone.

Valve has already implemented an AI which can detect cheaters in CS:GO with near-perfect accuracy.


>Valve has 1,700 CPUs working non-stop to bust CS:GO cheaters

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That's the responsibility of the Tetris-brigade.

Valve also censors steam chat.
Fucking faggots.

reminder that online play is for retards and there's a distinct (((western))) and (((chinese))) representation on that list.

Prefer the pic where she is shown to control the suit with a buttplug joystick.

That's a pretty sexy inari.

I hope films, television, recorded music, video games, newspapers and magazines all die.
All media must burn. It is the worst invention ever created by man.
THAT's fucking toxic, if that word must be used.
Disgusting poisonous shit that spreads lies and manipulations like a cancer.

Brote is a jew.

I hate how Rainbow Six is now a competitive game.

The whole premis is tactics, from the ground up to be a coop idea.
In the first games, it wasn't possible, so your teammates were AI or controlled by you.
There are hundreds of other faggot games for retards to shit all over each other, but they have to fuck a perfectly decent coop series.

I shouldn't have scrolled through that.
I honestly don't know what I expected after seeing that profile pic and description.

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I hope you die and burn.

You shouldn't talk about yourself all the time, you obnoxious attention whore.

Interesting blog the CEO of the company behind EVE online is running. Relationship anarchy sounds like a manual on how to become a cuck.

Can't they just play single player games if interacting with people is so harmful to them?

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That nigga's just horny

I will, we all will, but I hope I live to see all media fucking nuked from orbit.

No? Because this gives them purpose. Its also funny how it only affects companies who don't have games that are infamous for their shit communities. EVE for example is well known to be THE goon game. You should also know that goons like to exploit weaknesses of a game to rule over it by not playing at all.

may come sooner than we think with those digits

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Anyone have the MARK MARK MARK webm?

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No need to be retarded on purpose, joke's played out for a while now.

The sad thing is that the people who play the pvp shit on the Terrorist Hunt game mode, saying that it shouldn't have been in the game in the first place.

Fuck off GDC shill

So the plan is to, what exactly? They already ban people for mean words on the internet, right? So are they just going to disable any form of communication?


Why are you pushing this agenda fagglord?

It was a nice read none the less but the study even specifically said that it hopes no idiot takes it's numbers out of context.
So let's see
And before someone calls me an SJW I just hate seeing idiots misread research and call it a "fact".

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It used to be that an old man would be pitied, for having lived long enough to see everything he had built destroyed, and everything he loved dead and gone.
Now thanks to society artificially being moved at 1,000x the normal rate, we see it all destroyed within 5 years, or a decade.
Being able to say that the world was saner 10 years ago is ridiculous.
Put me back in the medieval times, when life stayed fairly constant for a thousand years.
Fucking sick of this one.

The Bosnians aren't going to take this one lying down, I'll tell ya hwat.


It's a fact, regardless of statistics.
The fact is, all faggots should be pushed into active volcanos, and that the world will be a better place without them.

nice meme corporate bros.

Attached: 1466753748288.gif (269x321, 1.36M)

Yeah the world would be a better place without active volcanoes..

Uh oh guys I think we're in trouble this time. Carol Danvers is coming after us shitlords.

Attached: 7cpcek9olt63vr82dph5_400x400.jpeg (400x400, 19.37K)

Don't be so toxic, I am going to report your toxicity to the toxic avenger where he will inxoticate your toxicness with toxins made from toxic intoxication. If you toxinate any more toxicities, I will become toxicificised and the toxinicinity in your toxical toxesses will tox my toxes.

Hate faggots and niggers all you want, in fact I am a race realist trying to conduct research on demographic differences in genes that are linked to higher IQ. But don't try to back up your personal feelings with science if you aren't going to do it right. This is no better than when communist feminists try to use the wage gap to back up equal pay for women and niggers.

Attached: 1457226679821.jpg (597x615, 152.19K)

Where did you come from?

Language as a foreign English speaker detected.
The world would die without active volcanos.
Feed the volcano gods with faggots, literal faggots.
The name is no coincidence.

You already know the answer to that. The answer is the board which only exists because of Holla Forums, the ones who were so fearful of Holla Forums that they had to make their own special little homosexual deepthroating club.

Clearly somewhere that is friendly to bugchasing faggots who molest kids.


No, a commie wouldn't care what is true or not because to them it's all about feelings.

user, what other board is it more likely to have come from?

Girls mostly

You altered my words in your 'quote', nice media manipulation, pal.
Well, what relevance does that have?
I don't need to back anything up, a fact is a fact, by being a fact it is indisputable.
Faggots are volcano fuel. End fact.
I don't think you can find any studies to prove or disprove that, but it is a fact.
Try it out, feed every last faggot into a volcano and see whether the volcano thrives.

Hole in one.

Are you a Holla Forums user?
We're all 14 year old girls from California here, trying to talk about video games in a non political way.
Why don't you fuck off back to where you came from, the address is here

Thanks for the screenshot though. The 2016 election really brought the "best and brightest" immigrants to this site.

Attached: My opinion is more important than facts.PNG (430x71, 4.13K)


Do you even read what you wrote.
Do you know what statistics are?
Do you think that statistics = facts.
Really dude, I pity you wholeheartedly.
I guess you must have entered education when it was already compromised.

You do have a mental disorder, don't you.
Think I saw you mentioned in a screencap higher up in the thread.

Attached: 567f2f3117544a682e2358aa1aa67a59e606544b535e83a46e43a5b2444dee4f.png (450x450, 161.3K)

According to my research youre 100% a nigger

Kek. It's amazing how butthurt you kids get when I simply fact check sources.

You nailed it, and the other posts confirm it is from the aids infested /diaper/.
Like the other mentally ill of its ilk, it takes words out of context to try to manipulate, because it has nothing to say.


Never mind its 200%

Because they are going to shove that shit into your throat no matter what?

What are they going to do ban 9/10's of their player base?
Eve is the niggerest.

samefag appears
The aids medication must be causing personality imbalances.
Perhaps you can buzz for your handler.
Which image are you talking about exactly.

How are they going to put a gun to my head and force me to buy their game.
Did Todd Howard become Luca Brasi overnight?

My numerals didnt lie

What exactly will they do by joining together on this? Increase moderation and ban more users for "toxic behavior"?

Drive their companies into the ground together.

They are going to make all games matchmaking, and have all games run through the same keyword seeking software while claiming it is to do with "toxicity".
In short, they'll censor everything in the same way that the hyper-obsessive faggot cocksucker with aids does on Holla Forums.


You already I already?
Alright dear, time to go to bed.
You think statistics = facts, you are having delusions.

They already are, other then Blizzard who kept afloat by Overwatch, most of those companies haven't made a successful game in years or coasting of former glories.

Political pandering is marketing, you don't need excessive marketing if your product is good.

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Fucking nothing they are just virtue signalling and won't do anything more than what they are already doing. Which in a lot of cases is running their companies into the ground and making everyone hate their games.

Truly smartest user of 2018.

Why do you do this to me?

post the whole picture please


Yeah but Twitch and disagreement are both actually growing not to mention epic with Fortnite. While all of these companies are all hated here not all of them are complete and utter failures commercially. Though aside from blizzard I don't think any of their customers actually like the companies, just their products.

Attached: suu edit.png (294x316, 55.82K)

it was about time that these companies start civilizing the wild west, tbh it has been a long time coming

now if only they spent the money that they spent on the server farm on making their game not a RNG netcode shitfest… Oh wait that's the intention to begin with. You really can't blame people for cheating in a game that has been deliberately patched to be 60% RNG and then passed off as a skillful game. These type of games are designed to frustrate you no matter how good you are at them. Funny how there's nothing about false positives; what if your mouse fucks up and your character does a weird spin and then you get a lucky headshot? Before this matchmaking garbage the worst that would happen (which is unlikely) you would get banned from 1 server, now you can get banned from the game because of a gay bot.

This whole issue (not just the valve thing) is why archiving and history is important. Please keep software that existed before all this corruption (not just games) alive and useful.

I guess the incessant shitposting, dumbposting and politics bait posting is fine since the thread was never good to begin with


I wish I got cool cropped porn to post at you too.

Attached: 1396144746426.jpg (714x1118, 132.89K)

Add digital extremes to it
Their chat filters are managed by tumblrite dikes
they cant into regex so it just omits anything that has an offensive word they thing is bad. so you can get banned for weeks without even know what you said wrong and if you complain about it on the forums they will just extend the ban

Attached: chat moderator that also has her girlfriend as a chat moderator.jpg (540x720, 93.03K)

Not even game journalists could be this dumb.
In fact, it reads just like one of their articles.

forgot to add.
you cant directly trade since you need to pm people.

saying the word trap is enough to get your banned.


Damn, luckily I never post on region or recruiting chats. I can shitpost all I want on the clan chat. I hope that wont get fucked either

LoL, WoW and overwatch are the most toxic games there are on the market, which is ironic. and by toxic i mean underage retards, gamergirl attention whores, russian trash, BRs, turk roaches, and all the filth you can think off from normalfag mainstream games

Attached: e4b8e0fa1d6ec13c4d9f4174c3759dfe15826ba1969ec02c908dd77701e78b72.jpg (800x462, 107.23K)


user, if you wanted lewds you could have just asked.

Attached: 1450474536181.png (348x309, 49.69K)

Attached: 3956928950e1aa930a460b92fa6feb402c3d54a1c5b2c68bbba20460d5d9f63f.jpg (500x372, 46.93K)

Even normalfags all bring up how "toxic" overwatch is whenever they talk about it. Heavy moderation and banning does not make the community better it makes everyone hate each other more. All they have to do is bring back player run servers and they will be much better. People will self-segregate into communities they want to be a part of and everyone will be happier.

You don't need statistics when you have hard, mathematical proof like your posts. Statistics would be unnecessary if everything was as clear as the fact that you're the dumbest fuck in existence.

Attached: 1512437599-1.png (2508x4752 2.61 MB, 2.5M)

It's ok user, he might figure it out after repeating his 9th grade science course or Algebra.

Attached: haaaaah.png (256x256, 130.06K)

The hilarious thing is that even with all the ultra heavy moderation, Mr. "Sorceress and Huge Tits Are for Lolicons" himself did a piece where he said it made him uncomfortable when people were cheerful and said nice things in Overwatch.

they were planning to put moderation bots in all chats expect squad chat and dojo chat.
squad chat can still be logged for up to 2 weeks if someone does report you for even the mildest of shit.
i just stopped using clan chat and alliance chat as soon as i noticed there was more than 3 of them online at one point.

I was about to be sad for that dog but then I saw the hand. That's a nigger. He is better off now.

They want to push it. They are going to pull out the cockmeat and cram it deep into our assholes.

Their narcisstic spastic brains can't handle anything.


Samefag's first day on a chan with ID's I see.

This is standard for blizzard already, and I'm sure other companies do it too. For example an overshit league player used a twitch emote with a niggers face on it and got removed from his team.
There was also a HotS esports player who mentioned some very vanilla shit about immigration in Europe, and threatened to deport his ex-gf after she wouldn't leave him alone, he was permanently banned. There are a surprising amount of people on HotS who are similarly minded if not more extreme, so I am just waiting for them to nuke probably around 1/4 to of their already shrinking playerbase.

What did I miss

no they didn't, people just made uncomfortable jokes about being banned for saying something, i wouldn't call it accepting at all if you actually read the thread. people seem to realize that it's fucking ridiculous to walk on eggshells while playing a game for adults according to all rating boards in the world.

1. yes

Too bad normalfags and whales outnumber everybody in this board, counting people here arent normalfags and whales themselves.

Pirate everything and let Trump nuke the industry with no survivors

Attached: 4321bcd9fad11e3ff681088c2fd6504eb20f3448c75a202f18f32ca19d07169a.jpg (1201x687, 682.88K)

Why does he have such a gift for drawing Vivbush?

You are conflicting user.

reminder that donald trump was elected POTUS and only marginally behind in the popular vote


Attached: 4ee9907e61719620fca4bafd688fa6f098f71bcd054995f9035ff9806e3bfcb7.png (459x1000, 231.25K)

Even doggos are better than niggers

Why did you do that to me?

Fuck off Gabe. Did you enjoy Sea of Thieves or did you have to go back to PUBG?

Can anyone name one good game any of these companies has produced in the last 3 years?

Attached: the child understands.jpg (400x533, 92.82K)

Also you can tell this "fairplay alliance" is 100% Jewish. A company that isn't filled with kikes would never agree to this because they are going to lose money. People that are getting banned will never buy their games again and onlookers will see this as bad practice and hopefully boycott them. Anyone that defends a company like BLizzard in the first place is already a useful idiot. These peoples brains are liquid shit, and they will happily let companies like Blizzard, Actikike, Ubisoft, etc fuck them in the ass.

In Yuri's time these people were called boomers.

Attached: YuriBezmenov1.png (678x381, 242.42K)

Whole video

Attached: Former_KGB_agent_Yuri_Bezmenov_explains_subversion.webm (320x240, 6.79M)

I think Blizzard is the only one that's ever made a good game. God Starcraft was a long fucking time ago.

I guess Japanese games really are superior. Anyone have the image?

Nailed it.

A lot of companies have been trying to have their cake and eat it to with 'harassment' and community conduct. Many of them are perfectly willing to ignore any and all public relations responsibility unless it's about a very specific topic they want to bring up for a new feature or product, with bans coming out for political (I disagree with this company position) than content (calling someone a fucknugget for no reason). They operate with a ban-hammer and leave actual conversation to rot, and in absence of any kind of effective communication the natural shitpost tendencies float to the top. Even worse than on places like imageboards or plebbit, where you might accidentally stumble into an interesting topic for conversation on a topic. The game communities know full well that any actual disagreement or discussion is absolutely useless because they will not be listened to in the slightest, with the exception of childish tantrums thrown by enough people. Their selective censorship is more determined by financial models than any real concern for manners.

Regardless of your opinion about the game, Warframe has a massive audience and is free but manages to have some of the most helpful and polite people playing the game. I'm not going to pretend like there aren't bans and mutes that get tossed down from on high, but considering just how far DE goes to listen to their customers and how they'll actually stop major changes their customers don't like (damage 2.5 being canned that close to release still amazes me) you know those bans are mostly for conduct and not to only allow messages that suck the developers dick.

For me, the Icing on the cake is Blizzard Entertainment being on this list. Like they haven't done everything possible in WoW to foster the worst type of targeted harassment over the years. It's also a direct warning sign that this whole thing is just a bullshit excuse to try and get away with something else. Blizzard has taken no steps to reduce griefing on their PvP servers for almost a decade and a half, going so far as to bend over backwards to justify leaving it in the game and by all accounts working to make it worse. This is direct, observable and consistent company policy with Blizzard. If they cared about targeted harassment or toxicity, they would put in mechanics to prevent this behavior in their game. Since they don't do that, they are either doing this for the free publicity or just to give themselves moral justification to do whatever they want, probably both.

If I gave a shit about blizzard games, or even paid enough attention to them since '12 to know where to start this shit. I'd try and get their players to call them out on this. Just demanding how they can spend almost 14 years defending griefing, something that is by definition targeted harassment, and then say they support something like this.

With this PC madness in mind, could a game benefit from selling itself as the total opposite? Where the touted goal is to dick others harder than they dick you? They could probably pull some "Dark Souls of" shit with that.

Attached: 0e1cab444607aadbbc84f2322f602579dc31fcb2b72287128b5e898f9e3f61a6.jpg (635x636, 77.29K)

Every single one of those problems can only be solved by killing the owners of those companies, their shareholders, and leftists in general.
Complaining won't get anything done.
Killing will.

So what? Do it, nevertheless.

Holla Forums is too cowardly to use the guns they shill for.

It's them getting read for the mid terms in a few months. They're going to turn their games into dedicated propaganda outlets.

Woman detected.

This is why they are going after your games. Mostly because they think it got Donald Trump elected. It is the same reason Facebook is now public enemy number one.

Attached: nbc news gamergate hwhite supremacists.webm (480x360, 15.11M)

Well that and the powers that be don't want Zuck to be able to run. But hey, two birds one stone.

Look at them trying to stay relevent.
This makes me more mad than it probably should.

Attached: Dean.png (430x404, 309.67K)

Ah, to be young and naive.

Attached: smug geralt.jpg (417x426, 37.15K)

Zuckerberg won't run.

Yeah, but they thought he might, can't chance anything after Trump. Shame he was assassinated so close to the election the GOP couldn't shift support to the new ticket.

To make you strong, user.

Sometimes I ideafag too hard. This was tucked away in my hard drive for a minute.

Attached: SPIDER_WIZARD.jpg (960x720, 84.32K)

Zuckerberg was going to run as a democrat you fucking idiot.

I've already worked in a dog shelter user, I've had to see too many die.

jesus christ, we need to bring back ditch digging so idiots like this have something to do

LARPer detected

Spouting memes, maybe not depends on the meme, but sharing and spreading ideas is powerful. Why do you think they're trying so hard to control what ideas you can share on the internet?

Reminder the left always projects. They accuse others of toxicity precisely because their intention is to eliminate any other group.

Wow you sure pulled that out of your ass, you girly faggot.

the absolute state of nu/pol/

you dont like lesbians? what are you gay?

It's basic Alinskiite shit. They are entirely goal oriented and don't care for the means, so they'll just "NO U" as much as possible to make a smoke screen in the case they don't have an actual argument.
Case in point:

It's okay, I didn't need those brain cells anyway.


Why? Was he born in Israel?

actions speak louder than words, what have memes done for you or optics? cattle is still being cattle despite your optics faggotry

You mean besides propel a small core of several thousand shitposters into global fucking spotlight? I get that Holla Forums is insanely jealous of Holla Forums's reach, but denial won't get you anywhere.

Well, at least Valve isn't a part of this.

and optics wont get you nowhere nu/pol/

The fact that this is what you are reduced to should concern you. Good luck in 2018 ^_~

Two buttons. Two. Fucking. Buttons. there are more, but its the same principle: get rid of annoying people
For fucks sake, just crash and burn everything and everyone to the fucking ground.

Attached: eba6cd08ac99323a33b88b22c8….jpg (400x465, 16.76K)

This place can't burn down fast enough. Jesus Christ.

Toxicity includes = facts and opinions I don't like
"battle toxicity" = reduce mocking of those deserving of mockery thus creating a space without shame or merit in which everything can become as far left as possible
Sounds fuckin gay.
Translation: "How can we collude to police behavior and content to such an extreme extent that our products becomes censorious vehicles for brainwashing and social engineering like ResetEra or Reddit?"

Attached: u r a fag.webm (320x240, 315.96K)

i will thanks bb

Also ensures the games getting censored die. It's a common trend that when a site or company censors its userbase to appeal to vapid women and moms, and the safe space crowd, all the people that actually drive the community and keep it alive and well leave.

Attached: Single Mothers.webm (360x360, 3.83M)

The only way someone can express anything, let alone something that means something, is through knowing conflict.

Where there's no conflict, there's no expression, no passion, no drive. No reason to get up in the morning.

Human beings crave conflict, NEED harassment to understand adversity, need to understand discrimination to FACE it, need to know why abuses are made in order to DEAL with it.

Without conflict, people become soft, but cruel. A world away from reality can't last, because it crashes back down into it from within every time, no matter how far away you position yourself away from percieved evil.

If man has no knowledge of evil, then he will be underfoot of it.

I refuse to believe this is real.

Well isn't that convenient.
I already hate all these companies.
Really we need like a bill to just tell these companies to fuck off with this shit. something like
Stop All Unconstitutional Censorship Efforts Act

Western pigs continue to disappint!
Gaming belongs to SLAVS and JAPS

Well to be fair, silicon valley and china could barely be considered "Western"

I think it is real. My mother, for one, is a neurotic woman, she needs someone to tell her to calm down and tell her to stop, because she feels she has to keep herself occupied with some sort of chore at all times, and starts to freak because she has trouble calming down. At times she has trouble making a single decision, like simple stuff like "what should we have for dinner" or her arrangement of clothes. If you talk to her or give her recommendations, she'll decide, but if you don't she'll remain paralyzed at the decision.

It's not like she CAN'T make a choice of her own, it's the she needs other people to make her feel secure in her choice, and if she doesn't have that she becomes slightly depressed. Women need people to live, be it their friends or family, I've found that if a woman is alone, she's in hell.

Attached: 00_ev00_0070a04_001.jpg (1280x1440, 448.2K)

what do you just come here for the porn?

Are you implying he is a homosexual?

Piracy doesnt get them bankrupted, unfortunately. The industry will either burn to the ground(if shit goes full accelerationism) or the whales keep it alive(if the consumer retardation and market let it happen). The second is more likely to happen, if the "crash" is just a myth.
Piracy is just to have something to play while this shitshow continues, not a solution for the problem.

You get it, consumers nowadays(for the last 10 years) heavily suffers with beaten wife syndrome and post-purchase rationalization, all they need is some scraps to forgive.

If only that were not a media-concocted fantasy then those liars would be hanging from lamp posts already.

>reduce mocking of those deserving of mockery
Many degenerates deserve to be bullied. It is a natural mechanism against degenerate behavior. How do you think all these commies became what they are and got into positions to censor everything? When the mechanisms to combat bad behavior are removed then bad behavior flourishes.

I do not believe the lie that discrimination is an evil to be punished. The truth is that tolerance is not virtuous. Intolerance is virtuous. When many do not tolerate nation-wrecking behavior their nation will survive, but when that much-needed intolerance is suppressed everything goes to shit, Weimar levels of shit.

Attached: forced to lynch commies wanted to play video games.jpg (960x738, 87.58K)

Is that the chick from stopitbear.webm?

Sorry, should I care about companies called "Owlchemy" and "Playrix"? They sound like mobileshit publishers.

Why the fuck are half the artists on this site fucking cucks? You even give your own daughter to the fucking halfbreeds and mexicans.

Attached: ba4747da1ef08950af7ae49d4d92a429988e05ff5613fab30335f8598614fb55.png (938x1094, 578.59K)

They're intentionally defiling something they view as belonging to White Men.

I don't have the I am not a nigger, I'm just tan image.

Fuck off. Anyone who likes that picture is a literal cuckold. Especially if they came here in 2014.

Makes me happy most of those artists are mentally unhinged and dead by their 30s. Good riddance.

Attached: ad808cda57d16a6f7480487a8a1b9aff856073477986ff0fa8adc764f2961e31.jpg (261x260, 42.87K)


dis cord?

So to be a real man you must fuck your own daughter?

I don't believe your mulatto theory anyways. Vivian is a redhead thus very pale. Practically anyone would be darker than a ginger.

Attached: Vivian_Casual.png (1200x1250, 394.98K)

I believe shit is descending into something far worse, since you need to add people just handing over their freedoms for stupid things.

Just like most hentai, were it is full of tan guys banging white girls all the time:^)

Which is ironic, doesn't fuckerberg sell SSNs to illegals to vote in california?

Whatever helps you fap at night, cuckold. I'm sure it's not a "real brown person" to you, right cuck?

Korean hentai.

Attached: b30d8490cf7739dd1a9fb0f64c629be3e2172e8ef8c4e8980209ab2241199404.png (182x471, 93.68K)

That goes back to what I mentioned earlier.
People are being brainwashed to be this way. To demand their rights be removed, to demand subjugation. This initiative seeks to make gaming into just another platform for doing the same thing Reddit does: social engineering.

but that's an oxymoron you moron

Attached: bigBird what's autism.mp4 (640x360, 3.33M)

It's typical commie doublespeak.



Attached: I COULD DO THIS FOR MONEY.gif (542x613, 591.04K)

I think you'll find they're all hypocrites.
What the fuck how long has "hypocrite" not been a word? Seriously, that's fucked that it's not considered a word

It's almost like you shouldn't have listened to the development of a game based on a nonexistent "competitive playerbase"

I'm angry.
Angry with myself for not coming up with this and I've been listening to SOTD for waaaaay too long.

Attached: SUCK MY DICK YES.webm (640x368, 958.29K)

vinny's a lovable nintendrone, when did he ever scream nigger?

Go back about 7 years there'll probably be something.

Yes, nothing is safe from the tentacles of power hungry lefties. Its annoying how all of them will scream while stabbing you furiously.

Thats why they need to dumb down people, else, people would see the bullshit.

Attached: pain seizures.gif (300x375, 143.72K)


Attached: CUCKS ARE CUCKS.JPG (588x603, 67.32K)

a bit dissapointed they didn't outright associate videogames with neonazis and instead went with the soy version

Attached: nazi nerds.jpg (1920x1080 279.68 KB, 873.39K)



Sounds like she needs a dicking, where is your father?

Porn and shitposting are the twin pillars of any imageboard

get out of here stalker

You know most people who go outside have a slight tan right?

because it'd look ridiculous, they had to start small with shit like this otherwise they risk calling everyone who plays videogames a nazi, and they already railed against Jack Thompson so the 180 would redpill people fucking quick.

Microsoft are the ones that funded Polygon

she's 55 so fucking disgusting, and dad's a commie. He has a diagnosed mental disorder and changes allegiances with the wind and adopts whatever is the ideals of someone close to him, which is my sister, who is a bleeding heart dumbass. Mom doesn't get involved in politics so he hooked his alliegiences with my sister. He's prone to massive lapses in judgement so I have to be mom's support. He also spends most of his time doing stupid shit on facebook and "fighting the power" etc. They quit protesting and thus any real contribution to communism

He was abused, not sexually thankfully, heavily as a child by his uncle and is emotionally stunted as a result, and only opens up to my mother, it's very clear he's not all there and is devoted to supporting his family to a pathological level, and prefers my sister over me, because he has a serious awkward streak when dealing with male family.
He's a vet who used the Army to escape his family, and moved the fuck out of state and married my mother.
I have the rare privilege of seeing exactly what drives these people to do this shit and advocate for shit that killed millions more then the nazis ever did. These people are broken. They're dependant. They're constantly looking for community.

Growing up I never needed that, because I grew tired of people rather quickly and understood that being alone is only bad if you hate yourself and can't come to terms with your own thoughts being the centerpiece of your mind. Dad also fills his time with an internet addiction if he isn't talking to people, and unlike me put his computer in the most public and frequented room in the house, the the dining room, across from the main TV room that leads into the kitchen.

You're talking to someone who knows his enemies intimately. To me, this is fucking personal.
I can forgive my family. I can't forgive those goddamned bastards who prey on their weakness.
I live my life with a constant air of cold discomfort, of frozen rage.
If I ever met the individual people responsible for this preying on my family, I understand exactly what pains a man, and it has consumed a small portion of my mind from since I was a child. Self control would not be about restraint, but rather executing step one through step one hundred in the proper order, in the exact, perfect sequence to extract what makes a man human and to place it upon the ground, to be untouched by that person for the rest of their living, breathing life.

Attached: get in the robot.jpg (500x691, 41.72K)

that's why user is dissapointed

It's a massive hugbox because of the ridiculous amount of tone policing in chat. So much as talking bad about the latest update is enough to warrant a mute. "Harrassment" done outside of the game or official social media will get you banned in-game.
Damage 2.5 was canned because even the dumbest of DE drones could understand and admit it was poorly-designed.

It could be like
It sounds really terrible and intriguing at the same time.

Attached: 1516734347950.gif (346x261, 1.49M)

Just turn on the news to see them being used constantly.
Whenever a "unknown circunstances shooting" happens.


Hard to believe rockstar games isn't on this list yet. Or am I wrong?

Rockstar wouldn't be they make loads of money and ignore everyone else. They don't even go to E3 which suggests they aren't even very friendly with the ESA. Rockstar are still shitty in other ways they just aren't the type to bandwagon onto something just because everyone else is doing it.

European Space Agency? Lol I thought Europe is 3rd world.

No the Entertainment Software Association, the video game lobbying group that runs the ESRB.

Fucking hell. First time I learn about this. Why do video games need this shit. Just checked the members list for this and I stopped playing their games, and no wonder Sony seems stupid these days. They are a member too.

Attached: cancer.jpg (1334x672, 167.26K)

Nearly everyone is a member they run E3 and the ESRB so everybody has to at least give them some respect. Funnily enough Devolver actually got into a bit a spat with them the last few years at E3. To get around the insane fees to actually have a booth there Devolver just drives a truck out to the convention center parking lot. However the ESA has been trying to stop them by blocking their truck in different ways. Last year they actually called them out on their bullshit but nothing really came of it.

What the fuck does a processor company care about "muh toxic" bullshit?

Honestly, you know this is just so they can expand their legal rights to fuck you over, personally(plus a few companies who are probably doing it "FOR MUH FAIR LADY".


Attached: Yuri Demoralization.webm (426x240, 9.8M)

Why ? Its not like these companies force devs to follow their communist agenda *yet*