Games with Normalfag/Pleb Deterrent?

Can you name any games with built-in Normalfag repellent? On that note, what exactly serves best as a means of being normalfag-free?
The images I uploaded here serve as some examples.
Extreme violence, some racism, absurdity
Often extremely difficult, as far as games that normalfags play go.
Hyper-sexualization, to use a very overused SJW term. Nobody would want to be caught dead playing this game, let alone in public.

So what best serves as normalfag deterrent? Is there any one method of accomplishing this?

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the games u hate

Zork. Permadeath makes the thin-skinned cry.

The original Postal would be more normalfag-free.

Any games with lolis, especially scantily clad and possibly lewd lolis

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I've played Senran at parties with girls, I don't know what you're on about.

Anything that's even slightly obscure and has some degree of difficulty.

Those weren't girls user, sorry to be the one to tell you.


Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, memes aren't actually descriptive of facts?

No one will ever know what happened in Greg's room with the Thai one, promise.

There are way more normalfags who play anime games than you weebs would like to admit.

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Such as? Pokemon doesn't count.

not just any weeb game, sexualized weeb games

For starters, anything that is on steam. Senran Kagura included.

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Not to mention most of the "hardcore weeb stuff" is considered totally normalfag tier in Japan.

Unfortunately this.
Weebs are cancer though.

To deter both weebs and normalfags:
There you go.


That can't be. Remind yourself that we're talking about games which normalfags wouldn't touch.

Prove to me they don't touch these games, because I could go on Youtube and find you countless videos of whatever weebshit game you can come up with being played by absolute normalfags.

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Or just look check the sales. The fact that Senran has been localized for the 3DS of all things, a children's console, shows it's not as transgressive as you wish it was.

Any game that takes more than an ounce of skill.

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Saya no uta?

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I'd like to believe they play the games as more of a one-off or a "woah guys can you believe this game exists?!?!" rather than out of pure enjoyment.
Yeah, you can wager the games aren't enjoyable in the first place, but that's another story altogether, and you see what I mean.

Doesn't really count. While Saya is a monster in technicality, you never see her monster side.

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They're still playing the games. It doesn't matter if they enjoy them or not.

I don't think that counts. It does not necessarily mean the game is "normalfag" territory by any means.

autism simulators
anything that requires control of multiple units at once


I second this. It's mainly goons that don't like anime and manga. Anime as a whole is fairly mainstream.

Slightly counter intuitive controls/UI

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Walking speed in Morrowind which can be easily fixed with Boots of Blinding Speed and one second of %100 resist Magicka.

No, a specific subset of anime is mainstream. Normalfags aren't watching Kirara adaptations (K-ON is the closest those ever got to the mainstream), they're watching shit like Dragon Ball and Boku no Hero Academia.

Nice thumbnails, faggot.

Make it painful/shameful/hard to play.
Either by awful UI or high difficulty.

Is this a rare case of normalfags having good taste? Naw, they couldn't possibly just be watching for Asui.

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asui a shit

I've never actually watched the show, so you're just insulting one of any number of hundreds of random fap pics.

Nice try tho.

Unrelated note, but does Asui ever emote at all? Every picture or screenshot I've seen of her has her wearing the same stupid face.
On that note, why do so many people like Rei? Or Asuka, for that matter?

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You were going to use these as an example, weren't you?

Probably not.

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The worst UIs I have ever seen are all from extremely popular normalfag games like Skyrim.

This is about the closest I've ever seen to her having emotions. To be fair, it's the only one I need to see from her for my purposes.

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The popularity of Roguelites and Battle Royale says otherwise.

Is there any good lewds of her.

I hope you like prolapse.

Feels good man.

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I do not.

That's a shame.

My normalfag coworker casually watches anime in the breakroom.

lolis, the ULTIMATE normalfag deterrent
time limits of any kind, no matter how easy they are, normalfags and casuals will always be stressed by them
games that don't have animation canceling

And you talk about normalfags like you aren't one

Pleb seems to be interchangeable with normalfag sometimes so I included that.

To be fair, only one or two pages feature the proplapse in the doujins I've seen

I'm not so sure about this. What modern games have time limits anyway?
I'm beginning to believe this. I'd wager it fits into the same category as Senran Kagura where playing as a loli/big-tittied half-naked woman carries a negative stigma among normalfags.
Doesn't Dark Souls fit in here? That game is huge among normalfags as the designated "difficult" game. On that note, I recently finished Fortune Summoners which doesn't have animation cancelling either.
I couldn't tell if the game just had bad controls or if the frictions + stiffness were both part of the game's 'difficulty'.

By the way, are any of the good Devil May Cry games on PC?

None. All games will eventually be played by peoples of all sorts, and some of them are bound to like it. It doesn't matter how low the probability of it happening, with enough attempts the probability that it has happened will converge to one.

No, I mainly meant DF.

I don't know.
I never played it and I don't want to waste my bandwidth to try playing this.

Nioh of all things. Too much Japanese folklore and history. Incidentally it also repels the bad news sort of Souls players as well.

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Why you gotta act like edgy 14 year old hipsters

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pretty much any game that requires more than 15 minutes of time invested to succeed in

this is the cancer that's killing Holla Forums

Are you calling him cancer or agreeing with him?

I'm pretty sure he's calling me cancer because that's how predictable the anons in these kinds of threads are.

Hold on now, let him answer.

Yeah, 1, 3 and 4 are all on PC. I have 4 on PC and it's an amazing port, it should run like a dream regardless of your specs. I've heard that the PC version of DMC3 is terrible though and the "HD" version of DMC1 that came out last month has worse visuals than the PS2 original on top of missing/incorrect audio files and music that doesn't loop correctly. Emulation might be your best bet for 1&3, though I don't know how well they run there either.

What kind of a controller do you use? I'd imagine it requires a particularly responsive one. I only have the shitty logitech garbage

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Haha what a fag.

The Desire for big fucking tiddies is never embarrassing.

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I want to fug her.

No one in Hero Academia has time travelling super powers you fucking nigger.

Couldn't be any worse than being a jewish faggot, who begs for his daily pozloads, like your pic related.

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he is probably projecting and is a time traveler nigger

bad graphics or difficult interfaces

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this thread is cancer
he's cancer
everything's cancer

models where the girls have pantsu if you look under the skirt with the camera
no hand holding
no tutorials
you either get good or you cannot beat the level-games
no political correctness on the writing. No censorship.
games without come backs or casualized controls (3rd strike, etc)
games where the only way of doing an ability is by inputting the command. you cannot change the command or just press a button to do it (symphony of the night)
furthermore, games where you have to talk to npcs and actually think for yourself on where to go forward (Earlier Dragon Quest games, Symphony of the night)
games where levels don't make it easier, but rather how you approach the boss and implementing the right strategy (SMT II, Nocturne)
games where the enemies and player are on an equal field (Nocturne) and either side can get RNG lucky or the same gameplay advantages
Games with no checkpoints for awhile (FF:Tactics) where you better not fuck up or you will have to do previous levels again
Games where you simply learn to master the level and bypass the obstacles or you fuck off (earlier donkey kong games by rare) and if you are a little kid who needs to get good you can always farm 1-up balloons, but you better show mastery in that previous level to earn them and get them once again, or purchase them with earned currency, same currency used for other features.
Games that simply aren't for casuals, not SJW, and have a level of respect and faith for the player's intellect, and they fucking know the whole point of the game is to challenge the player and see them grow.
games that are just a little theme park ride are games that should not be a thing, and I fucking despise seeing polygon among other cucks demanding easy mode for their shitty stupid asses to be able to enjoy the hobby. Fuck them.

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and yet here you are, posting on a mongolian cartoon board

Name a more potent pleb repellent than Lux-Pain

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She is autistic to the point of giving zero fucks in any given situation. So she's basically immune to panic. She is just a coolheaded frog girl with a very nice attitude. The chilliest character in the show.

Japanese voice acting

I'm waiting for him to start tripfagging again and reveal that he's now transitioning into a woman and wants to be referred to as something like "Quentina".

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So what would actually "hardcore weeb stuff" count as in Nippon?


What the hell is that spellcard Remilia's using? I beat EoSD on Lunatic and don't remember seeing anything that colorful. Isn't almost all of her danmaku monochromatic red?

Unfortunately once you play it enough you discover enough exploits where these become irrelevant.

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to the plebbit you go filthy normalfag

Rei is liked because she is an emotionless Yamato Nadeshiko that will still care for you, and that over time you want to defrost.
I personally used to hate Misato until her attitude reminded me too much of myself and all I wanted to do was hug her and start a happy family in a comfy cabin on fanta island

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Armored Core and its autistic level of customization tends to drive normalfags away, at least from investing any serious amount of time into it. People love the idea of giant robots, but they can't handle the reality of mecha games.

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This sounds like something that would actually happen tbh.

lsrp on samp

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I think one of the big issues with that game, that got it so middling scores, was likely the translation quality (in a VN where text is going to be a big part). Ignition's pretty hit or miss with localization anyhow, and to my knowledge Lux-Pain has had no fan retranslation or anything.

Go home Quentin, nobody likes you. And get a haircut.

poor lil guy, did somebody help him?

Disagree on bullet hell, unless they have too many sexualized characters for them to ignore. Lots of degenerate autists love those games. SK is a good example though. Anyone who complains about fanservice as being a problem at all, or being something they can't ignore as a detriment to their enjoyment is a normalfag and their opinions are worthless.

Cuphead is a good intro game to tell this for obvious reasons; normalfags can't get good.

Earth Defence Force 4.1 for the slow burn and introduction to complex mechanics, weapons, class interplay, and third person real time strategy that confuses simpletons and makes them point and say "mindless action" less than two hours in.

Fallout 1 and 2 and basically any classic CRPG. Child-minded people need flashy graphics and muh immersion to enjoy RPG's so they'll just claim repeatedly they "aged poorly" which at least in the case of both Fallouts is largely untrue.

Mafia II, at least its story. Any fuckwit that said they didn't play the game because wacist or didn't like the historical wacism is retarded. I guess also put Kingdom Come here too even though it's far tamer despite being from the same dude. Immediately discard the opinions of those who enjoyed Mafia III.

Prototype is another ok casual filter game. The final boss will separate the wheat from the chaff.

So generally speaking the harder and sometimes older a game is without autism-accessible patterns to latch onto while having more fanservice and brutality, without being free to play or sports-themed, the more likely it is that normalfags will throw a random insult at and ignore the splendor thereof.

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No, the news reporter left him to die

Anything that requires skill and doesn't have lootboxes. That is all you need. Bonus points if the game has boss battles, it drives people like in pic related away

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't SOMA a walking simulator to begin with? How do you make it "safer"?

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Bottom left-most? I don't think that's Remilia. Might be one of the newer ones that I haven't played.

SOMA is a walking simulator, but with the occasional enemy that reacts to the player's presence. You can't fight them at all, but they can kill you. Doing so costs you a little bit of progress.
So, presumably, making it "safer" entails removing the ability for these things to kill you or outright disabling their AI, turning them into spooky noise generators at best.

Bottom left is Kanako's final attack in MoF, Remi is in top left doing her first spellcard in lunatic

Anything by Jeff Vogel should also be on the list. His games have everything that keeps Normalfags away.I haven't seen any normalfags playing Ace of Spades either. What also keeps a lot of them away is more complicated controls. Elite Dangerous is a good example that rocks.

absolute pleb
Top row: Remilia, Yuyuko, I think that's Kaguya instead of Eirin
Bottom row: Kanako, Utsuho, …and actually i don't know this one. is this honest man's death from Mokou, or one of Byakuren's patterns that's also ripped off from Shinki?

Ah, you're right. I was mixing up Star of David and Young Demon Lord.
in my defense the only time i got to and cleared EoSD on Lunatic was when i hadn't slept or eaten in 3 days

Easy there, Chad. You forget where you are.

Europa Universalis is a normalfag deterrant.

Oh my gosh, being a weeb is so Reddid, am I right guys?

The only thing I can ever thank Sailor Moon for, but it's still the inferior mahou shoujo and tokusatsu ripoff compared to Precure.

The homosexual is the one with glasses. Fun fact that in more serious anime/manga works the gay one is almost all the time evil and is so mentally unstable it may cause a catastrophe just to achieve their goals. Happens in meguca, happens in Berserk, happens in Devilman.

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Look up The IdolMaster in tumblr and then we talk.

For normalfags, it often is.

lmaoing @ ur life

yeah, the original was literally a mass shooter simulator(Kinda like hatred, but without the cringe). Postal 2 was all about taking the piss out of itself and "Concerned Parents"

Dunno about postal 3, since all I heard about it was that somebody else developed it and it was a piece of shit

Game was such a pleb filter, the game was supposed to be a trilogy, but never got a sequel

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Games with even a mildly inconvenient learning curve will scare the normans away


I like the walking speed in Morrowind, the music makes it a pretty comfy game to sit down and play.

Thief is a good example of a deterrent. No magic ability to see through walls, no quest markers, sometimes you don't even get a map. It's difficult but never unfair, which is a great way to drive away faggots.

Paradox strategy games in general honestly. Even Stellaris, which they tried to gear towards normalfags, proved too hard for them and they had to fucking rape the game (again) to try to make it palatable to them.