Games you are autistic about

Are there any games or game series that you can't get enough of and seem to have endless depth? I have always been a huge Metal Slug fan and to this day the older games still feel fresh and modern.

The series has a very good sense of humor that I can't get enough of. For example, you have slow and cumbersome vehicles against you that look impressive, but actually don't do a whole lot. There is a tank that is very tall and boasts a huge cannon, but all it can do is drop mines that slowly roll towards you. Some might also remember the giant plane at the start of MS2. It is slow, huge and impressive, but it doesn't do a whole lot except have the tanks it's carrying shoot at you. As an intentional attack or not, the tanks can actually fall on you. The main bad guy, Morden, is a cross between Saddam Hussein and Hitler. Hitler was a huge fan of making big, powerful war machines, but the war machines he wanted weren't always the most efficient in combat, or to make. I don't know if I am stretching it a bit when I say that the developers knew this and made this as part of their theme. Considering the breadth and width of all the references they make to movies, games and history, it wouldn't surprise me. If this wasn't enough, there are all sorts of things you have to fight including mutants, zombies, aliens, robots and whatever else, all done in relatively good taste. They are silly enough to look at, but they can be extremely tough to fight, which lends the game a sense of wacky humor which is grounded in some seriousness.

The series has also fascinated me because of how loud and busy the animations and environments are. The backgrounds are extremely detailed and are filled with all sorts of movie and game references, including one for their earlier submarine themed side-scroller game In the Hunt, and most of them are pretty subtle. The player characters have all sorts of idle animations, death animations, victory animations, even animations for when you are dangerously close to the edge of a platform. Even more impressive is how the grunts you fight against are very versatile in their animations. If they don't see you, they sit around lounging or laughing at each other's jokes, but if they see you, they pause to have a startle animation and then start fighting you. If they kill you, they start laughing. If you respawn, grunts near you are automatically startled. They have emotions ranging from fear to confidence to happiness, which seems an awfully complicated range of emotions for a simple side-scrolling shoot-em-up.
The grunts can die in all sorts of horrific ways, too. They burn alive with the flamethrower, they explode like a bag of blood when hit with a shotgun shot, they turn into mush when you shoot them with your tank's main cannon. You can even turn fat, which turns your guns even more powerful, even going as far as changing how your projectiles look. Being fat has it's own set of idle animations too, for god's sakes.

The craziest bit has to be that when you see the credits roll, you are met with all sorts of nicknames that don't lead anywhere. No one even fucking knows who these guys that developed the games are, apart from a few key developers, and even they don't remember all of them or who they were.

It baffles me how a game series has managed to have fluid and overly complex animations, solid gameplay, a good dose of humor, extremely catchy music, complete John Does behind it all (or extremely hard to find out about), and it still manages to be fresh even to this day. This is the benchmark to which I hold all games.

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I can't put into words how many hours I've spent into this and the original Strikers. At some point I could just win all 10-goals-matches with every combination of characters and captains. The skill ceiling in this game is almost infinite and any time you thought you figured out the best path to victory, some asshole from Germany discovered that Monty Mole is actually useful with the right timing, that the goalie will never attempt to stop you if his hands are on fire and will let you walk right past him, that if you stay real close to the edges and use Diddy Kong's special move, you may permanently send off an opponent until one of you scores a goal, and that's without even remotely touching the lobbing and movement tech.

The MS3 flyer is a gift for you, OP: I like your thread. I'm a big SNK fan, and love picking games at random to try from the Neo Geo's library.
Recently I've been knee deep in Money Idol Exchanger, a neat little puzzler with simple rules and a satisfying combo system.
Turns out the company who developed the game, "Face", was rumored to be sued by Data East and went under shortly after the game's release.

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I'm like OP, except I've actually one-life cleared nearly all the games in the series with all prisoners recovered an impressive score and I play Metal Slug 1 in particular at a world record scoring level.

I also am amazed how I manage to learn something new just about every time I play through Hellsinker again. The game has incredible depth.

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You wrote so long OP, you made my balls itch.

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Yep, it's Sacred 2. For some reason, I'm not even huge fan of diablo clones in general.

I don't know why, but I absolutely love RuneScape. I've been playing the same account for 11 years and I've got just over 455 days (roughly 10,930 hours) into both RS3 where I'm completely maxed with 200m in multiple skills and OSRS where I'm near maxed. That doesn't include all the time I put into private servers and Holla Forumsscape. I could be the last man on earth with all the free time I could ever want to do anything I wanted and I'd still play this damn game all by myself, even if it meant emulating a false community on a thousand different computers using bots.

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This is just alarming.

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when will you be shooting your school up, sir?

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I hate filters too, but I'm pretty sure those are just drawings.

I would have dropped OSRS like a hot turd if the community didn't revolt against the event the way they did. Faggot developers come and go, an online community that attacks the devs for being gigantic literal faggots for trying to ham-fist their message into an MMO comes once in a lifetime.

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mod wolf is a pretty cool guy

Thanks fam, I'll treasure it.

Now that's pretty impressive. Why 1 in particular? I understand if you don't want to play 3 since it's so fucking long, but X is right on the money, gameplay and lengthwise. It's my go-to MS game whenever I'm bored.

I'll try and post without paragraphs next time, just for (you).

I've ran and escaped from that game a long time ago, but I'm glad for you. That's dedication.

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Metal Slug 1 has an interesting scoring system that I always wished they would bring back and make a little more intuitive. Scoring in 1 is all about hoarding tank shells and devising scenarios to align perfect cannon shots for the 1000-point bonus.

X has some 11 or 12 random-value high-point items throughout the game. I have a lot of patience (you need it to score well in any Metal Slug), but restarting every time you get a poor assortment of important random point bonuses can fuck right off.

3 is just absurdly long. We're talking about a 70-80 minute playthrough for a really hardcore scoring run.

Also always thought the final boss of X was pretty bullshit. Those black UFOs in the final phase have too much health and are too difficult to dodge consistently, the only good strategy I've ever come up with is to hoard bombs throughout the final level and then dump them on the UFOs the moment they fly out of the mothership. It works but it's really stupid that that's the what you have to resort to. 3's final boss is pretty shitty as well. Metal Slug 1 on the other hand has an excellent final boss with a nice variety of attacks that are all fair.

Man, Im glad you still care about Runescape. Had a great time with since its first release but the passion I had for it just died slowly, luckily the memories wont die. I hope.

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Right on brother. I have too many hours on Holla Forumsscape to ever tell anyone about but I've also sunk in lord knows how many thousands of hours into retail WoW and private servers. My interest in WoW is long gone though and I'd rather stop maxing 60s in 1x vanilla at this point in time.

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Do you ever wonder what else you could have done with that time?

I used to, but then I realized that I would have just spent the same time on something similar. I only ever spend my free time either socializing with the few people I like or relaxing by myself. In Runescape, I can do both at the same time. I would occasionally go out with 3DPD friends, but I like to keep my friend circle small. Better to have one friend I truly connect with than a hundred friends that I have around "just because". The introverted MMO player lifestyle just fit me like a glove I suppose since Runescape fills the gap between work and loved ones.

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