Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ & Monitor Your Private Account on Xbox Live, Skype, etc

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I use none of those products,so i'm good.

I enjoy playing games.


I'm not an autistic college kid going through a phase.

Good thing I use scrivener, but damn, how the hell am I supposed to send things to people now? Write them in .txt files?

I like the idea of not using Windows but whenever there's a PC release I constantly hear shit about "Linux release when"

let chinks datamine you or stop saying offensive words in your shitty stories, shitlord

>>>Holla Forums

Post your lewd stories,i'm interested

GPG still exists.

Though, I suppose once you start using an encryption layer on top of their services they will ban that too.

Open Office?

I get banning people who call others fags on Xbox Live, but Skype? Fucking OFFICE? At least in the past they pretended that they weren't reading everything you wrote and listening to everything you said. Now it sounds like they have moderators actively scrubbing private chats and documents to look for offensive content. Considering Google just got chewed out for doing this on their online word processor, the libre office suites are suddenly looking a lot better to normalfags.

almost 20 minutes of research on cracking windows and removing data mining features.

also windows 7 exist, you fucking idiot, asking people to get on linux is like asking someone to get out of a platform that has games and go on a platform that has none, also this is not a ps3 thread so sage for games.

It's none of Microsoft's fucking business what people say in video phone calls.

Just like the banks going after transactions purchasing guns, the corporate left and international jewry are now silencing your freedom of speech.

Good goyim will suffer. Nothing changed in the world. Stop trying to convince windows freaks to switch to linux, i don't want linux to become even more plebian.

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wew, ok enjoy getting fucked when some crack executes a scanner and you get your identity stolen

My username is TikTikKobold
I have a deviantart, Hentai Foundry, Tumblr, Patreon, and Furaffinity. I tend to post mostly the same stuff everywhere, but some places have more things than other

You'll need an account to see any of it. I don't want to link anything here

I never thought i would say this, but i miss the age of dudebros and 12 year old-kiddies talking shit to me via Xbox Live. Why did everyone turn into sensitive faggots?

I genuinely hope this is a bait. No, i really don't want to believe people like you browse here, thank you. Get the fuck out if true.

Post screencaps

Do you think they care?

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Use Libre Office.

They deserve this and worse.

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do you write about sexy women with feminine penises?

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You seem upset.

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That's me!

I could post a pastebin of something, if you got a type of story you want to see.

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What was ">her" name again?

Do you do this because it's your fetish, exploiting the bottomless wallets of the furry community, or both?

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why are you on Holla Forums then?

Windows 7 + Office 2010 doesn't have this issue.

And this is where the fight continues, under the argument that it clearly violates First Amendment protections.

Win7 won't last forever. Soon you'll be using a deprecated OS with glaring security holes.

It is a business first and foremost, but when it comes to the main series I write, I do it mostly because I like the silliness/pornyness of the idea.

You'll have to be more specific of what you're asking is my fetish.

Damn, now I can't sell my book "Fuck Shit Ass Cunt: Motherfucking Clit Freebleeding Adventures- No More Anus Forever featuring Unnecessary Swears and Lewds… Penis->Vagina".

Anyway, I hope that is a misprint or gaffe because if they're monitoring your Office documents, that is a lot more troubling.

Shit, you think I might get banned for my old lewd forge maps in halo?

I'm asking if you're a furfag.

You must be new.

People still use Skype?


Oh, that's really interesting. Probably won't have anything posted up there today. I have to finish up a lot of patreon stuff for next month, but I'll certainly look into it!

I know you, your arts lousy and your anatomy is fucked.

No, they aren't people.

Ah, that. Depends on your definition. I'm not going to go to cons and dress up in mascot outfits or join yiff piles, but I do enjoy artwork or comics with anthropomorphic creatures in them.

I'd probably like those stories just as much if they were human, really. My "fetish" is for character and interaction more than species.

so, technically yes?

Oh hey, that's funny, because I'm a writer and I've never posted any art.

Or, are you talking about how I describe anatomy in my stories?

Good to see Microsoft admitting they have telemetry all over the place watching every word you type on Word.

Do you like girls with penises?


Shit son
You might be a furry faggot but at least you're someone who's out there making shit, so you're Ok
Tik Tik is cute

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I find office the most horrifying
It means they can tell what ever "racist" flyer you make is and bam you

Fellate a shotgun. This is not a joke.

Libresoft uses .doc files

You don’t own nothing, you stupid fucking goy. How many more decades will it take for you to comprehend this? YOU ARE NOT HUMAN. YOU ARE CATTLE. YOU DO WHAT JEWS TELL YOU TO DO AND YOU DON’T DO WHAT JEWS DON’T TELL YOU TO DO. Who the fuck do you think you are?

You are emulating games anyway, so what's the deal?

sure, but Futa wears out its welcome. I only got one Futanari character, another is a lady gnoll, and I got some that can transform into dudes for breeding purposes, but I try not to make it overstay its welcome.

I also like feminine boys like

but yes, traps ARE gay.


I'm commenting too

wtf i love microsoft now


yeah, yeah, I know. I figured if I was going to be a degenerate, I might as well make a living off of it.

And thanks. I got Papadripopoulos to develop the design based on my description

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traps are not gay, i command you to include a trap in your next story or else i will unpatreon you and i will show each and everyone of your furfag friends where you hang out and with whom

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Reported. You have to be not mentally ill to post here.

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Reported, too.

Also this is going to be a problem for artists who share their lewds through onedrive.

Commit suicide.

oh you're a reddit refugee. You could've just stated that fact up front and I wouldn't have replied

Commit suicide.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with prostitution or any other consenting act between two individuals.

I already wrote a story with a trap, user

Are you kidding? Those pictures are straight from their alt right section. I don't know if it's sadder that you spread their content or that you don't know you're doing it.

0/10, go back to tumblr.

Let me explain something to you, oh special snowflake, racism is bad.
But so are the niggers. The niggers are bad too.

Guess who's first is going to get banned many many times over for hatespeech, if not a nigger or spic?

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then write one with two traps who are magic by the power of their girlfriendship

is this an official commission?

What’s sadder is that you think you’re still on reddit and think anyone will believe you when you spam this shit.

What the fuck are you even TRYING to say? How can you be so mentally defective as to be defending this shit?

I am telling you that this is no different from police brutality.
Niggers are the biggest offenders in hate speech laws.

it's a threat

I can tell your train of thought has derailed completely, good luck trying to compose yourself. Watch out for that slippery slope

And if you take apples and stew them like cranberries they taste more like prunes than rhubarb does.


Truly sad


The best part is that he's arguing about freedom of speech, but then calls for janitor when he's losing it himself, trying to shut down alternative opinion.

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The best part is that you don’t have a goddamn clue what’s being argued here.

That is a retarded statement to make. Irrational hate is always bad because it is irrational, but racism is well founded on solid data. You don't despite the nigger because his skin color is different, but because he is a nigger and everything that comes with being one.

He does hand out (You)'s like candy though, someone should teach him not to be an easy mark

Within three days it has gone from "ban bump stocks" to "repeal the 2nd amendment." The slippery slope is not a fallacy, it is an accurate description of how negotiations take place.

Hate on solid data is still hate.
You loser such as yourself justify hating someone having a more difficult life than you are, and can't even draw parallels, think of yourself on someone else's place.
But i usually don't think about it myself. Thats talk for future age of more moderated imageboards.

Yep, reported.

You’re a redditor if you say things redditors don’t say.

Maybe if they didnt buy $400 shoes to pretend they have a rich face, then they wouldn't turn to drugs for escapism :^)

You’re 100% retarded. Your premise is fundamentally flawed. By your metric, you are evil for stopping viruses from killing you.

There is no negotiating with the left, because the world implies a compromise can actually be reached, when the simple truth is that any concession the left might give are simply given to buy them time and rally for a renewed assault.

And, what's your fucking point? I shouldn't hate the Jew because he wants me and my family dead? Is that what you're saying?

The only difficulties a nigger faces in his life are the product of his own behavior and those of his fellow niggers. But then again, it's obvious you are a cuck that actually thinks institutionalized racism is actually a thing.

You don't even deserve a (you).

Faggots are the best example of the realities of the slippery slope. Trannies too, and we'll have the same retards still in denial when incest and pedophilia are legalized.

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The demographic of Bravely Default and Awakening is almost 90% tumblr and just few imageboard autists. Of course translation was going to get serious changes.

Oh, I hadn't gathered that from your other posts that contain nothing but that message. Just to be sure would you answer this question: have you reported me?

Yep, that's your brain on racism.

Blow your fucking brains out. You were proven wrong.

Kill yourself you pathetic soyboy

That's not true though, not on a macro level at least. Your boyfriend Jamal might be a gentle soul that actually takes time to lube your ass before fucking you. That doesn't mean the vast majority of negroids out there aren't savage beasts that will try and kill you for no reason at all.

Saying hate is bad is like saying depression is bad. It's an adaptive response.

Yes, justified hate. There's nothing wrong with hating those who deserve to be hated.

I don't think pedophilia will ever be legalized, that would be a waste of far too much blackmail material.

fuck both of them must be shitting themselves

I want to see that faggot post in EVERY thread here where anyone says they hate any aspect of any game. If he doesn’t, he’s a hypocrite. If all hate is bad, he has to subscribe to that worldview uniformly. That’s a basic tenet of egalitarianism.

It’s being legalized all over Europe. Pay more attention. Bestiality is next. The kike head of the gay “rights” community has already said this.

Yeah, but on the other hand they'd get to fuck all the children they want without having to jump through hoops for it.

No, child marriage for Muslims are. It's a new right to violate the law because they couldn't enforce it and would be destroyed by terrorists if they tried.

What do you think Masonry is for?

I'm okay with FA and tumblr (a little) the rest are why though,especially the patreon

The left has been trying to legalize pedophilia for decades. Just read up on all the crazy shit the Green Party in Germany got up to during the 60s and 70s. Leftists want to fuck children, and I dare say that legalizing it is the driving goal, the holy grail, of all their political efforts.

I did say legally, as in, in the open, rubbing it in everyone's face. They get a kick out of displaying their degeneracy for all to see while the state protects them from righteous retribution.

So what your saying is you don't want to fuck a octopus. what kind of explorer of science are you.

IF its sapient it can consent


I'll agree with this but only because i recognize i'm fucked in the head and would like to dick possibly smart animals.

In the future, they'll make holding conservative views a blackmail material. Not fucking a kid? Not even railing a fag in the ass? How about jerking off a dog? No? Everyone watch out, he's probably a fascist.

Bestiality implies sex with a non sapient lifeform you should suicide.

No one believes you.

You're acting like they won't go after their actual populations for it, CP and shit like lolicon. It's worse than it just being legalized fully. It's being 'legalized' because the state is unable to function.

Way to go Holla Forums, gr8 thred.

Thanks for admitting you were wrong, at least. It’s being legalized. That’s not in question. The “reason” is irrelevant.

Eat shit. Kikes want the discussion we’ve had in this thread to carry the death penalty. The OP is the first step in that. Fuck off if you don’t comprehend what’s going on.

So we should only fuck other sapient life thats exactly the same as us?

Some us want to boldly go where no one has gone before.

What do you want us to say? That MS is being retarded? How is that news? Do you honestly think anyone here actually has friends to use Skype for?

If this is a question that you need to ask, go to the fucking doctor and get some fucking medication.

Yes. It's why fucking niggers is a bad idea as well.

You can boldly go to the gas chamber.

All you need now is a YT channel where you have a furry avatar and use it in a few different poses to simulate it talking while you talk about whatever, like dishonored wolf

I'm always amazed by the left's ability to hold two completely contradictory viewpoints.

I'm always amazed by the amount of video games in that post.

Drop the alinskyite shit and have a discussion like an adult you fucking kike fairy.

I didn't know adult conversation consisted of calling each other kike fairies.

Well now you do

So all of the internet is going to be doing this soon.
Simply because they cannot afford the risk of getting their ass hammered by the gov

Lots of deviants on deviantart willing to shell out cash. Got most of my random commissions from there. Hentaifoundry because I didn't know anything else when I started and I just kinda post stuff there.

Patreon because I want to make money off of what I do for fun.

I have nothing interesting to talk about in youtube video format. I want to write things people actually read.

Now, if someone wants to read my stories out loud that's fine.


The writings been on the wall for years but no one listened. Congratulations, you've earned it, fucking idiots.

Yeah, I'm amazed that a group of hundreds of millions of people don't have identical beliefs, too.
If there is a mainstream push for pedophilia by the progressives, every moderate lefty will immediately become their enemy.
That being said, very few people in general think that the age of consent needs to be raised above 18, so I don't see what you're getting at from any perspective.

I know, it's all a front for censorship but they'll use the gov as an excuse.

B-b-b-but…muh slippery slope! You can't possibly know that corporations with everything to gain by censoring you, a long history of censoring, and with total control over the government don't have your best interests at heart!

First they get rid of Clippy.
Now this…

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Shut up, dickbag

Cry harder, you fucking coward. You’ll never fight back against this.

Why has no one made a horror movie featuring a Clippy lookalike?

Why has nobody made clippy lewds?

I honestly have no idea how one is supposed to penetrate a paper clip.

And I suppose you will?

Thanks for admitting I’m right.

What the fuck is with this new shill raid?

There's nothing wrong with hate. It's a natural feeling, usually coming from something you love being threatened.

Are you gonna fight back?

We’ve known since the day he declared. We “picked” him because his rhetoric shifted the Overton Window, and for NO OTHER REASON. imkikey, however, bans anyone who doesn’t believe Trump is god himself, and so you don’t see what actual Holla Forumsacks think anymore.

What. The fuck. Do you think. You stupid motherfucking illiterate cowardly son of a bitch.

Add that to the fact the other choices were a Jew and a mad harpy that is hell bent on starting WW3 with Russia.

Kill yourself. You clearly know nothing about law.

kill yourself

I'd like to hear your ideas

How about looking for alternatives to their programs, you faggots?
We can use OpenOffice to replace their Office programs. But what about voice/video chat replacements that are not skype or goycord?
I tried out qTox and it was decent, but it still had some issues with sound quality, are there any improvements or do you guys know any better alternatives?

what is wrong with disagrguement?

I don't think you're going to do a damn thing.

When 2/3 of the things in his list are already historical fact, it is pretty fucking evident you dense cunt.

Pick up guns, go to nearest government building, execute for treason all traitors residing there. Rinse and repeat until all traitors expunged.
>in before “lol FBI”
>in before “lol blackpill”
>in before “lol not an idea”
Enjoy your genocide, then. If you’re too lazy and stupid to do what your ancestors would have done to the transgressions of just ONE HUNDRED FUCKING YEARS AGO, much less the extra shit that has happened in the interim, then you deserve to die.



You do know they are all seriously mentally ill, don't you?
Why do you think they all live in large cities, it is like a care home for them - they don't have to cook, drive, behave in socially decent ways, have real friends as they can change to another of the 10 million freakjobs any day of the week, they don't have to have any kind of responsibility or any kind of life skills.
They just step into a car that someone drives for them, climb out at the other end and sit in a chair all day, going out for meals cooked by gooks and spics.
If we nuked all the cities, mankind would be healthy again.

It likely isn't. Remember their push toward Office 365 or whatever the name of that Office subscription model was?
Online-only wasn't just for DRM.

This is code for “You don’t own nothing, goyim.”

The answer is pretty simple.
1. 95% of people are mindless followers and listen to whoever screams the loudest or pays them the most.
2. normal human beings aren't born with malevolent base urges to corrupt, destroy and parasite off everything in existence, while lying and cheating and generally being amoral freak fucks.

Play monopoly against someone who cheats incessantly, either you use their tactics or you lose.
Since they are born and bred to be thieving cunts, chances are they'll be the more experienced con artist.

We beat off the kikes for thousands of years, kicked them out hundreds of times. Empathy and humanity meant that no one just slaughtered every last single one of them, which they should have.
Ww2 was the turning point, and before that just before 1900.
There's little reason now why things shouldn't change just as rapidly, it is a short ride, historically speaking.
If you weren't such a newfag cancerfaggot, you'd know that things happen in quite an organic way, and there isn't a 4 month lead up where 'day of the rope' is advertised on all channels at 9pm.

As for video games being used to censor people and control behaviours, sounds like it is time to turn off the computer and the consoles and go outside to shoot each other with wooden guns again.

mumble for voip
IRC for text chat

Thus the need for outreach like using alternative programs so we don't get spied on. I asked this question on this post:
Are there any secure voice/video programs?

Real-life meet ups are secure, but only if you don’t coordinate them over the Internet.

Talk about timing, just posted under a minute.
Mumble seems really difficult to use however, but I'll have to force myself to learn it if there's nothing solid except for qTox.

Unfortunately, GNU/Linux is still an inferior product to Windows 10. There are memory leaks, random bugs, compatibility issues, etc. which makes the Linux Desktop experience still terrible in 2018.

t. 20 year Linux user.


Video games were a mistake.

protonmail is supposed to be private, is fairly basic and seems alright.

video chat, there were more choices 20 years ago, no idea why the piece of shit skype became popular.


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Tox is the only program that is inherently secure. Any other solution requires that you trust the server operator absolutely. If you're fine with that, or Tox just doesn't have whatever feature you need, Mumble is free software.

I really don’t like their ✡iconography✡.

I don't know what else to use.
Apparently disagreement is just as shit, if not worse and I'm not going to use bloody IRC just to talk to a friend.
Considering that we send each other good porn finds and talk shit about minorities we're probably going to get banned the moment this agreement is in effect.

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I don't know what happened there.


Don't see logos on their site, you'll have to point it out.
Few pajeets and 40% gook.

ts and mumble still exist

XMPP is good for text and files (images etc), but doesn't have VOIP.
I recommend if you need a server and don't want to set one up yourself

tends to have intense cancer
Also holds cancer

Wine's DX11 to Vulkan compatibility layer is quickly improving and they're also working on DX12 to Vulkan support so Windows 10 fags won't have any excuses left. Our graphics drivers are still improving rapidly and we're getting a constant stream of ports.

Use LibreOffice, faggot. LaTeX exists too.
As for chat programs, IRC+Mumble are good enough for most things. If you really need disagreement-style filesharing, Riot also exists and has IRC bridges but you'll still need someone to set up a server.
I wish we could go back to the days of people hosting their own shit.

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XMPP is an overengineered clusterfuck.

I pirate almost all of my games and usually play on pirate servers. What's microsoft gonna do, send spyware to find racist memes on my hard drive then lock my OS?

when it fully get's there then I'll give a shit to leave win7.

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Isn't that what they want to do?

Although this is well into conspiracy territory, I think there's a reason this is all happening right now. Governments are making a mad dash towards limiting internet access (both legal and illicit) because they are aware another housing crisis is going to occur soon. However, due to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, it is unfeasible to simply print money to "solve" the problem. Rapid inflation will just cause people to move their assets over to bitcoin/ethereum/etc., necessitating a larger degree of printing. Effectively, they have to somehow eradicate cryptocurrencies, before they fall into an inflationary spiral.

Fuck off newfag

This is still work-in-progress as I haven't learne how to manage software and processes. But I hope it'll help:

Attached: Which button_Linux_computer_Clueless.jpg (500x350, 63.59K)

Attached: Australian Cops.mp4 (320x240, 455.71K)

Did you just same fag


Attached: 5c4d6e931d030da7b451e1dcf7d533355d2e36e43ba0c5b2fdd0b146d29dc063.png (242x255, 13.9K)

Microshit employees will get a bath in molten lead

Attached: 1470084468192.png (700x700, 228.59K)

You know the “traditional” symbol for the atom? It ostensibly illustrates the electrons circling the nucleus, but that’s not how electrons actually look. It is, however, how the ✡star of remphan✡ looks, and was chosen for that purpose.

None of those are video games though

Attached: 1399414658092.png (626x754, 69.03K)

making money


Yes that's what I said.

no, I responded to two different questions

irc is not that difficult to use user

Thanks doc, but this thread has had no games from the start

You're welcome.
I know.

Attached: 1430338091517.png (803x688, 82.66K)

all the PC games worth playing came out 10 years ago though

See what happens when you don't kill jews and leftists?

LibreOffice and AbiWord do the trick. Also .rtf still exists. It's a pretty universally supported document type.

Yeah the SJW censorship wave is becoming a great pretext for greater snooping and invasions of privacy.

Older games run much better on WINE than Windows. Backwards compatibility sucks in Microsoft-land.

Get the fuck out already you fucking newfag. You actually seem to believe Holla Forums is a site for retards from 4/pol/ to strut around. If you have to be Holla Forumstard, at least remember that Holla Forums is the board for that shit, not Holla Forums, you off-topic imbecile.

WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAATTTTTT you don't like generic first person shooter iron sight game and mediocre grand strategy spread sheet simulator? fucking consolecuck sonygger shilll back you go to >>>/sonyeon/

FreeBSD is the future.

I prefer MINIX3.

Allow me to play the devil's advocate here for a moment - I believe that this for a change is less an attempt of Orwellian control by a giant corporation and more of a corporation covering its ass due to a law being passed. Microsoft probably won't enforce any of this other beyond the bare minimum to keep the lawyers off their asses, and even that only in burgerland. I could be wrong of course but that's how this looks.

Then so be it. For once I can see why some people prefer to be neo-luddites.

what is hardening

Honestly, Microsoft needs the Facebook/Google-Oracle treatment bad.

Faggots, heretics, niggers, and CIAniggers all of you are.

There is only one true OS and it is made by God's chosen programmer, Terry A. Davis.

Maybe in a few years it'll catch up to XP. Until then, I'll just have to wait.

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Reported for being retarded ON PURPOSE.

Tox seems better suited as a replacement to Skype, honestly.

Go back to 4chan you colossal inbred mongoloid. Either develop an IQ or fuck off already.

Please. I'd sooner install MenuetOS than that meme OS.

Just a reminder

Attached: Terry Davis - Where It All Went Wrong.webm (1280x720, 1.39M)

Wow, and it still can't run the vast fucking majority of shit I want to play. You niggers keep trying to get everyone to switch to linux when you should be trying to get people to TRY it through vm instead. Fucking autists.

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I'm amazed you don't see that's perfectly consistent with their real viewpoint which is fuck whitey.

Your fault for having shit taste

The AppDB isn't updated for every application every time there's a new version, so sometimes it's a bit out of date.

You guys get that this has nothing to do with "mean words", right? It's a paper-thin pretext to silence undesirables. I know some of you like to escape into videogames and pretend the walls around you aren't closing in, but this is politically motivated, and a lot of money changes hands for companies to make these decisions.

Attached: cia nigger.jpg (255x255, 19.69K)

I can't tell you how infuriating it is that the only non-socialist-brainwashed place giving a shit about this is 8ch, and they think it's about their games and movies.

Feels good, lads.

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sorry I'm not going to read whatever shit ppl all dumped on this thread but isn't this some response to the nazi-American killing of internet freedoms that happened recently.

You know the one that killed shamedsluts etc.

Tery is one of the sanest men alive, not being ironic

Banning such behaviors between competitive users will save xbox! #Rightsideofhistory

Other than the proven fact that it DOES have EVERYTHING to do with mean words, you stupid motherfucking kike brainwashed piece of shit, yes, we know. The point is that “mean words” is a phrase which means “anything that jews don’t like,” which you don’t seem to understand.

That's what he just said, buyt you didn't finish reading before sperging out.

It’s the opposite of what he said.
I did; you didn’t read my post.

I honestly believe he is a prophet from God. and yes he is crazy. Most of God's prophets are. You can not speak with something that immensely overpowering and awe inspiring and not break inside.

God wants us to run over CIA niggers.

lmao everybody dies, what are theyy, stupid

Every board belongs to Holla Forums.

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Fuck you.

Sometimes I stop and wonder how much fucking better the world would be if america had never existed

This is why Steam is better.


Shit man at this point I don't know what would be worse

That’s the best you can do, kike?

back to Holla Forums


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what's the difference?

Because even if America is destroyed we still need to wipe out Israel

Warmfreshpaint i think

I did make the switch but I'm sick of Hangouts sucking so much shit. I can't find a good videocall replacements. I just can't.
I tried others like Jitsi and they all had some problem, like buggyness or something.

Is this your first rodeo? They do this shit aaalllll the time. And we already had a full-blown "assault" weapons ban in the 90's, when Rapin' Bill was in charge. If the Democrats could get that far and still not only lose, but go in the opposite direction, even when Obummer was in charge, then what hope do they have now?

Kill yourself.

Reported for admitting that it’s the best you can do, paid shill.

Raygun the Retard banned machine guns, not Slick Willy.


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Hating and killing those that we hate is a good thing.
As is killing leftists such as you.
Niggers (that is, monkeys) and jews all must be killed for existing.
And doing that is also a good thing.

I'm not even going to keep reading this tiny shit, clearly whoever wrote it is a retard. You can't just throw in bad things with good things and expect me to believe they're all bad.
The government has no place dealing with STDs, regulation is shit, taxes are shit, welfare is shit and unions are shit. The less of all that the better.

Fuck off, bootlicker.

I'll need to tune in.

t. burger

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Also you need to greentext the t. or that means you're calling yourself a burger, newfag.


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I'm sorry you thought vidya would cow tow to your failed aspirations of being voice actor.

ok thanks but I think I'll with my pirated win7 for now

You need to go back.

So all in all he mixed the good with the bad?

Being a gun grabber makes you a shit president by default. Let's hope Donnie doesn't go down the same route or I'll be voting against him 2020.

People should work means to maintain a shamed sluts-like thread nonetheless.
Or even host a site about it.
Never let sluts be free from their whoring.

The problem isn't with the tech, it's with the people you choose to interact with. All your friends are cancer.

Good goy. Vote for Kike Puppet B instead of Kike Puppet A. That will surely change things. Don't ever fight back physically. Don't ever do anything, anywhere, ever. Just vote with our voting machines for our candidates.


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lol voting for who? i can't remember any other candidate that made the collective establishment chimp out and shit its pants the way he did, and he's shaping up to be a disappointment as well. if this guy can't turn it around, then democracy has failed. grab your guns (while you still have them) and change the country the old fashioned way; the way our ancestors did.

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His name is Clippit in this universe.

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Bullshit. It's a spiritual sequel to FF5, a game from before most of those spergs were even born.

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So a mixed bag? Half the things listed there are good.


Kill yourself now, while you can still die painlessly.

Is it talking about the shitty subscription based MS Office?

kys consolecuck

He was calling those things good you literal retard.

(Pic Related) But seriously this is interesting you came out saying this.

It's faggots like you the reason we can't have nice things.

How does being a defeatist and sucking dick feels like?

You know you have to be at least 18 years of age to use this site.

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That sounds like a huge breach of privacy… How can they snoop your office documents legally? That could lead to stolen ideas, stolen projects, etc. Breach of copyright tops the list of possible problems with this, not to mention saved passwords, etc.

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I recognize you from those /trash/ kobold threads.