Ray Tracing

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But not like we'll get any good from AMD either due to them being incompetent when it comes to GPUs and Cyrptoshills. Pretty much we are in JewJew's Hebrew adventure.

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Who would have thought 3DPD also applied to gaymes?

So is virtualizing geometry. This was actually the plan Carmack had for id Tech 6 before he left. The future won't be fast parallel triangle calculators.

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Virtual Texturing aka Megatextures is technology thats actually possible in consumer gpus thou
as Doom and Wolfenstein proved running ID TECH 6
I would want to see Ray Tracing that has slightly higher requirements not something ridiculous thou

that was in id Tech 5, they cut the virtual geometry and voxels from 6 (crytech guy took over)

They still alive?

And physics are still shit.

What does this shit stands for in nCucked jargon? More "features", more spying, more anti-competitive practices?

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even amds low end IGPs are running games just fine. You don't need a 1080ti, and it's not like there's any games that really take advantage of it. We need another HD4800 series to shake things up, something not good for miners but solid for people who just want to play games that undercuts the competition significantly in its price range and gets similar performance to hardware that's double or triple the price tag.

in terms of AI they mean actual learning AI and not NPCs in video games finding their way through a doorway.

They can do what they did for Ryzen make it preform like a champ while being less then the other guy.

The older games feel more next gen then half of the shit now.

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I don't know if CryTech is still alive, but I know that one of the main programmers from CryTech is now in charge of id Tech 6 since Carmack left.


They're already kind of onto that with things like the Ryzen 2200G. I think it needs a bit more power behind it and to be a discrete GPU in the 200-300 range that doesn't need to get 1080 performance but maybe something like Vega32 or whatever if it ever comes out will scratch that itch.


technically its still in ID TECH 6
its just using huge Decal Atlas`s
its completely different tech yet the same idea done more efficiently

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Carmack was a god tier coder shame he fucked off.

that's the virtual textures. there is none of the raycasted voxels aka virtual geometry.

Yeah, but I suspect he can foresee the limitations of the hardware at least 10 years down the road… so I'm really hoping his research and work into "functional" VR pays off better than game engine designing.

I legit don't see VR gaming ever being a thing, for engineering and other uses I can see it being huge.

Most of what I recall reading from interviews with Carmack about this is how much streamlining and optimization it requires. I'm pulling this number out of my ass, but he said the feedback needs to be down to a few milliseconds for most people. Otherwise your brain "desyncs" from your equilibrium and you run the gambit from being nauseated to feeling "lagged" from the VR environment.

So the reason all VR graphics are shit is because more visual processing requires more time which increases the feedback loop timing which increases the severity of the "symptoms".

I actually think he was talking about ditching meshes and polygons altogether. Since those are completely irrelevant to raytracing.

Pretty sure Carmack was talking about making Voxel Octrees, the data format
worked years to make it work as geometry, it didnt pan out or whatever (who knows what happened there)
and later moved to VR instead

He literally came up with the idea almost 10 years ago and at the time said the hardware required to make the move didn't exist yet.

But anyway, the octree would be to optimize storage and processing for both sets of data: the virtual textures and the virtual geometry.

Isn't one of the reasons as to why Project Offset was cancelled is because of the failure to implement real-time ray tracing?

Only thanks to Amazon buying their engine.

It has nothing to do with gaming for one thing, it's a marketing term for high memory bandwidth coprocessor cards that they've been developing for the last decade to sell to organizations that buy tens of thousands of highend GPUs at a time for their supercomputers.

This is the newer Sierra computer with 17,280 GPUs, the one before it had 27,600 GPUs.

These massive computers being built at an unprecedented rate are the reason for the high price of GPUs and DDR4 memory, both of which share almost identical price hikes in the last few years. The consumer GPUs getting bought for cryptomining is just a small portion of the problem.

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I think it's actually extremely difficult to fail making a real-time ray tracing renderer. It's just that for last 2-3 decades it has always been way too computationally expensive. That's for sure one of the reasons Carmack said back in 2008 the hardware didn't exist yet.

Intel's Knights Ferry or something based off that R&D was looking very promising for real time ray tracing, but they spun it into a non-graphics processor addon or something I forget.

Are you serious?!
Do go on I'm interested in hearing more.

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That's actually a load of bullshit that everyone who has passed econ 101 can see plainly. You might as well claim that IBM's z13/z14 are the reason Intel i-series costs are higher too.

proprietary fixed function GPGPU-CPU hybrid hardware (not a GPU!) that Intel thought could compete against the entire graphics industry
circular internal politics and delays with the complicated specifications killed it after it no longer was viable as regular consumer product
I hope this Ray Tracing tech wont make the same mistakes

Ironically it already has.

Whatever the future of Intel's Knights Ferry holds, it certainly still has real time ray tracing in its grasp above all other "competitors".


I know these are pathtracers, but still interesting. I don't really know the difference between this and raytracing.

this shit won't make your games any less shittier. If anything it'll now bloat development time as they will now have to adopt CGI levels of scrutiny and effort which will in turn only blow out budgets even further. And no ones gonna be able to run this shit anyway without the best hardware.

Graphics fags please fuck off.

fun fact: graphicsfags are all soyboys from san francisco

real men play text adventures

Some faggots are selling this single-buffer, no edit-cursor (must backspace to edit), zero feature wifi "typewritter" for $549.

This is the founder. Does he look like a "man" to you?

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Is that an e-paper screen? I was actually thinking how good of an idea that might be to have that for reading and typing shit so you don't go blind looking at a normal screen all the time.

It is, it's not a bad idea but they absolutely refuse to add line editing and it's waaaay over priced.

Has e-reader internals. Could be a couple hundred bucks max.

It is. It's also five hundred fucking dollars.
In and of itself, having a simple no-frills word processor could be a useful thing. The freewrite is not a bad idea, but at that price, it's fucking ludicrous. You can get a 6-inch e-ink reader for $60. You can get a mechanical keyboard for $80. You can get a SOC computer (like a Raspberry Pi) for $20. This thing is nothing more than components from those things in a metal housing, for $500. If you made one of these things and sold it for $100 to $150, I'd honestly get it. It wouldn't be my bag and I wouldn't get it, but I'd understand. It's an electronic typewriter (though not being able to go back and edit is fucking stupid; you have to actually delete back completely to the spot you want to change), and the draw to a no-distraction electronic typewriter should be obvious to anybody who enjoys writing.
What it is is fine, but there is absolutely no excuse for the price. You'd have to be a hipster retard to pay that much for something like that.

Is blender the only one that can do ray tracing right?

Blender doesn't "do" raytracing. Blender's internal renderer isn't even a raytracer, it's a rasterizer. Blender otherwise defers its rendering to external renderers, though the current canonical raytracer, Cycles, is actually developed by the Blender project
Blender's raytracing also isn't real-time. You can't use the same techniques that Blender uses for real-time raytracing, because it's designed around high-quality photorealistic effects rather than high-performance raytracing.

Actually, that is only a dent compared to crypto.

Well please give me the redpill on what virtualizing geometry is about, user-kun

It still fucking hurts, all these years later. And to make it worse, the videos have been vanishing from the internet. I can't find the video of the dragon boss fight anywhere.

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the dragon boss fight/monk fights were part of a demo reel one of the animators used for his portfolio. Shame it appears to have been lost.

Well, that's nice, but when is volta actually coming out?

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Never ever for consumers. You gaymerz are getting Turing, which is just a tweaked pascal. Enjoy your Nvidia goyworks on a GPU named after a literal faggot.

Nice, more un-optimized shit that can only run on new hardware while games continue to be shit or get shittier.

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Are you not a fan of the Hercules rhinoceros beetle?

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You ditch polys/meshes and raycast voxels.

plus this:
plus probably this:


Spiral staircase
Rhinoceros beetle
Ruins street
Fig tart
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Secret emperor


google Amazon Lumberyard

Source to FUCK MY SHIT UP,

Actually Raytracing has the potential to shorten development time as it cuts out a lot of the work arounds and tricks that are nowadays necessary to do (ex. cubemap reflections)

Implementing raytracing means that reflective surfaces will accuratelly reflect their surroundings, so no need for all that bs. Makes texture artists job easier as well and also for the guy who sets up lights and cameras in the scene

That would be true if the programmers are competent.

Which game is that stage left?

that's a yid.

reminds me of that time some (((media outlet))) was shilling fried bugs as a food source because muh environment and that it's selfish to eat meat

Competent people cost money and expect to be treated with some measure of respect. The people who run video game companies want slaves they can pay pennies and beat down for fun. Pajeet will work for pennies and is used to people above him treating him like vermin.

that entire scene was using raytraceing while all the other tech demos used a mix of rasterization and raytracing.

well its taken for granted that the next cards will be using GDDR6, SK Hynix will be in mass production starting in 3 months.

so sometime this year so long as its atleast about 4 months from now.

ray tracing is easier to program than rasterizing

Gaytracing won't even fucking matter unless devs actually utilize it in a meaningful way
AKA any "cutting-edge" graphics technology

Does it have a printer though?

bioshock infinite

I blame the increasing cost and time of AAA development. No one can take risks anymore because AAA take of the cost and time being so much that your game needs to be a runaway success or else your studio will be shutdown.
I hear a lot of the upcoming rendering tech will make development easier but I don't actively research or follow any of that stuff so I don't know. I hope it is though, because easier development means less expensive and less time consuming, which means more polished and content richer games.

Don't embarrass yourself. Raytracing, by design, is capable of providing photorealistic grafics. It's been around forever and it's used in rendering. The problem is that we haven't had the computing power to use it in real time until JUST now.

Jesus fuck what a fucking fate.

The production of most AAA western games are super bloated.

Even with the bloat it doesn't change the fact that costs have been going up and the time it takes to produce art assets has been going through the fucking room. To the point where the FFVII remake can't possibly have everything the original did because development of art assets simply takes too long. Any new rendering tech that can alleviate some of the art development headaches would be a blessing upon this industry.

You can have all the tech you want it doesn't mean shit if you can't make a decent game.