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New thread. Just wanted to say that I didn't drop the project, just being busy lately. Next coming is a more refined submission form.

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Are you still going to link to that "why denuvo is bad" website? You really shouldn't, and should instead come up with a more well thought out and deliberate article that you can make available somewhere on your site.

Well, I deleted the link since an user was supposed to provide some corrections, but he bailed. So I guess I will do it eventually.

I was the one who said that I'd do some grammatical clean up of that article. I also said that it'd probably be a good idea to double check this information. I didn't do that, so you can go ahead and take this as a template if you want. Pic related is my post from the previous thread, it's more or less an improvement on the broken English that is posted on that website.

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That theme is cancer to my eyes.

Post link, I want to see what I can do with CSS.

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You can use the style changer to switch to the metal theme. But sure, have this: honestgaming.heliohost.org/grass.css

And fuck, I didn't put the link in the OP like a dumbass. Well, it's there now I guess (honestgaming.heliohost.org)

Want me to edit it in the OP?

If you can, sure.

Now that I think of it could we list features of games that are consumer friendly?
Looking up A Way Out made me realize we need to praise consumer friendly practices like requiring only one copy to play with multiple people rather than forcing everyone to buy their own copy to play together (which we should list as a thing that is consumer unfriendly).

I made a few CSS designs for you, user.
The first one is a simple light mode. I know most people prefer dark modes but I personally don't like them.

The second is based on Yotsuba B.

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This game needs to be in any list of games to be shit on for the publisher's god awful microtransaction practices. DLC for this game includes:
You literally pay for half of a game when you buy this shit on console, and the PC version uses controller support as a form of DRM.

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I appreciate what you're doing here keep it up

I like it, friend. And fuck if that Duke World Tour summary didn't BTFO of Gearbox. Keep it up.

There are denuvo shills trying to prevent you from spreading the info on the damage that denuvo causes. Don't fall for their lies.
Get good sources and info, but keep informing that denuvo IS harmful for the consumer.

Thanks! They're in.

archive of previous thread?

Can you separate the style links with "|" or use the html tag? It's hard to tell the styles apart.

It's a bit of a nitpick user, but you want to appear more professional I think, remove instances of "I guess" and the like in your comments. though maybe I am mistaken and this is also supposed to have user submissions as well?

just as an example. "Did not include the Armageddons blade, and Shadow of Death expansions in the HD remake" sounds better than "I guess, but did not include expansions. The base game hasn't been relevant for a long time" In my rewrite it's a lot more clearer what is missing from the game as well, since a user of your website might want to know immediately what content is missing if it is a remake.

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That's nice. I can't remember the last time a game allowed you to play on the same copy. I don't even think there's been an AAA split screen game in the last few years.

Seconding this. It could use some better wording at times.
I could try helping if you want.

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It's not quite the same but quite a few DS and 3DS games allowed you to use download play, so while you needed two consoles, you only needed one copy of the game itself. Mario Party DS is the one fresh on my mind, been playing it with my little sister lately.

So, how is it going. Still switching the colors?