This is what a Xbox one X graphically enhanced character model looks like

Sea of thieves the death of Rare isn’t it?

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It baffles me how bad the characters look in this game.
Its Tumblr redesign tier bad

Yet the game world and water is beautiful. But you distracted by ugly characters. Especially female characters.

You sure that's supposed to be a human?

An 4K enhanced human at that.

It looks like it has tits? I can't tell.

It seems to descend from a diverse, tolerant and inclusive space, so I'd wager it is at most 56% human.

I think they're supposed to be ugly. They're pirates, after all.

I looked it up and all the pirates you play as are randomly generated and you pick from one.

You should be happy that this might finally kill Rare. End the suffering.

Who would care, Rare is just a shuffling shell of a corpse.

Makes sense I guess since the Chinks are taking over Apefrica.

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This. Let's fold our hands in prayers and hope the devs starve to death in the streets like they deserve.

Rare died when Microsoft bought them thinking they were buying Donkey Kong and all the devs left.

Man, this game has some ugly characters. But it has really good looking water, so I guess it balances out, maybe?

I got an Xbox one as a present and holy shit those this thing suck.


I really don't understand this, when I search the game problem people actually claim they play more games on Xbox than their PS4 or PC and that people complaining are the problem not Xbox. I hate this world

Whether or not Rare has died is a matter of semantics

You could say good games have become a rarity for them.

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Is this the best viral marketing you can afford, Rare?

At this point I doubt Rare canafford indoor plumbing

even ubishit managed to make water look and feel good, that's hardly a feat nowdays for big productions


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its literally built into the engines.


t. Rare

Rare died with grabbed by the ghoulies.

So this is the power of the Xbox one

Literally no one says this. Halo died with Halo 4, and there’s no saving the franchise or the Xbox.

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Yes, its like some tech demo or what would have been a free LAUNCH app.

Remember the play-station free social game PS home. Its like that.

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I'm 99% sure you're saying that Halo 4 sucks, so the correct way of saying it would be that the franchise died with Reach.

Rare has been dead for a long time.

No, Reach for all its faults still had some heart put into it. It also had the saving grace with the return to form of the Elites. The Elites in Reach got massively expanded with gaudy armours that helped differentiate from each ranks by their shield health and their loadouts, even the noob combo still has trouble dispatching these guys since they'll actually fucking dodge the shots when they see it.
Its nice to fight those guys one last time before they were downgraded into Cannon Fodder so 3 that 43 could whip out a bigger and badder™ enemies

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Is that David Hogg?


devs don't die anymore, they live on as zombified shells for publishers to trot out and say "look your fav devs from 20 years ago are working again! buy the game"

Post some that aren't then.

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How long before the >Rare was never good posts?


Every time you post to Holla Forums you support pedophiles


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Still mad your board got shut down?

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With pleasure

Say, why don't you proof of CPs right now eh?


That's not a big deal, but is there a way I can post and not support Jim?

FOSTA was supposed to take the site down completely, but the mods were too quick. Now they're going to have to use soft pressure, rather than legal pressure.

I got an og Xbox after my 64 and I remember being so excited when I read in a magazine that ms bought rare. Then we got a worse remake of conker and grabbed by the ghoulies


There has been a lot of shillings for this game lately; please stay on your containment thread and stay there sucking Canadian cock

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This shit is specially funny when you realize that every pedo discussion board has been deleted

But you have a variety of choices to pick randomly from like: old woman, old man, fat man, fat woman, ugly woman, ugly man. old fat ugly woman and old fat ugly man.

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How fucking naive are you user? The fucking game is a skinner box design to exploit inpatient retads.
Weapons take 12 to 24 hours to build, warframes take 12 for each piece then 72 for the complete character. And after all that you have to level them up, use forma on them which resets them back to zero and then do it all over again until the weapon/character feels usable


Exactly, you have to grind for your ass off for days and embrace the jew in you in order to accumulate everyone's pocket change

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This "cartoony" art style that developers use seem to be the new go-to ingredient for all normalfag bait games. Even without content all it needs is a lot of hype to generate some revenue

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I am having fun for free, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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I'm fairly sure he's referring to your wojak.


Fine then nigger, the wojak.

You are right, I can't stop you from eating shit

stay mad

That design wouldn't look good a decade ago

Dude, this is PS2 era graphics. And the character model looks a lot like pic related if you squint your eyes a bit

*and* you don't need a terribly good rig to run it.

Only retards play plat to rush crafting though. What's so hard in waiting a few days for weapons craft or whatever?
If you don't want to hand shekels over, you just have to be patient.
Yeah, the prime shit can be a fucking grind and sometimes I don't see any real incentive to grind for that shit unless it's a select prime weapon that is some meta ass OP bullshit or something.
The entire game is a grind in itself but that's how it plays. I enjoy the game personally but I can't see myself playing it for huge lengths at a time. It's one of those games I hop into every so often… And considering that it's free, I've been quite pleased with it so far.
But what is your point exactly? That free games are going to have micro transactions out of the arse? This isn't news to anyone, There are AAA paid games out there that are offering stupid amounts of DLC and microtransactions
nowadays and retarded normalfags gobble that shit up all the time.
People will pay stupid money for stupid shit, whether that's right or not is surely up for debate but personally if you don't want to spend money on gay ass cosmetics, then don't.

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Can somebody explain to me why is microsoft giving zero fucks for years now to at least try and salvage what can be salvaged from xbox one?

they copied the trend of cartoony multiplayer-only streamer bait games (OW, Fortnite, etc.) and did so badly

Because they don't care anymore, I seriously believe that they stopped caring after removing the Kinect.
It wouldn't surprise me if Xbox was operating at a loss


Just because xbone dont have any games and the only "exclusive" game android-f2p tier garbage for 60$ doesn't mean they cant sell them.

So, I should stop lurking and post more? k

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"Digital Terrorism"

By the way, wasn't GAB promoted by "the youtube skeptics"? That's pretty funny considering how GAB later turned out to be a honeypot operation made to develop ways to censor social networks


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They're doing what Sony is doing with their NoGames Station, just selling it regardless

Wait, why is halfchan not on this?

That is an excellent question.

what the hell happened to this board

can't we just make warframe shitters fuck off like with SJWwatch?

the microtransactions in that WF are slimier than Battlefront 2 and nobody bats an eye on here

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Kill yourself, subhuman.

Ask me how I know you're new.

Because during the exodus it was proven that some of the mods and janitors were massive SJW or friends them; Ironically enough the only BO that wasn't pozzed and tried to foretold this was from /d/

the games own motto makes fun of people that pay.
"ninjas play free"

I said kill yourself, subhuman.

Fucking facebook is on there man. I don't care how bad moot is or how SJW the jannies are, it can't be worse than facebook.

You did indeed say that.

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That would explain halfchan getting an S++, not its complete absence.

I would also like to know that user, every time you mention the lack of real content and the shady tactics they use everyone starts to chant the "But it's free" mantra

And worse jet, I've seen some motherfuckers in the warframe chat openly talking about Holla Forums telling people to use the warframe threads

Reach was a great game
Change my mind

Reach had the best covenant in my opinion, their whole set up seemed like a realistic way of invading/defending a planet in the not to distant interstellar future. Story was great.

warframe isn't $60. and its not even pay to win.

without even getting into the gameplay, its because it's very easy to get into the game and not pay any money. ever. ive put in a decent amount of time. never spent a penny. and i have every single warframe modded to their pinnacle, and i have almost every single weapon in the game. i also have a large amount of platinum currency (pay currency), and a mastery rank of 24/30. i also have a shitload of cosmetics and useless customizations.
never spent a cent.
its pay not to wait, and pay to have things before others. its not pay to win
Holla Forums has its own clan


i like the aesthetics of the environments.

tbh what dont canadian tax payer dollars go towards in canada?

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the aesthetics of the backdrops have nothing to do with the tileset. i was complimenting the tilesets. the game has alot of room to be criticized, but the aesthetic isnt one. especially when you compare it to the other sci-fi space games.

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Warframefags need a constant influx of new players to keep the plat economy going. They're shilling for you to join their pyramid scheme.

This is something that I really like about warframe, most of the times the art direction is so fucking inspired, but sometimes you can tell that some designs are from freelance artists, some of them are good and some are not

Pic related, that's from Volt's designer

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It is still a game that has a business model attached to it.

agreed. but its still a cool looking drawing.

some weapons look stupid, but the game has so many. i tend to really like the environments. i cant think of a single one that's ugly or unappealing in some way.

the plat economy comes entirely from separating idiots, addicts, and casuals from their money.

Every game that is not FOSS has a business model dumbass.

Yes. That is how you can say a freemium/f2p game can be shilled.

Wow, better not have any threads except DF then, all these shills around here.

Not every post or thread about game is about promoting said game.

Oh even better, we can never say anything good about games either.

i mean, it CAN be shilled. he's not wrong. but i dont think it's being shilled now.
there are alot of people that like warframe on this board. there has been since long before the influx of newfaggots. and has been actually long before the election cycle. i even remember an occasional thread back in the ebola chan era.

The warbros are proof of that satan.

You're broken.

Tell me the difference oh wise one.

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pls define the mission statement of your public opinion shaping career and the stated intent of your presence here
then define purely enjoying a game and posting about it

Controversy marketing means you can't discount negative shilling, either, or competitive shilling, like how both nintendo and sony's marketing teams tried to take the soyboy meme.

It's not crazy to believe that someone could be shillings the game user, there has been a lot of shills in this board over time, don't you remember Rotten Human and the Activision fag? There was even one fag that reported one user for leaking footage for For Honor some years ago

i've been found out!

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Where do you idiots come from?

Where do you kikes post from?

The problem isn't that you talk about it; the problem is that when someone criticizes the game or developers a bunch of retards will jump at you yelling "It's free" "It's not p2w, it's pay to not wait" and "But the devs are based".
It mirrors Star Citizen in the way that when you say something bad about the game everyone goes nuclear, from an outsiders perspective that seems like a fucking cult and not a community.
Just look at the Warframe threads, every thread the same guy posts something negative to get replies and he gets them effortlessly every single time

Everything about this is hilarious, I'm dying.

How fitting.

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How exactly does something being free exempt it from criticism? I can understand being more forgiving, but completely exonerating it? Is this a cuck thing?

Post your face when you've actually seen better graphics on the fucking Gamecube.

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As much as I dislike Microsoft for being the an evil megacorp I hate cuckchan console war faggots like you more.

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Is it just me or do Semi-realistic bodies and alien-tier faces just look wierd and uncanny ?
I mean seriously how fucking hard is it to just use a normal human face as reference and not the result of a 12 year old playing around with the mario 64 title screen ?

Leftists are incapable of creating a female form pleasing to the eyes. They get a minor panic attack for even contemplating such a notion.

GBF has had a general for quite some time, if that's what you are trying to say

Show me a general that does not do this.

Off yourself you microtransaction apologist.

you'd be surprised

How about you lurk more? Even the retads at fullderp know that their game is shit and unbalanced but they enjoy making fun of it and exploding it

I think he was being rhetorical, m8

That's not true. They had Forza 7.

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Even the Dreamcast could do better.

But clearly, SOT doesn't have bad graphics due to technical limitations, it has ugly character designs. No amount of tech would fix that, better art direction would.

But that's sexist!

And a Chinese person with slits for eyes is racist. Look at the OP's pic. So much for Microsoft fighting toxicity.

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This will never get old

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Would cuddle both.

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Tell me more about this canadien cock

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I want to hug that dog.
Nice of him to talk about this a week after release, but he should realize that initial player counts always drop after this point.

I'm guessing that the worse the grade the higher the "hate"? It isn't exactly clear.

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I'm glad you understand how grades work, user.

Reach was the best of the series, not even memeing on you bro.

Do you mean candid? I don't remember anyone saying that gab was a honeypot, they got there app pulled from the apple app store and google play. I think some company tried hijacking the domain for (((hate speech))).

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Yes, tumblr was the festering grounds that created tumblr art. Doesn't mean literally everyone on the site buys into that crap.

He's posting Le Bait Fishy, what did you expect?