Total War thread

Tbh, Throne of Britannia looks better and better as it goes on.

The viking is gonna be my main faction since they are the most germanic next to anglo-saxon.

I am sorta happy they delay it since they might touch up a bit more.

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Please Guthfrid cameo in Sonic R 2, do it Sega.

Would be kinda weird, no?

Nope. Willemus from RTW2 was in Transformed.

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Wow, that's kind of a literally who for me, could have chosen Karl Franz, Octavian Caesar or Achilles or someone more recognizable.


It's one of the last good western franchises that are about history and shit.

Also funded by the japanese.

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Nice cherrypicking, faggot.

If you do this shit, every nations are supposedly terrible at warfare.

prove him wrong then with lots of significant battles that vikings actually won. Vikings were traders and raiders, not warriors.

Sorry for insulting snowniggers. I'll try harder next time to be more respectful of your feelings.

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I'm just gonna go link this here and you can read it.

They were warriors too, mercenaries to be hired by foreign lords and kings, not just raiders.

Tbh the only more successful warriors are the meds, the anglo-saxons and the germanics (the latter being the viking cousins).

aye where chedder man be at?

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meds? Is that short for Mediterranean? That covers a dozen races and a thousand cultures over ten thousand years.

Also vikings and anglo-saxons are both germanic. You can't list them then say "and the germanics".

Should have said continental germanics then i.e. the burgundians, the alamans, the bavarians, the swabians, franks…

Nope, only meant to say greeks, macedonians and romans.

I think I'll go with Celts

What's this shit about viking being niggers?



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It's just a thematic cash grab, user.

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Soyboys don't play TW, user.

Anyone who doesn't play as a strong ANGLO-SAXON king who spreads the word of our holy lord should leave

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Pic related, it's you.

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Oh please, as if niggers ever sailed anywhere and conquered anything.

They are conquering Sweden as we speak

Not by glorious conquest but by deceit and inaction.

There wasn't much glory in hit&run tactics and pillaging defenseless villages and monasteries either

takes years of training to kill a monk.

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Nice try Schlomo.

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But pyramids were built by aliens

You fucking idiots.

Aye, but it takes fucking glory to fucking sack Paris and kill muslims, eh?

Excited to be scottish and put the English dogs under my rule

The anti-germanics always, always start first.

Meds cant fight for shit and haven't won a war in almost 1000 god damn years. Northern Europe conquered the world you brown manlet

Meds kick ass for the first 1000 years though.


Neither have the Scottish, but that is neither here nor there.

And Southern Europe did it before them, twice. I fail to see your point, unless you're a yid trying to make people argue against each other over meaningless bullshit and petty trivialities.

Rome was doing that you fucking mong.


Worse, it descends itself into absolute degeneracy and dependency on germanic federati.

No, it wasn't you fucking idiot. In fact, Rome was motivating the rest of Europe to get their shit together unless they wanted to be crushed under their rape machine. Cesar himself noted that the Gauls were learning from the Romans and coming up with better and better ways to fight them off.

After centuries of almost uninterrupted glory and conquest. Yeah, societies decay and eventually fall apart, but it's on the conquering barbarians for not picking up the torch and continuing where Rome left off. Instead they decided to smash the empire and proceed to kill each other for the next 1000 years.


No they didn't they conquered the med and failed to conquer much else. Northern Europe's empires dwarfed Rome in size and pretty much every other standarded. They level of technological innovation we have as compared to Roman boy fucking savages makes northern Europe almost god like compared to smelly meds

The various "barbarians" expand themselves far and wide compared to the romans.

Rome has been sacked like 4 or 5 times, but it wasn't absolutely destroyed.

In fact, the italians were the richest states in Medieval era.

No, that would have been good.

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God, another thread fails into Yurop D&C.

Then again, it's fitting for a series where you literally play Yurop D&C.

Rome was completely worthless bullshit when it was destroyed and needed it.
Oh no we didn't have the amazing technological innovation of the aquaduct. Surely the aquaduct was a more grand accomplishment then the computer you are typing these messages on.

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thanks to Roman leftovers, such as their roads, not thanks to barbarian enrichment

I think it's mostly because of trade and the face the italians enjoyed protections by the lombard league (germanics) and HRE (germans).

Had Rome survived and got its shit together, we might have had computers back in the 13th century

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No thanks

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That was due to banking and trade tho'. Take away the Venetian and Genoan trade and you've lost a large amount of production of finished goods in Italy (Venetian glass, Milanese cloth). Take away the banking clans of Florence and Pisa and then you've lost the ability for safer trade and less credit, with less credit also comes lost growth. I mean shit just look at Naples during the time, it was a fucking shit hole due to not having the trade or banking system of northern Italy.

It's complete bullshit.

The romans have never invented or used water mill or even wind mill for examples, slave labor means they get to be super lazy.

Yes, stupid trinkets mean the Norwegian crusade didn't happen.

Most of it did you retard. And we got nothing for it, because Rome was 100% degenerate.

R-rome w-would have done it! J-just needed time!
The eastern Roman empire survived up until the fourth crusade and didn't do shit in that time.

I don't see how that goes anything I said, in fact, it means the barbarians preserved Rome better than the muslims did (Southern Italy).


If we don't have a cheddar man option for saxon kingdoms I'm filing charges for hate speech

Commit fucking suicide, retard. Reported.

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Modern law is based on Common law which is more of a medieval law tbh.

Philosophy I give you.

Architecture wise, gothic > roman and greek columns.

Oh right no source.

Modern law is pure kikery. The real law we had before the industrial revolution was European, not Roman.
The Romans do not get credit for the works of Greeks.
Their architecture was copied once for a brief period and nobody cared or cares.

I'm saying that the advancement of northern Italy as a cultural and economic powerhouse was because of inventions and other reasons which weren't around during Rome. The fact that the land on which these states were on was the same as Rome doesn't mean that they were rich because they're were formerly Rome.


Like jesus christ, people actually believe the celt/germanics were "tribal savages".

Goddamn celts had cities, CITIES.

Holla Forums needs to be burned to the ground

we need the true vikangs dlc as well.

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Rome was the one that caused their own collapse, and the ensuing dark ages. Europeans did not want a jew religion pushed on them. They did not want multiculturalism, feminism and hedonism. That was entirely Rome.

The supply line option and troop recruitment look like improvements

Too bad the death of Rome spread the mind virus of Christianity.

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I take it back, Romans should have exterminated every single human in Britain and Scandinavia.

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Now hold on, I never said anything bad about the Celts. Celts were much, much further ahead from the germanic barbarians

Except the europeans who were under Rome eagerly adopted christianity, as did the barbarians who destroyed it. Must suck to idolise the very people who later decided they preffer Jesus over Thorand Odin

that graph is fedora tipping bullshit, huge epidemics destoyed societies, and some old knowledge was lost (like concrete), but people have always pushed forward, there's counterproductive shit going on in all ages, like feminism, or climatehoax now

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I hear air soft pellets kinda hurt.

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Kill yourself Schlomo
"We will kill you if you don't adopt our kike worshiping and feminism!" sounds pretty eager alright Chaim.

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Yep, we were the same as mudhut nigger my nigga.

Kill yourself you D&C fuck.

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As if they could…


Christianity converts by deceit, by adopting heathen gods and idols and call them your own.

are you some kinda globalist that you can't stand the idea of one culture shitting on another or something? Learn to handle the banter or fuck off back to your hugbox.

There's actually next to no historical evidence for this beyond a few Emperors issuing edicts over it. Most of the "oy vey we were devoured by lions and slaughtered in the thousands" is likely exaggeration or outright fabrication after the Christians took control of the Empire

yeah but as the posts you're replying to clearly stated most pitched battles vs vikings the vikings got their shit pushed in. They werent amazing warriors, just notorious ones. Like modern day Somalian pirates

We need a new politics board so this sort of thing will stop flooding every board

Trajan, for example, would kill christians for being christians, as did others, whereas other religions were relatively free to do their own thing. It's also not true that pagans were mass-murdered by Roman emperors the moment Constantine converted – emperor Julian was a pagan, and reigned in the second half of the fourth century, after all

Every time you post to Holla Forums you support pedophiles


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Fuck off with this trash.



Fuck off pedo we know you're part of the pedo club that got booted off the site and are now trying to take it down because you're so fucking pathetic and immature.

Your sick fetish will never become popular or normalized.

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Imagine being so uneducated that you un-ironically think this is true.
Americans are really treading new ground in historical revisionism.

stale memes, you should try cooking up some new ones once in a while instead of spreading the same old lies

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Nobody even needs to mock leftypol, all you have to do is go on their dogshit board and it speaks for itself.

Somalian pirates are not comparable to vikings since vikings manage to actual conquer shit.

There are beta gameplay videos, Chaim, you can go hook yourself.


Remember Rome 2's "super early alpha" gameplay? Yeah don't trust that shit.

This thread is an absolute shitshow.

This is what happens when OP is a shill.

then you report and ignore, dont turn it into a shitpost thread about politics

Also it wasn't really politics, more like history shitposting.


Cry harder, leftypol.

Are you idiots just parroting whatever you just heard on Holla Forums this week or do you honestly think that the Germanic barbarians converting is just clear cut "juden" subversion and not something political and cultural in nature?


Jewish subversion is political and cultural in nature. It took centuries and dozens of crusades to subjugate and convert Europe you knob. If the pope declaring "kill all the white people for not worshipping jews" isn't jewish subversion in your mind, then you are a waste of sperm.

Man, it sucks how now I cannot get excited for a single video game… They ballsed up with Empire, but Shogun 2 was kind of a step in the right direction. The engine left a lot to be desired and the map variety wasn't amazing for the battles, but it was at least a decent game.

There's been other studios that disappoint but Medieval Total War Viking Invasion and Medieval 2 Total War were my favourites in the series, mainly because of the setting.

Glad I didn't buy into the hype or Kickstarter of Kingdom Come, but it still sucks that it's the most significant Medieval based game that's come out since the Total War games (not counting M&B because of the fictional setting).

No, it wasn't. TW died the moment they made it impossible to mod the map. Imagine mods like EB or Roma Surrectum with vanilla map. Literally unplayable.

It pains me to see developers cut down on modding features game after game. I bet part of the reason was mods based on popular IPs like Third Age TW or Call of Warhammer. And that's ignoring how dumbed down the games after Shogun 2 are. Hell, even Shogun 2 itself massively simplified things like the trait system and general stats. I wonder if mods could've introduced complexity back into the game. We'll never know.

Have some pics from my ERE campaign in SS.

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>play Medieval 2 Stainless Steel campaign

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Go die you piece of shit

The trait system is fucking awful though.
I do agree with the rest of your post, though. Just imagine how good Third Age: Shogun 2 Edition would be. Hell, a Warhammer mod for Shogun 2 would make the entire TotalWAWA franchise obsolete.

Are you really forgetting about all the wars the spaniards won against the french, brits, turks and HRE?

Could you absolute retards stop pretending you have any idea of what youre talking about?

I just wanted to shit on snowniggers.

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It’s like I’m really on Halfchan Holla Forums

how is the 30 years old war mod for medieval 2, i am looking for a game whit pike and shot tactics

well, total war games are for braindead people because they are about watching tiny people fight, there is barely any strategy on it.

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So just wait for it to come out then.

Go back there then.

Christianity is a wide concept there are any number of denominations with degrees of jewish control.

That pic seems fake as fuck.

Oh, so mixing it all up, through centuries of history and also mashing up centuries of roman history while speaking straight out of your ass makes it ok then.

Stop building brothels and the like in every town user. Those give horrible traits if your generals spend too much time in them. Build them in cities that aren't as wealthy and so don't benefit as much from good governance.
See, I like that the trait system made you think about that sort of thing. If a castle has an armorer I can send battle generals in there for a chance at custom armour. For a chivalry boost I can build churches and train priests. High taxation and building markets leads to administrators which are good taxmen and traders, respectively. The trait system gave a lot of customizability, but you had to do things related to what you want to make best use of it.

I will agree that it wasn't perfect. Secret Love for princesses for example is an unavoidable chance for -1 charm every turn. And whoever she marries becomes a cuckold. It's awful. The battle chivalry and dread traits were also kind of random, but I ended up sending generals into battle and designating them as warriors or administrators according to which trait they got. If you embrace the roleplay aspects it's actually kind of fun. The game is easy anyway so minmaxing traits is far from required, except maybe on VH/VH.

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Not even close to what I said.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums have been brother boards since the first exodus you newfag.


I hate retards, who only know about history "DuDE ROME SUPER AWESOME EMPIRE", but are completly oblivious to the fact that it declined in all aspects of human development and became a living hell for its citizens.

Rome was so fucked up, they even reverted back to a barter system for a time. They abolished currency.
They completly destroyed their private educational network of teachers by a radical iconoclastic christian cult.

How you can be so utterly retarded to somehow blame Germans for the downfall of the Roman Empire is beyond me. They barely had any govermental presence anymore.
They were so retarded in the end. The legally implemented feudalism (professions couldn't freely chosen, you had to take up the job of your tather). They stopped nearly paying for any govermental service. They basically stopped functioning.

All the nobles, who didn't want to have all their property stolen from them fled to the land and built insular communities, which were the founding stones for the agricultural feudal communities in Europe.

But these utter fucking retards in this thread only see their ebin Roman Empire, they would love to recreate in Europea Universalis 4, which has been taken from them by Germans.
The entire military of the Roman Empire were Germans. It wasn't Romans vs Germans, it was Germans vs Germans.
And that is after it was already taken over by the Goths, who are also Germans, who pondered if they were to found their own Gothic Empire or keep up the pretense of that Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire used to be awesome, because their soldiers were high quality middle-class citizens, who were also builders. That has long passed. There were no native Romans in the legions anymore. They rather cut off the fingers of their children, then sent them to the Legion. At least most of them.

The Roman Empire at its endpoint was a corruption of what it once was. Everything you fags like about the Roman Empire wasn't present anymore, when it fucking died.

But you are so retarded that you just worhsip the concept of the Roman Empire and look like a soyboy with their open mouth, when you get to reform it in your video game, rather than comprehending what made it great.

None of you know anything about history.

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to add to that:
Not a single tear was shed for the Empire. By that time it was only a formality to offically end it.

Complete bollocks. Danish heavy infantry were among the most professional soldiers of their time and highly prized as mercenaries. Varangian guards for example often turned the tide of battle after the native, regular troops already fled the field.

Empires who heavily rely on mercenaries are trash tier.
Empires who pay tribute to enemies rather than engage them in war are complete trash tier.

The Byzantine Empire did both.

Germans were the deathknell, but only in the west. Not sure why I'm posting this, you probably know more than I do.

So did the persian empire, but those actions haven't been attributed to its fall.

All empires decline numbnuts. But at their peak some were leagues ahead of others. The roman empire was among the very best our planet has ever known.

I am not disputing that. I am just mad at the faggots, who just worhship the Roman name, but not the qualities that make Rome great.

Rome never surrenders. They rather made engaged in Total War in Ancient Times, more than a millenia before the concept was even invented, and instead of surrendering like every other civilization would do after their leaders are killed and their entire army killed or routed, they just formed new Legions and elected new consuls and went on the attack.

They weren't sailors at all. But they reverse-engineered a stranded ship from Carthago, put a fucking ram on it, because that's ramming ships directly rather than just using arrows from afar sounded much more Roman.

They built so many freaking ships, which coupled with their limited experience, resulted in one of the greatest naval disaster in ALL of human history, when they all drowned in a storm.. The only ones close to that level of casualities happened more than a thousand years after that.

Not really. They were already given control of the local goverments in some regions. They were the Roman Empire. And I already mentioned how the Roman Legions were practically all foregin, mostly German.

This all happened years before the offical end of the Roman Empire.
If anything Germans were the lifeforce that kept the concept of the Roman Empire alive. It would have completly collapsed and failed way before that, if they didn't use German manpower and didn't appease German hordes by letting them settle on their land.

The Romans were extreme cucks in the end. They allowed the Germans to completly retain their own structures, which led to de facto parallel socities. The maps of that time all lie. Functionally the Roman Empire didn't control any of that territory.

Then what happened when Rome pulled out of the frontier territories, if all of them were natives anyway?

For the average person nothing changed. Lots of institutions survived. Even the Roman Senate, even though the Senate hasn't meant much for hundreds of years.

Okay so what happened between the overthrow of Romulus in 476 and, say, year 800 for Rome to completely disappear from memory and be replaced with a myth about giant architects?

This threads is about video games right?

Do you know why they call it the dark ages?
It's because barely anyone from that period wrote anything down. That's why we know so little of it.
But hey Justinian going all Reconquista was kinda cool.
Basically the Eastern Roman Empire striked back and reconquered Italy and a tiny part of Spain.

But then a plague came and wiped out so many people that the Eastern Roman Empire had less people than before the conquest. Also the Muslims appeared from the first time in history and cut all of western Europe off from the silk and other trade routes. And they conqured extremely important places like Egypt, which was a grain producing powerhouse and one of the few important regions that actually produced enough food for itself + a big surplus.

Also the Muslims transformed North Africa with their goat fuckery from a tiny strip of extremely fertile land to just an area to herd goats.

This coupled with extremely crippling muslim piracy, which continued for so long that even the United States came in contact with muslim pirates from the barbary States. They also took millions of European Christian slaves.

All this fucked the West up extremely bad.

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Is there one Empire in antiquity/middle ages that didn't use mercenaries?

The greek city states didn't use mercs as far as I know. But those weren't empires. Once a state became an empire, I think mercs were pretty inevitable.

Pretty much. You have that story about the Battle of Cannae where Hannibal slaughters upward of 60,000 Roman soldiers by surrounding them, many dying because they couldn't breathe, so tightly were they packed together, and the Roman citizens just go out to the battlefield, collect the dead, strip them of their armor and weapons, bury them and equip new legions with their equipment.

You don't really see that anywhere else in the ancient world, let alone in the middle ages. You have to go right up to the birth of nationalism to see a people recover from such proportionally horrific losses and just keep going, and bounce back when it happens three or four times afterwards as well.

That's wrong. In that era the primary weapon of a ship was the ram and had been for centuries. What the Romans did equip their ships with was the Corvus, which was a boarding bridge with a bigass spike at one end so they could engage in "land" battles at sea.

Barbarian troops were the death of the Empire, because they had no loyalty to Rome, but to their general/chieftain/king and constantly tried to put him on the throne as emperor. And yes, this was a constant problem in Roman history, but by the 5th century it had reached critical levels. What basically killed Rome was a flood of "refugees" that proceeded to erode stability and loyalty to the state from within. The Germanics were a cancer because they refused to romanize and constantly chimped out.

Start crying more little roman bitchboi im going to plunder your city because youre a weak bitch

That is what fascinates me with the Romans. And it was an aristocratic sentiment. The Women and the average pleb wanted to make peace, but it was that upperclass Romanness that prohibited that.

Ah, I see. I even recalled something like that, but I didn't pay much attention to detail in my post. Thanks for the correction.

Not quite correct. If you use that argument, then Rome was killed years ago, because their soldiers weren't from the property-owning middle-class anymore, who had a vested interest in preserving law and freedom in Rome. The poor, uneducated soldiers who instead served in the Legions only had loyality to the General, who promised them Land and a share of the loot, but with no loyality to the state itself.

If anything the Germans compared to these new soldiers were a lot better. They weren't part of any political faction and just wanted to get paid.

That's kinda ridiculous to say. You can't just blame the Germans morally for something, for the complete lack of incentives and and forces that would push them to romanize.
It's their own policy that bit them in the ass and not any kind of radical refusal of the German population to assimilate.
Also you forget that Rome was christanized. They didn't care much about "romanizing anymore". They were Christians now.

What killed Rome was proto-Socialism and its economic and moral effects on the Roman society, coupled with the near-complete destruction of their upper class and the adoption of christianity as the state religion and the resulting radical Iconoclasm and Oppression that swept over the country.

It should be a warning sign for anyone, when they read about how Rome went back to a barter system, because their fucked up their currency by devaluing it. What happened after that is soviet-union tier of economic mismanagement. First price fixes. And then binding people literally to their profession, including their kids, because surprise, they didn't want to do jobs that didn't pay well.

It was dead by the time Cesar crossed the Rubicon. Rome basically legislated its own destruction, it just took another 400 years for the consequences to catch up to them.

A necessity, really. Marian saw the need for a professional military, instead of the Greek model of a citizen militia. Sadly, Rome still lacked the intellectual framework of nationalism as we understand it today that motivates the lower class to fight for their nation and culture.

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. A big problem with the barbarians is that they fought like barbarians, to the point border armies couldn't even be recognized as Roman legions, except called such on paper and paid by the states. Really, they were more mercenaries than proper soldiers.

That's true. Rome by then had extremely weak rulers, or at least rulers that were unable to govern properly because of corruption and social decay, and weren't willing to enforce requirements for Roman citizenship. What really makes me mad is that they just granted the barbarians citizenship without requesting anything of them.

Which is kind of weird, considering that Christianity would have encouraged wider cultural (or at least religious) homogeneity.

Enforcing a state religion was the right call after the shitshows Rome had lived through beforehand, they just choose the wrong religion.

To be fair they fucked themselves over because the ruling classes consistently refused to give up on slave labor, which in turn fucked the "middle class", which in turn created a poorly motivated population that had no wish to take up arms for Rome, which then led to the need of getting more and more non-Romans into the Roman army.

Also, their dependence on slavery (in certain vital sectors) meant they had to constantly expand to seek new sources of slaves to fuel their economy. The Gracchi saw this, too bad they pissed off too many people before their reforms could be put into action.

Sure, it was a quick and easy fix. I agree that it made sense in the context. But like always a quick fix turned into the status quo and the basic foundational problems never got fixed. What needed to happen was economical freedom and some kind of mechanism that allowed for citizens to buy up land and not just it being practically given away to the rich Elite and leave nothng to the rest.

It's interesting that you disagree with me there, because you defended ther previous point almost like you were Marius himself. So from the perspective of the practical perspective of the time.
And when we view the German mercenaries through the same lens, then yes, it totally made sense to use them. Their were reliable troops, who were untouched by political intrigue. A quick and easy fix. At that point it would have been very difficult to somehow transform Rome into a society again, which could have completly relied on only completly assimilated Romans for manpower.

You know what's funny? Roman Citizenship used to be very highly sought after. Wars were fought in Italy, because the non-Roman italians wanted citizenship so bad.
And then years later in an unceremonial decree suddenly everyone inside the border were made citizens. I don't quite recall why, but it was probably for taxes or because it made them eligeble for military service.

It took hundreds of years for all the rural communities to slowly become christian. There was even evidence for the area of historical Sparta to still have pagans in the Byzantine Empire, which basically went turbo-chrisitan mode. The urban - rural divide on religion was so big, that pagan basically synonymous with rural.

Imagine if communist sjws were given complete control over your education and decided to deconstruct historical monumnents, rename them. Basically declare an open war for your history.
Luckily it calmed down after a few hundred years, but still. What makes me feel the most about this, is that it's happening right now too. Cultural Marxism is basically an iconoclast religion of the worst kind.

Which is basically how most other Empires of the time operated. They were basically agricultral slave Empires, who only were possible, because human livestock in fertile regions created a surplus profit.

They did nothing wrong. Their land reform might have saved the Roman Empire. The Elite aquired so much land through corruption. There was not much left for the others.

Lol, they besieged an undefended city, then ran away when the French king came marching back with an army half the size of the Vikings.

That's not what happened.

nothing for the average person, just governors and local military commanders became nobility instead, but the level of independence was about the same

As I said. Empires who pay tribute for the enemy to go away are degenerate trash-tier.


reread history
all of it

Then you might come back and maybe discuss history with me.