Worst Track Thread

ITT: you post the worst track in the game's OST.

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Every single thing about that level was insufferable.
The music, the characters, the area, the mechanics, the fights, even the fucking color scheme, ALL SHIT.

Yeah, the mediocrity of chapter 2 was uncanny. Trying to get the punies to behave was the biggest problem, in my opinion. Second was navigating the mess of pipes that was the tree.

I really enjoyed the puni woods and liked the theme for the area too. Then again I also regularly listen to the drakengard 1 ost so I guess I might not be normalfag enough to relate to the common opinion.

No wonder your thread is so low effort.

And it's on some of the longest levels too.

the song is just so boring, I don't know how it got through for Doom 2. Doom 2 even has great music in it like Into Sandy's City, Waiting for Romero to Play and Opening to Hell. Some great atmospheric tracks that fit pretty well. The original is no doubt better (donna to the rescue being the best track fuck off e1m1fags), but so much shit just got through for Doom 2. Real shame.

Thanks for enlightening us, king autist.

I didn't finish thousand year door because of this area, stopped the momentum I felt in my drive to play the game to a screeching halt.

I don't remember if the DLCs allow you to change the music of Mementos, but that would explain this shit music

Obligatory, I have absolutely no idea who thought this was a good song

I knew it would be Birthday Cake, a true pleb filter.

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huh. I thought OP said worst songsā€¦

I doubt Hideki Naganuma did. Even the worst of JSRF's tracks are too competent for it to have been put in the track list for the same reasons as the others. It's pure "experimental" agony. The bassist is John Lennon's son. He didn't escape the same fate as his father.

Damn you and your triple doubles.

A classic

Time to rev up those bongos for the nth time.




This, but it might just be the PTSD from the Sand Bird talking.


Oh yeah, and it's not even a leitmotif like the entirety of the rest of the game. It's just there to seem ebin.

Ah, a case of "the entire ost is amazing except for this abortion". Like this one.

I still have dreams with this song. I shit you not I spent three days stuck in that tree listening to it over and over getting more and more pissed about it.
To contrast have the best theme.

Fucking monotonous track.

Chapter 2 is the only bad chapter in an otherwise perfect game, but it is still forgivable due to the perfect gameplay

What the fuck this sounds similar to the puni theme.

This track now triggers laughter from me, it's a form of ironic BAZINGA.

Not a bad track by any means, but not the best the game has to offer.

It's only bad because there's a superior version.
I love N. Tropy's theme

I don't give a flying fuck though

inb4 dunkey

I also remember this song being worse

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It's a lot worse when you hear

from everybody fighting

Maybe, but I still like it. Level is the worst though. Not terrible, but the worst.

It's fitting considering the level

probably this one, Quest 64 has a good soundtrack overall. Just because the song is bland

that is definitely not the worst song
I mean sure the water droplets are annoying, but besides that the song is ok

Just joking they were all bad

It's the worst song in Banjo-Kazooie in my opinion. Or do you have another contender?


You don't deserve those numbers.

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take a gun, point it at your head, and pull the trigger super satan

Holy shit, never realized just how HEAVILY Banjo-esque the Yoshi song sounded like, sounds more Rare-esque than the majority of yooka laylee's soundtrack. It has that grant/david feeling in it! Ah, I'm sad now, I wish the spiritual sequel had more south american themes than what yooka laylee turned out to be.

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What's the point of this thread? Datamining?

the issue with yooka laylee is outsourcing. They used too many interns with no experience for the simple jobs, when banjo kazooie's beauty was the effort and attention to detail in the simple things. It was a collectathon on big levels, but the levels where designed so every nook and cranny was packed with something to collect , somewhere to go or something to do. Yooka Laylee's use of space is its biggest flaw and that's because they let retards work on the game.
They're completely negligent for not realizing it, though. The director should've been more careful with features and stage design.


Yooka-Laylee was doomed from the start, the character designs were shit and could never match Banjo-Kazooie. It's ironic, Banjo-Kazooie turned into great mascot designs by accident and Yooka-Laylee accomplished the opposite while trying to replicate it.

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Where the designers the same? I don't think so. Doesn't feel like it. Yooka laylee screams that they let some woman do the designs.

All they needed to do was keep the worlds small and not autistically large but it seems they managed to fuck that up.

Shitposters on the internet have done better.

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Yooka is fuckable though, Banjo is not

It's one of the songs I remember the most from Doom II for some reason, so it's memorable for me at least.
Doom II is disappointing at best


It was a tossup between this and Ectruteak/Cianwood.

How does a skeleton blink?

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Almost managed to forget about this.

what the fuck did I stumble on

This goddamned shit.



but the whole OST is equally as bad

Oh boy, it's my time to shine.

hang yourself


came here to post this.

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Even if this weren't the lowest quality fucking bait out there, it's still not even remotely true. Especially when there's that lazy as fuck pacific state copy paste job done with karamaritano.

For a game series where music is so heavily emphasized and a singer/composer who does great work, this song still baffling to me.

Hell, even in game this song is met with disbelief and disgust. It doesn't help that this is the first major song in the game too.