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Polite reminder that the wiki exists, you are encouraged to contribute to it if you can (even if it's just your game page)

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Attack of the killer doors
you have to unlock it to prevent it from attacking you
i can't believe how appropriate gachimuchi stock audio is for this
still have no idea how to handle npcs unlocking doors unless i script it into their behaviours

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Artistfags lend me your knowledge.
I have a bunch of tree images and want the root to be in the same spot in every image.
What is the best way to align them pixel perfect?

Not an artist, but have you tried putting them on the correct position?

Do you mean you want to change the images so their roots are aligned or need some sort of metadata for aligning them all when rendering them?

I would prefer to manually align them but the only way i can think of is to go through all the images and move the into place manually. Surely there is a better and more reliable way?

i think you'd waste more time trying to think of an algorithm to unfuck your trees rather than just doing it manually

That's probably what you're going to have to do. Depending on your graphics program it might have a batch export/save to take most of the tedium out of it.


time to buckle up i guess

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I think i going with A
B is more realistic, but looks weird

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B looks weird probably because it's too exaggerated. Reduce the curve a lot, it wouldn't hike THAT high, especially if it's specifically designed for women.

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The thing about the shirt is that it must adapt to all boobsizes, since my model can morph from boobiemonster to flat with a shape key, the shirt will have the same shape key

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meant to

For pathfinding interactions, have the NPCs ask the doors if they have permission to pass through
For interaction, make the door order the NPCs to unlock them. The unlointck animation is a property of the door, not of the NPC.
Otherwise, if you add 10 interactable objects, the NPC code will already be unmanageable

I don't know how that happened

This actually made me think of something funny to try implementing.

So there's already a piston in minecraft, but why isn't there a spring-loaded trap? Your webm made me think of cartoons where a character opens a door only to get socked in the jaw by a boxing glove on a spring.
That's going on my to-do list.

that much i can do, i'm already handling off mesh traversion by script
the issue is that if the ai can't pass through the door, what does he do then?
unity's nav mesh has no "find a different path" option, so he'd be stuck trying to get through a locked door because it's the closest path, even though there's a different way

can't you set the door weight to 999999999999999999999999999999?

it would be global
would fuck everyone up, even though we want it to be per agent

Then I guess you will need two pathfind solutions.
One custom made, where it's just a simple graph path, which tells NPCs where they can and can't go
And Unity's pathfind, to tell NPCs how to follow the graph's path

Or you could fucking google how to solve it, it's impossible that you are literally the first person to have to deal with locked doors and unit's pathfind

i disagree
everyone on unity forums just says "lmao, just like raycast" which isn't really a solution to the pathfinding issue

Unity seem to have a massive hard on for recommending raycasts for everything. Even their tutorial for a 2D grid based game was using raycasts to check neighbouring tiles.
check if this updates instantly when you order a pathfind.
You could check all doors before a pathfind operation, enable this for all doors that are locked, disable for those that are unlocked. Do this for all navmesh operations.

But I still believe you should have a macro and micro navigation solutions, you shouldn't be asking Unity's navmesh to walk a npc from one city to the next

as far as i can understand, the only real solution to my problem is to do
for a single frame and or so and then turn it back and make sure that my navmeshagents don't automatically repath
it still sounds like a horribly messy solution though

alternatively, enabling and disabling offmesh links

enabling and disabling offmesh links is what i'm currently doing and it works fine for the player, but the issue with that is that i can't figure out how to get the AI to go to a door to enable the offmesh link (assuming that they have a key or something)

before doing the pathfind order, check all doors, disable locked ones, enable unlocked ones, do pathfind order.
Make npcs go through doors as a 'animation' rather than a pathfind navigation, if needed

let me just reiterate what the issue(s) are, to avoid confusion
if i somehow disable part of the navmesh, either via a navmeshobstacle or a disabled navmeshlink, the ai doesn't know that there's a door there, and even if he has the ability to unlock it, he won't go there
if i always keep the navmesh intact, i can stop the agents from passing through the door, but can't force them to go any other way so they'd be stuck
i think the easiest way of doing this is to:
1) have a link at the door as it currently is. ai goes to door.
2) check ai inventory for key or something that can unlock the door
if so, use it to unlock the door. repath
3) if not, disable the link, repath. and all agents must NOT repath, otherwise when i reenable the link for everyone else to use, the ai would come back to the door
might work, will try

I have a question for you anons here; How does one go about making sound files sound like the sound files used in the DOS Era? (Such as Duke Nukems voice clips where they are heavily compressed?)

I am asking for authenticity reasons, but can't seem to get the effect right

The steps I suggest are as follows
1) For all doors, check if the NPC can go through them, disable/enable as needed
2) Do the pathfind

The npcs will never reach a door they can't open unless they have their keys stolen mid-path
Also, the other npcs can't repath, that's a given

I still think a macro-level pathfind is needed, this is decided which rooms/streets/plazas the npcs can go through, not how they go through them. You could also add 'polite' links with it, to avoid NPCs going through shops to save time

anime shit like this makes me wish Unity never opened the flood gates

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he's posted the same whore a dozen times in the last day

Maybe he just really likes her

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The same whore is under development, and every time it was about a different part of her development

He needs to post on his fucking blog for this shit

are you angry because he's actually doing something with his work and he's proud to show it and meanwhile here you are, bitching about others having fun and advancing themselves?

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>on a amateour videogame development thread

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What the fuck do you think these threads are for, you double nigger?

It's clear that I'm annoyed at the frequency of his almost entirely pointless updates.

Not for posting literally every single minute change, like slightly changing the colors of socks. Three times.

maybe you should grow a spine and stop letting other people having fun trigger you, bitter "user". If i didn't know any better i'd say you are a shitposter who tries to discourage OC from happening

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Maybe if you spent your time developing instead complaining, you could too
That's very subjective

Maybe you should consider killing yourself, you disgusting normalfag

Where's that anime VR faggot? He actually had something worth posting.

ultimately that doesn't work because i have areas that can be accessed from multiple doors
example being the current building - main entrance is a door, but you can also climb up on a ladder, run over the roof, onto the balcony and then climb down the stairs
even if the npc doesn't have access to the main entrance, he should still be able to go through the other entrances
also, i managed to get the navmeshlinks to not let an agent through, but if i reenable the links afterwards, the agent repaths back to them
apparently navmeshagents auto repath variable is only for no longer accessible paths, not for shorter/longer paths
i can't figure out how to get him to only do the pathfinding once


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And that's the exact point that faggot should have thought "Wait, this isn't my blog!"

Sure is something a mewch shill wouldn't do

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The macrolevel pathfind is meant to decide where and how the npc can go to places, so in the example, if S->C->D->O is the shortest path, but C is closed, the NPC would go S->A->B->D->O.
The actual path orders would be:
1) Pathfind from S to A (Unity's)
2) Open door, if needed, and go through it
3) Pathfind from A to B (Unity's)
4) Open door, if needed, and go through it
3) Pathfind from B to D (Unity's)
4) Open door, if needed, and go through it
3) Pathfind from D to O (Unity's)

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I made a cube, and I was thinking of rotating it. What do you guys think? Should I rotate it?

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here's how it looks with a slightly different shade of gray. feedback pls.

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Rotation is played out since the 2014 fad. Try translating it instead.

have you tried killing yourself, faggot?

Is there a way to make a game like Honey Select not boring?

Using more varied puzzles might do it.

Use blender to make porn

like this?

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Looking triple AAA there.

Everyone has different post rates, and while sock user overdoes it a bit for my own tastes, if everyone posted as seldom as I did, the threads would be way too dead.
I always viewed these threads as ways for anons to keep themselves in check, and getting feedback in the process.

Anyway, I've finally figured out a general way to do hair that I'm pretty happy with. A lot of work left to make it look good, however.

Add chainsaws.

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filter and move on

Have you ever made anything or do you just get angry when other people do?

no satan, don't feed, just filter and move on
plenty of arguments were already wasted on him

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really don't want to have to make whole new systems for something that was nearly working, but as far as i can tell, the navmeshagent ALWAYS repaths, so i can't just give him a path once and expect him to follow it
you'd think that this is something that should be doable by default
i can calculate a working path ignoring the door link, tell the agent to follow it, he'll start, but as soon as he reaches a corner, he'll go back to the door that's been reenabled for the rest of the agents
fucking unity

do you mean like having a tool to help you with? why not just gimp layers?

Wise, but unfortunately the application I use doesn't support it. I guess I will do it manually.

You would need the macro-level pathfind for going from City A to City B anyways, unless NPCs never migrate

the answer is A or probably C for more aesthetics
reason is, girls will hear clothes that fit their chest size
and remember that real breasts aren't anti-gravity
have you ever seen a girl in real life user?

I actually tried to find something of reference in my stash, it would be nice if that underboob thing had a proper term for it

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Sick, figured out how to get existing blocks with different metadata to be named accordingly, it's annoying to see logs, planks, saplings and leaves all just use a generic name instead of telling you what they are.

is there a source for these?

Does "gomkogaru" mean "fake tits" in japanese?


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Now what?

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This, they look very helpful for research…

Turn the filter off.

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well the idea was for levels to be separated, so they probably won't migrate
anyways, here's an even dumber solution
just have two areas - one for regular doors, and one for locked doors
depending on his inventory, an npc will have locked/unlocked doors assigned to his nav area mask
only problem with this is that you only need one key to unlock any door

yeah, you would need one area for each key

in the end, the amount of work is not dissimilar from making a macro-level pathfind system, it seems

i mean, who needs every door to have an individual key?

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Where'd all the facebook/disagreement niggers come from? We didn't use to communicate in stock emoticons.

It's not stock, though, it's an edit. Ironic usage and mutation of normalfag memes is common. You can mutate normalfag material until it's not normalfag material anymore, and vice versa.

It's worse than normalfag, they're aping fucking niggers. Besides that, I'd prefer we not ~ironically~ make them think this is a suitable place to settle down.

The smart guy thinks he is not the newfag here

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What has been the most impressive finished /agdg/ game in the history of /agdg/?

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If we're including 4chan, then Risk of Rain in terms of popularity. Speebot in terms of technicality (the entire 3D engine made from scratch).

Wait… do they actually exist?

Speebot as far as i know
He is working on a new game too, looks pretty good so far

Just three more days of overtime and even more hours on-top of that because a co-worker got a concussion from falling down the stairs before I can finally start doing things for Animu Stalker that isn't just jotting down ideas in my notebook.

This place is dying and being taken over by cukchan and plebbitors. There's a thread where people are acting like faggots straight from the PC mustard race plebbit. There was also that kikebook tier thread of "Character from the last game you played is trying to kill you, how fucked are you?" and it didn't get shit all over for being obvious kikebook trash.

I guess it's a matter of personal opinion. But I think Speebot is the most impressive by far. Guy made his own 3D engine despite the bellyaching of those faggots who think you should always just use pre-existing engines. Then he made a content rich platformer with lots of charm that even has a map editor.

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I didn't know that. That is pretty cool.

Now one issue I have with this is, in order to give different names to the various blocks with meta is that I either have to change the class being called that adds the blocks to the itemslist array, because the original class is called ItemMetadata and sets 1 name, instead using something like ItemColored that has a method to set a list of names for each meta, or I have to modify the class it uses so that it has that same method.
For example I just changed ItemSapling so it has the method for appending the names in string[] to the registered name where it had none prior.
There shouldn't be any reason I can't just make another class for that method alone and use inheritance where necessary, right? Or I guess since ItemSapling is an extension of the class ItemBlock I could move those methods to ItemBlock since I see no reason why it shouldn't be a standard for all blocks, rather than modifying classes unique to certain blocks to contain the same method.

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What game is he working on?

im trying to find some of the webms he posted, looked like a bullet hell game

Double stolen

So once we've been replaced, where do we go?

Am I the only one that thinks the wiki is a bit of a mess?

There are some projects still in the active category which I know have been given up or put on indefinite hiatus.

Problem is that some of these articles weren't made by the people who worked on these projects so they feel no desire to change them.

pretty much
i already post progress here, i don't feel like bothering to also put it in the wiki

I don't think anyone really reads or cares about the wiki

I'm also pretty sure your project is on the hiatus page.

well if you think about it, every project is on hiatus until you finish it

i only use it for the thread template and for nostalgia
it tends to keep track of my dead projects better than i do

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>So once we've been replaced, where do we I go
trash is a fitting place

so, are you cuckchan or reddit?

why make a question which the answer you refuse to believe unless it conforms to your bias?
are we supposed to compare dick sizes, which cannot be confirmed or denied?
fuck off newfag

I'm learning towards reddit.

There should be a general listing that lists all projects no matter what the status, that way it's less harmful for anyone to pull projects that haven't been seen in a while off from the active list.

Filter, my friend

In case af2d49(32) is having trouble understanding, it's like a personal downvote button

I bet you lean towards men too.

We're quickly reaching the point where all jokes and content are completely ironic

check this shit out
since it's both free and seems to cover what unity's already does, maybe it's easier to hook some code into the navigation code

There was another thread here about a concept for a 6DOF dogfighting game involving flying magical girls using wands, machine guns/rifles, and swords in an alternate history WW2. The idea being you could do crazy manoeuvres like hovering, braking, etc. and do air jousting shit like in Ace Combat. It sounded pretty cool. One of you lads should steal that idea

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Sounds like one of the graveyard projects

That's totally not "Saga of Tanya the Evil" the videogame

Yeah but Tanya is fucking shite and so is Strike Witches

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If you're too retarded to understand what the word hiatus means, then you need to get out

Attached: Get out.webm (640x360, 1.7M)

way i see it, if i'm not watching you make vidya 24/7, you may as well be on hiatus

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you know god damn well what that term means you dumb fuck

Attached: don't fuck with me.webm (480x480, 400.49K)

clearly i don't

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If it's under active development it's not on hiatus you goof

but how do you know it's under active development
do you spy on people to make sure

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Shit, we're onto us.


also sign into my fucking mailinglist for updates never, because ill never be bothered to send anything.

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Can I jingle her bell?


That's really fucking good

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how many copies do you think you'll sell? 50,000 minimum, right?

Is there a character creator? please include some light kemo stuff like mabinogi

no, i need weebs to draw sleazy fanart of my waifus. fuck character creator.

Character creator hasn't kept people from drawing Dragon's Dogma fanart.

even butterlord has fanart

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doing god's work user

Attached: 90e369f597baf1becd7fda80bb09a78561025337508d0d10e82e21d162dab960.jpg (1402x1612, 833.46K)

thanks user, it's all for the greater good!!
also my good, obviously.

but i want to see fanart from MY waifus, not yours, your waifu a shit

Attached: mfw handholding.gif (500x256, 1.75M)

please no, this gets old super fast, was the worse addition to pokemon ever made

it's like you don't want to fug your waifu until she learns how to fug female enemies to death or something

GUI a shit

Post progress faggots.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1248x782, 846.46K)

6 months of development for the title screen
Time for a break

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Just noticed the deleted posts, what the fuck happened?

Attached: boobsize.mp4 (960x540, 5.81M)

we lost a bunch of shitposts

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Attached: ClipboardImage.png (785x668, 301.62K)

in any case they can't force us to do shit unless they put it in the eula
besides, isn't this for multiplayer shit only?

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I don't think any of this does anything at all, it's basically just companies agreeing to tell their bloggers and HR team to bitch about online games. It has less weight than the Accord de Paris

Attached: DUBS ALL AROUND ME.jpg (325x273, 60.22K)

So according to this thread, a number of companies are "standing in solidarity" and making a consortium group to fight "online toxicity", eg being straight or white or posting on imageboards.

Specifically Unity Inc. and Epic Games are on this list, so if you use their engine, that means you support censorship. Incidentally, making your own engine for games means you're a bigot.

Wow I should have read the thread. /agdg/ was my first shot at seeing that. Glad another user thought the same thing.

There's already a thread for this

It affects /agdg/'s usage of game engines.

How so? Is anyone going to change engine because of this? It's just PR

Four fours confirm you need to dump SchlomoWare UE4 is already owned by the ricekikes of Tencent and Unity is getting worse by the day

This is standard good goy behavior. If anyone here does use Unity, don't be dumb enough to buy any assets.

Eh, it is what it is.
It's good for archiving and for getting information on what people are working on even if a lot of information is inaccurate or outdated, but personally, I'm more interested in making my game than working on a wikipage for it.
Still, it's good to know that there are people interested enough in the stuff I'm making. That pushes me forward.

As if I needed any more reasons to not want to continue to use Unreal in future.
Don't get me wrong. It's an amazing piece of technology and I enjoy working with it, but that using it means that I give money to Tencent already rubbed me the wrong way. I also don't need many of its state of the art features, because I'm not working on anything even remotely AAA. So I'm open to change, but CryTek is being run by idiots and Godot gets its fair share of complaints wherever I look. I also won't switch the engine in the current project again. That would most definitively kill it.
I question how much will actually come out of this initiative though. For all I know of could be nothing but a PR stunt, nothing but virtue signalling. Then again, it might not.

is crytek even alive anymore? i thought amazon bought them

Yeah, no… nice naive perspective though, gave me a laugh

Attached: 915B12CA-BC1C-4E51-8F47-75C18819A482.png (172x326, 39.48K)

Amazon bought their technology and rebranded it to Lumberyard for their own use. They didn't buy CryTek itself.
I've been paying attention to them for years now. It's downright incredible how many bad business decisions they made. Right now they should be a huge competitor to Epic. Instead, they're pretty much irrelevant.

Presumably it was the stipen of money to save their asses from becoming bankrupt.
Lumberyard is the result of that deal in terms of what amazon gained

he wasn't personally talking to you. This is a good example of why race mixers can never be valuable, though, they're far too invested in their degeneracy.

Nice attempt to bait, step up your game user-kun

It's true, a white man with a cute Japanese wife would never give up his "relationship" for something such as a morality. He's too invested in it. In the exact same way, a unity-fag would never give up his current project because he's too invested in it.

Switching engines makes more sense than abandoning wives.

If you have any sense of morality, and you're aware that creating happas is wrong, you won't do it. That's worse than just giving money to Jews.

Now you’re just breaking rule 8, also see

You think that a plausible excuse is just as good as doing the right thing. Don't use Unity.

Attached: sigmaII.png (680x497, 53.52K)

next you're gonna convince drug addicts to quit drugs by telling them that drugs are bad

Well, if they knew drugs were bad, and had any self respect, they wouldn't do them

It's not quite that simple. I would say this holds true for starting to do drugs. People who start doing drugs almost universally have no self respect. But those drugs fuck addicts head so much that self respect isn't what's going to get them out of it.
Take something like meth. Having listened to people give their experience on meth they feel like total and complete shit when they're off it, but when they're on meth they could be a skeleton covered in skin, scars, and bruises but they are totally convinced that they are the coolest person in the world. Meanwhile something like heroine people take to feel normal after they've built up a dependency. They take it because of a self preservation instinct, not only because of a lack of self respect.
I would say your sentiment holds more true for weed and LSD. But you can't really get addicted to LSD because your body builds up an immunity so fast, and the most addictive property of weed is only present if you're life is shit in the first place it. Weed makes everything feel alright. That isn't universal though.
Sage for off topic.

Sigmanon you should make your engine even more Holla Forums themed, it will be funny to watch the (((MSM))) reports about it

yea i'm not to far into my dev cycle and i could walk away from unity, but….. i don't really see how it is any worse than giving 5% to the chinks or hoping that Godot works for me. while losing access to tutorials and the heard of fucktards that is their help forums* i think the latter may be a plus thew** and after all that shit its hopeing that the godot devs are not going to sign on. or whatever other engine you want to use. and the make your own engine dev cycle is a dead end. but all of this is mute to the question of

"is it ok to use cucked software to make red pill the game?"

i mean what the fuck can they do? if i ever make a big enough impact i will have to licence the engine from them and if i get my foot in the door they cant stop me. what the fuck they going to do? refuse service? soft ban my unity help questions/responses? C&D my ass? worst case i huff and puff and make ether free press for me or damage them. i have the free time. if i duck under the 100,000$ a year they don't get shit. and if i make more than that i can get help and use anything else for red pill 2, the happening. (now free for owners of red pill 1, unity devs suck donkey dicks)

Really there are very few things I can do at this point besides use "racist numbers" as the default port, beyond making the logo of my project a swastika or something, which I don't want to do since turning the entire project into a Holla Forums meme would kind of eclipse everything else about it. Since, it's not so much about the engine, but what kind of content you make on the engine. If I made a school shooting game, it would be pretty easy to get some entertaining press coverage about it, but i'm not at that kind of point where I can make any kind of real content.

It would be rather funny if, in the future my engine is used to make a popular multiplayer game, and all of the articles online about "1488 is a racist number" are buried under a million " hey guys, check out my sigmacraft server it's at" posts online.

yeah, good point


i guess ill have to be quiet until i have a stable build then


I'm not a lawyer, but, I doubt any of this would be enforceable in an American court, and since Unity updates so frequently you could easily have them attempt to use this against you for a project that wasn't created with agreeing to this ToS being a thing that you ever had to do.

Silently changing their ToS on their site without forewarning or headlines would also likely get it thrown out.

No person or company can ever be expected to forfeit constitutional rights to comply with a ToS or EULA that isn't an explicitly formed signed contract, and even then it's a gray area.

looking good user, breast shape is much better, the shirt was also nice

You cant reasonably argue that making a game that they don't like falls into any of those categories beyond the vague "otherwise adversely impacts" clause which would allow them to revoke the unity licenses to any kind of game they don't want to be associated with, which has no precedent of being invoked in such a way from my knowledge.

Just build your own engine guys, it is that simple.

While I was out and about today, I suddenly remembered an old mod that I thought was pretty cool. I looked it up to see if it ever updated, and this is what I find
Why are these mod developers such cunts?

Attached: saucy.png (212x153, 84.2K)

For a very small area, only meant to play once or twice in the game.

Attached: crowharpy19.png (900x795, 413.49K)

I will admit that the Unity Police stuff is unlikely to the point that it's basically never going to happen, fourth amendment and all that. Which is why at the bottom of the EULA they have "If any provision of the Agreement is held to be unenforceable or invalid that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent possible and the other provisions will remain in full force and effect."
But the question is what they could do and I took that as a worst case scenario. The stuff like cutting off access to services is more likely especially when using a free version of the engine.

For something with precedent there is what Epic did with Hatred, they asked for their logo to be removed from the final product. However that's not possible, or at least very heavily discouraged, with the free version of Unity. So I'm not sure how Unity would deal with that. If you were to create "Hatred 2: School Shooter Boogaloo" in Unity I'm not sure how they would react to the controversy that would surround it. But something like "The Jewish Problem: The Game" would likely receive a stronger reaction.

I’ve got a bit of experience with lawyer talk, I’ll give a brief overview in layman.
First, there’s been precedences set via the release of previous unity games, where they didn’t violate “the agreement”, and thus there’s a very large degree of wiggle room here in terms of what they deem worth enforcing their EULA (f.e. the literally who beat up sim was made in unity, no case was levied against them).
The first point is there to protect them, in terms of liability, and gives them the ability to disassociate their legal entity from anything that could otherwise harm them (reputation wise, etc). It’s standard, and is pragmatic from a legal point of view; to not understand this point is to be legally naive to the implications of a corporation’s reputation, and associated guilt even through non-direct means such as providing access to commercial software (which they give you, in legal terms, as a privilege; not a right). To legally disassociate, and revoke access; to say a person using their software for creating a “game” that is intentionally carrying a zero-day ransomware, or something like a bitcoin miner; which causes damage to property, is legally disassociating themselves.

The second point is basically, “don’t pirate shit”, and is protection of their assets; again, legally pragmatic.
Say a large game company pirates the pro version for a large set of employees.
Now, normally one would just report it if they had tangential proof, but, with this clause they can get real proof; and press charges for the full worth that they lost in revenue with proof. It’s protecting themselves, plain and simple.

If shit goes down in the US, then the case would be held up in US courts with US laws; in some cases EULAs are thrown out entirely due to the incompability of the legal systems.

The thing about EULAs and who they’re enforced against is generallly corporations (legal entities), and are entities that matter (large losses of income, big business presence that they’re associated with); I.e. they’ve got bigger fish to fry than some nobody user on a mongolian basket weaving imageboard.
Though I guess it makes sense that ‘’anons’’ would be a bit more paranoid than most, kek

Also intellectual property laws, anything you make is yours, and only the software/services that was provided initially can be “revoked”.
So, if you’re really worried; best to make a game framework with heavy inversion of control so it’s easy to port to another engine.

I have a set of three Music Theory folders I downloaded from a link on Holla Forums years ago, but my upload speed is too shit to reupload it and send it to another user. Does anyone have the original upload?
The first folder is around ~200 megabytes large and has 52 items, the second is ~179mb with three books, and the third is ~92mb with two books.

Attached: 1a17bf47c380fa1c356422cfbe….jpg (600x800, 215.55K)

If they disassociate themselves from you (freeing themselves from what you create), does that same thing allow them to revoke your access to their product? Or is it just a way for them to say "sorry, we're not involved here"?>>14556595

Also have a document about marching cubes.

Your game is already shit if its using Unity or UE4.

So there’s a few factors here: the jurisdiction it’s being enforced in, the compability of the legal system with the EULA, and the degree at which the legal entity itself decides to enforce their EULA (or other rights like trademark copyright, etc); I.e. it depends.
So in this case it’s mostly untread waters… so we need to use examples.
Take UE and Hatred as an example, they just gave a gentle “warning” alluding to the possible legal enforcement that was within their legal rights, and did so by publicly giving notice (so from a corporations perspective they were “reputationally distancing” themselves, without actually revoking access to services or being legally threatening; while saving face by saying “we explicitly don’t exert any sort of creative control or censorship over projects.”). In the end all it took was saying, “the video is using the trademarked Unreal Engine 4 logo without permission from Epic, and we’ve asked for the removal of our logo from all marketing associated with this product,” and that’s all that was pragmatically necessary to disassociate themselves.
In essence, EULAs are for big fish + pragmatic legal/reputation protections, and gentle coaxing words to an “underdog” developer are much better for their reputation than say threatening legal action via being serving the devs court documents and essentially by-proxy censorship/disproval of a creative work made using their software.
In the real world, especially for corporations that depend on the trust of their consumers (as there’s competing alternatives); has to be very pragmatic with these sorts of decisions. So, consumer/developer trust is huge; ruining that with a stupid move like attacking an underdog is reputation suicide, and completely unnecessary.

I'm guessing you're going for a silent hill type atmosphere? That first synth instrument is irritating as hell but I like the rest

I thought I could make several cutscenes per day (I have 20 to do), but I hardly manage to make two of them. Still, I like the result.

I put more years than intended in this first game, hoping to make it a true success.

Those last years, I started to design several games which could act as a sequel in the serie, including strange ideas. Pic related.

Attached: 2018_02_04-_attack on dwarfs.svg - Inkscape-00h_07m_42s.png (480x480 367.36 KB, 2.33M)

I would like to make a flash-looping video with a music, the same kind of stuff you can get on /f/.
Is there any good tool to make those looping swf?

Yeah, I also intend to finally use webms, so I'm looking for a good tool (even in line command) to convert a folder full of pictures into a good quality webm (due to the recording process, I have to use pictures). What should I use to convert pictures into a webm?

Attached: 2018_03_24-cutscene-19h24m55s-King_Kadelfek-CP_Dir_sequence_tuto-v00_00_00_00-fs03dd04.gif (480x480, 487.2K)

I made this in webm for retards, but for converting a series of pictures into a video I would look into how it's done with a more powerful video editor like ffmpeg

Attached: cube_face.webm (480x480, 4.99M)

Is there a point in deleting the unnecessary keyframes? For example in pic related, While using only X axis for animation, keyframes for Y and Z still were created, but there's no change in their value through out the whole animation. Does this have any practical effect on the way the animation is exported into fbx?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (798x371, 35.4K)

They will replace whatever other value y and z will have at that point in the animation.
Keeping them ensures the animation plays corretly regardless of the object state
If you are playing two animations at once, one of them might replace those y and z values and make your animation play wrong
Although, it's unlikely to happen

I've been seeing a lot of shit going around urging everyone to learn to code, and literal calls to "democratize coding". Has democracy already ruined gamdev? There's not much money in it, so far I think it's kept most people out.

The only people who want more programmers are business owners.
More programmers = less money for the average programmers = better for business owners

As always it's the jews fault

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Even though my math sucks and I probably wont understand this, I'm saving it anyway.

That would make cents. I've seen gamedev companies whose owners spread terrible ideas.


Attached: Unity 2018-03-28 18-10-00-84_VP8.webm (800x364, 3.15M)

please enable AA

Looks a bit blank. You could try looking at the final boss of Kirby Star Allies, it pulled off space pretty fucking beautifully. and it's fresh on my mind.

well it is space

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A large percentage of the population is in fact, on average, too incompetent/low-IQ to ever properly understand even design patterns; none the less programming. Programming is a set of skills that, at minimum, requires the faculties to abstract thought from a low to high level, and inversely; as to fully grasp what is it you’re doing.
Not to mention it requires dedication, and consistency; which is what a lot of people lack for what is considered a meritocratic driven craft.

Not a bad idea tbh, but as mentioned most will not pursue it as a career or hobby; nor will they possess the drive/faculties to do so.

I hope you're right, but I've the masses of horribly low quality programming books (particularly gamedev, webdev, or javadev) makes me think that billions of pajeets are out there, waiting, for the moment when they can create an entire game by gluing unity assets together.
>not developing your web game as a java applet

For what is considered an essential skill set in a meritocratically driven craft*

I suppose I didn't explain it clearly enough. It's not really bad, some will probably prefer your version, but personally, I really like the contrasting bright colors in pics related. makes up for a pretty underwhelming final boss, too.

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how young are you that you have never seen the countless amounts of java applet games when the internet came about?

user, I obviously know they exist, I mentioned them by name

Yo, MoM user here, its been awhile since I posted. Heres a video of that Dragon summon from the official trailer I posted awhile back. All the dragons in MoM serve as optional bosses, who, when defeated, can be used as summons.

I tweaked his design a bit a tad too, to make his apparel more dapper looking!

Looking fun. What's your plan for the next demo?

my plan for my next demo is to Finish the game this year

I thought this thread was an elaborate joke like KOTH online

Actually, I am not far off from finishing. I have finished 9 maps in the last 2 months, and if I continue with the rate I am going at, I SHOULD be able to be done relatively soon, since they is only 25-30ish maps left!

You're going to gross $750,000 minimum, right?


hey, I'm sorry you don't believe in your own project :^)

These threads are the only thing on this board that isn't a joke

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Its more so I just want my first project not to be sold, is all. Plus, the sounds of a selling a TC mod, no matter how much you changed, sounds iffy to me. I rather just go the cave story route with my first game, and then go up from there!

I am not sure why people want to insist me to sell my game though despite me saying it should be free for the last 3 years

this does include boss arenas, which are circular in nature. Not all of the maps are big and sprawling, and even the bigger maps are Ocarina of Time styled, so they are not as complex as your typical doom map. Unlike a map pack, the emphasis is more so on the whole package then the individual maps. The demo I posted awhile back should give you a pretty good idea of such things, where some of the maps are the shops/bank/gallery, etc.

you need to over 18 to post here

it looks pretty fucking good, but more like a mystical environment kinda thing
whats your goal there?

user, I hate to be the one to break it to you. But that kid you bullied back in the day for liking Kirby. He's gonna be like 21-25 now.
Feel old yet?

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Attached: lostwizard.webm (1280x622, 3.83M)

Pajeets are a special exception as their entire culture is non-creative, and they’re entirely stagnant (due to various factors like religion (~89% of the population of India follows Hinduism, a religion that promotes a stagnant way of life if utilized in a culture driven manner), way of life, teaching style, and overpopulation/resource distribution.
So, they can use it, but nothing of value is produced from their own creativity; so they do not create, they follow instructions, and emulate.
Also, programming is massive in terms of impact on society, culture, and way of life all across the world; it makes sense that there’s so much garbage, and opportunists. However, the cream always rises to the top.
I’d go into it further, but gotta get back to stuff.

Thanks, gonna work on the sandals now

tell us more, user


Attached: Unity 2018-03-28 22-38-11-35_VP8.webm (800x364, 1.6M)

Base clothes done, now for details
In the end i gave up on the stockings, i think they don't fit Sasha
Now im trying to find a flower that would match her and use it as adornments on the red circles other than sunflowers, i don't like sunflowers, even if it would match her personality i think
I don't want my characters to end up as Atelier characters with so many elements in their clothing that it becomes a clown suit, but she is way too simple like this

Attached: flower spots.png (640x848, 46.63K)

The effect at the beginning was pretty cool, actually.

What is that?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (648x436, 341.14K)

Aurora Borealis

If I'm generating Perlin noise, how much data do the vertices need? For 2D noise, I think I need just the XY component, and for 3D, I believe it's the XYZ component. Or do I need the Z for both 2d and 3d noise?

yeah, the sunflower would go pretty well on her hair, tbqh
but I agree with atelier thing, doing so much manually can be a drag,
looking for references should help though, just keep it simple

I need an opinion, since I'm moving blocks of similarity into shared IDs, what would be a better way to handle things here?

I wouldn't make it OO in the first place

Make a spell that encompasses an area around you and does heavy damage, call it "Reality Warp" or some shit. Don't forget that you made that, little effects and "mistakes" you make can be the draw of your game.

Also that fucking great skybox is fucking great m8

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Yes user, he'll just rewrite minecraft to not be made in java just to mod it.

that would honestly be a better use of your time

But Minetest already exists.

Attached: 1446255548253.jpg (500x500, 129.91K)

Lower the volume on the opening synth, let the drums and base beat loud. You tried hard to make the synth the loudest thing there, but you should fade it out at points to let the backing shine.

If you're going for a continuous drone in your music, it's best to keep it in the back and let the melody take the forefront. Also try to muffle the synth a bit and keep the melody in the low tones, there's a bit in the middle where it goes just a little too high, at around 0:55-1:05

Attached: Medival Tune on a Hurdy-Gurdy.mp4 (1280x720, 13.79M)

I can only find a single decent looking book on .net's IL. I might have to settle for a generic book on virtual machines, or delve into pajeetland

Who's the author?

Well I'm trying to reduce the object oriented bullshit as is. I suppose I could shove fucking everything into one class but then I don't know how that would impact everything else. I mean, how would performance be impacted if every block had the same constructor and just different variables passed to it? I would assume performance to tank because there would be more data per block held in memory, but I'm dumb so what do I know?
This isn't to say I wasn't considering doing that.

Yeah and it's shit because practically no functionality was put into the engine, it's easier just to put an API into vanilla minecraft.

Constructors are just functions, there's no overhead in calling them in that regard. However, note that it allocates a new object, which is expensive. So try to minimize constructor calls. Ideally, you should just have to initialize the data structure that holds the blocks in a chunk, then perform SetBlock() style operators, and never call any constructors.

I'll just send you the book itself. I'm not endorsing it, I've only skimmed the first few chapters, but the preface basically says "I only wrote this book because there weren't any"
It's also horribly outdated.

If you have questions I'd suggest hitting up the Rimworld modding community's pardeike. The guy is an expert in IL.


While I come from a C# background, any books by Jon Skeet or Eric Lippert in particular are worth reading. They'll mostly be focused on the C# implementation of things and how they work under the hood, but these guys probably have 3 decades of experience between them, and Eric worked on the MS compiler team, so he knows his shit. Jon is just an autist.

So your mileage may vary depending on what they write, but generally IL should be cross compatible between .Net languages, right? Like that's the whole point of it

well, there's some 124 blocks (not including those that are just subtypes of others), and most of those 124 all have their own constructor class
but those constructors extend a base Block constructor class
so I have no idea how many calls are made, but surely it's excessive to have so many constructors

so what options are there for terrain? just random heightmap with warped as fuck triangles for cliffs or minecraft cubes? iv'e looked into marching cubes but does that really cut it? for terrain? a nested else if statement with 128 solutions. sounds shitty as fuck to code.

Attached: HeyLookItHasAColliderNow.webm (1031x683, 2.3M)

You don't understand what the fuck it does, then.

Given a block, you look at adjacency and set a byte value which has each of the 8 bits act as a flag for a particular corner. There are only 15 unique cases (33 if extended) and many are mirrors and translations of each other.

So basically, you take a byte, and transform it through a lookup table to find which geometry to use. Almost no if's involved

I'm not too interested in modding, I just wanted to learn a high level assembly language for fun. I might be stuck with the implementation documents, but that sounds too boring even for me.

The constructors are part of the bad design, but I don't think they're a problem in themselves. I don't know how JVMs typically lays it out in memory, but I wouldn't worry about the actual block creation code. More that it's creating a shitload of objects.
The fact that MC even runs at a playable framerate amazes me.

The best option depends on the nature of your terrain.
For most types of terrains heightmaps are great. If you're dealing with steep cliffs (think grand canyon for example), then you use separate 3d models on top of the heightmap. You hide the seam between the two with bushes, rocks, etc. (or you use a special shader that uses world position for texture mapping).
If you have overhangs and/or caves, you'll run into the problem that Unity's terrain system doesn't support cutting holes through the surface of the heightmaps (at least it didn't back when I switched to UE4). In this case you'll have to rely on standard meshes for everything. Marching cubes would be one really simple algorithm with which you could generate the mesh. The resulting mesh will be far from optimal though, even if you do use a MC implementation that uses an index buffer. MC is something you'd want to use to either give you the base terrain for further editing in Blender or whichever tool you use, or if your terrain changes dynamically.

what if i wanted to make a randomly generated open world meme game? poaching simulator 2019

I would probably go with a hybrid approach. Use a heightmap to generate your terrain itself (there are many tutorials for this online).
Caves can be made as lazily as Bethesda does them in Fallout: A couple of pre-made cave entrance models which let you press F to enter. Their insides can be generated similarly to the outside world, although you would need a different algorithm than using Perlin noise to generate a 2d heightmap. You also wouldn't use displacement mapping to generate the mesh as you did with the heightmap, but marching cubes (or something similar). I think that would be the most straightforward approach.
Sorry that I can't be more helpful. Procedural generation isn't my strong point and I'm tired as hell right now.

You could also use portals for caves. Almost as lazy, and a lot better looking for the player. Just make sure to compare the cave area to the surface so you don't end up with non-Euclidean geography. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

i really just want pretty cliffs and didn't want it to look like skyrim. currently looking at some marching cube code off of the web, but i don't get any of it. i might just use mincraft cubes for now considering i got that to work, kind of. laggs hella lot more than the example project that makes some silky smooth meshes.

what? modding through javassist is the easiest thing in the world, I've made a couple of cheats for Wurm Online with that, like painting black in the minimap the tiles that the horse can't climb and Xray vision for mobs/players
And never going to share with you faggots because I lost and/or forgot where I put/how to install

Not a problem in and of themselves, but since I want to at some point get rid of these hard coded blocks and load them through a config, boiling everything down to a smaller set of constructors should simplify that process

eventually I'll get to how it stores world data, but that's pretty far off for now

I've never heard of javassist

Since you're stuck with objects, you should express blocks as a set of behaviors rather than form.

So a (Lua?) file would have something that just defines everything on startup.
{name = "SmoothStone"attributes = {destructible {health = 5},drops = {CobbleStone},texture = {xPos = 0.2, yPos = 0.2} -- Fuck I don't know I assume it uses a texture atlas}

Sounds like a japanese porn site featuring office ladies.

Attached: aesthetic gun.mp4 (1280x720, 8.26M)

I'm not sure how you would do this without gang raping your cache, but going off of what you're working with, I'd set up a component based system.
The main issue is that this is a lot slower and creates a lot more garbage.

There's a way to more or less completely mitigate this, but it's a lot of extra pain. Basically, having a static array of blocks for every type's data, and a block would just keep track of its references to its data types and its position in that array. It'd be incredibly fast because you'd be able to update all blocks based on their type, and the block objects would have almost no data in them, aside from a pointer and an integer. You'd have to deal with allocating, cleanup, etc.
and the very frequent updates, like game ticks

Learn to read, I didn't imply that it's hard to mod java or anything else along those lines.

posting some references I found, maybe they'll come in handy for artist anons
sorry about the gookspeak

that ain't how CRTs work

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user, you are getting the Asians mixed up.

I'm hoping to get a working file handler written with the json library already included, which handles player statistics, but that layout is pretty similar to how I imagine it being setup.
the 'texture atlas' is a 16x16 grid of 16x16 pixel textures, where position is set by one number where 0 starts at the upper left corner and increments horizontally to 15, then the next row at 16 from the left, etc.
I have to change that at some point too because hitting that texture limit will be a pain in the ass.

It already rapes your disk with it's stupid stat tracking. With every stat it tracks, whether it be how many blocks you mined, the distance you traveled, how many times you died, etc, it reads your stat file to check and see if it needs to update, then updates it it needs to or creates appends the new stat to be updated to the file. I can't find anything that suggests the stat is just held in an array and written out on a timed thread, nope it seems like the stat page is updated every time the player does a thing tracked by stats.
RIP disk I/O

Are you going to try to change the way it handles chunk generation and saving? The method used last time I played was "generate chunk from seed and immediately save to disk, and overwrite it whenever a change is made". It seems far kinder to the disk to just store the changes made and apply them to regenerated chunks on the fly.

wow it's fucking nothing

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Holy shit nigger read a fucking dictionary as you clearly don't know what the fuck hiatus mean!

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it means whatever i want it to mean, and you can't do a damn thing about it

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Three times in a row can't be a coincidence. Are all programmers either bronies, anime autists or furries or is it just the ones interested in gamedev?

Attached: Question manga girl.jpg (401x516, 47.58K)

guilty as charged

That's still a texture atlas.
That's what word used to do before they realized it was a massive security vulnerability. He'd have to create an optimized structure to actually store the individual block changes, and I'm not really sure what would be suitable. At some point, the player would make so many changes you'd want to revert that chunk back to the old system.

gamedev is the most degenerate act known to mankind