Morrowind noclip

So I was in a Tomb in morrowind, when I nocliped and started looking around. Well at the end of the tomb, underneath the sacrifice(?) like area, and I found a small blue box that looks like it might be some sort of event starter. As far as I'm aware though, there aren't any events that you can trigger at the end of the tombs. I couldn't find anything on it anywhere else. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

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Why don't you open up the editor and see what it is then faggot

Be more specific, which tomb?

wow… the blue box of chim, trueley the deepest lore is in morrowalk


Vivecs box of dovah muatras.


Oh shit, you might be onto something there. I bet it's some super secret forgotten easteregg nobody has ever heard of.
If only there was a way to find out, but unfortunately we will never know. You should make a video on Youtube about this.

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That's a great thumbnail, pretty much how I imagined it.

morrowind is kinda shit tbh so i don't really care OP

It's Todd-in-the-box

won't it just be the source of the whispers you hear when on top of sacrifice pits?

aaaand this is why I still lurk 8 Holla Forums despite the generally more interesting and elite private IBs that I'm a member of.

It is so typical of Bethesda to hide secrets which would take decades to discover. My gut feeling is that it will contain a clue to an as yet undiscovered ARG .com address which once pursued to the end will reveal the release date of the next fully-fledged Morrowind game.

What is that tomb name? Details, details.

Can someone please inform r/morrowind and 4chan? I would but it's time for my daily lactation due to vegan GOMAD.

It's because you cast a mark spell there.

I remember hearing wispers close to these. It might be just a sound source.

tomb name nigger

it's unlike any container I've ever seen and I've played at least 600 hours of Morrowind. I'm leaning towards it being a trigger of some kind.

Possibly this. Although it surprises me that the box shows up in-game - they're normally just used in the editor so you can see where the SFX is and move it around.

we literally just had this thread. in fact it is still up. fucking retard.


Morrowind is a shit game with a good atmosphere and soundtrack play something better.

Woow dude a box!

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"hmm yeah, let's put the whispers an entire meter UNDERNEATH the floor even though no other enviromental sfx such as torches does that, given how that would 100% muffle the noise."

"lets make it so that the mark spell registers an entire meter beneath the ground, then when they cast recall we'll make it run the math to do a +1.00 meters on the Y axis, because that's so much more convenient than just placing the marker at the groundlevel of the player's posistion."

Do you both not want people to find the truth or something?

You're about to stumble across something you are not prepared for. Stop now because soon it will be too late.


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Your paranoia is getting to you son, get help

it's not even an easter egg, it's just a thing that the developers left out in the game, it's common to see a random box outside the map, how is this an easter egg?

It potentially is, and finding out what it is might be interesting.
Calm down small son

where is the academy backed evidence?

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So it's not about what's in the box. That was never even the real question. The real question is and (always) was 'What is the box?'. *gulp* I'm not sure I'm ready for the answer to that, now or ever.

Molyneux please.

Open it

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Deadra spawn marker for a cursed item on the shrine?

Cursed items spawn enemies no matter where you are, so it's not that.

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the box was you

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>no, it is the box

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Is this the new shitposting general?

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because threads of fucking nothing is now considered the golden standard

Thinking inside/outside the box? I'll come up with a funny joke yet to go with OP's discovery (not really)

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I'm glad we're now seeing deepfake shitposts out in the wild.

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Was ahnassi the first game waifu you could actually interact with?

good post


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check those numbers out

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Poe's law is no joke nowadays.

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Morrowind is for real gamers only such as myself

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Wtf I love todd now

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It's probably an un-modeled chest where the NPC's have their shop inventory since they don't actually carry it themselves. You fags not know this? Boot up Oblivion/Scyrim and go into a shop. There's a chest under the cell every time full of shit they sell.


Is there any NPC or enemy that has a shop inventory? What about an unusual inventory in general? If they die and you inspect the body there's a chance you will be inspecting the chest instead. Any boxes/chests that respawn the items in them? There's also the chance that it's just a lighting source marker or script marker.

I vaguely remember that there were some enemies which are hostile by default but offer trader services if you charm them, but they only carry what they have in their default inventory.

That's more likely. Also it still is unusual that it can be seen in-game. Such things are usually confined to the editor.

Fun Fact: Random leveled enemies that are placed in the editor look like monkeys in a ninja suit.


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It's none of these things.
It's a marker box indicating a particle effect generator, in this case the dust that forms in ash pits in ancestral tombs.
The box is there because in the Morrowind construction set you can't normally select particle effects, you need some sort of solid geometric object to click. The box is there so you can click on and position the particle effects properly.

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There's also a voice actor test where Fargoth narrates Azura's speech lines


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Made me laugh.

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To good to not be real in another similar universe.

A dragon dildo

Too real.

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Proof that your god doesn't exist and proof the tribunal does

Same with fallout 3. 4 and NV. Guess they couldn't trust players not to break the game by killing shopkeepers and looting their entire inventory and currency stash. Or make the game immersive enough to the point where murder is a bigger penalty long-term.

It's an object with a script it in that loops ambient sounds. In this case they might have forgot to make it entirely transparent. It is not an event trigger.

Or they could have just spread the wares around the house. So many better ideas. None of them implemented.

It's more about the fact that the NPC would be overencumbered and unable to move around. Morrowind had the shopkeeper's entire inventory in a chest that could be looted in every store, as well as displayed on the shelves.

Is Nickies now also doing Morrowind threads or what?

Aren't private IB pretty much dead?

This shit right here is why Peterson is trash. Why the fuck would you go to the source? That pseudoscientific trash isn't worth a damn.