4 AM

Losing control?

You wake up naked in the world of the last game you played, what do?

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find some clothes, first off.

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Morning everyone, Ritsu here

Been watching batman movies lately. Some animed, some of the 90s ones. Its been comfy.

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Monster Hunter World? Just stick to the monster hunters I guess.

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The Red Hood one was good.

I wake up in nuclear kamurocho? Cool.

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Try and avoid being collateral damage from gravity distortion via Kat (too easy to send NPCs flying into oblivion just by shifting near them. Also what said.

How goes user

Then what

Saw that a couple years ago so

Whats good in the hood monica

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Morning. Still feeling like garbage today. Had a guy get hired and fired in the exact same day too

Time to mana transfer
Do I get to keep my servants though?

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The fuck did he do

What'd you do today user

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Oh god my arm got worse. The heavy metal lifting made me bruise so bad. Now my entire under forearm is green and it hurts.

Remember yesterday when I said I was doing fine at my job? Turns out I was dead wrong.

I dunno, last game I played was Skullgirls.

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Oh, that one's one of my favs tbh. I hope you enjoyed that one.

Burnout 3: Takedown

man work sucked tonight..

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Sounds kinda boring, unless there's some super shit in it.

Sounds infected. Gotta cut it off

What happened at your job now?

Can't remember much about it.
I watched some new one that came out this year with it being set in the early 1900s. Was neat

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torchlight 2. uh get gear I guess…

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What happened at work fam?

How goes user

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Its just a bruise. Its that kinda really pale green that signals the start of a bruise.

Not much. Woke up earlier than I wanted to because of a few phone calls, and never quite got back to sleep.

Sperged the fuck out at several customers, sperged the fuck out at coworkers and called the district manager a retarded slut all within 40 minutes of training at the till

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Nah, you're pretty much just a sad, lonely, turbo autist. This RP as anime girl shit is sad.

idk I find the new ones look really cringy.

Is this a situation where you can't apologize profusely?

I've been trying to shift my sleep schedule a little later each day and I fucking wake up at 5pm every single time no matter when I go to bed. Its driving me crazy.


Wew for a second I thought you were lewd posting user.
Maybe he was a NEET that just didn't want the job

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On the bright side a girl smiled at me in church on sunday.

it's goood bro how're you

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I don't RP at all, its just a name. And I'm not lonely I got plenty of friends.

I watched batman and harley quinn since she a cute and that one was legit cringey. Bad jokes and global warming being a main topic during it. Pure garbage.

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Not enough freight to look at to get revenue.

Oh well, it is what it is.

Though I do get my PS4 later this week and GT Sport is already here.

Looks like the weather this weekend coming up is looking Comfy to get started on it

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I can safely say that I might actually lose my job this week.
>parents don't ask why I'm home early for some reason, can't bring myself to explain to them the situation.
tl;dr I'm fucked

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Do anything fun today?
I'm good, got some more movies downloaded for after the thread. Gotta go buy tobacco today though so that sucks.

Are you going to talk to her or avoid her like the last 5 girls who you say smiled at you

You don't get payed by the hour or something?

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Iv'e been trying to find a good excuse to start a conversation but i just suck at starting them.

I hope the popularity of superheroes dies soon so I can enjoy it again.

Do they ever explain how you're being rude?

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mask of the phantasm is gud

today not really, played vidya for a bit, bout to watch some anime

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I try to get up around 3, maybe 3:30, since the local tendies place is best at around 4-4:30 if I opt to go. Instead today I get called at like 12:30 because my friend wanted me to try to get in contact with his dad to read him a number off the bottom of his Wii while he was at lunch break at college. Not sure why he thought I wouldn't still be sleeping.

I told him before to just hack the damn thing and then he can dump whatever VC or Wiiware or emulator he wants on there.

Niiiiice. Payed for nothing. Welp welcome to the NEET life fam, you are gonna love it. Or hate it but then become dependent on it and then hopefully learn to love it.

"Hey whats up"

Jews already infected comic books too much for that

So whys it matter how much freight comes though

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But i dont know her name or anything

I doubt that's true since he got this job by knowing the owner's kid. he also threatened to get all our management fired because he knew the owner
And, well, I have been posting lewds just of type-moon grills

He'd have balls of steel just showing up again after what he said apparently

Capeshit will die off eventually. Much like torture porn of the early-mid 00's

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I have Revenue Goals to meet

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I was gonna get mask of the phantasm but its connected the the animated series right? I'd like to rewatch that so saving the movie for that.
What games? What anie?

My phone is muted at all times so that never happens to me tbh

"Hey whats your name"

Wew entitled people like that are the worst. When I worked at that crappy gas station years ago there was this one cocksucker I hated who the boss loved and treated better than everyone else. Was the worst.

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Good luck with things, depending on whether you want to keep or leave that job. I suppose at the very least you'll have a paystub as proof you actually did work there. Which is more than I've ever had.

It feels too simple though.

This is true. The only thing left is weebshit.

Oh I thought you were talking about yourself. It's good it wasn't you. Also, it's taking a good while for capeshit to die.

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I keep mine solely on vibrate unless actively expecting a call.

Postal 2, Haha I was playing on Postal mode. Operatin time.

So you gonna get fired then?

You know how the saying goes. Keep it simple dumbass

For now

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You're probably right. I guess i can try it out today on the qt girl in english.

torchlight ii, gasaraki respectively.
yes, it's part of the series but it's almost like an anime movie in the sense that it won't really disrupt to watch it at any part of the I guess you could call it the original run of the series, before they do whatever it's called, the new adventures part with robin and batgirl and all of that.

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As far as I'm aware, they mention that there are times I sound frustrated with them or I'm cutting them off which I admit is one of my bad habits but besides that, not much else. I've even asked which customers call in to complain but apparently I'm not allowed to know that information.

Yeah, at least I have that. Although I'm still stuck with some debts to pay.

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nah, I should be ok.. kind of a bummer, might have a higher goal to obtain, but Im still in my "Trainer" months so I might be excused.

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How goes user

Whats the most embarrassing thing you've ever done user

Oh nice. Might have to watch it sooner then.
Hoping this rewatch doesn't kill my nostalgia for the show. Was my favorite as a kid.

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Sorry, but maybe you just suck at this job. I'm sure it happens.

Im so tired i'm just gonna pass out. Night.

Go to the brothel. I can make some easy money.

Sounds like you hired someone from Holla Forums or Holla Forums.

Do you think its a specific race or gender?

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At least the management is pretty chill here. They accept our location is a perpetual shitshow and take everything in stride.
The good news for us is another location is going to be closing for a fee months for major renovations, and a large portion of their staff will be temporarily moved here for the duration. So at least for a bit we won't be understaffed

Longer than I'd have thought, manchildren have lots of disposable income it appears.

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Debt sucks.

Fine, watched the neighbor fail at riding a bicycle several times today.

Theres nothing I love more than those first few weeks of a job where standards are lax.

Cya next time user

How goes user

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Get some cloths from somewhere.

Was any of what he was sperging about true? Or sperging just for the sake of sperging?

Why would you ever bring this up?

I'm suprised your elders don't think hacking such a thing is illegal. Presumably being boomercucks and all.

it kinda did for me I thought it was a lot longer and I remembered way more of it than I thought. it's normal though all my fave super hero cartoons from my childhood weren't as good trying to rewatch them to bring back my in utero fefes

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Nice. Hope you get to keep your hours though. Unless you need a break

How old were they?

this tbh

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Just finished work. Feeling comfy but cool. I'm almost considering pirating far cry 5.

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That and those gay ass pop figs.

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Most of the 90s spiderman show is still watchable. And I like batman beyond a lot.

How goes user

Does it let you use a wingsuit? I'd get it if it did

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That's what I'm starting to think. I can get calls done quickly, which helps save the company money, but at the same time I'm shit with actually being social with the customer.

See you tomorrow.

It's probably a woman, a foreigner, or an old person., seeing as how they all seem to be the hardest to work with. I also had one call today where the customer accused me of harassing her because I asked her why she wanted to speak to a manager, despite that I didn't do anything to piss her off prior, and the manager asks why we transfer the customer over to them if they wanna speak to a manager.

Yeah, it does.

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I dunno, anywhere from 15-20. I mean this person thinks Japan is on the otherside of the big lake east of me and I'm somekind of wizard for being able to turn on my lights without having to light a wick.

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I'm alright how about yourself?

Why waste the bandwitdth?

Just a retard. Here i am on Holla Forums and im the one keeping the store running smoothly.

His connections I have no reason to doubt. Can't really say on anything else as this all went down before I showed up.
and i brought it up because it was tangibly relevant

Eh. I might take a week off while we have extra staff but they'll only cut my hours if I asked for it

I know some retard today blew nearly a grand on pop figures to try and turn a profit on the secondary market
Two years later he still has about $500 worth of them and is desperate to sell them

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Fucking finally. Sick of this cold weather.

Yeah, only job I ever worked I just got three days pay for in cash. No proof I ever worked there. Game I bought with part of my meagre earnings then is like $300 now.

Where'd that come from?

I'm talking about my friend's dad. My own parents don't really care; I don't tell them I'm downloading games. Dad on the other hand thinks me learning how to hack various consoles and handhelds is cool, and says I should start a paid-service of doing so. Not real interested.

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Where do you live that japan is on the other side of a lake near you?

delet this

I'm good. Kinda itching to play a game.
Do anything fun today user

Do it. Visit nippon during

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Have you ever been good at socializing?

I want a Nendo of a certain character but they're not popular enough.

You stole my (You)
And just curious

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Jesus christ. That money could have been used for better things.

People think talking to a manager will get them better service.

The best way I can describe it is this girl honestly don't know what is outside of the woods. The shock of a SNES was reaction enough let alone the TV and the stove you don't need to cram wood in to cook with.

Just watching the world burn. The header at the top of the page is indicative of where freedom to speak your mind is heading worldwide.

I don't get why so many stores stocking those think it's a good idea. They're just template garbage and sit on the shelves until the store finally gets sick of them wasting space. And then they buy more to sell.

nah fam, its ok if you're gay

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I'm autistic, so no.

That's probably it, but depending on the case, the manager may actually decide not to take the call of my hands, and instead insist I fix the issue myself.

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Is she retarded or just sheltered? If the latter sounds like an easy lay.

If we ever get bong style laws I'm going to have to grab my go bag and get the fuck out of here

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I guess completely misunderstanding some term on a forum when I was like nine or so.

still not as good as when you were a kid. Still need to watch that middle batman series tbh though. and maybe the superman one. DC had a pretty epic run of kid's cartoons that spans like 15 years if you go from Batman TAS to the latter justice league years.

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Dunno. How do you feel about murdering white christians en masse? You can be a grille with titties tho.

Maybe you have a very masculine voice and intimidate people by default?

I've got unlimited bandwidth though. And I wanna see if I can see my tits. No one knows this answer to this fucking game.

Yea but you probably sperg out sometimes as well and just don't realize how bad. No one on here is strictly normal.

I snowed here today again

Here's a freebie.

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Why'd you get this job? Also, I'm sure there's a job that fits your bill better, don't worry.

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Thats it?
And what term

I'm really not a fan of superman so never seen any of that later stuff between batman and beyond

Wew what? How cucked is this shit

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More abandoned in an old cabin as a kid kind of deal. Hilariously enough knows the danger of the jew, although she thinks they're some kind of animal that'll steal your gold and enslave you in some dark place.

Ain't that shitty.

I only got the job out of desperation, because I had no prior job experience and I was trying to find something that I could do. Oddly enough one of the requirements when I first got the job was "one year of customer service experience" and they let me in despite not having said experience.

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Nice. We don't even get snow where I am, leaving it just cold and windy. Too low of elevation, too dry a climate. Have to go to a big enough mountain, or above the rim in the north, to get to snow.

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subtle post I see

If he wants to be gay, let him

and for fucks sake, watching WWE now is automatically Trash tier.. we need 90s RAW back

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My mother owes me a considerable amount of money. When I get repaid, I'll be using most of those funds for glorious nihon

Pretty sure nendos are decided through popular request. Get yourself a few dozen burner emails and spam their inbox for a few weeks

Probably just businesses hoping they were the next beanie babies. Or in gamestop's case, something that will actually sell.

The most autistic thing I've done on the clock is build gunpla. I got a job to practise talking to people And get money for anime titties

He's made a considerable amount of money flipping magic cards, so I assume he was hoping to replicate his success with funkos.

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Thats hilarious.
I can never tell if the stories you tell are real or not tbh

Nothing about me is subtle

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Did you lie?


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How much scratch me talking fam also

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I try to avoid embarrassing myself too much, thanks.

"Bishie". I thought it just meant "favorite" because I wasn't versed on Japanese lingo back then. In retrospect, I think I was unknowingly talking to a bunch of furfags back then on Serebii, as they kept claiming the mons as theirs.

I'd hope that people that go to Gamestops are there to, you know, buy fucking vidya games. Not chintzy shit that looks vaguely like a character they know. But what do I know? I don't have a habit of going to Fucking Gamestop much, and most of the characters for games I like aren't in the running to get funko shit done of them.

there there

so, any other good suggestions I need to get for my PS4

I need more racers

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What happened to this place?

He got lucky on the first.

Its nice to have fresh baked goods though. If I ever lived a normal boring life I'd probably jump off a bridge.

You got a job yet yakuza? It's about time you said goodbye to the neet life, yes?

Very cucked. There's even a trump pee tape quest in the game where you find the legendary video of trump peeing on russian girls. And the main antagonist is a christian dude in charge of a group of christian zealots that take over montana I think, or some other smaller red state that's 95% white. Course, liberals are still pissed cause like every other far cry since 2 the villain ends up being the good guy, and this one is no different, so the punch a nazi crowd are salty while the game is still a pozzed liberal game. I'm actually curios to see if it fails at this point. Especially with denuvo+steam drm+ irdato+ uplay.

That must suck. Snow is my favorite thing about the seasons, it's one of the main reasons why I love winter so much. You're missing out. There's nothing like taking a walk at 5 in the morning where it's still kinda dark and grey and there's snow everywhere.

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And its hard to ever be embarrassed if you don't give a shit tbh

Only driving game I got for ps4 is initial d.

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wait theres an initial D for PS4?

>mfw I once saw him spend $20 on a Borderlands 2 figure. I forget which character it was though.

Nope, I was completely honest with them during the entire interview, which makes it even weirder. I even started coming to these threads around the time I started working late shifts.

Attached: 520c8390e834781e69b4a3fc5b2380583fa4f732adbec7aeaea50e79051f84e0.jpg (361x287, 10.76K)

Attached: walk away.png (350x509, 342.62K)

What is a gunpla? Is it a type of fig? And what about them anime tiddies? Tell me everything.

Attached: Karen.jpg (1920x1080, 98.32K)


Attached: 06fc67210bc6e5f27980eb085f8c761c7a02edc4492fd0f2d5f356923a049289.jpg (483x312, 64.14K)

I would too. If I ever get stuck in an apartment working a shitty job just to be stuck in an apartment stuck in an endless loop of work. I'm out

Holy crap. We need another video game crash.
Also guess I'm going to avoid that one

Wait I'm thinking ps3.

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oh I had my hopes.. damn

What do you have thus far?

On one hand, it would be nice to have a bit of a perk to the winters here. On the other hand, no need to salt the roads or shovel tons of white bullshit every day. Houses here are better suited to releasing heat than retaining it anyhow.

What are you on about? I said I try to avoid Fucking Gamestop when I can.


Just buy a real car instead

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but I have a car

well a truck

though I would love to have an AW11 Gen 1 MR2 or when they can be imported an R33 GT-R

Attached: FKSR0ri.jpg (326x444, 29.46K)

I asked him the same thing, and I'm still not sure what his reasoning was. This same friend later went and told everyone I was a reckless driver after the city trip I invited him to in December, and that's when I stopped hanging out with him.

Attached: Chun 1.png (877x750, 498.45K)

Seems like a good strategy. If people are pestering you to make a figurine of x character, chances are it'll sell.

$12000. And it was either help pay taxes or we lost our home. Breadwinning father died in a car crash, and our board of directors budget was reduced to one of an educational assistant.

Gundam plastic models.

Last time I went to a gamestop there was more "geek apparel" than actual video games. It's actually fucking disgusting and makes me glad I just use Amazon

Attached: 1516497219454.jpg (1984x2611, 1.77M)

I need hand grenades thrown at me for the rest of my life.

I need to see a gamestop in real life one day so I can vomit all over it.

Attached: 5cab85bdb817ed82bd0aa0adaa49a961e3c967dbe148d95002895bf00fd9927c.jpg (800x566, 99.07K)

I just want a nice rx7. Or any rotary really.

Sorry about your pops fam.
When she think she can pay you back?

Has that really happened before?
How much metal is in you?

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Should have dropped him earlier for having that shit of taste.

I remember when they trashed like 99% of their DS cases, covers, and manuals, in order to make space for phone shit and accessories. Fuckers ruined the DS after market (for complete games, anyhow).

well Im off to bed

night all

Cya next time user

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I could never understand a life without snow. Seems hellish to me.

Most people are already. I don't think it's going to do well. That's also why I suggested pirating it. I did hear you can join the cultists.

Post your gundams, user. Also why do you have cuckchan filenames on your pics?

Attached: Mochi 2.jpg (1200x900, 121.9K)

You live somewhere free of their cancer?

Had a pipe bomb go bang in a ditch beside me once. I've probably got birdshot on my ass somewhere still.

Four people in a 100-150 mile radius, three of which are me and two people upstairs, one way down the road. I've never been to a place with one of those places in it.

Trying to appeal to both sides like that is retarded.
He could have just saved it back before 8chs file names changed.

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When you gonna make that 5 and give me a plot to grow some baccy fam

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If I had dropped him over taste, I would have dropped him much eariler.

Attached: Chun 39.jpg (2407x1259, 241.68K)

Don't think tobacco will grow here without a greenhouse, in fact I know it wont grow without one.

In a way, it is a hell of sorts. Last July it got to 120 here for a few days. 112-117 is about average for Summer. Parents have told me that once when I was really young, it got to about 126, and apparently really didn't help me being sick at the time.

Well, I can tell you they pretty much helped kill off most other smaller game stores where I am with their sheer numbers. I expect it to have been the same in other places across the states. And in doing so, they brought another sort of cancer: artificial scarcity, in that in killing a lot of stores that stocked older games, once Fucking Gamestop stopped stocking for a given system/generation, it got to be that much harder to find those games locally due to few places actually taking them in left. And most of the surviving ones opted to take advantage of that and sell even common games at grossly inflated prices. Try $30 or so for a GH copy of Crash Bandicoot.

Attached: AZ anon on an average summer day.png (201x241, 123.35K)

You could try using that one rare african breed that grows on top of mountains. Cross breed it with some rustica for hardiness and a bit of virginian for flavor.

Attached: Reaction Images (9).gif (500x483, 174.85K)

You aren't missing much. A wall of the latest triple-a titles behind the counter, a million funko pops, a shelf of off-brand controllers and "gaming peripherals" half a shelf of used games for each system, nendoroids of video game or comic book characters, Pokemon wallets, backpacks, pushes, amiibos, the spyro amiibo clone, basically anything with a video game up barfed on it, but very little actual video games. It's what I'd imagine what a hot topic lite would be.

Probably next year. She's marrying in a couple weeks then I'll be on her about it

Fucking disgusting.

Got no pics of them on my phone
And because/e/ is a good place to get lewd tm girl pics

Also missed the other half of your post
Pic 3 is on preorder, should be here on my birthday though.

Attached: d1d8d99de34e4ec983b99537c7e813f4.jpg (2560x1440 1.25 MB, 1.24M)

I've made it, boys. Livin' the life.

Ride on Suicune.

How is this possible?

I know the sort of cancer they are, just never been near/in one.

What a surprise.

What happened?

Nice I'm going to be in nippon some time next year too. Might even take my imouto with me

How goes user

Its something I've always been interested in. I love tobacco, and it'd be neat as fuck to breed your own blends that no one on earth has ever smoked before.

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speaking of DS cases, my copy of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time didn't even come with a proper case. It's just a piece of paper that reads: Mario and Luigi : P in Time. I want to get a proper cover for the game some day but I haven't touched it in almost 10 years.

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The only credit I will give Gamestop is that their website can actually tell you what stores, if any, within a hundred miles are reporting having a copy of a given game, since nowhere else where I live does that on the customer end, for better or worse (which both means it's luck of the draw what any given store has on a given day, but you can be the first to snatch something good at a cheap price after it's been put out for sale).

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I'd probably die.

Also, could anyone direct me to some good shortstack porn?

Its like handloading, you got your own data to make a watermelon pop at 800.


Assuming you access to a good color printer and paper cropper, TCP is your friend.

Is Partners in Time all that good? I remember seeing a lot of people complaining about it in comparison to Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story. Namely bros moves turned into bros items and dealing with the babies.

Now I'm considering playthrough either Pokemon Heartgold again, or another Gen 2 rom hack like Prism or a modified Crystal.

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How goes user

I'd like to get into that but I don't shoot nearly enough to justify buying all the shit you need.

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Partners In Time isn't a bad game, it's just very linear compared to the other games. The babies aren't as bad as I remember, but again I haven't played the game in almost a decade so It might be better/worse than I remember it. Also Ninty's skipping it for the M&L Remake treatment, going straight to Bowser's Inside Story.

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The image was spawned from some CYOA fanfic /vp/ wrote years ago about Morty and Eusine fighting crime on their giant robot dog, ala Yatterman.

Also reminds me that "Unlucky Star" was a popular enough user-writ fic on /a/ of old to actually get fanart itself.

Hellmouth comic was pretty good I assume you've already read it though
Hard to find good shortstacks that aren't mindna or goblins

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I still don't get why they're remaking a game for release on the 3DS, when the original game was on the DS and is playable on the same system via backwards compatibility. Same with Fatlus and nuStrange Journey and Radiant Historia. Beyond more money, I mean.

Mallet loading ones are cheap as fug. Like 50 dollars.

What do you think I'm made of money

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Modern atlus only knows how to rerelease games and shoehorn persona into everything

Get a job

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When I get a job every dime goes to a nippon fund

Don't you shrug at me you shit

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Sorry, I should have clarified.
I mean shortstack hentai.

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I can shrug at anything.

Surely an extra week of work is worth the fun and fun accessories

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I suppose, but why rerelease a game on a system that can still play its original? I mean, this hasn't been like the difference between the PS1 and PS2, where even with PS1 games being playable on its successor, the PS2 engine could give them a noticeably improved facelift as remakes.

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Go shrug yourself then

Rustle doujins

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An extra week of work is a trip to a soapland monica

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So with two weeks you can get both

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Already did.

He likes used goods and tight condoms.

I'm going to bed.

Nope then I can go to 2 extra soaplands. Or one of those expensive dominatrix ones

Next time I'm bringing murican condoms

Cya next time user

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That ain't right

I'd be fun watching some cute little nip girl trying to dominate you. Long as there ain't pegging

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It just ain't right man

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Assuming Draco isn't in space anymore by the time I get to her, knock her out with my semi-decent puyo skills then steal her dress and use as a loincloth.