New Gundam Breaker on PC

SRT when?

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Vols plz fix

Nice, I'll have something to replace windom soon.

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Anyone have a pirate for the PS4 version of Gundam Breaker 3?

Why would they? Does PS4 have any kind of CFW?

Yes it does. Up to (I recall) 4.55

Muh nigga
nothing will replace embed related though

Yes, if you have older firmware

Color me surprised

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Jesus they need a reshade. Why are gundam games always potato-tier ugly?

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All embeds are cancer faggot. Webm next time.

All videos are cancer, upload a powerpoint slideshow instead.

They're supposed to look like plastic. They're animated toy models.

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I can't even fathom how people make that shit.

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Do you think the Gundam community is autistic enough to make 3D models of arms, legs, torsos, etc?

I've waited 20 years for this.

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You can add chipping and mud damage in the paint menu. It's actually really customizable. My favorite I've made is a Nobel Gundan variant styled after Haman.

Is water wet?

How could you even doubt these levels of autism?

A quick question for those who played it or previous GB games:
Can you have two differently colored beam sabers at the same time?
How sabers' color is even managed in these games?

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Paint color, but you can't do two different colors at a time on standard dual wielding sabers because they count as a single item. However, you can have different colored beam sabers as option parts (added skills specific to body parts, so for instance wearing the Sazabi's backpack gives you the ability to use funnels), which you can also decide the color of, but you won't have both at in a single attack.

Looks nice. How do the previous games compare to say Zeta Gundam vs ZZ gundam which is the only gundam game I've actually played, and truth be told I have fond memories of it and the tank mech.

So can I have two blue sabers? Or two green ones?
I'm just no huge fan of default pink ones.

Just patience with the build and painting user. I was a gunpla scrub but you just need to take careful time to sand all the pieces down to get rid of the nubs and practice applying weathering. I can guarantee, these guys must have had a ton of failures where they coated paint to thick or put on so much weathering the model looks like someone shoved it where the sun don't shine.

You can make them whatever, it has a full rgb selector with saturation and brightness and shit, in addition to tons of paint options like gloss and metal and shit.

Also can you make transforming gundams?
What are limitations if you go for one?

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Gunpla/ GK thread?

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hope it fixes and expans on GB3

Nah, wouldn't really be possible with the part variety. That stuff is in Forces though, if I recall.

Super Fumina confirmed! With Kapool as one of the main suits of Build Divers, it should be in too. The main two mobile suits I want that aren't in GB3 are pretty much confirmed in.

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Graphically looks like a real step up, let's hope the framerate isn't ass.

It's called paint, you straightbuildfag

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Trailer is at 60 fps, so unless you're consolefag it will be alright.

I can't wait to pirate it.

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Nah I buy it at full price on day one.
PC needs mecha resurgence and it's the chance to give it some thrust.

I'll probably pirate it but if they put SRWX on PC I will buy at least three copies and give them to friends, because V is actually very good, despite being an easier, non-squad Z3. I miss you Crowe, I can't wait for you to be in OG.

I'm not trying to moralfag anyone, I pirate shit all the time.
I just want all mech titles to be multiplat, and sometimes goying out is the only way.
It werked with dark souls, so it gotta work with gendum.

Shit I only played OG1 and 2 on gba and watched animoo. I just don't like turn based games all that much to care.


Pre-order with GB generally means "get these parts earlier than intended"

Not exclusive

The SRW animes are all trash except a very few scenes. Play non-OG games if you want to see why people like the games, more for people other than you, as you don't like turn based shit, start with Z for the PS2 if you want to get into the most recent completely arc.

I never played a GB game and cant either because of my toaster but it looks kinda fun.
Im really digging that music too

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It will probably come bundled with denuvo and a whole bunch of content cut out to be sold as DLC on day 1. And when people refuse to buy it they'll say "so PC players don't want gundams after all huh" and will never port gundam anything again.
I'll still preorder it, looks like dream game I've never had

fuck that play Alpha Gaiden as your first non-OG SRW game.

I'll pre-order it too, not like you cna fuck up G breaker. Aside from optimization. Speaking of this I posted it over on /vg/ seems like mot many people into mecha have moved over there yet.

In any case I'll be playing this hopefully when it launches. Seems like JP is getting it a day earlier and the better news is no delayed release for PC

I also enjoy watching people fail.

I have a request if an Hardcore Gundam user is willing to help me out a bit.

This game looks fun and i'd probably play it regardless, but to get to my point. I'v always loved Robots and Mecha since I was a kid, but Gundam is just something i'v never got into because I rarely watch anime save for some exceptions like the standard DBZ or Devil May Cry's anime.
So I ask hopefully a hardcore fan who knows their shit, what is the best way to get into Gundam? I am completely fine with starting from the very beginning of the first Gundam anime, if that is recommend, I can see Gundam being a series that has many call backs, so it will probably be something I'd want to do. but what should my expectations be? I know jack shit about Gundam.

I'm fine with say watching a series that isn't as good, as a previous one, as long as I know what to expect.
So what would you say is Mandatory and Secondary to get the most satisfaction out of a series like Gundam?

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Watch the movie recuts of the original Gundam, then watch the entire series of Zeta Gundam.

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Posting this because I love Turn A and metal.

Start at the beginning, Watch all the UC (THis includes MS Igloo, suck it up you'll get used to the CGI from 2006)

Avoid Zeta A New Translation as it's non-canon even according to Tomino.MSG can be watched in either TV form or Compilation movies, the movies remove lot of filler and try touching shit up but you lose some fun shit like the Gyan and the subsequent fights in Texas Colony.

F91, and Victory can be watched at any time within UC since they're so far removed

MSG>MS Igloo1/MS Igloo 2 >8th MS team>War in the pocket (Watch every christmas)>0083>Zeta>ZZ>CCA

For AUs (Alternate Universes) Avoid SEED, SEED Destiny, AGE, 00 Gundam S2, GBF TRY "movie" and maybe just most of TRY since it's eh compared to the original GBF

If you can't stomach old animation suck it up. I don't care, no one cares shut the fuck up and watch. The origin is a more "fleshed out" version of gundam. Watch it later to appreciate it a bit more, however read the manga as the movies do differ a tad and seem to make char's sociopathic tendencies more stand outish. Thunderbolt is a AU of UC and has no bearing on anything else in the UC timeline.

Start watching MSG right now go faggot

Crossbone can be read whenever, enjoy people looking like teenagers or potatoes

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It's gonna have denuvo almost certainly. I refuse to support that mecha or not. I might reconsider if it's only DRM is steam.

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Ni No Kuni 2 is probably the only recent release by Bamco to not use it aside from third party indies.

Turn A is second worst gundam.
Only G-reco managed to top its shittiness.

Steam client is not DRM, Steamworks is

And its sales on steam are in deep ass.

Okay user that is allot good of info, even if it's a bit much for me to take in, (although that is to be expected for a series as long running as Gundam) but i'll do my best.

Okay that's sounds more simplified, but is their any advantage to watching the whole original series filler and all. What I mean is don't want to miss out on little things that they sneak in for long time fans.

For example Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had an alternate costume for Vegeta that was based on when he was off color at first when DBZ first started. if i were to watch DBZ kai they fixed this detail and I wouldn't have gotten that this costume is a nod. Anything like that I would miss from avoiding things.

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Even in UC I would contest this. The only good thing ZZ has is the glory that is Haman.

Yes, you get to see a bunch of people die edgy ass deaths while being animated very poorly. Who was that?

and Puru. Puru is fucking great.

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There are youtube videos and various sources online explaining the chronological order.
You could get into the series like that too.
But what bothers me how you never even bothered watching gundam if you like robots an mecha so much, seriously HOW did you not even bother even for a minute all of these years?

Are are you a beaner with shit taste who watches and praises dragonball super?

No nothing like that, I just have always spent my free time playing vida, instead of watching anime.

I think you just have ADHD

you're a dumb fuck and I can tell you have ADHD, go watch naruto or something.



Honestly watch either for the original and then watch Zeta TV


I want to give Puru and all the clones a good happy life

He's probably a TTGL babby or watches shit like eva dubbed or some gay shit. Probably has never watch Round Vernian Vifam or Heavy Metal L-Gaim

SRW V has as freely available DLC through NPS which has Marida being pushed around by the Purus for being their younger sister.

You and I both. If by some chance I ever have a daughter I would want her to be a good girl like Puru.

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Haha nigga what? It's the tomino who went full ADHD when making turn A and even further beyond with G-reco.

I'm not actually going to take the easy way user, that's why I called his advice simplified. when compaired to yours.

G-reco pisses me off so much because the story looks like it wants to be Xenogears but literally ends up being Eureka Seven.

I'm glad Marida got a good end. Shame about her uterus being taken out

Problem is Tomino wanted to make a gundam show that wasn't 52 episodes because modern anime has to be short ass shit.

The original series. It still holds up (The original audio however does not. It was recorded at a pretty low quality and has degraded over time as well. You may actually want to watch the decent English dub.). After that watch Zeta. Skip Double Zeta because it's pretty shit and the future works barely mention it.

After Zeta watch War in the Pocket. After WitP you could watch Stardust Memory and 08th Mobile Strike Team, but they both drop in quality a lot midway. Igloo is nifty but the CGI is bad and it's not essential. After that watch Char's Counterattack. If you want more UC watch The Origin and then Unicorn, but they can wait.

Once you've got the most important UC works out of the way, watch Gundam X or G Gundam, then the other. Both are great, though G Gundam is a massive shit in style and tone. Seed is shit, Seed Destiny is worse than shit and Wing doesn't hold up too well . Ɐ Gundam should be watched after all

As for video games, the good ones I know of are

Most of them (Gundam vs. Gundam and the bonus missions of 戦士達の軌跡 excepted) only need you watch the original series. MS Saga is a universe of its own and could be enjoyed on its own, but watch the main UC works (original, Zeta, Char's Counterattack) and G Gundam first at least (Gundam X, despite being a post apocalyptic Earth, is strangely absent). Gundam Breaker is similarlly a crossover game, but without the pilot

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keep going japan

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Praise gaben

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Fuck off Judau.

It's worse, like I said I only know the bare minimum of Normalfag shit when it comes to anime. I'v always just played Vida with my time. That's why I'm asking for the advice. If i'm going to get into
something that started in 1979, I need some kind of guidance.

I'd like to ask those who have experience with Gundam Breaker; does the speed seem more than a bit slow in some of the gameplay they've shown? Having already watched footage of Gundam Breaker 3 and waffling on whether to or when I'd get it, I know that Gundam Breaker 3 can get very, very fast as far as boost speed and combos go in the late game, and it's not vastly slower at the start. Newer footage looks better than the ultra-stilted reveal footage I remember, where the showcasing player just sort of lazily drifted around the living room where a team battle was going on, and I'm sure gear plays a part in this, but I'm worried that the transition to UE4 might have fucked up their engine and therefore gameplay literacy, leading to a general slowdown. Am I being too cautious in my observations, or does the base gameplay look off?

Just a small additional comment from a secondary/tertiary shitter; I recall some folks essentially boiling Origins down, as far as it exists in any reasonable mind, as being half-fact half-Char-biased fever dream. Kycillia being an overbearing bulldyke instead of a shrewd telephone pole, Jimba Ral 'confirming' Deikun's assassination (this was explicitly done in the divergent novelization canon but never confirmed elsewhere so I read) except that he's unreliable by way of being a fanatical Deikunist and general unhinged paranoiac, those sorts of things suggests this sort of half-reliable bias. Is this more or less correct?

Plot is a bit more filled out (with slight differences,) in exchange for having to sift through some irrelevant jank at the same time. You get to see that one time a bunch of Koreans animated an episode where a Zaku pilot-turned-deserter pacifist uses Zaku Fu to defend island orphans, with the animation goofs being so bad it was blocked from overseas release and blocked by Tomino from further broadcasts. If all else fails, you can be a madman and watch both the films and the series.


at least one of those is going to have denuvo

Manga is different in a few ways, also in Lino's death at char's hands is different. during the take over as cadets Char doesn't kill any zeon officers, he takes them at gunpoint and that's it.

Do not watch dub under any circumstance. forgets to liste Ghiren's Greed games. Menace of Axis V for the PSP is fucking solid, avoid Shin because it was then they started slapping DLC and other shit into the game when it didn't need it.

That's a vent.

Going back to you, GB is a good series, the allied AI is shit, though slowly has it improved over the games. Still dogshit and at a certain point, playing by yourself you may find unviable because AI teammates are retarded to no end. You mention GB3 lategame and what we have seen of GB4 is bits and pieces so I dunno if a solid consensus can be filled. The transition to UE4 will definitely fuck something up. I dunno why they shifted (maybe to make it more translatable to PC architecture?)


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Go sell your Gundam.

No, not the manga, although that is also different from what I recall. The straight text novels had Degwin admit to having killed Deikun to Char's sister. But that's novel canon, which is different to manga canon, which is different to anime canon, which the films have slight differences and exemptions from, but all have the same broad strokes.

They definitely went to UE4 thinking they'd have an easier time with interplatform architecture or modularity or something. I'm just worried about their competence with what is probably their first outing in the engine. I imagine that if I can notice it looking a bit dodgy, the Japs are doing so as well, so maybe it'll get through the thick skull of Jap corporate inertia and get tweaked.

Have anyone else noticed a trend itt where only gendums people tend to consider good are with pussy protagonists?

You've gone too far, you never insult a man's mech.

You haven't watched ZZ, have you?


I like Judau, he's the only one with sense

I liked Alpha Gaiden at the end of it too where he was about to do the Jupiter thing when Banjo just throws him a suitcase full of gold so he doesn't have to be away from Leina and the Purus

Considering the novel for unicorn IIRC has loni being shot by her father and marida having her womb ripped out. yeah also the original MSG novel had Amuro dying in it and Sayla giving him a locket with her pubes in it

Define "pussy" you soyboy. I bet you think TTGL is a "homage" instead of a shameless rip off. Zambot 3 did GL's ending better and 3 decades before it

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That's because Banjou a hero.

Banjou is basically just James bond with a giant robot and Batman tier funds. I do like the implication that Banou himself might be a meganoid. The ending is a nice twist too considering the era it came from The meganoids' leader was, the entire time, just trying to gather resources to leave earth behind because he didn't want his kind becoming a slave race like they were intended to be more or less

Kamille and trannies from Turn-A and G-reco are most certainly pussies.
Amure is somewhere in there too.
But seeing how over-defensive you are, you're most probably pussy as well trying to hide behind one of the rare decent gendum protags.

Kamille is a genocidal maniac, what are you talking about?
Exact quote "People like you don't respect human life! I'll kill all of you!"


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I think you're dumb.
I think you're dumb.

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I know enough to follow this rule, and i'm fine with it. when it comes to my credibility on anime the most i'v every done is watch Yugioh Season Zero, which i loved far more then duel monsters, it showed me that even if something looks older it will make up for it by being far more interesting, and not dumbed down or streamlined as many things tend to get over time.

Given how it was that fag Guin's idea in the first place I'm glad Guin is now forced to live in fucking seclusion with his goth loli because hopefully that means he'll stop chasing penis.

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Then beats the shit out of the lawyer defending him for beating the shit out of a guy for calling him a girl.

I haven't seen any of the Gundam shows past the original few

Was those even mentioned itt?
I aint arguing with you here.

He at least could stop looking like a girl by cutting his fucking girly hair and stop wearing make up.

Don't forget the 8th ms team novel having kiki getting raped by a bunch of soldiers then biting her tongue off to commit suicide.

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Another windom night when?

I think it's because Kamille hits too close to home for most of Holla Forums

Loran? he stops after the drag shit. Could be worse, could be like space jesus who screams about pacifism while aiming for the enemy cockpit.

ZZ is fine, you just blow that shit out of proportion because after Z you have this massive tone shift to something really goofy for the first few eps. This isn't the first time Tomino had a mood swing, go watch Heavy Metal L-Gaim and then watch Xabungle. They came out right after each other and you get the idea. When depressed, Tomino wants no one happy, when he's happy then you're allowed to have good endings and happy moments

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god I remember /m/ had a field day with that.

I actually really like Xabungle, I just think Judau is a fuckstick.

I should mention the height of the goofy shit is moon moon and it goes back to "Normal gundam tone" after that.

Let's not even go there.
Show was rewritten after it was shot and then they doubled down on pacifism meme with the remake.
Destiny could be the best gundam in years at that point and failed miserably.
Thank god 00 and Tekketsu got all the edge franchise deserved.

I hope Puru is in the game.

I like Judau because he realizes he's being made to fight a war he has no real stake in. Until the Argama docked with Shangri-la he was a junk dealer trying to at least give his sister a good life.

The shit he goes through just cements the "War is shit" in his mind and watching everyone, even Haman die sets in his mind that "everything is fucked" and decides to head to jupiter for that reason, then Jupiter empire comes along and fucks THAT up, so he goes and builds a massive ship that the Jupiterians mistake for Zeon's original colony laser when it's actually a massive fucking space ship meant to fuck on off from the solar system because Judau has just had enough of the dogshit happening.

IBO is trash, remember the head of that heap said tekkadan would never be in the wrong, no matter what they did.

Moon Moon is my main annoyance in ZZ. The first ten episodes were actually amusing.
sage for doublepost

I liked moon moon's idea for their religion

Not trying to be 2deep4u but the mention of even something as big as "The kettle" being stopped by nature to prove their point was pretty good. But outside that yeah it was dumb,

It was a good idea that was poorly presented, Season II of Thunderbolt and the Zanscare Empire's cult are better "new religion" plots.

Some hot opinion right there

Gundam Vs is a different series. This is more of a beat-em up.

Statement of fact, sorry you have shit taste and probably unironically watch moe shit

VS is more of a fighting game than smash

So far this is looking like a cash grab casual version of the games that came before it. I'm not interested until I see significant improvements in the customization, combat, and design, because right now everything looks bland and downgraded from GB3.

Gundam Breaker was always casual one button mash shit that has gameplay on level with koei warriors games.
The only reason people loved it was customization.
I dropped it after pirating it on vita and exhausting all customization options, getting bored because making beautiful mech is going to get you mash buttons more, and to reduce amount of button mashing you have to make an awful looking abomination.

I call bullshit

Have you ever played a Gundam Breaker game? Have you even ever seen gameplay? Probably not, you're most likely a faggot who can't play or watch anything unless it's in english

looks like i can scratch my mech game itch with this, looks very nice and the customization is a nice touch

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Just watch it in release order and skip non-essential stuff. It's what I'm doing.

Attached: MGuideToGundam.png (2800x3000, 5.3M)

fucking this, I see the quality drop is so common in anime. also stardust has beautiful animation

The level of customization in G Breaker has always been good. 2 introduced the ability to level up parts making it so you no longer had to swap out your old parts for "newer" ones that broke the look you were going for unless you wanted to grind endlessly for drops. The problem with 2 was you could only have 1 part for any given piece. Which meant if you wanted to reuse parts for another gunpla you'd be stuck with the stats from Gunpla A on Gunpla B.

3 went back to the first one's formula with a touch of 2's where you could upgrade parts. Not to mention upgrading the rarity of the parts which allowed for more slots to stick stats into. 3 took it a step further, allowing you to take "unique" modifiers from parts and apply them to others. Which meant you could have a stock Zaku II with the turn A's nanomachines for health regen, I field to reduce incoming beam damage and magnetic coating to increase reaction time.

And that's why you're stupid and wrong. Do not listen to this man that is also probably skipping over G Saviour,

Attached: F99.png (960x544 79.95 KB, 94.33K)

I actually meant things like the recap movies and such. I encourage any user to watch literally every show. just skip non essential content, not "non-essential series".

recap movies should be avoided yeah. like MIller's Report, it's just a recap of everything that happened in 8th MS team.

Why would you skip ZZ? Sure it is really fucking bad up until after they leave that one planet, but after that it turns into probably the best Gundam series.

You mean colony you mouth breathing retard

Fuck the other guy. The entirety of 0079 was easily my favorite non-OVA Gundam.

Turn A was pretty fucking boring, user. Granted it was better than just about everything that came after it, but really nobody gives a shit about mustachio'd peacetime Gundam.

My mistake. Speaking of autism though, EFREET CUSTOM CONFIRMED FOR BREAKER.

Also I do like that you have multiple quests at once, that should make the gameplay feel fresh for a lot longer compared to GB3.

No you don't, you just merge parts into your main shit to level them up. I usually just rank up an atomic bazooka for easy grinding.

While i'm not playing on skiping anything with out at least giving it a chance first. That pic is exactly what i was looking for so thanks for posting it user.

I'll agree with him that the melee gameplay could be better. DWG had some good fighting with several chargeable attacks as well as boosting attacks, although not the best stat progression system, especially by DWG Reborn.

How could you ever say that Chico Rodriguez and Tequilla Gundam are stereotypes?

My dreams have come true.

Stop using sabers then. also you can charge heavy attacks on some abilities by holding heavy attack.

For the start maybe, it picks up but I don't need everything to F1 tier racing in my plot pacing.


If nothing else, the Black History section is required watching.

Oh I know there were chargeable strong attacks as well as chargeable shots in GB3, just not enough of them.

All slideshows are cancer. Upload a polaroid next time, faggot.

All polaroids are cancer. Upload a stencil next time, faggot.

not necessarily gundam to the core, but the Gundam Reborn the 4th (?) gundam musou is pretty damn good.

Sure,the 1st half of it was a joke but the 2nd half when judeau confronts haman is pretty good

Anyways heres some worthwhile gundam shows for newcomers to get into :
ZZ(Only worth it for the 2nd half)
0080(Pretty good ova series)
The 8th ms Team
Gundam wing
Turn A Gundam
Build Fighters.
Although the ones in the 2000s are especially debatable especially the Seed and 00 ones and i haven't seen the later animes from the uc timeline(f91,Victory gundam,etc)

ZZ is also great for the best Gundam as well, The Zaku Zeta Gundam.

Unreal Engine.
That is, your money goes to Tencent, and Epic Games joined the "anti-toxic behavior" league of failures.
Never buy games made with Unreal Engine.

Don't they already have the money from the licensing agreement needed just to use the engine?

Attached: goof.jpeg (378x360, 11.39K)

Isn't the Unreal Engine 4 free? Or is it that you have to make a deal, if you want to actually sell your game.

I was actually talking about how Stardust Memory goes from being Top Gun with Mobile Suits to being Micheal Bay's Pearl Harbor in Space than animation quality.

Are you retarded?

0083 was objectively better than Top Gun
Kenny Loggins is the only good thing about Top Cuck.

That shit can't even into 60 fps.
Who pushed this fucking meme?

I've watched the first three gundam series and they are no where near as exciting as that video is making them (despite that being 0083). I'm cautiously interested though

Is that third pic meant to be a Gundam version of Gohans Sayiaman? It looks an awful lot like it.

So, i won't give my money to a company that made a deal with Tencent.

The engine is free, but you must give a percentage of your sales to Epic Games if you sell any game made with it.

God damn it Holla Forums just pick a video sharing format to meme and stick with it.

Stop recommending shit your shit taste is going to spread like the AIDS you have

yes. That's how fucking flexible G Breaker games are. I've seen shit from other mecha shots and made a Vifam in 3

This is free and a fan game right? No way an actual full price game made by an actual developer and published by an actual video game company looks like that. Right?

You're retarded and speak like a redditor right?

With hooktube you won't see that game can't maintain 60 fps in its own promotional video.

It looks better than any western game released in past 5 year, bait-kun.

It has an actual price that you have to actually pay from your actual reserve of money to actually play it with an actual means of input through actual gameplay.

The OVAs tend to have better pacing, better animation, and are more realistic. That's part of why most UC material is OVA now, they figured out it's best to cut the fat. That and the fact that most UC fans are adults and child oriented marketing has been offloaded onto the alternate universes.

Really it just looks like a typical playstation oriented japanese release
Epicanthic folds tend to mute out colors and make everything blurry. They're just catering to their own optical needs

It's just Samurai Warriors with Gundams and customizable parts, however ever since I'm exactly the sort of autist who does nothing but build AC's in Armored Core this is exactly what I ask for.

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Can you not eat shit just to try and gain some semblance of superiority? The game looks like trash both graphically and on technical grounds. Don't be a fucking idiot.

Excuse me?

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Well it probably is, but it looks exactly like gameplay trailer.
You can expect it being downgraded for PS4, having movie and game options for PS4 pro, and looking even better for PC.
Like FF15 or Nioh.
We have history of this shit now.

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That looks good and all but man, I really want another one next gen.
These proof of concepts have ruined me until they become a reality. The ray traced AO at 2:20 in this video alone would do the game wonders.

I take artistically good looking game over muh graphics any time of the year.
But when faggot calls good graphics bad graphics he can fuck right off.

You can have both, nigger. Ray tracing is a technique that can help a wide variety styles. Basically the next evolution in real time lighting by simulating light as bouncing particles as they do in real life, granted it'll be a much lower amount in vidya. It's already what you see in movies like Toy Story 3 or Big Hero 6 with the main difference being that those are pre-rendered.

So what? Do I need to buy brand new GPU for that?
If yes then it's shilling and I don't care.
New gen should be about framerates and rendering resolution, not effects that look barely different than what we already have now.

Ahh I see, a poorfag who doesn't know what he's talking about. Carry on.

So you're a shill after all, I hope you get payed per post rather than per (you). Have one anyway.
I'm not greedy.

3.5gb jew detected

I don't care what the artists are intending to do, but for the love of God the game is nowhere near a level of technical prowess. Look at the floor textures for Christ sakes it's not even 16x anisotropic. Also look at every fucking shadow in that screenshot. They're all soft shadows, even the Gundam itself which should be casting a darker shadow due to proximity to the light/screen is casting a soft shadow. It's not even fucking stenciled in. None of the textures even appear to have tessilation.

For the love of all that is holy, no.

I'm curious now, having seen that Gundam Breaker 3 and New- I don't know about the previous entries- have basically random, grab bag enemy compositions and generic objectives, outside of 3's VR computer virus punching and probably the others which pretend(s) that there is a uniform threat. Which just happens to mask itself through more random mobile suits. It's obvious that the budget Build Fighters style of play & plot is the focus. Still, have the games ever bothered with 'historical' scenarios or enemy composition, in the campaign or in DLC expansions? Fighting canonical aces and formations as NPCs. Themed faction matches. That sort of thing. It'd be nice to have levels with Feddie mobs to beat on with custom Zekes and vice-versa, Gundam reenactor nerds would be good ground for writing NPCs.Alternatively, maybe something like conceptually transplanting Federation vs Zeon and its career campaign style, or at least the veneer of one, into Breaker. It seems like a waste for Bamco not to exploit that idea, which they've been sitting on for ages.

Good job.

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Nope, none of the games have followed the plot of any of the actual Gundam animes or mangas. However each stage in Gundam Breaker 3 does take from a pool of enemies, not entirely random.

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There's a style to some of the levels, suits who only use giant beam weapons, melee only, desert only, that sort of thing. There will be an occasional one that's themed around a series, where you fight a lot of 0079 enemies, that sort.

I miss the first PS3 Gundam VS missions. They'd have you fight out in specific battles sometimes, as much as the system of play allowed. The one that stuck with me was fighting on the 0080 map against GMs when suddenly Bernie's tape started to play. It took me a little bit to even realize what was even happening, but once Alex and the Zaku Kai showed up, it hit me real hard.