E3 prediction thread

Discuss your favorite shitshow by speculating it's content based on past experiences.
Pretend like you're one of the analysts working for the shitbag young AAA investors this trainwreck is meant for nowadays.

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Knights of the round summon for KH3 which explains the development time


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Dota 2 Artifact

Hey,you can eat a fucking smelly uncircumsized cock

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I'm Jewish and uncut, ask me anything. Yes, mom's side are converts.

No you don't understand,that was my distain for the jews showing.

We're gonna have prerecorded segments similar to the Devolver presentation in 2017, except they're going to be unfunny and they'll get really old fast.

Respawn entertainment announces they have been working on star wars imperial commando with dark troopers

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What's the context of the second pic? Member faggot or self hating white man?

Media Molecule announces Little Big 40k planet with paint microtransactions

Oh man I can't wait to see how bethesda fucks up this year!
Also the ubisoft cringefest, although I'm foregoing the booze this year, still have the hangover from last year. I also can't stand EA's 5 hours SPORTSSPORTSSPORTS bs.

I fully expect a lot more VR cancer and stupid DLCs.

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Get your priorities straight, dude

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The Devolver Conference and the AS/Twitch stream were the best thing of last years fuckfest honestly, right next to MH World.

Son, please
The good shit rarely make an appearance at these shows unless you're a brainwashed Nintentoddler.
Serious Sam 4 will likely be announced during it though, 3 was


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No,i'm sick of this shit where it's made for consoles first and pc as an afterthought

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begone underage. pc gaming post 2010 is cancer.

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Pc gaming is too expensive

Casul leave

Unless the port is absolute unplayable garbage, which is extremely rare, most games usually play better on PC.
That user was talking about games that actually take the platforms strenghts and design gameplay around KB+M.
While you are indeed correct and games don't have to be exclusively for the platform to achieve that, it's usually a safe bet when they are.

Back to ResetEra

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and people still pay 1,500 for """"""ultimate""""" settings

call me when we get first person shooters as a legitimate genre again.

Modern textures slapped onto a decade+ old engine.
Indie pixelshit and games stuck in the 90s.

I pay 1,500 for a workstation. Though I do lol @ people who buy strong PC's simply for vidya

Just admit it casul

Also Wargame series and Ultimate General along with all Grand strategy games ever made is a nice good roster methinks. PC has entire genres of exclusives the will never go on a consple,, ever

begone. come back when there's a real sdk, real games, and not mods made into paid games.

Found the 13 year old

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shouldn't you be jerking off over morrowalk or planet escape tournament or something? PC gaming from 1996-2004 was the best. If you don't want that back you're a casual.

So what, pray tell, is your definition of a good FPS? And if you say NuDoom I will rip your arm off and rape the stump.

Go back to ResetEra
Nobody here cares how much of a good goy you are.
You're fucking pathetic replying to yourself.

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starsiege tribes, nolf 2, fear, and also kill yourself.

I'm waiting for Ready or not to come out for a decent shooter on PC,those other ones just don't really scratch the tactical itch.

More involvment from politicians in gaming conventions is to be expected.

Especially since gaming is bigger than Hollywood now. Brianna Wu isn't the only one tapping this demographic.

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fanboys like you need to kill yourselves.

Not an argument.

Cawwaduty with spyware.
Clunky boredom simulators. Squad is unfinished and arma is a standard case of 'mods will fix it'.

If he said NuDoom it wouldn't be a definition of a good FPS it would be an example of a good FPS. Please learn to speak English properly.

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You're both fucking retarded. I'm talking about PC being a lead platform in the event of multi-platform. Where the definitive way to play is the PC platform (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Warhammer Vermintide 2, etc). But because everyone on this website is retarded you fucking faggots just mindlessly assumed I was port begging.
I knew this website was going downhill, but holy fucking shit I didn't think it'd be this fucking bad this fast.

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You didn't say that in that post,and i didn't post anything further implying i'm against that,calm down nigger.


Only stupid fucking slavs give a shit about PC gaming past 2010. No wonder he can't speak English properly.

neck yourself

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Why are they literally eating shit? What the fuck.

Nigger do you honestly think half this board doesn't know who you are just by the way you post?

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Good taste

Nigger pls

Funny how except NOLF not one of them are console exclusive or from the current decade. Also
Unironically off yourself.

I only care about seeing one thing from one man and his team at E3,

I'm hoping beyond hope that it's Devil May Cry 5. but even if it isn't Itsuno isn't known for bad games.whatever his game is, be it DMC5, Dragons Dogma 2, or something else entirely, it will be the most note worthy thing at E3 for me.
That is if Capcom actually announces the fucking this time.

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fear was ported to consoles, not the other way around.

quit being a nigger any time, larper.

The one who needs to off themself is you, user

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Wasn't mankind divided fucking awful though?

Who is what? Explain.

You fucking people.


* the fucking game this time.
but knowing Capcom there is a chance they are going to find away to fuck up Itsuno's game.

Dragons Dogma 2 with Deep Down and MH World assets.
Watch it happen user

You're really fucking sad
I hope Sony is paying you well because you're becoming more desperate and obvious after every thread you shit up.

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FF XIV spinoff set in the ffxv universe with hitler and three pals trying to defend his kingdom from racemixing jews with zogbot troopers

Where did I mention Sony? What crazy theory have you developed where everyone who doesn't love modern PC gaming is a shill?

Mediocre. Still ran best on PC and was best controlled with a keyboard and mouse, which is the point I'm trying to make but faggots like keep missing.

Nah man, you're the mong

Right here
I'm enjoying your bitch fit though

Please post actual gameplay and release date of Ready or Not.

Microsoft has had lack of exclusives for some time, I expect to hear something about another Halo this E3

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Man, you are pathetic

I ain't biting you sad sack of shit

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Only two of the games of that franchise were actually good anyway.

That's basically e3-tier pre-rendered footage lad. I'm hyped for the game myself but they've shown very little actual progress.

I'm not expecting it to be good, I was just answering the OP

So like I said vapourware.


Wow the mods didn't delete one of these threads for once.

Bullshit and I'm sick of people relying on that for arguments. In fact I'm happy for a mod to come along, check my post history and confirm with a capcode that I'm legit. You people need to man the fuck up and argue with facts not feelings.

Talmudic tactics my dude

Fair enough

If they didn't before they will now thanks to the autistic Sonylad that's been throwing an autistic fit all over the board and everyone including me taking the bait.
not like I care since I barely post on this cuckchan newfag ridden shithole anyway

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In what way is this changing goalposts? That's hardly gameplay. If this were a major demo in e3 anons would be calling bullshots. Explain to me why it twice cuts to a gunfight that's over instead of showing the actual shooting. Explain why it randomly swaps perspectives.

It's almost as if they are afraid of losing more pph and users by constantly removing what they don't like.

This is getting sad now

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Common enough phrase fag, like I said a mod is free to come and confirm that I regularly post on Holla Forums in all sorts of threads.

Mewch shill please leave.

Amazing, you're a fun retard to pick on I'll tell you that much.
The instant I saw the user talking about PC exclusives I knew you'd show up.
Like fucking clockwork, I'm actually amazed it happened so aoon, I was expecting your garbage 3-4 hours from now, but this went well above my expectations.
They're not at E3

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you fuck off, shill

Fuckoff Runnit

I assume that user was me as well.
And I didn't bring them up did I? That was unless he's also me in your little reality.

Only mewch posts like that. You ruined Holla Forums but you're not taking Holla Forums as well.

So to clarify you're saying that 4 of the fags ITT are the same person or is it five.

No, but you compared gameplay snippets released on the net by a bunch of cunts to a fucking E3 showcase.

Thanks for proving you're so retarded you can't even folow the conversation though, I'm enjoying laughing at your stupid ass.
Feels like laughing at any console owner during the comfy 2014 days.

One of the reasons phoneposting should be banned is to remove autists like this.

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Nice try fag.

Actually I was the one who compared it to an e3 trailer not him. I also said basically because it was an analogy a concept that seems to be beyond your level of comprehension.

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That's plural though
You're t only fag here using multiple IDs
3 as of now
Holla Forums has already been taken by cuckchan rapefugees though.
What's the fucking difference if Mewchniggers take it now?
Less porn?

They're not snippets they're barely pre-alpha jokes. Notice how they didn't even fire the M16 because it wasn't finished.

Which 3? I'm interested to see how this works for you.
Go look at Holla Forums and you tell me if that's better than Holla Forums.

The irony.

All the top boards look the same now
Complete fucking shit

I can play this game all day. Sony is just soy but with the first letter of nigger in it. Really makes you think.

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I can play too.

/k/ is still good.

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Expecting Soywojak cuckchanners to have a lick of self awareness is like expecting Mark to clean up anything that's not inside a Nintendo thread or the catalog.

You should really check your images before you post them cuckchan.

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At least use more than the same fucking image everytime. stop being a lazy faggot, discriminating oc is easy to make.

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sorry, my standards are a lot higher. You probably have insurgency's botnet running on your machine right now and happily play denuvo games. Get back to me when deus ex 5 ships with the same tools the devs used, easily modding in assets by using pointer directories, and more than just "wow…mouse controls! the master race wins again!"

this nigger right here, reports people for criticism and cries to mods on twitter to get users who are mean to him banned. Not everyone is a cock sucker who is happy with console ports. You're gonna have to realize not everyone wants to take it up the ass like you.

every tim
why do you even come here if all you do is cry about people bullying your platform and bitch about how bad this board is like a woman? For someone that barely posts you sure like to post this exact same passive aggressive bitching every day.

everyone who disagrees with him is the same person :^)

Considering you already post on it it won't last long though.

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I've been posting on /k/ since 2014 newfriend.

Apparently so.

That rope is looking really good right about now.

I only have paint. Its a miracle I managed to circle that soyboy never mind anything more advanced.

I rather doubt that.



Got something for you.

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Holy shit, man. I wish that PC gaming was worlds the fuck apart from Console gaming again like back in the 90s to the early 2000s. At least we would be able to play our games in peace again and not have to listen to your fucking bitching all the time. Enjoy your 10% more foliage though, mustards. Fucking savor it.

Sorry I don't suck Jewish cock
I'm guessing you can't since Sony's already lodged down your throat.
Except they're better in every way to their console counterparts and there are still good exclusives out there.
Make sure to shill NuPrey and Diablo 3 on the PS4 though
Insomnia due to a big trip tomorrow, too tired to play vidya so I thought about making a thread and sticking with it.
Tried to make it comfy, but goddamn this place really has gone down the shitter.

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Sure, and I've been posting on /clang/ since 2013


Attached: soy ps4.png (1188x1080, 500.13K)

you sound like you've got a lot of problems. Stick to your general circlejerks so you don't get triggered like the little bitch you are. Remember, even if everyone is shitting on you, it all must be one person :^)

Attached: b8f4a7d18c0540635080247c22dd762650999670f6a6ac38902760c8b3888d46.jpg (1367x730, 788.95K)

You're free to leave any time you want. Nobody here will miss you. Good choice of picture though since you're just as paranoid as he is. I'll see you when Ready or Not is released and we have a thread for actually playing a modern PC exclusive.

Oh good now I'm another person.

never forget, he's still upset someone made fun of his autism sandbox…

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I remembered because you and me are the same dude by ID hopping. Try and keep up.

Exception that proves the rule.

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These are actually a real thing in feminist couples and it scares me m8s.

Attached: Male_Feminist_Good_Noodle_Chart.jpg (720x453, 70.48K)

stop talking to myself

Attached: le kbm user.png (372x583, 472.88K)


Attached: LABO FOR SMASH LMAO.gif (600x338, 1.85M)

Flying to another country, meeting family I haven't seen in years on vacation and It's going to get comfy because they're a good time.
Thankfully no problems, just anxiety driven insomnia.

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I made the mistake of watching a recent Game Grumps episode, and they were talking about how their work environment has a "good boy coins" system. Lost my fucking mind laughing.


Oh good god.

Everyone please be aware that this is another one of my ID hops.

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He's such a good goy he animated it for free.

Also me.

Not really, just a bit sad at the sorry state of this board honestly.

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His final smash will be charging everyone 80$


I forget if you were me as well. Please remind me.

Are my post counts supposed to mean anything?
You're not making much sense

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At first I thought this was some daddy-daughter roleplay thing and then I realized he's literally a father. I hope he snaps out of it before she cheats on him and divorces him because she'll use those kids and maybe an accusation of domestic abuse to ruin his life.


Im in the same boat
I shitpost a lot

Mark doesnt care about this board and it shows

Quiet me you're ruining this thread.

Mark cares about Sonic threads and Nintendo threads only. I'm sure we'll all suddenly be banned for saying that but that's what I've seen.

Be quiet while I talk to myself some more.

What the fuck happened? I leave for a few days and some retards start shitting up the board more than it already was, and it's on a fucking weekday too.

Attached: what in the goddamn.png (500x280, 83.47K)

Stop ID hopping.

Nice blogpost.

Well sweet user, if you haven't noticed besides all the cuckchan newfaggotry, the board is also getting shat up by goons.
Derailing threada by being overly agressive, trying to stir up pointless and confusion, pretending to be retarded and being extremely obvious in the process and much more.
They've been at it at least since mid January and the vols haven't done a fucking thing about it.

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The following post is reddit spaced for your autism.

EA and Microsoft will have the worst showings this year, Microsoft will tease Fable 4/ F4ble/ Fable Origins/ Fable (series reboot), it will either be something completely different that feels more like The Elder Scrolls, or a retread that has learned nothing, wouldn't surprise me if Molyneux returned.

So(n)y may have a good showing this year although I have no idea what they will show, that could be worth it, maybe people will just say it was a good show like they do every year when they detail mostly shit, I could see an announcement like SMTV coming to PS4 and being the definitive edition.

Bethesda will probably reveal TESVI, and therefore have the best show, I'm always interested in a new TES game, but mostly to see where things are going, I know it will be shallow but each new one introduces things I absolutely love in a shallow sea of mediocrity.

Ubisoft will show off Starlink and a load of other new games, Starlink doesn't look too bad, but it's got lots of shitty luggage. I also expect something tencent related, because the (we need a word for the chinese jew).

Nintendo will show off Smash, and I will buy it because I didn't play Smash for, I don't expect anything else from them, what can they even announce for a platform so new, even Sony the company with all the support didn't have shit to talk about in its first few years, what hope does Nintendo have

AMD's showcase will suck ass, more Paradox crap, more shitty announcements of shitty remasters to cash in on nostalgia like Age of Empires just fucking buy it edition, another Kickstarter for a game, there can't be anything of interest in this show.

my man, you shat up your own thread after people expressed criticism of your only platform, calling everyone who disagreed with you the same person.

The blame of the quality of this low effort thread is 100% on you.

video games are for losers

Attached: lmao.png (1024x768, 479.11K)

Cuckchan's mobile app updated to cover Holla Forums.

I sure told him with this post.

The group of half a dozen goonshitters shitting up the board are buttblasted.

Attached: 6ee4198f380a26686cba3a69da675742c4f052899802fabfdb6026c56047ebda.png (834x653, 406.04K)

Sony will make it happen.

Ricochet 2.

Yes my boy, I'm truly to blame for starting up console wars on every thread and getting triggered by every mention of PC gayman.

Enumerate my other sinful acts as well if you would be so kind.

Attached: 6a03d61adb4f81422077665651e173e425d3beae7b5605d3ff79a5fc979a5001.png (680x490, 15.79K)

No they won't.

Attached: d11d885985edc1af76dfcc65a2c1844d6fe2164a431e3570158efb6b90d464c2.png (640x600, 114.67K)

I'm confused I thought it was all me but on different IDs. Now it's 6 people?

Just get out of the closet so we can zap you then.

Attached: d2dc83e9bda3bae69eb97f0b7488830f1ab5733a07ef96ab4d1f527ff16ec61b.gif (342x320, 761.45K)

Only when you go back to cuckchan, user.

Attached: 48e05a4904e4aec9b5b532331087de53063834a467d5987f97c6e548ddec009c.png (230x230, 9.88K)

Bethesda will announce Skyrim 2

Attached: 1a567b58c8865e05fa588c4b5bc9ecea4804290d1063e8e1504c670904391343.jpg (481x646, 46.11K)

That's actually pretty likely.

Nice nintard larp you got going on there, I almost thought you were the genuine article.

Nintendo won't either fag. We're all fucked in this together.

Attached: Soygeru Miyalowtesto.jpg (500x647, 61.41K)

Nobody's triggered by the existence of PC gaming, you fucking moron with 29 posts.
I personally wish PC was nothing but exclusives that arent capable of being run on consoles again. I think everybody would be happy if that were the world we live in, but it's not, because the benefits are very minor and the costs are extremely high compared to just owning every console but an x bone and a PC capable of running 2010 and prior games. You're the asshole here.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (546x366, 454.64K)

And you did crappadoodle all over your own thread, jackass.

OP what the fuck are you doing

I actually don't care that much for Nintendo I just want the soyngger to come to terms with what's going to happen.

Well there we're in agreement. Still there were good not great but good Switch games last year and the PS4 hasn't had anything of note since BB.

All me.

Fuck you, sony always delivers, rember last years E3, they showed off like Monster Hunter, and it wasn't on fucking Nintendo.

Based on some of the stuff Capcom has been saying, DMC5 is actually really likely but I expect it to be on PS4, Steam and maybe Nintendo but probably not x-bone, as if anyone on Holla Forums owns one of those anyway.

I really wouldn't say always, let's stop the bait.

Third party support for Sony is absolute, I legitimately no bait see no reason why Itsuno would be working on a game that isn't priority Playstation 4, and he's been working on it for a while, it's going to be shown this year.

I want to see what FromSoft is working on.

Holy shit cuckchan needs to fuck off.

At least you aren't one of those fags that thinks BotW and Odyssey are all time classics I guess.

Sony generally bring something at least interesting to the table though I suppose it's true that the game doesn't usually deliver when it comes to actually playing it.

Souls Royale

You seem pretty triggered mate

This by the same lobotomized nigger who stated PC gayman after 2010 is cancer.

Feeding the autists killing this board.

Attached: e961942af370dd77a6bf805518b63e28c35985a34a490c8c6e604bb42fd33dcf (1).jpg (4032x2268, 3.6M)

They're working on a new mecha game from what I heard.

Nah Odyssey was a world or two too short to be truly perfect in my book.

Now you've admitted to baiting everyone can filter you and move on.

I thought a new DMC was already confirmed?

They're the majority now user, the dream is dead

They confirmed they were working on a new AC.
Won't be their latet release considering the VGAs teaser.

Bullshit. Please say it isn't bullshit.

Attached: sauce.gif (500x322, 999.58K)

All but formally at a conference, yeah. Allegedly it was supposed to be shown at E3's conference last year but Sony insisted they hold it off for next year, possibly to coincide with a release in the coming months.

Enjoy your garbage I guess, I got a plane to catch.

Attached: 757.jpg (1022x547, 55.03K)

The teaser had me thinking it's gonna be some kind of ninja game with the japanese scrolls in the background.

I'm sure you'll be posting here the entire time while your extended family wonders why their nephew is fuming at sonyggers on a blue website. Gonna archive this thread next time you show your stupid ass mount & blade autist.

My bad.

Guys I got leaks from an insider here
it's going to be shit and that's all she wrote

Attached: very fast loli.gif (640x360, 870.65K)

That's mean.

No shit, I only care about trailers.
The show itself is always shit. If you think anybody is actually looking forward to the show itself, you must be some kind of newfag.

I barely lurk as it is
Here you go

Attached: 999f7d2807c5b202d2d075c058efb43c9b95b4b3a7d14d25385b53ddc926599c.png (772x1114, 35.65K)

you post often enough to cry in as many threads as possible about how this board is infested with cuckchanners, about how you never leave generals except this one* time to make that same comment, and of course, you're back already. Hope your flight crashes, cancer.

E3 predictions for Nintendo CY+++
F-Zero never ever
Starfox still on ice

You're no better than he is.


I'm here to shit on him for being a redditer that is crying about his shit opinions not being status quo. I'm interested in seeing whether or not one of the new from projects will be tenchu/ku-on/otogi. I'm guessing dark souls remaster counts as one of them.

He seems a bit worryingly vague as to how much/what type of a mecha game it's going to be but thanks. Perhaps I'm too cynical and for my own good.

I wouldn't call one post often
But hey, however you want to twist it lad.

Attached: cgoodnight_punpun_v013_p083.jpg (728x1115, 176.1K)

go, run blogposter. I'll be keeping an eye for plane crashes on trips from brazil, just for you.

I think I heard possibilities of VR.

Just filter the autism already.

Understandable after the reception Zero got.

Only shitskins from such a place would shit on 4X and GSG while fellating button mashing casualfests.

Attached: 8ace527f5de362d46189885fcc44fa32357bd8ad8e93cd997ca6675d315f703b.jpg (790x541, 89.15K)

I don't know how they managed to fuck up starfox so often. The meme about miyamoto meddling seems truer with every bizarre flop nintendo ends up churning out.

I think they're just incapable of releasing something hardware or software post-wii without inserting a gimmick. All I want is solid gameplay in the classic Nintendo style no bullshit attached.

I imagine it's an order from the top that every first party Nintendo game has to utilize the newest hardware gimmick in some shape or form. Then again, I don't think that is the reason the games are trash, it's just Nintedo seemingly lacking talent as good as they had before.

Probably a hybrid of both that does it. What talent there is is lesser than the golden age and it mostly goes towards trying to minimize the damage the hardware gimmick does to the underlying gameplay instead of polishing it up.

they've been doing shit like this forever. 64 had some stupid gimmick games too like hey you pikachu, gamecube had microphone mario party, donkey konga/jungle beat. Wii was just spreading it to everything else.

It's really not hard, they can recycle the same planets for themes from 64 and just have new level designs/areas on those planets to explore. People like that choose your path style play from 64, and maybe add alternate playstyle with something simpler like ship types to expand on the options a bit from 64 - but otherwise that's just what people want.

Attached: itsuno_and_his_team.jpg (2048x1536, 640.26K)

Has no one called cyberpunk yet?

really low expectations for this one, cdpr has been terrible

Oh dear.

How so? I hear people claim that Witcher is shet but the only evidence I see brought up is 1 or 2 voice lines like "top cuck" etc.

The man who wrote the books is called Sapkowski and is a women-first cuck. It doesn't bleed into the games so much and 1 is basically free from it but you can sort of feel the influence in 2 and 3. Also vidrelated.

the combat is the worst thing about it and the teams desire to "one up" skyrim shows they're only interested in normalfag audience. When their object of achievement is set so low I reserve only the lowest of expectations for them.

I should elaborate on the combat however. It gets the simplest things wrong and it's stunning nobody on the team said "wait, this is a mess. we can't design it like this." In the sense I mean there's numerous attack animations of varying length for the same type of attack. You can do a light attack and the game will randomly perform one of a number of attack animations which adds a massive element of unpredictability which makes it extremely difficult to control yourself in combat because you don't know which attack geralt will randomly pull off. The sole reason for doing this is because it "looked cool" not because it played well. It's like if when designing the first super mario bros game Nintendo said "what if Mario had 7 different jumps and randomly did them?" and they all activated randomly, jumped a random height and distance, and the player had no control over it.

CDPR did that for everything in the game, not just light attacks. That is why it is bad. I could break it down like that for everything, but I think you get what I mean. Also their writing is shit and the characters unlikable but I don't care enough about story when the game play itself is so remarkably bad.

Play the game, its terrible junk. You just roll and click left mouse button entire game. And all quests are the same, follow the glowing red line. All builds are useless except the alchemy build, so no real customization of your character. And even that is worse done than in witcher 1, simplified for casuals and console users.
For the sake of console users they also downgraded pc version to look on par with xbone and ps4. Or just because they couldn't optimize the game for that day's hardware, which means they are fucking lazy cunts.
Fucking people get so bored, they start playing card minigame instead of the main game, because even that's more fun than basegame shit rolling around like an idiot and occasionally shooting a spell and drinking a potion.

They started to hire people responsible for creating base gameplay in 2017. 2016-2017 all they were doing is restructuring the company and firing bunch of executives. The game is only a year in development. For proofs check their twatter and recent cdpr news.

Attached: b8cher.jpeg (900x900, 36.48K)

No one talks about it because, like the xbone, there is nothing to talk about. Cyberpunk is a trailer and a tabletop PNP RPG. That's it.

Combat is still shit. Geralt will perform different moves with different attack speeds and opening windows depending on where the enemy, and what the game thinks the player wants to do, instead of using the same canned animations every time so people know what exactly they're fucking doing. Combine that with a mishmash of direction in combat and it just turns out to be a mess. For one thing you've got a stamina bar but it doesn't affect attacks or rolls like in a Souls game, merely which spells you can cast. There is an adrenaline system as well that gives you some special abilities depending on your tree, but other abilities can generate or spend adrenaline. Adrenaline doesn't look right. I may have semantic satiation on that word.
Anyway, the two different swords also have different attack styles, and some enemies can be blocked but some can't, and some enemies can block, but some can't, and the game doesn't really offer feedback on which is which. Combat is just fucking clunky, frankly. When people say the first game is the best they're not just talking about the story. It may have had this weird rhythm based time-hit to keep the combo going in a real-time turn-based game, but it made more fucking sense and gelled better than the mishmash or Souls/Zelda we got in 2 and 3.

I hope the day will come when they realize that the gimmicks are unnecessary but unless they get out of the hardware game which they have no reason to do right now I'm afraid it'll probably continue.


I've seen that video, I posted this one in another thread the other day. I get the worries about development, my main concern with the game at this point is potential delays and it ever seeing the light of day, more than the quality once released.

I agree to some extent, that from a design standpoint having variable length attack patterns could be jarring. But having played I've never found it to be a serious issue. I don't think they're significantly enough different to change a fight outcome. I've never felt like I lost a fight because the attack was slower than expected.

But that's really kind of a minor issue weighed against the entire game, given that it's a more story-focused rpg than action game.

I'm not sure how you come to this conclusion without going into it with a massive contrarian headache. The game was universally well received. You might just have objectively bad taste.

it's an example of a flaw that permeates every aspect of the game

It certainly does, I just find it to be a small one. In the same way I can play STALKER with it's kind of fucked gunplay and still enjoy it.

It was much worse in TW2 at launch than it ever was in TW3, but TW2 was so shit it left a bad taste in my mouth that even a hint of it makes me gag. TW2 had Geralt doing fucking spinning cartwheels with massive windup before he'd hit the enemy right in front of him, enemies that could interrupt the entire thing with a quick swipe. It definitely killed me a few times going after goddamn nekkers in the woods. They patched out some of the more egregious move animations later after feedback on the forums (mine included) but they never even realised that it was a fundamentally bad idea.

That seems pretty well reasoned. I only played 2 many years after release, but I get why that could drag the experience down for 3.

Attached: 8aaf43698096ddedb3e8c839c25012808b5afcb20f3bb4119e16cbe21474b84a.png (600x539, 245.05K)


I expect more anthem gameplay that conveniently skips supposed features that won't be in the final game anyways and shows of more scripted shit as if it was "organic" gameplay

Witcher 3 is piss easy, even at the highest difficulty you can win almost every fight due to Geralts autistic unlimited dodging ability. I must admit I've never noticed the random attack animations, the fighting just seemed like boring and unresponsive one button combat to me.

First of all the main story is objectively garbage, it has horrible pacing, a completely mismatched sense of urgency and the ending is by far the laziest shit I've seen in a while. The DLCs on the other hand actually work story wise, but still the basegame permeates everything, you spent most of your active playtime fighting and the fighting is just mediocre and repetitive at best, even a story driven RPG as if that's a fucking thing you faggot, why make a game that's just about the fucking story? Just make a visual novel or some choose your own adventure shit can't excuse 100+ hour of repetitive basegameplay and bland quest design.

reddit in on sentence here, might as well make the argument for assassins creed or any other AAA walking simulator of the last decade, mass appeal isn't a fucking argument unless you're saying "We'll it was universally well received, so it's probably pretty bland mainstream shit"

Attached: e121e90ec8c78fec8864f9c2b5c562a7a7175e3f3e53fdc8f936ffd6d639842f.gif (480x266, 2.57M)

Kojimbo finally gives us some gameplay, or at least a meme or two.

It's almost guaranteed the Todd is going to release a new game ES6 probably wont come until the 2020s.

I can respect most of this subjective opinion.

Whilst universal praise doesn't factually prove the "quality" of a game, when talking about a piece of ENTERTAINMENT media, the number of people entertained(and to what extent) is relevant to an objective measure of it's entertainment "quality". We aren't talking about the success of a game, like with Asscreed, where it sells well despite most above the age of 13 disliking it. If you'd honestly, in good fucking faith, claim the game is below average, you are in any objective measure, wrong.

Question is, what kind of "Skyrim with __" will it be? They already made Skyrim with swords and Skyrwim with guns, so what is their next brilliant scheme going to be?

It's not possible for Bethesda to release a game that isn't based on a pre-existing IP.

It's not going to be Fallout and it's not TES, what else do they have that is directly developed by Bethesda?

I predict annoucement of DOOM(2016) 2 or a remake of a different 'oldschool' shooter like Quake.

Could be. I mean, they blew their load on Evil Within already, Wolfenstein, Dishonored and Prey are dead and buried (unless rumors are true and Prey is getting a DLC). Every other IP they own is small fries that I doubt they'll bother reviving.

Quake Champions already flopped and it will be quite a challenge to differentiate Quake from Doom unless they go back to the Lovecraftian aesthetic of the first game.

One of the heads apparently said something along the lines of "We don't want to be know naxs the company who only makes Elder Scrolls and Fallout" and "We're going to realese two new IPs".

they are doing some space game/sci-fi game last I heard. I wonder how hard it'll stress that ancient engine they're running.

Every fucking idiot can be entertained by a fucking marvel movie, quality of entertainment cannot be determined by the subjective opinion of masses, it follows objective measurements but is to a degree relative. For what it intends to be, Witcher 3 is an average game, with a below average fighting system, it can keep you "stimulated" which any modern halfwit considers entertainment, but it is objectively flawed if you look at it with a frame of reference that doesn't just consist of Uncharted, Asscreed and Skyrim. It would take to long and derail the thread to go into too much detail, but just a few points: Horrible pacing in the story (not a subjective concept), simplified repetitive fighting system (also not subjective), empty bland level design (also not a fucking subjective), shallow Open world that consists mostly of filler (once again not subjective). It's subjectively a good game, if you have no fucking standards and played your first game on a ps3, but if you look at it from an objective point of view and compare each feature to other games of a similar genre, it's obvious that Witcher 3 is mediocre, which kind of still puts it above most of the trash that came out in the recent years

So, Skyrim in space. I wonder if they're shameless enough to ape Mass Effect and rub it in EA's face?

I'm really hoping that Biomutant gets a release date, and before the goddamn holiday.

Just the fact that it's developed by guys who worked on the Just Cause games and that their world reveal was a 25-minute playable demo instead of a fucking trailer makes me want to buy it. It looks like post-apocalyptic kung fu Redwall with gameplay somewhere between Devil May Cry and Just Cause and there is no part of that description that I don't like.

If there is a multiplayer component you know full well it will be flooded with furries that will ruin it for everyone else.

Bloodborne 2 definitely, and more than likely another Souls game.

Why would people who enjoyed the first 2 Witcher games and hate the 3rd just be contrarians.

Fuck off retard.

Oh, of course.

But I don't really care about either the multiplayer (I don't think it has it anyway) or the fandom. I'm enthusiastic about it without a shred of irony and that doesn't happen very often these days so I'll take what I can get.

Bethesda will be teasing a new IP besides Elder Scrolls or Fallout, probably sci-fi or historical. Won't expect to see TESVI for a few more years as the Todd has said it's still in early stages and they want to work on other projects. Still think they'll have a really good show this year.

That's where you're fucking wrong. Quality of entertainment is measured entirely by it's ability to entertain. The exception that is a vocal portion of Holla Forums doesn't override it's ability to entertain 94% of people who play it. The only objective way of measuring ability to entertain is by getting an aggregate of how much and many people enjoyed it. I'm telling you that your subjective analysis of it's entertainment value is measurably false in evaluating it's objective quality.

Wrong. Whether you thought the pacing was sporadic, too fast, or too slow is all dependent on you, and your subjective evaluation of "how it should have been".

Wrong. Whether you thought the level design was "bland" is all dependent on you, and your subjective evaluation of "how it should have been".

Ex-fucking-actly, Compared to most of the games to release in the five or six years, it's a very good game. As in, I started this entire discussion claiming that I didn't understand why people claimed it was shit.

Attached: inb4 metacritic.PNG (254x47, 1.47K)

That's where you're fucking wrong. Unfortunately for you and your fellow dubsman who authored the post you were replying to the definition of "quality" is what's in question here. I think you are in the wrong here but I can see why you'd disagree. You are under the impression that the only relevant attribute of the game (with regards to quality) is the popularity (or, perhaps, sales). This is, however, like saying a particularly heavy boot is a quality tool for an exterminator because it can stomp bugs or it makes a good hammer because you can use it to hammer in nails. He, however, seems to be under the assumption that there are standards, likely of workmanship, which make something a good game or not - irrespective of sales or popularity. This is a line of thinking many people share, yourself obviously excluded and myself included.

The quality of a work need not be related to its acceptance by the public. The quality of a work is judged in the skillfulness of its creators in creating it. There is such a thing as technical excellence. This technical excellence is a mark of quality. This "aggregate of [enjoyment]" is not a sensible way to measure quality, because how much people liked something or how many people liked it have no bearing on how technically excellent a thing is. It's a marker of something else. Popularity is important for sales firms, not so much when determining quality.

Read the post he was replying to.

It's possible to objectively evaluate something regardless of your personal opinion you faggot, level design, pacing, and quality all have objective fucking standards you absolute cockgobbler, and if you didn't spent your time on reddit you'd fucking know that. Whether I personally think the level design was to bland doesn't fucking matter, long corridors full of nothing and empty landscapes just aren't good level design, the same thing goes for the pacing, having an incredible sense of urgency for the story, without anything happening at all to support that and the character constantly slacking of are just bad fucking story telling elements, it's not about what I think, but about what tone they set for the story and how well they actually achieve it. As for the entertainment, you can have a bear fight a pack of dogs and most people would be fucking entertained by that at least in china but it wouldn't be quality entertainment. When I say, most people enjoy marvel movies, I don't say they're not entertaining, that would be fucking contradicting, but they're objectively not quality entertainment if you evaluate them, hence why mass appeal isn't argument for entertainment quality.

All I care about any more is REmake 2. They better not fuck it up, I'm already slightly rustled knowing that the original Leon and Claire voice actors won't be doing the VA but I can deal with that as long as it's treated in the same way that the first REmake was. If it's an over the shoulder shoot n loot im gonna be pissed,

I am not expectinganything of this year's E3 but if i were to guess
>Gearbox will show a boredomlands 3 trailer with (((progressive))) characters
>Fromsoft will show an actual trailer of the new game's teaser and maybe armored core 6 but that is my body wanting it more rather than a guess

Attached: thinkingjojo.png (320x320, 99.98K)

Attached: 9f1d3d0cdce533f51c139ede00be5490a0a31f64ad50d7f6768bf2c56d19ef0f.jpg (255x255, 16.2K)

Attached: c02c7a8e2e4cac1ae00df29c95ffac8ef3f6157a25d37b69871b68835ceebfcd.jpg (3024x4032, 2.16M)

Which two? I loved 1, hated 2 and never played another after that as I deemed the series fucked forever based on the changes in 2.

There has been absolutely nothing official from Capcom regarding a new DMC. All we have to work with is that logically Itsuno's new game being DMC5 makes the most sense. Capcom has been pushing Dante allot lately, he is always front and center in crossovers, for example In MVC:I. Dante was pretty much the stories Ace in the hole, doing almost nothing until he was needed to save everyone's ass near the end. DMC4SE had a blatantly "See you next Devil May Cry" message after beating it on one of the modes, and Capcom re-released the DMC HD collection on PS4, Xbone, and Steam for seemingly no reason. Everything points to a new DMC being announced soon.

Unless your this user who always mentions DD2 with Deep Down's assets every single time I mention DMC5.

There is also a "leak" from (((Restera))) that has details about DMC5, but nothing tangible like a screenshot or video, So that could always just be complete bullshit, and I don't consider it real evidence.

I spelt Resetera wrong but who gives a fuck

don't worry about that autistic faggot, he's a renown shitposter who thinks everyone is out to get him. Just remind him he has 99% of his steam games unplayed. You're on point with everything pointing to DMC5 soon.

Attached: the absolute PC gamer.jpg (1174x2300, 548.83K)

More Smash for Switch details, possible Wario Land announcement, more details on other upcoming games like Metroid Prime 4 or Pokemon Switch

More details for the Spyro remasters, Days Gone (again), God of War (again)

Crackdown 3, that's it.

Attached: 3d300116d3e6c55a7d7d933c28b2b6a2e0b9a5d9d4a2f32b4835a5e789f2b8d8-v.png (450x1200, 28.25K)

Every conference bingo should include field "We want PUBG audience"

How does it feel to be the biggest retard here?

I can't say I too familiar with that user, aside from my personal experience with him, but if that guy in your pic really is the same guy as that user.

Holy shit, he bought fucking Hellblade, and beat it, Yet he has zero hours in Dragons Dogma or a single DMC game, not even DmC if he's a fan of Ninja Theory's garbage. So yeah his opinion on anything is completely worthless.

Attached: Face off laughing.webm (889x879 91 KB, 110.45K)

Gamezard is a literal Redditor who fellates Steam and Valve.
The Sonygger user you're replying to uses Nichecuck like the no taste weeaboo shitter he is and has gotten butthurt over said mustard shitter too many times.
What you're seeing right now is why Nichegamer is fucking trash, what you're seeing right now is a lying drama loving Sony shill that derails threads with console war autism while the vols do nothing about it.

He'll deny it everytime though, while making posts so blatant you can easily identify them.
He calls everyone he disagrees with Gamezard, that's how butthurt a retarded Redditor who mostly uses ad hominem left him so you can imagine how asspained he gets when people actually throw at him arguments.

He'll make sure to either deflect or move the goalposts.
He's lolcow tier user, just like Gametard is.
Strider is the shittiest class, the Duke is a fag who got his wife killed, the first Arisen dissapears once you kill Grigori, Arc of Deliverance is why Warrioe is the best class, the only true waifu is Selene the ex Pawn.

Attached: 01df6c03a3b324bca492fab8d3acb531d4b0a9c187becd14538d6223ad7db997.png (420x361, 186.47K)

I honestly don't give a single shit about any anons who have any kind of "reputation". I'm mostly just laughing at how bad this GameZard fag actually is.

But it did seem kind of fishy for you to be Gamezard since I know i'v talked with you before and you were clearly a fan of Itsuno's work since you were a fan of Rival Schools, a game I have little knowledge of, from we've said to each other I know you outclass me when it comes to itsuno's work since I'm mostly knowledgeable about only DMC. So yeah, you being Gamezard and having zero hours in DD or DMC didn't add up.

Go prep your bull, cuck.

Attached: Receiver.jpg (1920x1080 61.09 KB, 531.63K)

Until the console war autist derails a thread you like that is.
It hurts

I'd like to see someone pick up scale bound, since Microsoft apparently hates having good exclusives on their console. Beyond that, I hope From Soft gives us Tenchu and not another Blood Souls prepare to buy game.

I'll see a lot of shit that I'd rather not have happen, but as long as I'm with you fags when the cringes starts, I'll be fine

Attached: 37972e88168ff945f1ae56db77ce6aff2f690840d16303e2895e7137836d7976.png (720x717, 446.72K)

Leave this place, and by "this place" I mean existence, you moronic cunt.

There are plenty of good PC exclusives. They are strategy games and real RPGs, you brainlet.


The only thing I truly wish and hope for is that From Software will anounce a new Armored Core and it will not be trash.

Attached: 1514302825.jpg (1768x863, 205.46K)

You probably shouldn't get your hopes up for Armored Core specifically, since Shadows Die Twice doesn't seem to have be very mecha related.

I know. "That Shadows Die Twice" thing would probably be the third Tenchu game.
Though there were news in 2016 that the studio was working on three games, including an Armored Core one. The first seems to be DS remastered, the second is the Tenchu game so that leaves us with an AC game that is yet to be teasered/announced.

Attached: 1514302837.jpg (1397x876, 143.18K)

At E3 PC gamers get to know what games they will be playing, ported, 3 years from now.

Cats are the best.

Attached: based cat.mp4 (406x720, 808.52K)

Ubisoft will have 15 minutes about fighting toxicity.
EA: sports, inclusivity, sports, Play to Give, sports, Disney's Star Wars and "Battlefield WW2: the Inclusive War".
Microsoft: Halol 6, MCC on PC, Gears 5, Forza 42, indieshit and inclusivity
Sony: c i n e m a t i c e x p e r i e n c e s, Kojimbo movie and they will reveal the PS5
Bethesda: the visionary game director Todd Howard will appear on stage, the crowd will stand up, applaud, lose their minds and have orgies after he announced Skyrim 2: A Space Odyssey.
Devolver will make some edgy Reddit memes like last year.

Attached: punished todd.jpg (1280x720, 515.08K)

The only good thing to come from E3 is a new Crowbcat video.

Serious Sam 3.5 VR*

I predict continued delays due to the sag-aftra strike even though it's over. Many or all flagship series and franchises that aren't Japanese will be absent but with a few token character appearances made in "get hyped" style bumper trailers. Can't think of anything other than bog standard diversity in games propaganda being pushed, not because they believe in it any more than me, but because they don't have anything else to fill time with. I also predict another remaster. And maybe ActiBlizz pulling a 4 deh blayers :DDDD 180 degree flip on the new CoD remaster not having multiplayer and promising multiplayer in a day 1 patch. Sans and Shrek will be in the new Smash. My captcha had owo in it so furry game confirmed.

Won't be mentioned.

I could believe it.

You mean Windows 10©

Sega will probably announce another wave of remasters, maybe Bamco too

>Nintendo one is almost all grown white fuck you I'm not going to check each one to see if they are a kike or not men with male pattern baldness and fag goggles
what does it mean?

This may be a dumb question but why does EA even bother? Its not hard to tell that there is a sizable portion of the population that would pay full price for an automatic yearly roster update to Madden or FIFA. If EA went with that they could downsize the fuck out of their company, use the money to secure exclusive rights to NFL/FIFA/etc then kick back and watch normalfags throw them their money.

Halo Wars 1 & 2 and Quantum Break were released on Steam though.

I agree. I'd like to ask a Madden or Fifa player why they need to buy a new copy every year and if a simple patch to update the roster wouldn't be better and less expensive?
Do these games have season passes too?


Hard to get excited for something you've barely heard mention of. We got "personal responsibility" and cyborg bitch in panties and that's it (over 5 years since that trailer dropped).

We at least got some information with Beyond Good and Evil 2. Although, the announcement for it was that it was being developed instead of already being worked on. We at least got 1 gameplay video demo afterwards. At least they aren't' asking you to kickstart their game like Shenmue.

But will they do it through the video power of Bethesdaland is the question.

Attached: cyberpunk.jpg (1280x534, 89.89K)

> Half-Life 3 announcement never ever.

You actually went to a movie theater to watch the sony conference? Last years conference was some weak shit despite it just being games shown off. What was that like?


Didn't it take a while? I remember them being Win10 exclusives just like the AoE remaster is.

Its just fun going with friends to see the production they put on. I've gone for the past two years, and lame as the games eventually become it is fun seeing them on the big screen. I mean, I saw Soy Kratos on a movie theater screen before anything else. There is some novelty to that, and the event is free.

how does this work at the theater? You just go in for that showing?

look up sony e3 experience and you get tickets beforehand through their website

Okay, but can you truly say they will be fun with Ubisoft, EA, Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo doing them?

I would have been happier with no game at all.

TES in Space actually. Same garbage as TES and Fallout, only even more retarded because the engine is pushed past what it can handle.

Guys, I have nothing. The past two E3s have been so devoid of anything even moderately meme worthy that it makes me long for the shitflinging and console wars of E3 2013. The western industry has turned games into a hollow disgrace. There's no prediction to be made when your material is nothingness itself.

Attached: c129ec29ac48d2584820f4b00f69a03b8f5a43a41c608ac6837cf0377fcc8420.png (1920x1080, 868.86K)

All I care about is watching the E3 live and laugh at how much worse it is compared to last year's E3 with you anons. Few things in my life are more comfy than this. I love you, every last one of you

Attached: 78.png (633x758, 783.89K)

Fuck off wojakposter, no one loves you.

I want Holla Forums and their families deported to concentration camps, along with all the furries on this board.

violence in vidya and gun control will be brought up

Attached: 501269834906832411264.gif (500x370, 1.88M)

Nah, publishers aren't that fucking stupid. They'd have to actually bother and come up with games that aren't rehashed military shooters, no way they'll go down that road.

inB4 Battlefield 5 gets a "discovery mode" where you walk around the map with no weapon and an effeminate male voice tells you the inclusive story of WW2.

Don't know about that, I think in 2 months the whole Vidya, Violence, Gun control thing will have blown over by then, and some new controversy will have taken it's place.


You're painfully unfunny


I don't know what you're trying to say by that but Receiver is a game that really couldn't work on a controller.

I still can't believe one of the more creative FPS games out there, that almost exclusively focuses on gun mechanics, was made by a leftist furry that genuinely believes 3 out of 4 women in his life have been raped.

Never go on 4chan /k/, because people like that are everywhere.

Id bet odyssey dlc first.
I hope they wean off the 3ds.
Last I heard the company who made the skyrim and doom ports were interested in porting world to the switch

Thats true, but why zero failed is it was starfox 64 2.0 which already had a 3ds port not too, and crimson skies and ace combat does flight games better.

Just the capabilities of the PC platform, borther.
I really wish PC had it's own games again that cant run on anything else.


have you been in a coma since 2007? Buckle up, you're in for a real rough ride. no homo


Attached: Angrystimpy.JPG (358x292, 19K)

Is mark going to be at E3?

Attached: Mark_makes_Jensen_finally_realize_it_was_a_bad_idea_to_scalp_all_these_nintendo_labo_products_2.jpg (1280x800, 307.99K)

Sorry user, I hope that's all it was.

Sure, if you get me a ticket

This is something i'd pitch in some money for crowd funding wise,we'd get a front view of the experience and you could stream it.
How much does a ticket cost?

Although Nintendo filed a license to protect Wario Land, jack shit will happen and instead we're getting more fucking shovelware.

Blizzard confirmed to take over Germany after Merkel.

Attached: Joe ligotti, the whale.jpg (1024x662, 352.16K)

You have to factor in the cost of transportation and overnight stay.

Attached: Blank _e981c6fc023a0afab6ce5c12d2e595ac.jpg (444x592, 49.14K)

Surely it couldn't be that much.

Attached: 1350194856069.gif (167x190, 2.56M)

Is that Pissed off Fred Flintstones?

Attached: Fred Flinstone is pissed.webm (480x360, 4.43M)

I'm surprised he haven't unleashed his diabetes, his rival did lose weight and die.

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The flight plan I just filed with the agency lists me, my mark, but only one of you. First one to pay gets to stay on my aircraft.

Please make Todd Howard kill Pete Hines this time.