PUBG to region lock chinks

Apparently they're going to lock the Chinese to their own servers if they're not playing with a non-Chinese friend. Seems pretty simple to get around using a single player on a VPN though

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Good riddance.

Is it f2p yet?

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If you play this shit you deserve a chink infestation.

Now if only we could do the same up here in leafland.

Has China been balkanized and Xi's head placed on a spike yet?

Taiwan and Tibet are independent countries

All I ever hear about this game is that the Chinese are somehow ruining it, and the devs are letting them. What do they do to ruin it?
What reason would the average Chinese player have to circumvent it and force themselves back onto western servers?

It's pretty much a Chinese game to begin with. the first Chinese game to reach western appeal. Which is quickly being lost to Fortnite, but Fortnite is partially owned by Chinks too

The chinese players flood the english servers with their pidgin speak and low quality play. Also high pings etc.

There's nothing the chinese won't ruin.

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I remember this pic.
It always gives me a boner.
I wish little girls in my country could poop everywhere on street too.

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Not literally a Chinese game, but it has enough Chinese fingers in it to make me wonder who's in control.

Yeah they don't sadly.

Doesn't matter. Even if the chink problem could be fixed. It can't fix the issue of them being retarded and adding shit no one wants instead of fixing their game. This game will die because instead of adding new gameplay features, they just keep adding monetization features.

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Anyone that plays PUBG must be killed on sight.

Fucking kek

It's already dead because of Fortnite. The dumb devs didn't use the headstart they were given to consolidate their lead and improve the game quickly, instead opting to waste time on pointless bullshit and now they'll be overtaken by the next flavor of the week.

Oy vey.

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ITT: playing a cancer game and getting cancer'ed and crying because you got cancer

Didn't some PUBG cuck come out and said some time ago that the people asking for region locks were racist and that they would never capitulate to racists?

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Wait, what?

That's the joke.

天安门 法轮功 李洪志 Free Tibet 刘晓波
天安门 法轮功 李洪志 Free Tibet 刘晓波
天安门 法轮功 李洪志 Free Tibet 刘晓波

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I want to protect the smiles of traditional European women.

Chink gaymers from Chinkland and not-so-chinkland are all kinds of gay. In fact this is especially true with those who don't live in Chinkland - the absence of a pseudo-communist culture somehow made them even worse.

t. chinkposter

Fun fact, those unarmed students took out multiple APC's and killed a shit ton of armed troops, fuck knows how.

They can add in microtransactions and like the little chink drones they are, they won't complain and is Blue Asshole Studios panicking? Fortnite another flavor of the month game is gaining steam and surprisingly enough, Epic optimized the game while gutting the last two-three teams out of their own projects for this battle royale vaporware game spinoff.

I wonder if PlayerUnknown will be considered a racist pig now and leave his studio.


Better, it was the guy who created the game.

H1Z1 had potential, all the semi if even good devs left now. Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS are just shit chink clones and anyone who plays them deserves the rope.

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At least it keeps the chinks entertained and away from good games.

Also, there's nothing wrong with theocracy, especially theocracy where magic is actively condoned.



China's military has since been reformed to focus almost entirely on being an internal security force, they're a paper tiger for anything conventional.


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