Pillars of Equality 2

Obsidian are doing it again apparently.

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It'll probably be shit tbh.

Looks pretty good. Hopefully it won't take a year of patches and two DLCs for the game to be good this time.

Honestly the first game was fun if you could ignore the politics.

Not when it was released though. That game was the most disappointing shit I've ever experienced.

It was only good when the DLC, and patches fixed all of sawyer's initial autism.

why is it whenever obsidian is free of a publisher they churn out shit but whenever they have a publisher they churn out shit and insist the blame lies with the publisher?

True enough. Patched up it's a solid 8-9/10.

Hello there shills.

I don't blame you being on suspicious, or hating the game but where do we say "fellow gamers should buy this game"?

I take it to be implicit.

he's just being an edgy contrarian saying stupid shit to get a (you), ignore him

Posting in a soy thread.

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So it's Pillars of Eternity only this time you're a pirate. Yar har diddly dee.

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Since when has disliking PoE been contrarian? You'd have to be new to think that.

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The 'fixed' version sucks. It's actually fucking awful in comparison to the original writing,
Who the fuck thought making that image was a good idea? Consider suicide

Both of them suck, but the 'fixed' version sucks in half the time.

more like cucksidian
more like cuck sawyer
tranny was garbage btw

PoE was a bland, cliche RPG but the music and background art was pretty decent. There are some redeemable things about that game that don't make it a complete and utter turd.

Tyranny is a completely different matter entirely.

Made by leftists that worship apes/niggers and tranny abominations.
Never pay for it.

agreed lol

did they waste all the money on the fucking dlcs

I don't know I like tyranny or not. I liked the combat, but the game was too short to really enjoy. The story was all over the place.

Game development is expensive I guess.

Cant wait for the next game! I even expected something good from the 1st game, goddamn it.

Yeah, they went with "more words means better writing". Fucking degenerates.

Do you know that people use kickstarter to make money? Do you know that people want more money even if they already have enough money? Can you be more goim than this?

Tides of numera was a better game in every aspect, but its still was not great.

How can someone possibly be so wrong.

The major complaint I could make about the original is the over use of "and", using descriptive words to describe a scene or event is not a complaint anyone should be making.
The "fixed" version describes almost a different scene entirely, losing the context of the supernatural element or the fact that this is a hanging corpse that you're having this interaction with.
You could reasonably ascribe the "fixed" version to a love scene being with your lover in a tree branch or something, it's so vague by comparison and describes nothing.

Let me break down both scenes to what they describe
Oh shit something spooky or serious is happening.

Oh okay then, nothing to see here. This is your "fixed" version it's like picking up the holy sword Excalibur and when you read the examine text it says "A piece of metal."
Do not try to tell me the fixed version is better when it fails to perform the simple task of accurately describing the ongoing events.

Tyranny was good, PoE was a piece of shit, not only from writting standpoint which most is uninteresting shit and words words words, stronghold was a half-assed addition which poor shops you cant even invest in, most classes are shit outside of ciphers and barbarians which are autistic glass cannons, gearing is also shit with uniques being thrown away left and right (which tyranny suffers from as well), multiclassing is shit, interactions are pointless and dungeons that go beyond one floor are really devoid of interest, just look at the dragons nest and then look at the fucking underground castle dungeon

Aren't those backer rewards? Makes it even worse, that they would put dumb shit into the game just because they could make some extra money from it.

I didn't play PoE but Numanuma was garbage dude what are you talking about

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Ohalso forgot that PoE doesnt gives you exp for killing random mobs but quests so its ok to swarm the living shit out of dungeons for no good reason, it doesnt even fix the overleveling issue since you get a truckload of quests everywhere

Relevant article: archive.fo/EkpB7

Yay, party composition no longer matters. Viva la Bethesda, complexity and consequences are for nerds anyway.

What did he mean by this?

I only hope it's fun
Worried about writing. The Magran Priest was the only character I literally care for.. and Eder.

Yeah, that's exactly why I play cRPGs. I'm going to replay Geneforge 2 again, fuck this cuck shit.


InXile and Obsidian are just incompetent.

Yeah, they went with "more words means better writing". Fucking degenerates.
They hired tumblr cunts and after driving away all the talent that made them famous and gave us New Vegas, Mask of the Betrayer, Alpha Protocol, etc. I still can't understand how a company can fuck up so badly to be reduced to this.

Pic related. Also, Tides of Cucking was a shit game that tarnishes Planescape simply by existing.

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Here's more idiocy from the writers of the tabletop. Everything related to Numenera should be burnt on a pyre.

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That's not how evolution works you fucking retards, when you lower the threshold of survivavility you get MORE genetic variety, not less.

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just curious what kind of retard makes a "baaaawwww" noise and for what reason? if it's because you're a faggot; gg no re

To say nothing of the fact this takes place a billion years from now, and their snowflake humans aren't even homo sapiens, but some other species that miraculously managed to evolve into looking and behaving just like humans.

Stellar worldbuilding, just what one can come to expect from soycucks and women.

I wonder why.

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Until now.

And then the leftists fuck it all up by creating transgender brown otherkin, because that's what the white, heterosexual, male demographic relates to.

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you're not reading a book you dumb fuck, you're playing a video game. the scene you see on the screen should fucking clue you in that you're interacting with the hanging woman and not just daydreaming with some lady you met.

It's exactly how it works. You don't get whites from niggers or indioes or abbos or gooks.

On the other hand, it could mean that harder skill tests require 2 skilled thieves which means part composition matters even more.
What matters is how they choose to balance it, which considering Josh's record will be in the most bland way possible.

I can't relate to a nonwhite tbh.

Fool me once, shame on you, no fucking way will I let you fool me twice.

We don't live the same kinds of lives as non-whites. We don't value the same things and we don't see the world the same way. The fact is that non-whites are all philosophically closer to each other than they are to us.

who the fuck cares about those in a cRPG?


So I don't want it to seem like I'm defending Pillars, because I'm not and the game is trash and for that matter I agree with all your other points. However, not every RPG has to give out experience for beating enemies, some tabletop games don't do that, it's not a strange idea to make XP more come from completing quests. I can understand if you don't like it, but sometimes handing out XP with enemy fights just leads to grinding or even worse making killing things the only optimal route through a challenge where charm or stealth should be equal options.

I actually agree, but for such a combat heavy game it's fairly strange to go down that path, I think there was probably a better way to go about doing it rather than the way they chose to
tfw in some universe there's a revival of crpgs in the vein of Goldbox and ToEE rather than BG

It is a weird choice for Pillars, you're absolutely right there.

It's like you made a joke and that's what you see coming up from under your blanket when you look down. So fucking hot, the overall wetness of her face completes it.

PoE tried to be Planescape:Torment too hard, imho. I mean, it's interesting when you have a chat with some kind of extradimensional entity from outer space, but the entire appeal is lost when literally everyone and his mum fill that niche.

I think the attempt for them to try and draw back to BG and P:T instead of doing their own thing or making use of the OGL actually hurt their game. They should have just done an underused D&D setting

I was a massive Obsidian fan, but PoE, Wasteland 2, Numerana and Tyranny were mediocre at best, and shit at worst.

They made their only good writer Avellone quit and now all they have left is hacks from California who need to virtue signal about faggots and trannys

It's going to be a huge, bug-ridden mess like every Obsidian game from the last 10 years or so.

Wasteland 2 and Not-Torment were actually not Obsidian, they were Inxile who are unrelated aside from a few shared freelance writers like Avalone.

The only thing im hoping for at this point is that the world falls apart so people with a head on their shoulders can fix it. That and that WH40K tabletop doesnt tread the same path

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They made their new thing with Tranny and fucked it up. Also, fans had given Obsidian the chance to make whatever the fuck they wanted, it's them that choose to make a watered down BG clone.

They started sucking up to goons personally, which then devolved into sucking up to tropers, which then devolved into sucking up to tumblrinas.

I'd like to see a game that's focused on dungeon crawling as a career like AD&D was. It would essentially be glorified graverobbing. You'd get XP for each gold piece worth of value carried out of the dungeon in addition to monsters, so there's a greater interest in exploring the dungeon and getting out alive than there is in killing shit, although killing shit will frequently lead to more loot. It's a format that lends itself well to a CRPG but can be a little tedious when tracking it all manually on pen and paper.

Also, Daggerfall came close to this but it's still structured around killing shit and finishing quests as opposed to looting, and I would also like it if you managed a party rather than a single character. Top notch dungeon generator though. Sage for double post.

Pool of Radiance had this to some degree, you'd get XP for killing monsters, but most of it game from finding/stealing treasure, and for the most part random encounters could be negotiated with via threatening them, begging for mercy, bribing, etc. And there was some incentive to do that as the fixed encounters could be fucking brutal at times and you'd need all your spells and items for them

I just want another Dark Sun or Al-Qadim game, both are way underused compared to bog standard fantasy

I still can't unsee Tranny from the name.