Vermintide 2 - It's volley crossbow not repeater crossbow edition

Post about the continued adventure of Victor Saltzpyre and his ragtag band of shitwreckers.

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This game got real popular real fast. There's so many shitters crying about this or that that my last few games was just me getting to the end and then killing my team mates to tea bag their corpses. Sorry if that was any of you

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Pretty sure that's on valve not doing left 4 dead 3 and starving the market, as well as the smart decision to not release the game full price.
You're going to have a hard time arguing you're not the shitter here.

It's incredibly satisfying but ok you be the bigger man, good on you

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To continue from last thread
Repeater Pistol>Volley Crossbow

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Not even a little bit. Repeater does about 70% more damage per burst at the cost of taking around 3-4x as long to fire. It's single shots do about 40% less damage. Firing 5 barrages from the pistol in succession takes over 10 seconds, firing 5 from the crossbow takes only about 2.6-2.8, including the initial "zoom".

Yes, Blessed shots is necessary to be viable, but that's the point. You don't JUST fire on blessed shots however, you use blessed shots on crowds to regain ammo by putting ammo on crit on the crossbow, which gives you 2 ammo for every enemy every bolt hits. 3 on a boss=+6 ammo, firing into a horde can net +18 as each bolt easily hits 3 targets.

The crossbow is better on bosses because you can spam it for higher DPS. It's better on hordes because it hits more targets and penetrates and is certain to kill with a single bolt (the pistol might take 2 just to kill one horde enemy), and it's better on specials because you can quickly kill them with a single crit bolt whereas a crit bullet isn't enough.

Oh, one more problem with the pistol that puts it into fully non-viable state, regardless of its effective damage. Ammo on Crit only restores one ammo per target, rather than per hit. The pistol's alt fire works like a shotgun. The crossbow however treats each bolt as an individual shot, hence why you get 6 ammo back from a single volley vs a boss. With the pistol even when firing 8 shots you only get 2 ammo back against a boss. The spread pattern also makes it harder to hit multiple targets in a horde, so you don't get nearly as many back that way either.

I'll present some actual numbers so that I may sway your misguided mind:
TESTING SETUP - Base Repeater Pistol (RP) and Base Volley (REPEATER) Crossbow (VC), overall plvl 255, using the Crippling Strike talent and base amu/trin/charm. Shot the training dummy in the torso at close range. Didn't use the Swift Reload talent.

RP hit = 950 dmg
RP crit = 2075 dmg
RP alt fire hit = 8 x 950 = 7600
RP alt fire crit = 8 x 2075 = 16600 dmg
RP reloading time (estimate) - 2.5 sec
RP alt-fire dps (no crits) - 7600 dmg / 2.5 seconds = 3040 dmg/sec

VC hit = 1625 dmg
VC crit = 3150 dmg
VC alt fire hit = 3 x 1625 = 4875 dmg
VC alt fire crit = 3 x 3150 = 9450 dmg
VC fire clip and reload time (estimated) - 7 seconds
VC alt fire dps (no crits) = 4875 dmg * 5 shots / 7 seconds = 3482 dps

So, while one would think the RP might win out on DPS race, as it is disadvantaged in so many other ways as explains, that is actually not the case. The VC is indisputably better.

Taking longer is not a relevant weakness. When it comes to bosses, you're either firing at them making sure you don't miss, kiting them, or clearing out trash around them. Taking longer to burst is completely irrelevant unless you're making the mistake of firing while kiting.
You know what's a relevant weakness? Having shit ammo. If volley crossbow could zoom, then maybe it would be worth the tradeoff, but it can't, so it's not.

"taking longer to fire" hurts your DPS across multiple shots. Bosses do NOT die in one shot. Unless you think you want to wait 10 seconds between every shot anyway, in which case please kill yourself.

Every crit crossbow volley restores enough ammo against a boss to afford 2 more non-crit volleys, add in random crits and spamming the crossbow becomes a legitimate option, which is exactly what you should be doing on a boss.

Volley crossbow reload is about 3 seconds. Bounty hunter has an innate skill that reduces reload time as well as a level 5 talent that reduces it further. That also applies to the pistol which reloads in less than 1 second, but that's a much smaller DPS gain.

Perhaps just looking at DPS isn’t fair you might say, so let’s look at the BURST, using Prize Bounty and Blessed Shots:
VC time to fire 18 shots, no reload (estimate) – 2.65 seconds
VC Burst damage – 9450 dmg (blessed) + 5 x 4875 dmg = 33,825 dmg over 2.65 seconds

RP reload after Prize Bounty (estimate) – 1.7 sec
RP burst damage – 16600 dmg (blessed) + 7600 dmg = 24,200 dmg over 1.7 seconds
RP burst (3 alt fires) – 16600 dmg (blessed + 7600 dmg (1.7 sec reload) + 7600 dmg (2.5 sec reload) = 31,800 dmg over 4.2 seconds

As you can see, even when it comes to burst damage the VC is better.

I was taking time measurements for how long it takes to fire all the bolts AND reload, using the BH.


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Saltzpyre is kind of in the middle of all possible roles, only good at interrupting some bosses for a short while.

They could start by fixing their shit coding so that Justice's Bounty actually does what it says in the description instead of giving you useless temporary HP.

user, are you a cat fondler?
rats truly are foul things

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I value bounty hunter that can handle specials in particular chaos warriors. Then again I'm also someone who thinks rather or not you go repeater pistol or Volley crossbow is up to your preference as honestly they're both more then effective for special and boss murder.

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I try to do that as bounty, but my last game involved an elf and a Kruber who would kill specials so fast that using my skill was just not fast enough.
It gets even worse past champion, because the shot does so much damage, you risk killing your allies in one shot. And your allies are doing this retard dance around the chaos warrior, such that any time you try to shoot, they might be in front of you.

Maybe I just need to get gud, but some classes just seems easier all around.

I find myself not using the BH ultimate that much unless I'm stuck in a very dire situation (unexpected patrol pulls for example) or I'm taking down a boss/interrupting a chaos spawn. The wind-up time of it makes it very risky to use when friendly fire is enabled.

So how are they going to nerf my mains in the next patch? Pyromancer and unchained?
They feel uncontested in their field, especially Pyromancer since she can stunlock bosses for a long time.

But then what makes him good against chaos warriors at all ?
The 8shot from the pistol ? The 3shot from the crossbow ?
Normally those are not enough against chaos warriors, but good against the other elites and specials.

If you hold F (or whatever you have your skill bound to) you will ready the weapon without firing it. Releasing F will fire it. This way you can aim and then fire without worrying about a delay between pressing the button and firing.

Bounty Hunters with repeater pistols can one shot chaos warriors. The problem is, that you have only have one shot at putting a volley into his head otherwise you have to leave him to other team mates. I had tried that so often, that I know that my chance of pulling that off is practically 50/50.

Thanks. I haven't known that.

What about back shots ? I can't pull off your 50/50 headshot, I usually just end up stunning them.
But from using my skill I know for sure that a special to the back is instakill, while a frontal one is not.

Same with the Lock and Load. Keeping F pressed and then release if got that may higher the odds. Haven't tried it, because In didn't know that until now.

While nice, you are usually swarmed, not with one single big target.

Fatshark are too fucking lazy to fix the Executioner sword not to mention the retarded timer-based AI director.

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oh yeah, the executioner sword feels s o bad compared to it in V1, why is that?

The piece of shit is bugged and will ocasionally pass through enemies without hitting them.
Additionally the 2h swords is so simple in its attacks you can only call it retarded.

So what do you reckon Kruber's hiding in that chest?

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Skaven porn

If any of the 15 classes is getting nerfed it's Pyro, which is by far the best (does the best at most aspects) class right now. Unchained is pretty shit from what I've seen, so I wouldn't worry about it getting nerfed, just buffed through mechanic changes.

Skaven porn

Skaven porn

Is there any reason to use anything except sword and shield besides liking how a weapon looks? I don't think so

Well kinda, my mate swears on mace and shield because he can stunlock a chaos warrior and it has great cc for trashhordes too.
Then you have the Halberd which is both wonkily retarded as well as fucking OP and my personal favorite, the big ass, Hammer.
While the last takes some experience and good timing it's a great horde clearing/controlling weapon and will just pulverize single Armored units.

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I wouldn't touch sword and shield myself. Kruber's melee weapon is pretty much his ONLY way of doing damage, and sword is shit at that. You can talk a big game about being a push bot tank but the fact is if you want something done you gotta do it yourself, and you can't with the sword. Halberd is the only answer.

Dwarf on the other hand is great with a shield, simply because he has access to amazing ranged weapons that he can do actual damage with when he isn't blocking or pushing.

Isn't this the exact same thing as the first game? I fucking hated the first game. It was somehow even worse than L4D, which was already a repetitive shitshow where you saw everything there was to see within an hour.

Pretty much, then again I already have more time on Vermintide 2 than on both left 4 deads combined

im a big fanboy of the halberds but yeah, executioner sword is better at taking out swarming enemies, i might experiment with hammers in the future but my internet is currently awful so timing is always gonna be off for me.

This game seems to have netcoding issues, i have decent stable speeds with alot of games, but not this one. Ausfag here on peasant tier copper wiring.

Even you recognize how the Halberd is weird and OP at the same time?
I had to fully stop using it because it made all my other weapons feel like fucking shit.
The Exe is bugged and the 2h is autistic and boring as fuck. That narrows his weapons down quite a bit.

Too bad about your internet and country

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So who do you guys play with? Got any friends? Do you play with other anons from around here?

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Got 2 mates to play it with but mostly randos on legend.

I've a few people that I have added but I'm too much of a ronery autist to ask them to play with me. Instead leaving it up to them to say if they want to play with me.

they should redo it so theres some more swings in it, a halberd like what we got is not just for chopping and thrusting, although it'd be even more OP if they fixed the movements properly.

It's fine, the other weapons need to be reworked more than the halberd does imo.

Can somebody tell me how to unlock this painting ?

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They should really quickly fix the bug that allows volley crossbow kills to count as melee kills (triggering Blessed Shots) if you switch weapons fast enough. I'm starting to enjoy myself too much with it, and fear getting addicted.

You can unlock paintings?

The picture frames are clearly work in progress. For what, I'm not sure, but it's obvious keep customization is planned.

There's absolutely no contest between the Volley and the Repeater when it comes to the Bounty Hunter.
The Repeater is exclusively to be used when soloing (and potentially even pubbing) for bossing and self-preservation from elites and disablerss on Champion and Legend, where the damage is enough to demolish Stormvermin.
The Volley is better in pretty much every way due to its triple shot and ability to turn into an absolute slaughter machine when you learn to quick-switch to trigger ammo recovery effects like in VT1.
If you're trying to play WHC or Zealot then just give up on ranged and used the Pistol Brace so you can at least kill Specials and Elites on the side.

However literally everything is subject to change because Fat Shark still hasn't rolled out the Hero Power rework that is going to halve all 500+ Hero Power character's damage output, cleaving, piercing, and stagger.

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Hes posting a grey knight, thats their usual fighting method.

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The paintings are unimplemented; in the beta you could put generic concept art up in them but it was removed near or at the end of the beta.

Mostly with friends and anons, with some overlap between the two. In VT1 you could build up a nice little collection of friends just by adding decent players from high level pubs and joining their games freely.

Holy shit they should just off themselves to be honest.

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Holy shit, do you actually believe this to be an argument against the repeater?

If you're faced with spread out enemies you're much better off just oneshotting them with the volley crossbow even with using the triple shot instead of just shooting all off your load on one guy with the repeater, or shooting with its BB gun tier mouse1 attack that doesnt penetrate enemies.
Not to mention the volley clears hordes much better than the repeater does due to the piercing.

The Repeater has its time and place, and that time and place is:
I almost always play with a Kruber (Foot Knight) or a Dwarf (Ironbreaker) that I know and stick to them like fucking glue, so I rarely have to worry about fending for myself and managing ammo instead of effectively bringing down threats.

The best argument against the repeater its in accuracy. If you can deal with that thing, its the best one for taking out Bosses. Otherwise, the Volley Crossbow is the best one for you.

How/why does Sienna's mace do Damage Over Time?

Prove it.

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it also makes me feel like fucking guts which is pretty fun

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I always find that the executioners sword starts phasing through enemies without hurting them once you start hitting more than 3 or so enemies at once, which is shit because i become practically useless against slave rat hordes. I usually just stick to mace and shield for crowd control and suitability or halberd if I want to see green circles on the scoreboard at the end of the match. Greatsword is alright too i guess.

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When i first used the ES under mercenary I felt like i was activating my paced strikes a lot more than usual but i rolled a way better halberd so i've been using that again even if it gets a bit boring fast

I've been sticking with the warhammer for a while now, playing in champion, and while its not the most lethal weapon around it literally never bounces to normals, regardless of density. Can also destroy shields in 1 hit but most importantly it can kill chaos warriors in 3-4 hits and staggers them while doing so. Pic related is my current one, I often whack a Chaos warrior on the head, block his retaliation and kill it in the next hit because of the perk.

Of course that will not give you green circles at the end of the map but if you play defensively around a beam pyro or a flame dorf you can be a good asset.

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I just got butt ravenged by the rat warlord whom is like ten times harder then chaos man.
Is it possible to beat him with double Grimoire or are you just fucked in that case?

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High hero power + Strength potion + normal bomb with that trait that allows 25% not to consume bomb on use = easy win for armored bosses.

Shoot from range/kill basic rats/defend BH pyro attackers when it has polearm out, during dual knives phase attack the back or defend based on who's the rat is chasing.

Ehh thanks man. I actually have a trinket with that trait already so I'll give that a shot.

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Just keep distance when he's agroed on you, and don't eat his power backswing.

melodramatic much?

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More like autism. Holla Forums has more than enough BO made problems. We don't need spergs spreading bullshit information to distract from the fact that we were enjoying a day without politsperging.

mods deleted my thread
mods violated my rights
mods slapped my waifu's ass

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The repeating crossbow is better at all of those things though. It's the fastest boss-killing weapon in the game, it can wipe out an entire stormvermin patrol in no time, and it takes fewer shots to kill any special

It is, but only if you aren't running around effectively alone. The one advantage the Repeater has, at least in practice, is the ability for you to just fucking leg it and keep things off your ass.
Sure, it's better to be sat behind an Ironbreaker emptying an infinite supply of tripleshot into a patrol but when you're playing with a Slayer, Handmaiden, and Battlemage that speak in some monkey language you'll be grateful for the small blessing it serves as.

The bird is your thread

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looks like hats back on the menu boys

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"Ignoble" describes Kruber better.

Not bad.

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Fucking finally. I got really pisssed though when the second hat I ever got was a fucking duplicate.

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I'm sure it was, but it's just worth saying that you're not helping people become less shitty when you just act like a child.

Are cunts like this common online?

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No, and friendly fire is only enabled on the last two difficulties anyway so I'm not entirely sure he actually did this.

Got two emperor's vaults tonight. Then my game crashed. Ranald favors me.

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I've only come across 1 asshole like that in a dozen hours of playing. Faggot stayed outside the gate of shadows killing things until he got bored. This was before I figured out how to kickvote people.

At least it gave a lot of orange dust

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Is the boss aggro skill fixed for ironbreaker?
Pulled this out of my first commendation chest after hitting level 30, feels smug tbh.

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Not to my knowledge, no.

Got exactly that helmet fucking twice as the only cosmetic, though it seems like they finally added all the cosmetics
to the game properly.

This one always gives me feels

God damn I hate elves.

Rats are qt.

At least I got this gay skin.

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don't commendation chests scale with character level?

replying to this

What ? No, they function exactly the same as normal chests except their loot level limit is 300, which makes it a waste to open them until you've hit the limit for veteran chests, which is 200.

well shit, I should probably open mine then

bonus round: you can do the melee swap crit bug with the crossbow due to the projectile airtime but not with the pistol, allowing for upwards of 7-8 consecutive crits until you run out of targets to shoot

That is excelent.

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What's the fucking point of the regular crossbow on saltpyre? The repeating crossbow shoots straight, has less reloading, and moving doesn't effect it's aim too much.

Looks cool

Zoom, more damage per shot. It's a special sniper.

Sniping shit. This all what is to it. Very bad choice for a Bounty Hunter, because shooting stuff is his bread and butter.

It's garbage, don't use it. Skip BoP as well until it gets a buff.

So fun fact: they removed the ability to kick people once the end sequence of any mission is started! Troll away brother. And please tell them to cry on the forums so FatAss realizes that the whiners who want vote kicks removed are fucking retarded.

Volley>Repeater>>>Crossbow>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Brace. If you disagree you don't know what you're doing.

This applies to all abilities too. Holding F also shows you the area you're going to affect when you let go. And you can cancel "casting" your ability with right click.

Dataminers during beta pulled up numbers indicating your level DOES affect rarity chance for regular chests, but I don't recall anything said about Commendations. Also that info could be totally out of date now anyway. Either way, wait until level 30 if you don't want to risk it.

The point of the regular crossbow is to make you want a better crossbow.

Enjoy it, before the crybabies manage to butcher the vote system.

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At what level should I start doing, or at least try Champion difficulty? Three of the class are at 12, and im doing now the sorceress to level up. Because its harder, but also higher power limit, and reward.

What should I keep in mind when using unchained? I like using the bolt staff

Level 20 or you're pretty much leeching, the temp health talent is somewhat essential.
I've seen people do it at level 18 at a push.
I've seen shitters try to do it at level 8 but I kick them always.

Yes, champion is the difficulty where it becomes direly important to understand you're not here to show off but to be as much of a credit to team as possible. You can do it sub-18 if you've really got the hang of taking very little damage in veteran and aren't into the habit of wasting your ammo on hordes because that's just asking for friendly fire. Sienna mains should be doubly careful. If you're largely under 20 you're just not doing enough damage, so steer clear.

Hey I hope that faggot Kruber/Sienna who I just played Hunger in the Dark with is here so I can tell you what a


Glad to see you are enjoying the community, user.

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s-stupid welsh elf.
I want her to tenderly bully my mayfly dick.

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Any advise or tips on Sienna(wizard), and Kienna/whatever her name (The elf). After playing the other three character a lot to almost 13 level, I am using the wizard now, and will then test the elf.

Also, thread theme.

light motherfuckers on fire
don't play as her

Sienna takes practice to get used to. You have to be really proficient at knowing when to switch to a melee, when to sacrifice health to “reload” her fire, and the things to focus her ranged attacks on. Once you get gud with her be ready to be to top of your match every time. Try to go for that staff that lets you place explosions and fire ranged balls. I find that to be the most helpful.

Get to pyromancer, beam staff, hold lmb for hordes, hold lmb and press rmb for elites and specials. Spam your ability or save it for elites/specials, you'll have it up so often it won't matter in my experience. Carry a purple potion to melt bosses.
Fire sword for when your overcharge is high and you don't feel like spending hp so that you can block hordes and attack decently.
Take overcharge reduction/block cost reduction wherever possible in talents, especially the grimoire talent.

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Imagine trying to this in a pug

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Barely tried it once (There was internet problems and so the game went off, while I was doing a mission), and the concept is good, but I didnt see much damage being done, even to low tier enemies; And the Strong attack not sure what it is or how strong it is…

Ha, that's child's play in comparison to this.

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The beam staff strong attack is a shotgun effect. It instantly kills weak enemies within a certain distance and is insanely overpowered.

The other thing you are missing is the "railgun" shot. While beaming something, press right click. This instantly does a large amount of damage and stops the beam. Beaming them for longer first (about 1-2 seconds) causes this to do more damage.

Beam is no contest the best staff currently

Everyone will tell you this, before beam gets nerfed there's no reason to use other staves.

Oh and once you roll the proper trait and get some crit chance you will be able to beam forever as the crits will reduce overcharge and the more overcharge you have the more you crit as you probably know

Deprivation is made worthless with Ironbreaer/BonuntyCunter/Pyro/Waystalker. Abduction just means if you get killed, you won't ever be put in the "rescue" stance or does "being put out of action"? Basically normal champion, just slightly less forgiving.

Oh wait nevermind that, pick ups means medkits too

Stormvermin yes, Chaos Warriors no. Crits pierce (they do with any weapon), but not the standard railgun shot.

I had fun during the last round.

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What do you think Fatshark would add in an hypothetical Vermintide 3? BeastMen?

I heard that she is choosen by worst players, and that her skill are OP or too good for what it should do, but is not wrong to ask, and sooner or later I (and anyone) will play the class. I mean, is really that bad as to play her? I want details.

Elf is good but not v1 tier god she ended up where if you wanted to do a solo run on the highest difficulty you played elf(That right now falls to Sienna). The biggest issue with elf at the moment is that Elf shade and handmaiden just aren't very good. I'm sure they work but they aren't exactly enjoyable to play as compared to Slayer's controlled aggression or bounty hunters melee and range mix up. Seems to be an issue with most of the classes really where some of them just don't feel polished.

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I'd prefer actual demons/daemons to fight

Sylvania is vampire country though

quads demand it

Played as the elf primarily since the first game, and if you want to play as the elf without getting mocked or shunned for playing as her, use her abilities in a more supportive way in a sense.

Your strengths with the elf are fast range attacks and swift melee strikes. You can take out small runts out fast and easily, even take on hordes if you're agile enough, but don't mistake this for being able to tank. Essentially, don't get surrounded or caught off guard with foes behind you and you'll live. How this helps your teammates is that you can get them out of a shitty situation during a horde rush.

For specials, your arrows can pierce through most armor. The exceptions are shield enemies and chaos warriors (requiring you to get really good at getting headshots with said enemies). On the upside, you are the stormvermin's worst nightmare, taking them out with 1 to 2 arrows to the head. Arrows also stun most specials, so if a teammate is caught by a special like a chaos sorcerer, you can help bail them out or outright kill a special.

For bosses, allow your more tank like teammates bait/take the attacks while you go for the back with quick strikes, or headshots with arrows. The starting elf class has homing arrows as her unique attack, which should be saved for bosses and specials (or to get out of a bad horde situation if that desperate). you also want to take care of small runts and specials that will show up during boss fights so your other teammates can deal more damage to the boss. Alternatively, if you're agile enough, you can use yourself as bait to allow teammates to either heal or deal with any enemies bothering them.

As others have mentioned, the first class for the elf is the best one, having homing arrows and health regen if health us under 50%, even after being revived. Because of this, try to give your healing items to other teammates that need it first since you'll get your health back over time. The handmaiden not being all that good, with a pisspoor passive and dash special. Shade can rack up the damage if you're good at getting behind foes and using your special right (turning invisible and dealing a shitton of damage when striking), but otherwise overshadowed by similar classes from other characters.

Ultimately, use your swiftness and range to take out enemies as fast as possible, as well as helping your teammates survive and get back up. Don't think about doing things solo, as you are not an anime character. You will lose your health fast and die without your team backing you up.

tl;dr: Don't be like pic related and help your fucking team.

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Should specify; you only get up to half your health if below it.


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Did steam close for you too? Same happened to me in a match.

I actually like kerillian, she acts exactly like how I expect an uppity-knife ear would

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Just checked with my friend, and Steam seems to have kicked the bucket with him as well.

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I had Vermintide 2 just crash about an hour and a half ago. Maybe it's the new stability fix?

I like Kerillian because my fetish is hate-fucking and my main is Witch Hunter.

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Her VA is weirdly cute at times
All the main char VA work is good

Kerillian is an autistic sociopath who is unable to maintain healthy relationships with others.

That's pretty hot

All the va is good, but the northlanders sound like downies

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what i dont get is why the Elf has an accent like a vulgar Liverpool female and not a posh one, ruins the immersion for me.

why even bother

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if you fail it doesnt expend the deed, so even if your mouthbreater pubbies fuck it up you can run it with friends instead. I have 4 legendary deeds right now which will be hell to run with pubs

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Thanks for giving me a boner i did not want.

Because shes not a fancy elf, shes a hippy elf.

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I don't think wood elves are so much about protecting the forest because they like trees, it's because they're so isolationist they might put an arrow in your head for thinking about their trees too hard.

So wait, if Kerillian's a wood elf, why is her second class bodyguard of the queen of the high elves?

I'm going to quote the wiki on this one:
Make of it what you will. I think it's retarded but WHFB is dead anyway so it's not like upholding the lore has much of a point.

Did all the bosses get nerfed ?
Troll was one thing, but now every single one of them feels easier.

you gotta be host for ironbreaker taunt to work on bosses

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Anyone else finding the grind from 200 to 300 item level being complete ass? I've opened at least 6x as many chests getting from 200 to 275 as I have getting to 200. +-10 levels is a lie. My only solace is knowing that there is somebody out there who is still stuck at 5 after hundreds of hours of gameplay thanks to RNG.

In case you desired confirmation on power enhancers being broken

You might like this webm then. I don't know what I expected, but he's pretty damn expressive.

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Not just you. I got so much fucking shit from supposedly high level boxes like you wouldn't believe.

Fucking amazing he is.

the fuck? so we're getting hero power overall nerf then cleaves and staggers will be weaker as well

Good fucking riddance trying to hold off a horde then, ratties have no unit collision so once few of them will get stacked on top of eachother and attacks will cleave less you'd get hit anyway no matter what you do. It's like they dont see running champ/legends with pugs is hard enough as it is.

Faggots should have buffed underused classes instead of running everything to the ground purely by nerfing the numbers

Well to clarify i'm all in for hardcore legend experience, but the game should be balanced around champ and make legend hard as fuck.

Fighting a stormfiend in this place was cancer I tell you what.

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The issue is the power vs. _ traits are irrelevant the way things are right now.
Once this update gets implemented then you'll have a selection of weapons for each occasion you wish to prepare for, either bosses, skaven, zerkers, chaos, or just plain infantry.

I struggle to imagine how a one time powerboost of 5% is going to change fucking anything at all, on any difficulty.

I feel like their was just a big missed opportunity when it came to enemy design in this game for chaos warriors, especially since they have chaos warriors of Nurgle who have one of the best aesthetics in the franchise in my opinion. The Chaos warriors in this game are too clean, and that really goes for the rest of the north landers too. My main gripe with them is that they are just too clean. Their design needs to be more visceral and grotesque but at this point they just have a slightly pallid skin tone with worn out armour. They don't look like they've been really corrupted by Nurgle enough I guess.

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That'd be all fine and dandy if emperor tier loot didnt require you to use quick play and get a loot die. Even then ranald might fuck you over.
So in short fuck anyone who thinks this shit is good.

I thought they were just newly conscripted troops from norsca though? Might explain why they're only just going through the transformation. The sorcerers are more viscerally disgusting

That is some dope design. As it stands, ingame, only the sorcerers look somewhat unpleasant. I bet marketing is behind this

Once this update gets implemented then you'll have a selection of weapons for each occasion you wish to prepare for, either bosses, skaven, zerkers, chaos, or just plain infantry.

Too bad actual gameplay expects you to face all of the threats you listed without changing your weapons mid-fight. What a joke

fuck forgot my meme arrow