How come Toady hasn't yet been able to implement vehicles and other moving platforms when other roguelikes have them...

How come Toady hasn't yet been able to implement vehicles and other moving platforms when other roguelikes have them? Did he ever say anything on the matter?

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minecarts exist you fucking nigger


because to implement a vehicle he would first have to simulate fuel dynamics, traction, combustion, tire tread, how muddy a tile is so your vehicle gets stuck constantly, the chemical reaction that makes a battery produce a charge, a weight system for the vehicle so it sinks in mud faster, etc etc

He needs to optimize his shitty game first

it's not rimworld. DF is pretty optimized he just needs to make it run on more than a single core


Why are wagons still pseudo-creatures then? Why is your starting wagon still immobile? Why are there no boats?

i don't think you know what optimization is

What a retard. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go watch toadie add 5 new types of stone to the game that do nothing to change the gameplay except bloat it further.

i'm sorry you don't know what programming is.

I'm sorry you're too busy sucking off toadie to understand that threading your game properly is directly related to programming.

multithreading is not optimizing the code, my dear cucklet

Oh wait, you've never seen it so you're just talking out your ass now.

are you just being an edgelord or do you have anything to show and tell

Nah I'm just laughing at the dumbshit who wanted to larp as a programmer but didn't even understand what to optimize a game meant.

There's moving trade carts in the game. The game can do moving stuff just fine.

It's not that he "hasn't been able to", trade wagons have been in the game for like ten years. He's simply prioritizing other content right now, because boats aren't that important to the game.
The latest few DF updates introduced the ability in Fortress Mode to send out raiding parties to steal, slaughter, and pillage different civ's towns.
Next up after bugfixes will probably be another long patch hiatus while Toady works on the Myths and Magic arc. Procedurally generated schools of magic and spells that have to be discovered by scholars/wizards or taught by gods that actually act as real entities with their own lore/goals/followers… I'm a lot more interested in seeing that shit than multi-tile boats and carts.

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wait 2 years lol

Of that I have no doubt. My prediction is 2020 minimum, maybe early 2021.

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What the fuck is going on in DF that would require more than one core? Even the fucking water physics aren't so complex that they would bottleneck the whole thing.

its a common misconception that DF bottlenecks on the CPU when really it bottlenecks between the RAM and the cache due to the ass backwards way toadys autistic spaghetti code works
rewriting the entire thing to multithread would literally do jack shit

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Actually, saving, loading, and worldgen could benefit from multithreading.

The UI is also very cumbersome and is literally the reason for the LOL HARDEST GAME meme. Its just grossly inconsistent and needs a rewrite. Why not make it mouse driven?

Pathfinding could go on its own background thread too

The problem with multithreading anything in DF is that everything is connected in some way
I can see realistically multithreading worldgen and background world progression but I seriously doubt you can outsource pathing to a separate thread without creating a bottleneck considering that the game map is extremely dynamic and the pathfinding AI accounts for a lot of shit
The AI could use an overhaul but as is Im fine without a mouse because I can use KB already and stand nothing to gain from a mouse interface, plus it makes shitters mad.

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Honestly, that's a good thing. Do you really want the Minecraft audience to take over Dwarf Fortress? Because that's exactly what I'd expect to happen if the game ever become user-friendly enough. The game has a healthy niche community already, and Toady makes enough money to support his thirty-year dev cycle as is. Maintaining DF's reputation as "LOL HARDEST GAME" is to the game's long-term benefit.
Anyone with half a brain knows how to install a tileset or just git gud at keyboard shortcuts; programs like DFhack and Dwarf Therapist exist to close any gaps in the vanilla game's UI. Nothing else is urgently needed right now on the UI side, I'd rather Toady focus on feature updates or FPS optimization.

Where would I find good shortstack porn?

tbqh Dwarf Therapist is more obtusive and less user friendly then just normal Dwarf Fortress. i only use it for seeing what skills and what jobs my dwarfs currently have, then just assign any labours through v-p-l

What if there were a kobold (the)rapist?

this. his autistic mind will either settle for this or nothing, and all of this might take an entire fucking decade to make

I stick with the manager provided with dfhack.

It's a medieval setting, man. Leave that shit to the modders. There's gunpowder and plastic mods if you're interested.

What fucking vehicles are going to be in DF?

He was in the right, though.

the expression on that toads face reminds me of that one finnish video.

Wagons, carts, mounts, boats.

Why are people so fucking ignorant about DF updates, its been x64 for a year now.

No it is not. It is fucking awful.

He's right and you are a retard.

And that has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

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Will checking those sick numbers cheer you up?

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Shit tier.


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What does changing to x64 architecture even do for DF?

Less crashes and more ram allotment.

It stops retards from posting on the forums "when will you make it x64?!11". That's literally it. For applications that use a lot of RAM, x64 lets them have more than 4GB. But DF grinds to a halt from its shitty coding long before you can get close to 4GB of RAM being used by your fortress.

Better than elf porn, at least. Still execution-worthy.

thats because youre a retard
you need a high tier CPU and low latency ram, how you managed to spend 1500 bux on that is beyond me

Cuts down on crashes from saving large worlds