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>Bill also violates the "ex post facto" laws in the Consitution: archive.fo/OsPBB#selection-123.0-145.267
>Bill passed the Senate, bill waiting for Trump's responce to it: archive.fo/mu63P
>Suggested course of action: archive.fo/WAl4u#selection-60917.0-61031.16
2. Holla Forums is being infested by people from other websites - mainly cuckchan and failed 8ch offshoots with their aim being its destruction
Most affected boards by this are /sudo/, Holla Forums, /cow/, and Holla Forums.
archive.is/6dPTA#selection-9011.0-9011.6 archive.is/8vwcE
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3. OP Timber: Nintendo Localizers working with Japanese Devs to Censor Games

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B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations an unethical practices
C. OP DICKTIONAIRY: The Destruction of Words and Language

>KC:D delivering the salt. archive.is/FZ6yo#selection-327.0-327.259 || archive.fo/VIMpt || archive.fo/nsnAk || archive.fo/TmKre & archive.fo/k6PN9
>U.S. Copyright Office is considering a rule change that would loosen the restrictions governing emulations and reproductions of abandoned online games (ESA not happy: archive.is/4GRJm ): www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/online-games-dmca-exemption/
>Net-juu's Director got into a bit of trouble thanks to the valiant efforts of (((ANN))): >>>/animu/14073


youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics;
youtube.com/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds;
archive.is/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address.

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Archive of prior bread:

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So how long till Scheider is fully throw to the wolves?

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#TorrentialDownpour and Nip news

Make sure to inform normalfags about websites free of Socjus Influence.

Useful Links:



- tweetsave.com/shindo_l/status/936655595767078912
- tweetsave.com/magicalfuntime/status/946901533584646145
- Techraptor: archive.is/mAi0m

Localization watch: Not solely from shit companies (need to add incoming Japanese games)

> Sekai Project: Teaching Feeling ( >>>/hgg/154755 )
- operationrainfall.com/2017/12/23/fakku-now-selling-hentai-games/


pantsu.cat is a nyaa replacement after it was taken down. It's better than the competition. Use this instead of the cartel run cancer.


They've put up downloads to paywalled fakku doujins.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt
Fakku 1801-1900: files.catbox.moe/m37bm7.txt
Fakku 1901-2000: files.catbox.moe/z9nmm6.txt
Fakku 2001-2100: files.catbox.moe/arpo7h.txt
Fakku 2101-2200: sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2369399
Fakku 2201-2300: sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2377551
Fakku 2301-2400: sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2383501
Fakku 2401-2500: sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2391161

Info & feedback welcome

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Ben Kuckchera assblasted Far Cry "paints both sides as bad"


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reposting from last bread, Waypoint was butthurt that the message wasn't "clear"



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I'd just like to politely remind everyone that

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I also love how he talks about how it skirts around not talking about the fact its a christian cult and how bad it is that they didn't have the balls to talk about it, but if it were about muslim's, he'd have aneurism.

I wonder if this ogress will try a coup and take over Gaymerx

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Man, he really needs to let go of his "fuck guns in every situation" hateboner.

Attached: Ben Kuchera whines about guns and calls it a game review.webm (601x617 7.69 MB, 114.39K)

OP TIMBER! Full Version

Injection Tips:
1. Find Japanese people on social media who speak english. Mainly those linked with games. Especially those who worked/are working/will work with Nintendo.
2. Reference games ruined in Japan by US style changes- Star Ocean 5, Street Fighter 5, etc.
3. Research who you're talking to. Kamiya will block you and already stands his ground. Odds are, he'll be OK. Likewise, the guys working at Game Freak & Pokemon won't jump ship because of this.
4. Don't talk to them about GamerGate unless asked. You can explain (briefly) why there is a disconnect between what Western Journos and Western Gamers want. Or that the hobby is being politicized by outside forces. Give them small, manageable bits of info that are relevant to their interests. GG is a behemoth that is hard to understand the scope of. Maybe drop them a line to this: roninworksjapan.tumblr.com/ but it is not necessary, nor encouraged.

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OP TIMBER! Social Media Friendly Version

Injection Tips:
1. Find Japanese people on social media who speak english. Mainly those linked with games. Especially those who worked/are working/will work with Nintendo.
2. Reference games ruined in Japan by US style changes- Star Ocean 5, Street Fighter 5, etc.
3. Research who you're talking to. Kamiya will block you and already stands his ground. Odds are, he'll be OK. Likewise, the guys working at Game Freak & Pokemon won't jump ship because of this.
4. Don't talk to them about GamerGate unless asked. You can explain (briefly) why there is a disconnect between what Western Journos and Western Gamers want. Or that the hobby is being politicized by outside forces. Give them small, manageable bits of info that are relevant to their interests. GG is a behemoth that is hard to understand the scope of. Maybe drop them a line to this: roninworksjapan.tumblr.com/ but it is not necessary, nor encouraged.

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Will Usher - "Anti-GamerGate Dev From Midboss, Matt Conn, Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal"


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Reminder that because of FOSTA/SESTA and the Cloud Act, all hope is lost.

Attached: bfc9d115c44c0200084b14477a95b1d2.jpg (448x512 144 KB, 84.47K)

Gee, this is starting to sound pretty coordinated in their talking points.
But please, game journalists, keep insisting that you don't have a new version of GameJournoPros where you continue to do the things that you claim you weren't doing in the original despite all evidence to the contrary.

Attached: GJP member gets backed into a corner.png (582x1236, 388.29K)

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Especially with the whole march for our lives bs going on, I expect there will be at least another dozen or so articles all following the same formula.

Does the good end requires not playing the game again?

Attached: 3ca83f3cde9d1f4c8d5a25336a7251db7623d3b3dcb963e15cd7e4b66947285e.jpg (620x559, 69.81K)

Well, just glancing at KiA, looks like they're trying to pre-empt accusations of a background agenda by making an article for gamesindustry.biz about some bullshit about "critical consensus."

This still reeks of spite-marketing to me, except they might have finally learned that having the ire of journos actually helps your game more so than it hurts, I have a feeling this is intentional
even more so because the only news that came after the utter radio silence after we found out about that fake petition was shit like gamespot being triggered by it, it reeks of sketchiness

also what happened to last bread? It was the first one I've seen that didn't reach anywhere near 700 before a new one was made, I wasn't around for it, did a bunch of posts get deleted or something? was the catalog spammed?

It was dangerously close to slipping off the last page.

Is this the next threadly post?

It can also be more new threads after bump limit. Or that GG is dying. Close the gates.

I know that user. I meant why, it almost slipping off the last page usually coincides with it hitting 700, this time was different

Everything is burning


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Holy shit the salt is so high I can see it from here!

pics related.

Attached: Linkria 2.jpg (700x700 2.02 MB, 36.85K)

Back in the olden days this used to be a common occurrence inbetween happenings, though that could be explained by Holla Forums being a faster moving board back then.
Personally I think many people are more than a bit bummed out by feeling they've been betrayed by Trump (though if you had actually been paying attention, you would know that internet freedoms and gun rights were never really a part of his agenda. He has actually been surprisingly open about what he planned to achieve right from the beginning).

I got a feeling doug had nothing to do with whatever hes being accused of, but because hes kind of a doormat hell sit there and take it. But thats talking about doug only, i cannot get a good trace not the non super idiots.

Yep, because like the last game, the villain was actually right all along.

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Here it is if you want to see it.
It starts at 9:11

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So when will trump make america great again, pol?

Attached: after911.png (536x1212, 713.3K)

When he unfucks the internet up.

Things will pick up real fast in the summer with E3 and summer fags.


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This is a complete clusterfuck. They put a tranny on Matt's place and there's already another tranny trying to take >her down with accusations of sexual harassment


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-27 003.jpg (590x7097 238.4 KB, 1.5M)

Christ, they're furries too?

Attached: C7DNcMrV0AAmOgq.jpg (350x300, 20.07K)

Those niggers are fast.

Attached: jazz-music-gets-very-loud.png (500x480, 130.36K)

How pozzed are german video games?

Attached: 379CEDE4-3716-4308-899B-F90B5A9F4CF4.jpeg (2048x1722 111.21 KB, 499.38K)

They ban games when there's a bit of blood or anime tiddy, it's ultra pozzed.


btw this Ellen is that "samus is trans" writer and also hubby of one of /letfpol/'s mods (jkap)

Attached: leftypol.jpg (946x664 118.15 KB, 195.69K)

There are no German video games

Attached: ea3.jpg (500x921, 137.15K)

Attached: Pure coincidence.jpg (296x314, 17.89K)

Also at least supportive of the AGDQ tranny squad that's been ruining it for a while now, enough to include the most shown one in some nonsensical tranny talk, and trying to get someone banned for talking about a trick named after the previous handle of someone that transitioned.
First screenshot
The mentioned talk about fucking Sonic and trans rights
Pushing for a ban because of an old handle

Attached: [email protected]_has_banned_Linkus7._I_would_prefer_that_they_make_a_public_statement_expressing_their_support_of_marginalized_people_-_2018-03-26_22.43.38.png (625x1138 179.71 KB, 450.61K)

Why is Sonic paired so much with autism?

Attached: 589e90978fad4ad092c1c84608e110e883e4069071b6707b1409893b2bdac51d.jpg (1149x1600, 246.77K)

Man, for a bunch of people who insist that they're just "an unorganized group of concerned citizens," they've got a real incestuous little circlejerk going on.

Attached: really makes you think.mp4 (480x360, 140.36K)

What's xe so angry about? Don't they know that gender is a social construct?

Attached: 980.png (600x481, 425.39K)

What the fuck is this proxy thing? Stumbled upon this while I was searching for curious.cat website.

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-27 013.jpg (653x556, 193.21K)

I'd tell you but that would take me this whole thread alone and even then I'd still be left with so much more to explain.

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Every time

Attached: f73ab6c169c948f2d65516db636688f0.png (621x491, 267.84K)

Sonic is a simple, colorful design that's easy to replicate, and his personality is a (forced) cool popular guy that everyone loves. Autists are typically social outcasts who want friends but also can't stand most people, so they turn to making shit up in their heads instead of socializing. If they've played any Sonic game, his ridiculous personality sticks with them as someone that would be cool to be friends with, and then they draw fanart and eventually OC of themselves in that universe.

It's nerd trannies trying to steal sex worker trannies' victim points.

found that gamesindustry.biz article you were talking about.

Attached: Ln3bk3h.jpg (400x310, 37.8K)

Is this supposed to be a negative?

Attached: ee6ecebb9f0a4d7d75b61742e3adae967ac4fa5012aa86cd13a47ca1e6abc998.jpg (1092x882, 149.36K)

Yes because they see Rural people even the left leaning rural people as subhumans or lesser compared to them who live in the ivory towers.

Attached: mad oni.PNG (503x256, 158.26K)

They just wanted another Wolfenstein: New Cuckossus, so I imagine it would be a negative in their eyes. No pregnant woman slaughtering ebil nadsees and bathing in their blood while grinding against your dick? No strong empowered transwomyn of color breastfeeding her mulatto child while chastising white men? No pussy hats or dibaetic ham planets with rainbow hair berating you for toxic masculinity? 0/10, not (((subversive))) enough!

My god, what's Tonics #? I'm gonna hit >her up and fuck her fucking brains out.

Been out for a few days, and then Pedo Alarm goes back to 0 days without a single male feminist being revealed as a sexual harasser, what's with that faggot from Read-only Memories and Dan "Pedoman" Schneider? I saw some damage control and shit like that everywhere.

A Ubishit game with nuanced Politics? What?

Attached: b4a0bd87f3cfe584db9b0ff6143522b5785cce8432d12f542032dfd0f82cbc22.jpg (769x478, 117.71K)

Why not just write it all down and turn it into a pdf or something?

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Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1424x3705, 898.54K)

No, seriously, I want to FUCK the tranny

Every time I'm reminded this movie exists I lose a day of my life.

Attached: batdone.png (429x419, 245.49K)

I'm excited to see it. I hope it will finally give me the last push I need to kill myself.

You're one day closer to your waifu.

Attached: DYsxLmYWkAAv5cQ.jpg large.jpg (806x686, 65.07K)

Something I wanted to say in the last thread.

I hope someone call them out about how guns didn't create hiim, THEY created him.

Is living really that painful?

I had a friend in middle school who was obsessed with sonic his autism was so powerful that he made Marche and Mark seem well adjusted and he was similar to the pic related.

Attached: autismus rex.jpg (2305x4145, 912.09K)

You know I just keep trying to make improvements in my life and everything around me just keeps collapsing and getting worse instead. I got a better job that improved my work ethic by virtue of being something that's actually interesting to do and a benefit to society, but now I just work all the time and come home and sleep, and have no leisure time. When I do have free time, I'm paralyzed by choice and can't decide if I want to play video games, watch something, work on my car, do something around the house, etc and I end up effectively doing nothing until next time I have to work. I tried to go to the gym because everyone says it'll give you more energy and raise testosterone and make me want to actually do shit, but I put up with that for over a year and never once actually enjoyed myself. It was kind of nice being stronger but I never lost any weight or sweat less or got less tired, and I had even less free time when I was going to the gym because I'd come home and pass out immediately and then sleep for 12 hours. I've never had any kind of relationship and now I don't want one. Even if I met the perfect girl I wouldn't want to raise offspring in this fucked up world. On top of all this, everything I enjoy is being infected by whiny liberal cunts and getting worse every year, and society's collapse and total restructuring probably won't happen in my lifetime, so I won't even get to mad max around a wasteland killing niggers. I'll just shut myself off from the rest of humanity more and more, disgusted by the way things are going, but unable to change them, until I die alone, from diabetes or some other embarrassing thing that makes me look like a waste of a human life. I'll be a statistic, not a memory. A statistic some marxist fucking kike will use to prove they're right, and no viewpoint I had during my life could ever be valid, because look where it got me. Fat, alone, and dead.

Attached: 1350074516037.gif (300x209, 1.71M)

chuck it out that blackpill mate

Attached: 1472927199868.jpg (500x500, 72.55K)

Just sounds like you're jaded friend. It happens to the best of us. Find yourself some zen and learn to let go of the contempt. Stop thinking, start doing and enjoy the bumpy ride.

Are you that Angerfag from last few breads? If so, have you been watching the Buddhist videos on the Fire Sickness? I suggest doing so.

Also, from the way you describe yourself having difficulty with motivating yourself, lack of enjoyment, and sleeping for extended periods is pretty telling for someone with Depression.

Get yourself into a therapist. This is the point where your own Will can't help you and you need to depend on someone.

t. An user with depression and working out of it slowly but surely.

Attached: 01b7fd53d41006906d1a28c46be9218aa053a9fe6bbbf06af32ca3a0b93b8531.png (540x870, 105.19K)

Cuckchan needs to be shot on fucking site by the vols.

Attached: god can't do all the work.jpg (480x792, 27.61K)

Is the white devil trying to disarm the minorities?

Attached: fuggin wypipo.PNG (228x57, 1.69K)

Attached: dan the man with the plan (to rape).jpg (624x666, 87.26K)

Allison Mack's boyfriend who is the leader of some weird sex cult got arrested and Dan Schneider got kicked out of nickelodeon. Is pedowood cleaning out its closet?

He sucked the wrong kid's toe. Or maybe someone inspired by the #metoo crap trying to make some bucks, who knows

So far I've heard the Schneider thing was about abusing his staff and having a temper all the time. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if it's actually sex pest stuff though.

I'm not that guy but I am interested in said videos.

Reminds me, converted a number of distant relatives and acquaintances recently to be profuns by appealing to their left-wing bias.
Its actually not hard to make a left-wing case for funs and protecting them from governments, Orwell and a few other writers have pretty good arguments from that perspective.

Unfortunately it doesn't work on the nutters who believe all funs are only murder machines, like picking one up magically turns the person into a homicidal monster, and if every single fun disappeared tomorrow all murder and war would cease to exist.

Attached: smugAI.jpg (983x834, 88.69K)

What the fuck? I just wanted to see an old show.

Attached: what kind of commie bullshit is this.PNG (333x234, 7.18K)

Are there any other instances where the March for your Lives shit show themselves as a bunch of bullies who deserve no sympathy?

This shit's been around for ages. I used to randomly get Anarchists Cookbook style stuff and other lefty anarchist stuff in comic and RPG book downloads.

This post was pretty fun.

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.32.34 pm.png (319x266, 93.68K)

It would be too easy otherwise.

Attached: gun control.webm (640x360, 10.26M)

yeah, I remember this. packing in additional shit to push agenda goes back a long ways. goober gays think its a new thing for politics to be pushed in games but nope.

Attached: 1521547895.png (1494x994, 306.24K)


Attached: WAKE ME UP.png (344x356, 98.55K)

So, anything new?

Or all the "Oculas is dead" stories as proof of collusion.

No draw her with nice feminine hips dancing in that uniform so I can enjoy your simplistic artstyle!


Can I have them vids I suffer all of these problems as well.

Thanks for the correction


What's wrong with the Oculus shit right now?

I know we generally try to keep the e-celeb bullshit out of the thread, but what is going on with the honey badgers? Why are they going around string up shit with people?

Attached: 1424599272793.jpg (526x526, 40.78K)

Wasn't it the inverse? I thought it was Jim and the rest of the bloodsports gang baiting them into shit?

Attached: chrisquestioning.gif (325x570, 231.03K)

I posted this towards the end of the last bread but I can't stop thinking about it, I gotta get this off my chest. I was playing star trek online for the first time in over a year and a half, and holy shit the zone chat has spiraled out of control. There were always little political spats, but not like this.

There were 3 or 4 players that were so extreme they'd make moviebob blush. Their outlook on people who vote differently than them is as low as it can get, everything they wrote was dehumanizing bullshit. They consider anyone who votes republican to be an "infection." "Genetically inferior." Referred to as "its" rather than he or her. They kept saying this like "repugnicans" or "KKKublicans." There was 2 guys trying to defend themselves and they were the only ones being polite. The 3 or 4 liberals wrote with pure contempt. And then there was this one guy named "Mack" that would preach peace and love and tolerance outta one corner of his mouth and then call 50% of america an infestation out the other. These people were raving lunatics, they kept screaming about russia, communism, it was a full meltdown. I wish I had capped more of it.

But I made a grave mistake. I engaged.

I said this political zealot bullshit only leads to dehumanizing of other people, they view huge swaths of the population as their enemy. That's not healthy, and the fucking zone chat of star trek online isn't the place for it. Then they started spewing how simple minded that is, I'm part of the problem if I'm not as obsessed as them, then this Eric fellow kept saying pic related, aimed at me. They pissed me off and I started mocking their simplistic world view, but with grunts. Probably a mistake. I started writing shit like "ug ug everyone that disagrees with me needs to die ug ug."

The whole things just really bothers me. How and the hell does someone get brain blasted so hard and still act like they're "good guys." There was so much spastic hate in that chat even other people were commenting on how unhinged it was. And of course once they left politics they started in on religion, with the same 4 tag teaming a christian named Lilith, it became an atheist free for all which I haven't seen in quite some time. The whole thing was so embarrassing.

Attached: vivian_hates_gay.png (488x72 228.94 KB, 38.97K)

They're grown people with brains of children, without the factor of needing to fail to learn & the self awareness one has.

I'm not exactly sure how it started, but I'm pretty sure that Jim was just doing a "one of" on them. After that they started looking for trouble.

God will punish them for their ignorance. Ignore them, since the word ignorance derivated from word ignore. It is not your job to either hate or pity them. After they die their souls and spirits will be ignored for 10 billion years by the force of light and the glimpse of Isis.

Attached: wayne-dyer-wayne-dyer-the-highest-form-of-ignorance-is-when-you.jpg (700x700, 45.63K)

Star Trek was always full of leftism. Why are you so surprised? Just close that chat window.

Attached: faggot detected.png (1920x1080, 1.34M)

Attached: 1522137559656.jpg (999x1011, 201.63K)

People like this is why I don't call myself atheist, or liberal, or conservative or whatever anymore. It's like whatever ideology they possess has taken the place of religion and they have a constant need to reaffirm it, especially by shitting on other people. Bunch of fucking cultists have become the very thing they despise, I tell you.
I should know, I was one.

Attached: tsubajam.jpg (1280x720, 81.76K)

It's frustrating but I've found that the best way to engage them, especially if they try to pull you in and start shit, is to be polite and point out fallacies when you see them. Not because it will calm them down or anything, quite the opposite, they'll get louder and louder to get a rise out of you. Someone that far up their ass will never change their opinion in a discussion.
Onlookers however are different story. While you won't get through to the idiots you're arguing with or those who are easily swayed by appeals to emotion, and as long as you don't go too far outside the normalfag opinion acceptance zone, others will note how the faggots are acting like little kids while you're the one who's trying to be civil. They might not make it known, but they're watching.

Attached: japanese picard.jpg (634x911, 227.11K)

Don't you remember? IIRC Last year (I think) there were a whole heap of anti-Oculus stories when they found out that the girlfriend of one of the heads of Oculus did a Vivian James Cosplay. The games "journalists" had a shit fit when the Oculus people didn't condemn gamergate.

It's probably some virus.

Probably because almost nobody would download these otherwise.

Oh, I already forgot.
I was hoping VR in general was dead.

Get over it, the only thing they proved to moderate lurkers, the silent majority that is, was that they were no better than those they hate so much
In the end, when shits hits the fan, we're going to see who was all barks and no bites. And I'm pretty sure those skinny, unfit, soy-based lifeforms who hates guns so much aren't going to bite any shit with their tofu diet

Attached: 1350343740972.jpg (853x479, 53.01K)

VR is probably dead for another 15 years. Then it will come back again.

You know what's funny is if it weren't for social justice I would probably be a full blown dem right now. But social justice had to attack a fandom I was in a few years before GG and that did it. That shit really innoculates you from this shit.

Well at first it was interesting but holy shit. The whole game is cancer, I think I'll take your advice.

FOSTA sucks

And I'll add that I'm not saying to ignore them, it's to do like said, be polite, use facts, they will get pissed off and start rambling. Put a fucking spotlight on those slimes and let them burn on their own hatred in front of everyone

I was really excited about VR. Kinda sucks that it's already dead.

If it weren't for 2014, I'd be a Democrat. EVERYTHING fell apart that year, and that's not just a Gamergate thing. After Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, it became clear that one side wanted nothing to do with the idea of personal responsibility. And then the issues just kept piling up, each one continuing to expose the same goddamn hypocrisy.

They didn't do anything worthwile with VR, just shitty lol simulators.
The momment we can have some actual games and life sex simulators I'll be on board.


I'm so glad I have no qualms to not recognize them as "journalists". Hell, maybe even "bloggers" at this point gives them too much credit.

Not reaching 700 or even 600 is rare but has happened many times in the past. I remember a year or two ago there was a time where we couldn't make 700 for a full week straight. Since then there have been times when 700 or even 600 could be reached.

Ever since March 22nd - 23rd these threads slowed down incredibly almost at random. It might just be one of those times again, or it could be that the gates are finally closing. We shall see, but know that this phenomenon isn't new.

Doesn't even need to be a secret cabal at this point. Journalists are so ideologically synced and so connected socially that they likely bitch about each other about the same things on their off time and write the same narratives because they completely agree.

Attached: Matt Pearce Journalism.png (606x723, 100.23K)

I just noticed the last bread didn't reach 700 posts before it fell off the board.

That is the worst way to put that.


They never tried to even hide their intentions.

Ok, maybe it is imposible to reach the truth, that's why in journalism you try to tell veriable information, to be contrasted with many witnesses and sources.

Oh I know the rules, my comment was more on the fact that the threads are so slow they are reaching page 13 before hitting 700. Or maybe the rest of the boards sped up so these threads are being pushed further down faster?

Gaymergate is dead. Why are you making these threads still?

to make you salty

That is an intellectual cop out for a lazy mind. The absolute truth about something may be impossible to discover but enough truth may be discovered about something to be of practical use to people. For example, you do not need to know where the exact location of an electron is orbiting a hydrogen atom to know that two hydrogen atoms can create a covalent bond creating hydrogen gas.

recently, threads tend to get spammed by the tor poster making them reach the bump limit early. dont know why though. there'll just be another thread. and another thread. and another thread. and another thread. and another thread. and another thread. and another thread. and another thread. and another thread…..

Attached: dancin hatchin.gif (500x300, 620.89K)

Keep up the good work. Remember that we were dead since day 1.

Attached: saltmageddon.png (628x600, 23.73K)

It is a classic journalism principle. You can't reach the truth, but you should do all the possible to reach it.
Is the total opposite of what these faggots do.

What they do is also a form of intellectual dishonesty. Whis seems to be what they are taught at college by faux intellectual lecturers. They all seem to have the same mindset.


If I remember it right it was just some butthurt fag from /cow/, when he was told to fuck when he was talking about some e-celeb drama constantly recently.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

Attached: SUPERIOR.gif (758x696, 101.86K)

Attached: 805.GIF (500x281, 6.47M)

Attached: reminder that japanese games are inferior and will never be good.png (650x614, 498.13K)

I found a random edgy youtube comment about how communism will rise again, and clicked on their channel. I like to just check out random people's channels, since it's like a perfect window into their mind. You can sometimes find years worth of random comments they've left,

Attached: no.png (1151x871, 1.28M)

Here's some stuff

Attached: David Hogg Can't Remember His Lines When Interviewed For Florida School Shooting.mp4 (600x762 2.41 MB, 391.82K)

Why does he look so punchable? Why are his arms so thin?

He hasn't reached full android maturity yet

For fuck's sake.
Don't people learn from TV that looking at the left is a sign of lying? What a disgusting faggot.

Shitposting never changes.
The Mk. Ultra shit is now in full force. When I was young I thought the internet would change the world, in positive ways, and now I'm full of despair, doubt and pain. You don't have to think about 'will become', if you see the world right now you can feel the digital mark of the beast as it is.
Generation Z will be remembered as the worst generation of the history. Arrogant, ignorant, fanatic and the ones who ruined the world into ground.
One CME hit and this modern day society will be gone and the new dark age will begun.

Like a fucking clockwork.

Attached: internet was a mistake.jpg (1307x749, 122.92K)

Attached: Bush911.png (720x1280, 703.54K)

I do the same thing. Before I even bothering to engage I do some reconnaissance on them, often you can learn so much about them you find out they're crazy and not worth the effort. I generally follow don't touch the poop religiously.

Are you talking about millenials? Because I gotten the impression that generation Z is the most redpilled generation thus far.

I don’t understand this bullshit. Every time someone says Gen Z are mostly redpilled I feel like they forget how the internet molds them. For fuck sakes they unironically worship e-celebs. They may be mostly redpilled but they will still be fucking retards.

No, every generations after X are trashes. Note that majority of Feminists and SJWs are composed with Gen Z. I have more hope for Millennials than my own cursed generation.
The good news is the silent majority law still applies to Gen Z. Gen Z will probably be remembered as the most dualistic and divided generation ever existed.
I lost all my hope for my generation after interacted with them in my life. I'm far more comfortable with boomers and X than fucking brat generation that is Z. I assume being sandwich raped between big technology leap wasn't good for their mental health.

Steven Spielberg turned down working on the Harry Potter movies saying they wouldn't be any challenge, and it would be like making a free billion dollars.
He's had a heck of a career of well acclaimed films, and box office money. He is one of the few people who reach a level where money, and everyone would beg to have him work on their project.
I can't help but think Steven came across Ready Player One, and thought 'This is the biggest pile of shit ever cobbled together, I bet I could make hundreds of millions out of this piece of shit, because no one else could.'
It's the only thing that makes sense to me about this project.

Attached: 4d128ce0128fd1890de2a0349c0c803bece2bdee3987329ef43cdf85ac1ceea5.jpg (460x432, 25.53K)

The Dead are alive

Attached: TrumpTweetStormyDaniels.jpg (976x455, 144.06K)

Since you got triple dubs I'll humor you.
Jim baited the Honey Badgers into Bloodsports and not knowing the format they shilled their projects. Jim would later make a video accusing them of financial malfeasance
In between that you're going to get varying accounts such as
>Jim and/or Allison/ Randomercam/ Karen get BTFOed
>Jim and/or HBR autistically ranting and picking fights on Twitter
>MRAs and/or Jimshills fighting with each other with their version of the story
You'll get a widely different account depending on who you talk to, which is one of the reasons why e-celeb shit isn't brought up: Everyone has their he-say-she-say going about and it becomes one unproductive mess.

Attached: eOPUOpJ.png (570x428, 212.8K)

For fuck's sake. Do these people even bother using Google translator?

It was made in the uk

Still, it doesn't surprise me the englishmen are a bunch of illiterate faggots. They made the US to begin with.

Sweetie, the only ginger girl who wasn't a troublemaker was literally a gingerbread cookie. With icing and everything. And she still managed to give some kid indigestion.

Man. What a troublemaker.

It's the only truthful way to put what state what they're doing.

In case you're blind and didn't see the message at the top of the board, we have a way to spread news about FOSTA.

#HaveAVoice is a tag being pushed to inform about it, and call for it not to be signed.
#CLOUDAct #FOSTA and #SESTA is also relevant.

It would be better not to put your grabby mitts on this lest everyone become afraid of the stench

Attached: scrappack4_pout.png (318x403, 10.57K)

I heard he had some ties to antifa, but I am not sure if it's true.
It could explain a lot, though.

Major figures in that "movement" are from generation Y though.

Like this? :^)

Attached: absolutely_subversive.png (318x403, 4.54K)

Not that I think anyone should refuse treatment, but isn't US mental health help cucked?
I.e. biased doctors and believing gender and sex are different thanks to proposals in the 40s.

Bitch did I say tag GG into it?
Hell, 99.9% of the time we shouldn't tag GG when it's just poltics (50/50 when it is vidya).
It's been shadowbanned, blocked, filtered, and anyone calling for meritocracy in the video game industry is called GamerGate anyway.
Act like GG, let them add the name to you, and they'll keep jumping at shadows and they keep pushing moderates away from them.

Don't bother with twitter, the libtards just filled it to the brim with "Repeal the second amendment"

And normal people filled it with the truth (how they changed their tune from "we're not taking you guns").

Them freaking out over what we say helps advertise what we say.
Pic related. Keep speaking the truth, and your enemies can't help but draw attention to it. Because they fear if they ignore it, it spreads. And they are afraid every time since they will lose so much if it does.

Attached: Never piss off anons.png (1171x422, 160.41K)

No, like this.

Attached: Disgustinguntome.jpg (512x525, 77.72K)

You clearly don't know Mexican.
When you translate to Mexican you have to change the placing of the verb because Mexicans write backwards.

Attached: e5926fe4d2084b104684050bdea0d8e7.jpg (540x402, 49.8K)

Oh, that makes sense.
Putos chamacos.

People who are this ignorant about how the procedure of government works shouldn't be allowed to vote. Universal suffrage was a mistake and we are suffering from it.

Attached: alexander-fraser-tytler.jpg (194x259, 7.45K)

Gen X allowed a lot of this shit to happen due to how fucking apathetic they were and the fact they listened to their baby boomer folks.

Attached: 133913.jpg (640x360, 55.99K)

Every generation says the one after them is trash compared to themselves, but the painful truth is that every generation is correct when they make that statement. We've been constantly going downhill for at least 100 years and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. Z is worse than Y/millennials is worse than X is worse than Boomers is worse than Boomers parents is worse than the industrial revolution folks. It's just a cascade of shit because first world life is easier than it ever has been and people lack true struggles for survival, so they turn to stupid bullshit manufactured conflict to sate their animal instinct to want to fight something. But at the same time, you don't have to know fucking anything to succeed in this world, ignorance and retardation is allowed and practically celebrated. Since we keep making life easier with every passing year, people have no pressing reason to be smart or civil to each other, and they become more and more stupid assholes. Like if a stupid asshole raises a child, do you think that child will grow up to be a nice intelligent person? Especially in a world that encourages being a stupid asshole?

Meanwhile, everytime Islam spreads peace in Europe, especially in my country, a fuckton of people try in vain to legally get a piece.
Leftists don't know what's gonna happen if guns get banned, they are not ready.

Attached: leather AI.mp4 (480x360, 227.28K)

this. Nice of someone to put into words the belief I've always held

What is scary is I have a friend who moved to China, and then Hong Kong, several years ago. He's probably been there for about 10 years by now. And he's a teacher. And he won't move back here, because the west doesn't like white people and makes it hard for him to get ahead, and he feels like Asian kids are studying important subjects like math and science, and improving over the last generation, while western kids aren't.

gtfo weebshit


Holla Forums's been a bit dead lately.

Attached: 4a463b3a3701314755d3e7f09bfe9534c958a1db0f4bb247addf687046f3c498.png (500x1200, 257.23K)

it cannot be a coincidence

Attached: grody.png (474x274, 21.03K)

So is this place the e-drama containment thread now?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (2047x1168, 2.5M)

Speaking of which, has anyone pointed put to these liberal idiots that the reason the U.S. government was designed the way it was as a deterrent. Unlike most other countries where the laws are in place to protect the government by limiting people, the U.S.'s government was designed to protect the people by placing limitations on the government. Why else would the first two "Rights" people have in this country are the Right to say what shit we want and and to have ownership to any weapon?

Attached: ノ・ライフル・ノ・ライフ.jpg (1363x606, 402.27K)

Attached: too young to die cruz shooting.webm (1280x720, 3.79M)

Attached: kizuna shill.png (603x642, 249.42K)

Cute anime girls have to make a living too.

Attached: 0b01658b1cc77d466ee4bbf7c1770d64e530a18405a0b660f509334ac8dd3c3f.png (343x371, 87.5K)


I still can't believe how fucking powerful Kizuna AI has become. Like she went from getting official figures to being part of traveling campaign in a few months

Attached: pizza.mp4 (640x360, 724.25K)

sex sells nigger.

You can't sex a bacharu yuuchuba, yet.

Part of it is the subs explosion she had, going past a million in a year.

Attached: asrealasme.jpg (1280x1707, 317.09K)

>On a whim decided to check basedgamer to see if its still up
>Down, not surprised
>Decide to look at Bharaj's twitter
>See this
Holy shit she's even more cancerous than I remembered.

Attached: 1341244234234324324.PNG (644x791, 416.37K)


i find her and her clones really disturbing, and now she's getting one of those nendo-dolls things?
how popular is this shit?


Pretty much this.
Weeb faggots wanting to fuck anime girls and companies taking advantage of that is nothing new.

Not with that attitude.

Attached: 0d230ea5e579c5dc5b8e6e30c615ed7ef23b63a4972641635433849fc4f982fb.jpg (1080x1920, 662.91K)

Why are you so butthurt about Kizuna?
Did you try proposing to her and got rejected? :^)

Probably really popular in Nipland considering the merchandise being made and getting her own TV show.

Attached: ai chan marriage inquiry.jpg (1280x566, 131.79K)

Attached: animu girl kills self.jpg (624x950, 63.01K)

I did not always hate her, but then I found out that she is nothing but a corporate slut. How is she any different from all the twitch sluts?

Attached: the testickler.jpg (1280x720, 59.13K)

I don't follow.

Are you a communist?

do you suck jewish dick?

There is nothing wrong with making money.

except that you are not making money here, you are giving money.

Attached: abe67067b40a3f6e8caf0a860eb32097472cd7fb9f0151aeec4c74dd15351801.jpg (1174x2300, 548.83K)

Who are the other AI youtube people now? Their is that one white haired one and that kitsune one, but aren't there a lot more that got popular too?

Wait isn't he that ResetERA shill?

here is an animation of that.

Attached: 【mmd original】aichan and the phone dl.mp4 (1280x720, 3.27M)


Attached: disgusted pepe.jpg (306x306, 16.44K)

so, when do we get the "steamed hams, but its a bachura yuuchuba video" ?

For starters she doesn't bitch and moan when people say she's a camwhore, plus she doesn't pretend people are there for anything other than the anime girl squealing. Also, her real voice is cute.
That doesn't make it any good, but she's still better than twitch whores.

Attached: 1d2b5c587cf3256b810d309c1101529a768a7db8839dbd4566e60ac6d630402f.png (887x1200, 676.32K)


i think it's more due to the language barrier than anything else she nospeka inglish veri gud

End of bread. Bread ends here.

I'm not giving money others are and its their money to give

theres a fukin dynasty of them, they just all be culled

Attached: birtual youtbah.jpg (2646x2230, 702.33K)

Attached: I'm starting to understand why people kill themselves.gif (500x262, 952.32K)

That could be it, but I think it's more of a cultural thing.
When a western women bitches, her beta orbiters come around and quickly start pampering her to try and get some virtual pussy and GBP. That's why you get so many twitch whores bitching and beta orbiters spewing bullshit.
Nips usually are more muh honoraburu perfecuto waifu, so the chicks don't act bitchy for attention, because it wouldn't get them any and it might be a turn off for some fans. I've seen nips shit talking VAs and shit, but never seen these VAs bitch about it as much as western chicks do.

Attached: 724a51f2fac09261c25b8c4e7fbad7041fbd09f7746ef1a23bbe1983a24feec4.jpg (1500x2000, 1.85M)

He could be an elusive female to male Trannie, but usually those "guys" look like creepy goblins.

Attached: dat text.gif (492x386, 503.66K)

Best AI.

Attached: Let's go.jpeg (466x412, 110.32K)

they probably do just behind closed doors

fuck, they are taking over!

Wait a minute…

Attached: Wu_Xing.png (1024x1024 228.67 KB, 304.31K)

fug meant to post

Attached: birtual_youtbah.png (519x464, 414.5K)

it's still fucking gay and shouldn't be posted here

Its because she is a professional seiyuu.

Is that an interaction chart?

In Nipland bitching about your fans is the fastest way to receive serious backlash.
Remember hearing about something on /jp/ years ago about a singer who got caught really shittalking her fans in a private conversation and people there flipped the fuck out and nearly ruined her career.

I didn't knew virtual youtubers were that popular.


Yeah, probably, I'm just saying she doesn't do it publicly and for attention, like twitch whores do.

Attached: 6d2cae11c9c059f41802fa33c12086f302a252cffee40c8450da5438111eade1.jpg (1068x800, 698.81K)

*they don't do it publicly and for attention

exactly man real wives don't even come close

That is the underlying difference, twitch whores want orbiters and for kizuna it's a job. Doesn't make it less cancer though.

hachishakusama is a cutie


point is you are supporting something bad

Not really

Which one is the girl that Kizuna keeps bullying? I don't see her on the list.

Just how is the state of the western industry right now?



Attached: C47Ky3eWEAAh19I.jpg (894x534, 53.08K)

So did something happen with SJWeebs? Apparently they are mad at some guy named digobroh, and now crunchyroll alongside a ton of other streaming services are sperging out at him.

they're mad at him for earlier shit, he made the mistake of choosing loli porn as a hill to stand on, so they're using that as an excuse to take him down

I'd argue that it's slightly less cancerous to watch a high pitched anime girl squeal for fun than to watch a girl with her tits on the screen pretend to play games and bitch that people say her fans are only there for the tits, but it's pretty much subjective.

Attached: feece91d760bda9c2fa1286b6e3efc8e759ed829d01b9e85e98750ab8617f018.jpg (1000x1176, 806.36K)

People are using webms, I don't even watch her or post her but I'm going to start now that I know it makes you this unreasonably upset.

There isn't anything wrong with making money by itself, its when you start exploiting people.
If you're one of those socialist retards who believe the act of making money in itself is exploitation, then you should fuck off to a shithole country without capitalism, like Venezuela.

Technically she isn't an e-celeb anymore since she has a TV show, became an official tourism ambassador and got a merchandise deal :^)

Attached: 193c2a945b740dc6505cd7abf8d5fc9091c94893ae5009ee3363b5c4ce70615c.jpg (786x684, 52.62K)

i find it more predatory losers like me can spot a thot so can easily avoid a titty streamer.
i thought i could find solace and safety in anime tiddies but now that is being perversed to sell freemium mobile garbage.
eventually kittens will be genetically bred to have the logos of companies in their eyes.

That is why they are pissed off? I see crunchyroll faggots angry at him, but they all like shows with shit like that already in it. What a bunch of faggots. They are now trying to ruin his job and career. I have seen some people even threaten him physically.

meh, found a new one, named "Hinata Channel" this shit wont end up soon

oh fuck if all it takes to not be e-celeb tier is to have your merchandise in stores i can finally start talking about captain sparkles in these threads without guilt

Attached: Minecraft-YouTubers-Tube-Heroes-Toys.jpg (1140x700, 153.5K)

I think it was loli related?

It's sad when anons on a Korean comic board are more well adjusted.

So, you guys remember that movie "World War Z"…?

Attached: fgwXvZohZmOL6c09.mp4 (642x1050 187.22 KB, 309.53K)

Did I say that making money is bad? Nothing wrong with making money, I have respect for the people who created her. The problem is that you guys are shilling her. You guys are doing their job for free, and that shit is cucked. You don't see me shilling full priced steam games here.

Attached: leader.png (576x288, 16.47K)

I'm sure we'll be perfectly fine if the plan to make whites into minorities in every country on earth succeeds. No need to worry obviously.

Why is Krautchan in the top-ten boards now?

Attached: wea.jpg (1000x944, 76.9K)


Bernds needed somewhere to go,…and here they are

Because the actual Krautchan went tits up.


Don't worry, it's just a matter of time before goons and somethingawful drive them away from this site.

KC fucking died some time ago, they made a pol and 8/kc/ won.

The server is in the states, IIRC. From what little I understand, the provider flipped its shit after Bernd posted what could be interpreted as CP (they didn't have the DOST thingie) one time too much and promptly found out that the address of the admin was faked.

I just don't even anymore.

Attached: 9mm vs ballistic gel.gif (288x288, 1.61M)

consider that /tg/ is under /christian/ now. The television preachers that said DnD turns you into a Satanist must be laughing their asses off.

Also, I heard there was some problem with the domain, so the admin talked with some mods and they decided to just give up on it. I'm not sure how true it is, but considering it's germans it might be true.

So did the Deutschland Caliphate crack down? What next will Brchan and 55Chan join the party too?

Randomercam said something uncharitable about Jim and Jim went all "1v1 me bitch!" and Randomercam declined, probably because he's an incredibly introverted musician, and Jim could hold the position that the moon is made of cheese and still steamroll him in a debate due to the difference in their personalities. To quote Henry Rollins, "It's like punching out an eight year old. Fun, but nothing to base a career on."
Allison got kinda mama bear because that's what she does. I think it might actually be in her job description, being a female MRA and all.
She shilled because they are in fact running a humanitarian business purely on donations and hey, exposure for the issues is exposure for the issues.

Honestly, if I'd ever had respect for Jim, I would have lost it at the point he couldn't stop chuckling over how "collective" sounds like "collectivism", and then defended himself with "maybe you just don't understand my sense of humour."
No, Jim. Duty sounds like doody. Kindergarteners understand the humour you were exercising and you were doing it in a somewhat serious setting that you didn't happen into by pure chance. You elected to waste everyone's goddamn time with childish antics and your most substantive contribution was "it's pure cringe." Fuck away off.

Attached: HIT IT JOE!.webm (1280x636, 7.93M)

Again, the providers/servers were in 'murrica. The German authorities do (to the best of my knowledge) have nothing to do with this.

Apart from the fact that Krautchan would have been nuked years ago if it's servers were in Germany.

Good job ignoring my other two points, faggot.

Anyway, literally all of her paid promotions are aimed at Nips, so they aren't really making any money off of some weebs on an imageboard.

Jim getting assblased at Randomercam not 1v1ing him is probably the first time I've heard the faggot get seriously angry over anything on the internet. He seriously sounded insulted.

Attached: kizunatour.png (866x587, 536.66K)

Jim is that petty?

The fact the current userbase of /cow/ and ED worships him just tells at the state of them.

Attached: [Bakas_Externally].png (900x900, 645.93K)

Not a big deal, but I think it's chuckle worthy.


Attached: no link 2.JPG (620x634 34.96 KB, 62.25K)

I don't have the link to the clip anymore but in it he was really fucking pissed and went on a rant about Randomercam in a stream.
If it was anyone else doing that, Jim would be tearing them a new asshole in a video. He lost self-awareness some time ago.

Attached: 4ba4ecb51d030b0f187db0cb031eb3f71b1440a4428c72b35584e57c4d81bd49.jpg (183x255, 8.49K)

Forbes joins the asshurt about the lack of SJW pandering in Far Cry 5.


Pretty much every review from a major outlet is crying about the same thing, this is officially a tantrum because the bad guys aren't stereotyped rednecks like the journos wanted.

Attached: 61742918711132346220530.jpg (434x600, 66.4K)

Jim is a legit cow.

Remember how in Far Cry 4 Pagan min was actually the most reasonable character in the game and only one who genuinely gave a fuck about the MC? While you had the Antia lite cunt and the traditionalist fucktard using you for their own agenda?

Rednecks are pretty stale anyways.

Attached: yo-youth.gif (1045x771, 78.7K)

Pagan Min seems to be the coolest damn stepdad too

Attached: wojak you made him cry 111.png (645x773, 32.3K)


Attached: 092ac9478ec3ad4a978e4eb38d3b650de04b4843200811390f56e501876d03a3.png (1366x768, 1.32M)

I looked into this more and it is getting even more ridiculous. A shit ton of friends of shadman and actual fans of shadman are now shitting on digibroh for being a pig. You know shadman, the guy who draws edgy shit all the time? You even have those faggots from animeoutsiders and super best friends shitting on digibroh despite both of them commissioning artists who drew the same exact shit.

Why are these faggots so hypocritical.

It's time.

Attached: fuck children.png (197x251, 92.4K)

user, I would like to take you fishing.
It's terrific. You sit in a boat all alone with another person and don't say a fucking thing because none of it matters anyway, and when the sun goes down you go in to dock, exchange a few pleasantries like the noncommital intention to do this again some time, and then go the fuck home.
If you've done it right, you didn't catch anything, so you don't have to worry about gutting and cleaning and cooking fish, although there's some contention on this point. Popular tactics including not baiting the hook, not using a hook, and just throwing the whole fishing pole right in.
The point, of course, is in the first paragraph. It doesn't matter, none of it. The only thing of importance is who you choose to spend your time with, and the only point of a job is to allow the person you want to spend their time with you.
If you don't have that person, you don't need that job. Get subsistence work, and go home at the end of your shift. Volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen on the weekends. Find a hobby other than vidya that keeps your hands busy, for when the power goes out or you don't want to sit in front of a screen. Read the books you've been meaning to get around to.

Fortunes can be made, lost, and remade in seconds.
You're never getting your time back.

so thats how AI will take over the world

Because they want to virtue signal and pretend they are on a moral high ground despite being into the same hobbies.

Attached: __hikari_xenoblade_and_xenoblade_2_drawn_by_hankuri__189afd01c8b15d7e8c9b6654d16ce704.jpg (433x650, 68.02K)

It's really great, you can actually hear how sincere he is.

Plus he is pretty happy to see you since your the only family you both have left and he wants to do /k/ stuff with you.

I'm morally right, therefore I can do no wrong because I'm right.

Attached: ugly cunt.jpg (700x394, 54.47K)


Attached: Djeeta sees a fag.png (591x174 326.01 KB, 16.35K)

One well placed machine gun probably would've been enough to deter them.

delete this

Attached: Your Dead Kiddo.png (1277x679, 840.85K)

Friends don't let friends use Google.

Attached: jewgle.jpg (642x11500, 1.82M)

I just don't get the hypocrisy. You even have some artists who draw beast, incest, and all the other degeneracy shitting on this idea of not liking patreon censoring content. How do friends of shadman and his fans try to justify themselves shitting on people for liking the same art. Then you have people totally against censorship of art try to sperg out at people since they want art to be censored. They all retweet the same exact shit they are bitching about now. Apparently family members or people trying to claim to be family members are now sperging out too.

>tfw most lewds on pixiv are of the king record designs

Attached: popuko loli mad.png (1900x1474, 1.14M)

I am not all that familiar with KC, but if it means we get some more traffic and good company to shoot the shit with on this dying site, then I'm all for it.

I thought the guy quit drawing.

They speak through their twisted hearts and think wqith their emotions. Logic need not apply.

Attached: YOU BAKA.png (1276x690, 1.69M)

At least tech stocks are crumbling

He uses windows 10, jewgle, and facekike, constantly feeding them information and then he's surprised that they have this information?

Is it really just for loli? How could shadman of all people really justifying being able to moral grandstand about that shit?

is archive down? using iridium and it wont let me see shit

Shadman hasn't said anything as far as I'm aware, its just some fans of his that has. You can't hold people accountable for what their fans do.

fair enough then.

The people saying all this crap are fans of shadman and/or people claiming to be his friend. I am not shitting on shad, but I am shitting on their hypocrisy. The main defense I see is that Shad and other artists do these things ironically.

Thank god for duck duck go
I'm absolutely fucked because i use chrome for some things though.

Oh user.

Please don't tell me that isn't safe.

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-26 002.jpg (605x781, 175.97K)

It's okay he's being ironic guiz! But drawing it for realsies is not okay.


Well god fucking damn it,i can't seem to catch a break.

IIRC it's owned by a company that used to do datamining, so I'd say it's pretty suspicious. I'd recommend either Startpage or Searx

Attached: 9d94fe0c1cc523aa7b627da998416dc677da21150368a4c8b8d83f44feb7451f.jpg (1060x2000, 580.51K)

Gay adult filter? what?

Not just edgy shit. Half of his stuff is full on lolicon.

Not completely.

Attached: tide_pods.jpg (1200x1006 411.31 KB, 459.22K)


Attached: 1522143626129.png (940x1370, 704.74K)

No wonder SJWs are hating him.

"Adult" content is automatically filtered. It mostly includes porn, but I've seen it censor sites for excessive cursing every once in a while.
There are two ways to disable it:
1 - Change the settings (you need scripts) and keep the settings saved(via cookies).
2 - Change the settings (need scripts) and make a new special link. You can't link it to the search bar, you have to manually access the link every time which is a pain in the ass if you frequently search for porn related stuff, which I do.

Attached: 2.png (814x244 10.21 KB, 14.46K)

Attached: police.jpeg (500x500, 41.18K)

Third one cracked me up, think I'm going to hell.

Most adult websites aren't shown in search results unless you go and manually turn off the setting every time you reopen your browser.

Oh, they're trying to pull this shit again?

Attached: 2007, when niche cultures started death spirals.png (1177x1128, 262.36K)

You know what's funny? Spy Kids 3D is probably a better move about a VR video game then what Ready player one is going to be.

Things seem fine for me, So the problem could be on your end.

I don't care cus Patron fucked people over for less & most these furries were fine when it fucked over those they disliked same with other degens

Its gray to me just kick back enjoy the salt

Eh,i can deal with resetting it every time i open my browser,small price for privacy.

Attached: gay_type.png (754x744, 331.19K)

Too late now. They've already bullied him off twitter.

Attached: Tweets_with_replies_by_Digibro_(@Digibrah)_Twitter_-_2018-03-27_17.16.45.png (921x551, 222.86K)


Attached: 752308fe0e2614b1283c37a3e94dd07c83d2e28049968e814cf183ff302eef43-cuteboys.jpg (563x673, 215.03K)

I posted it in past thread



Danke dubs.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (601x772, 454.02K)

Attached: REEEEEEEEEE.gif (540x300, 360.44K)

Sometimes I wonder if I should just fuck off and travel to some fucking Buddhist monastery and live the rest of my life meditating with squirrels.

Like this shit for example. None of it fucking matters, but people fly off the damn handle over the stupidest shit as their lives depend on it. I don't even follow GG as much anymore, but just reading about these things feels like a giant mental drain. Especially the whole internet "bloodsports" thing. A nasty perversion of actual conversation and discussion, but it's okay because it's just "for shits and giggles" as Jim said, even though everyone is more invested than ever into being "right" in these shitshow debates rather than discovering truth or coming to an understanding of eachother. Every thing is a debate and common decency has long been thrown out the window.
Everyone seems to be getting dragged into this mindset as well, no matter what camp they fall into and there seems to be no escape from it. Not in real life and certainly not on the internet, not even (or maybe especially) here on Holla Forums.

It's all so fucking tiresome, man. I just wanted to play video games. Living in today's society isn't good for your mental health.

Sorry for using this thread as a dumping-ground for this rant.

Attached: AAAAAARGH.webm (640x358, 717.19K)

Yes they fucking are.

Attached: increasing rage.gif (341x245, 2.5M)


startpage is some cancer bullshit that uses viruses to spread. I remember that bullshit being all over my mothers laptop.


Attached: 1324179751155.gif (210x118, 930.63K)

but isn't this a screenshot of archive.is? That shitty arrow over h looks like something archive.is adds.

it is

Eh, it was a good rant, and probably more on-topic than most of the other posts in this thread. You should rant more often.

Attached: peeking monster jk.png (996x1080, 308.29K)

These people, I'm torn between laughing at how basic their thought processes are, and getting mad because they can't help but project them on everybody.

Can the hypocritical shad fans get bullied into making shad stop drawing lolis? Out SJW the SJW and watch them eat each other.

then how comes nobody has a link to that archive?

What do you mean, like toolbars and shit? That might just be your mother being a retard.
In any case, I use Searx so I might not be fucked.

Attached: d254e6d5bee230d5ad5be51167f7da8f074095416a9b62ca2b14dc9194913e7c.jpg (720x720, 115.76K)

Source for that?

I don't know what it was, but my mother complained about her browser looking different, so I checked her laptop out. I installed chrome and firefox, and this startpage bullshit was suddenly her default homepage on all her browsers. Even worse, it replaced shortcuts. Because I remember removing startpage as her default homepage, but whenever I started up one of her browsers it still opened up that shit place. Only after checking out the shortcuts I noticed that startpage was edited into them.

because endchan is so ineffective at driving away our userbase to their honeypot or anything else really


I'm going to believe for my own sanity that's a one off thing and not representative of the whole search engine

Just finished watching Justice League. Found the entire film to be…okay (Nothing really exciting, nothing extremely bad, and all the stakes were lost since they brought back Superman), but it feels like the film has a lot of half-assed ideas. However, I did seem to like it better than Thor 3.

Will (((they))) allow it, though?

Attached: Tim Allen on Going to Donald Trump's Inauguration.mp4 (1520x1121 13.09 MB, 798.3K)

Don't they try to make a new Holla Forums alt every half a year to try to 'save' us from the evil of Mark?

Are you sure you didn't import anything from other browsers? I don't see how they could profit from it knowing they don't have ads and retard normalfags would just use it to search for "google" before searches.
Still, that's kind of odd, to say the least.

Was there an alt to any legacy board that has ever done well?


that malware has nothing to do with StartPage (the website) that's just its name most likely because it hijacks your start page

Attached: 141556887.jpg (436x439, 63.1K)

A few here do alright despite having small communities.

No, I worded that part badly. What I meant is that back then when I set up her laptop I installed firefox and chrome, then never touched it again. When she called me it was the default homepage on all three browsers.

yes, thankfully Mark's autism repels the metafag naturally

I see. Must be tough for an alt board.



Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1424x1619, 396.49K)

That's not an alt to a legacy board.

Not surprising.
KFC IS a part of Gamergate, after all.

Mark and his mods fuck up but I rather them then the cancerous alts metafags make.

Depends on how the mods and userbase are.

That's why ask if there was any decent ones, maybe not Holla Forums alts, but yeah.

This shit is getting ridiculous.

Just navigate the web in command line cURL'ing urls. After a while you don't see the code anymore.

Attached: 1378170982619.jpg (800x600, 68.56K)


What alts you looking for user?

Attached: 084d10f0194fcd4ba796b53992….png (246x200, 13.04K)

Because the goons you associate with hate competition.

Attached: 3a018beba30df6f7f689ca7bcdecbcb8d7b8f772f06605a44329d81caa896bfe.jpg (241x403, 23.36K)

Probably an anime and news/politics ones for now.

try /animu/ and for Holla Forums or news shit your better off looking at this thread to be honest.

If Mr. Wu wanted a tranny, he should have married a Thai.

Wu giving a White Power gesture?


Attached: 345364564.jpg (1280x720, 130.29K)

WTF what this retard thinking when xir made this? Holy shit this is just laughable, I seen kids in HS make better presentations for their nomination that this abomination,

Looked the same to me.

what the fuck happened with the donations to archive.is that made it tank from 31 patrons to zero around week 107?

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-27 018.jpg (714x406, 29.68K)

triple dubs chkd

Attached: kiz01t2.png (672x464, 134.4K)

Something odd is going on.

Attached: Head Swap.jpg (800x906, 159.02K)

I kind of want to see him get elected just to see how fucking hard he'll fail.

Attached: 1ce69aa22ce3e389b1b00b7321b912fe3aed933298f97d53a3b47d88007759d9.jpg (1072x1500, 186.13K)

what date was that?

There's no way that it will get elected.
I mainly wait for its final meltdown after it fails.

The only thing engineered here is Wu's dick.

that account is 111 weeks old so 111 minus 107 = 4 weeks ago

So ~ last week of February.
Don't know much about how patreon works - some auto-unsuscribe or something? Plus surely there's far more people who use it outside of GG.

Does this need highlighting more in the OP?
(with link to this image )

and then lewded the figures
are you going to buy one marche?

Attached: kizuna ai figurine.png (1262x709, 1.09M)

I kind of think he was going for some kind of weird grass roots endearing incompetency kind of thing. Surely they couldn't be so incompetent they couldn't even find a way to put in slides that didn't look like a child's drawing right? It really is incredibly baffling because it doesn't make any sense either way.

My bad - didn't clarify - is that pic from patreon/crowdfunder or from archive.is (or blog) itself?


you best not be calling me marche

Why do faggots care so much about Faceberg ads,The BBC are saying Cambridge Analytica made Brexit happen

Attached: 1e07745ea1a4c3e3913371633c437e00edfd2df9a8f09ca51579af8eb34a29af.jpg (530x507, 115.11K)

They're the new russians since that narrative is dead.

no, just throwing the question out to where ever he's lurking

I'm hoping he is lurking a store that sells Nylon rope.

John couldn't even get bean boy to try on the flash cards he's holding.

Attached: Facebook_is_hijacking_our_democracy._Here_is_how_we_fix_it._-_2018-03-27_16.28.10.png (1073x603, 1.06M)

Once KFC's involved, you know a moral panic's jumped the shark.

Batshit Wu can't even leave >her own house, but >she thinks >she can get into Congress without the FBI knocking >her door in for fraud. Amazing.

okay good.

Attached: jazz music stops.jpg (540x720, 49.08K)

Really surprised there's not more donations. If they don't have an alternative (crowdfunder) income, not sure what to suggest, other than make it more prominent in the OP.
Hell, if half the UIDs in this bread gave 1 buck a week it would make a difference.
Spread the word I guess.

Attached: imdhf.png (320x392, 118.54K)

Do you have jazz_music_gets_very_loud.jpg?


Fuck I'm retarded
pls no bully

Attached: pls stop bully.jpg (500x281, 1.66M)

I wasn't going to, but after doing witchering I have to burn you on the stake.

Attached: epic cleric Torquemada.jpg (245x284, 15.5K)

So is loli considered that horrible? I don't really discuss or have much interest in doing so I guess I'm rather ignorant over the matter. I find it hard to care about drawings regardless of the content and even as someone who occasionally enjoys loli stuff I find it difficult to connect it to ACTUAL pedophilia where ACTUAL people are harmed and hurt. Much in the same way I don't care if kids get shot and killed in a video game or movie but I find the real act immensely disgusting.

Is this just another instance of moral puritans unable to separate reality from fiction or is it much more grey than I believe?

Attached: 7ccab2ba04bf25d4c5ae8bb13baefa55.png (1286x2117, 826.18K)

That thread is complete cancer.
Besides, where all these faggots came from?
They glow harder than faggots from alphabet soup agencies.

Moral Puritanism that can't separate reality from fiction are cancer, whether they be the secular left or religious right.

Seriously, why the fuck people who don't even try call themselves female or genderqueer or some shit? why faggots with beards call themselves females? I guess people already asked a lot this question, but it's just really fucking stupid.

It's a total mess.

Attention whoring. If they pass then they just go unnoticed.

Attached: nqyy8mXgjK1rckw3lo1.png (720x719 36.96 KB, 65.82K)

Good morning.

Fuck you. Go away. I hate you. Leave me alone.

Attached: crying tamachan.png (1920x1080, 700.72K)

is that a euphemism for 'can talk al lot of shit but when shit gets talked back i'm a little bitch"?

Regardless it's retarded E celeb shit.

Attached: who dis nigga think he is.PNG (537x463, 217.35K)

that it is


Attached: vivgtr.png (256x256, 90.23K)


Attached: like duh I'm smug.PNG (510x527, 574.98K)

Popular Poo in the Loo Canadian talking about YouTube censoring right-wing people.

Attached: afuckingleaf.jpg (680x483, 29.33K)

What else is new? This ain't a news to me or anyone else here. We already know why.

Attached: Kike 6.jpg (640x360 161.31 KB, 41K)

Off topic and blast from the past, but Dustin Rowles BTFO

have any links? archives? screencaps? Not taking your word for it.

Attached: Dustin Rowles.png (659x439, 47.3K)

Forbes: "'Far Cry 5' Is Apolitical To The Point Of Absurdity"




Anonymous Coward / Dope Magazine - "Beyond GamerGate: Will Bullying Destroy The Gaming Industry?" (so, apparently we tried to get Carolyn Petit fired from Gamespot in 2013 now?)



He is wrong about one thing. He says that it isn't a free speech issue, which is incorrect. If he said that it isn't a First Amendment issue then he would be correct.
Although Google has such an incestuous relationship with the US government that it actually sort of IS a 1st Amendment issue in a round about way.

Carl must need pity bucks after getting shitcanned from his cushy job a literal physics bird could do.


Attached: Retard 2277.jpg (849x1200, 122.23K)

The one on beauty and AIs has been happening for ages, if AIs are created by people and learn from experience millions of years ahead of people due to their faster processing, maybe those little digital cuties have a point. There's tell and stereotypes when a stereotype comes to be, it's always because it has basis in the first place of black men going after white and asian women, and black women pairing with white men is rather common in my area. There's trends in India in regards to selling skin-lightening creams for skin, sexual organs and nipples which are quite profitable as well, with spa treatments of that sort getting customers, not as a way to "join the white race" or some bullshit, but because they admit lighter skin is more attractive with really no shame at all, since Indian society doesn't have a stigma about race, only caste.

Also the nazis were fucking idiots who ended up being the same shit they fought, even if stories about them are exaggerated. They targeted too many people and were led by a series of military boneheads who approached an internal affair with external tactics. You can easilt clear up an industry with a series of court hearings or discreet assassinations, and nowadays even that isn't needed since the public court of social media turned everything into a clusterfuck that no one can really have a hold on, news is on it's way out, and while this is a slow path, it doesn't give rise to the shamers that appeared after World War 2 who instituted mental prisons of "white guilt" for whites and "the man" for blacks.

You need a discreet touch to deal with a discreet enemy, and most of that is happening naturally, if you want to deal with the deep state all you need to do now is post what you think is the truth on the wonderful unfiltered public forum known as the internet. You might be able to silence an account on one or two sites, but to silence someone completely is no longer possible.

It's becoming clear the current way to deal with evil is a long and slow, painful path, but it is a clear railway, and we ride an unstoppable train.

Attached: deviljho.jpg (800x800, 65.24K)

What backlash?

fucking WEW and nice goddamned dubs

Attached: you better not axe this.jpg (500x334, 31.91K)

I was contemplating doing a fundraising drive soon.

Don't see why we couldn't combine efforts. I'd run and shill 2 separate Gofundmes and then just dump the proceeds from the Archive one into their Librepay. Does anybody know what their monthly costs look like?

Attached: Asuka glare kitchen.jpg (960x960, 78.46K)

Dustin baleeted that article btw, it was up at least until Feb 20 2017

Attached: gone.jpg (1287x741, 169.67K)

We truly are the equivalent of Spring Heeled Jack or Jack the Ripper for SJWs, aren't we?

Attached: Jack6.jpg (541x790 77.88 KB, 139.89K)

I'm pretty sure bad ol' jack was never caught because he was actually a politician, or series of politicians or high ranking men who hired hookers and killed them for whatever reason. That or he's dead due to someone stabbing him or something. People like that who develop a that sort of habit don't just stop unless forced.

Fun theory: jack was thought tohave been one of the english nobles directly connected to the crown and was never caught because the crown manipulated everything to be so.

tbh it is locked since November 2017

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 002.jpg (1262x561, 187.36K)

to be fair*

Attached: 1485460923459.png (657x527, 25.27K)


2.5 out of 5

Slant is so asshurt about Far Cry 5.

Attached: 1192516.png (575x641, 327.22K)

holy shit I didn't know this. I wonder if he found something about Dan later down the line and decided to scrub it.

Acshually the page was still up until september. I feel he deleted it very recently

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 003.jpg (812x72, 30.34K)


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 004.jpg (658x701, 158.4K)

Shitty AAA shovelware publishers are starting to become free games for the clickbait starved "journalists". The same they protected and pushed for the last years. I don't really mind.

Attached: dcbba7224c82c77ff40eb5150d4e272f396921d5b509bbcab308c8e377b64568.jpg (480x360, 6.94K)

Attached: top heh 9volt.jpg (621x487, 72.1K)

Attached: AAkGSaJ.jpg (566x400, 29.83K)

Attached: guysitting.png (255x187, 11.72K)

see we were talking about Pajiba

Attached: 1479219276577.jpg (492x409, 27.99K)

This triggers me somehow.


Attached: Deus Vult 4.png (1559x235 165.15 KB, 29.82K)

That crusade legit stopped an insane cult from ruining France.

Attached: Battle of Muret, 1213.png (1500x1247, 2.09M)


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 005.jpg (960x523, 203.8K)

Yes. That was with something about how disgust and distrust towards outsiders was more of a conservative thing and conservatives are evil and not the future. The future that makes no sense to any of the people who aren't looking to profit off the murder of billions.

Now we have a new cult ruining the fucking world.

Give them an inch, and they'll take the whole hectare.

Attached: Anti-2nd Amendment.jpg (960x960 134.79 KB, 150.45K)

How much money did they throw at the judges to pull this.

I think you should be able to own any of those though, they are inefficient and too costly on their own to have and operate.

Attached: fb7475e6084e3a79344131e09614daa597b2a1d4b34636a6c47e4fb193cb8f28.png (401x514, 130.46K)

What did he mean by this?
Yes, seriously, what was his point?

What's the deal with gun grabbers being more violent then gun nuts?

Attached: slack-jawed faggots.jpg (239x283, 18.31K)

Except once again I dont mind, and if the fbi/cia/nsa were competent at what their jobs state and not fucking mongrels for the state of isreal then shootings of the last while would not have happened un that capacity and thats me being generous in not saying the gay one and the school one were not staged by the 3 letter acronyms.

Idiot marxists who deserve death first.

Its California, and Google. It was fucked from the start. I really hate this world right now.

Never been in a fight, and they are sure the powers that be will be on their side. Easy to be cocksure when you think you have backup, and don't know that having backup doesn't mean you won't be dead by the time they get there. Or that you won't get killed by said backup later.

I assume his 'reasoning is this:

It’s A Current Affair’s Turn To Tell Australians How Bad Violent Video Games Are


Can someone get a copy of the video in this link?

Attached: onore decade.jpg (500x281, 34.13K)

SJWs try to hide their violent tendencies behind a facade of moral superiority, so when they reach their breaking point, they'll cave your skull in with a bike-lock.

Attached: 7078158579123412437.gif (480x360, 5.14M)


So they agree with trump and anita then ;^]

this reminds me of some stories we can read on /k/ where soccer moms cause accidents with guns by trying to steal them from well adjusted people. It's more or less the same thing.

No, user. Trump wants to ban all violent video games. Anita only wants to ban aggressive and sadistic games. You see the difference?

Attached: B49XEgSIAAAkk9H.png (600x928, 585.47K)

Sometimes it really feels like we live in bizarro land post universe altering bullshit. How is it parents can't just be responsible enough to keep their kids from playing violent games at a young age if they're so worried about them in the first place?

Attached: 7f998d53b9127dedf3c2b133e9693af6c349eab12f1533e8a879e7b1277f9168.png (810x715, 668.68K)

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 007.jpg (971x395, 80.4K)

Because boomer and millenials are not well enough adjusted adults to make good calls on the media they let their children consume.

Someone should ask marche :^]


We can embed hooktube links and it shows an actual thumbnail.

It's been mirrored on youtube already, and I can confirm it's the same footage. Pretty much every group is shitting on them over this, Current Affair is solely watched by "concerned housewives". Almost every thing they do is some "ARE EGGS SECRETLY KILLING YOUR CHILDREN?" outrage bait, so this is nothing new for them.

People have always looked to something else to blame for their own faults. It is is just that these faults are worse than usual, because parents just don't give a shit about their kids. Raising kids is no longer a "long term plan" either to make sure you have someone to lean on later, or to make sure your kid can survive on their own. Both are taken care of by outside authorities that can destroy your future and your kid's future on a whim or simply by accident.

I kept getting:

Their backlash. The "STOP HAVING FUN, GOD DAMMIT" backlash that they've been pushing for the past fucking decade, that they want to pretend is the "consensus" just because they own a majority of major platforms to speak it on.

Because they're a bunch of wannabe fascists with delusions of grandeur. Just look at MovieBlob, and you'll see a transparent window into their very thought process.

Thank you for using the word proper.

Fair enough.

Attached: I believe you.PNG (1231x397, 39.56K)

You tried using http:// instead of https? I had to do that with several Youtube embeds.

it needs to be a direct link, you can't add a timestamp

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1231x397, 69.45K)

Was there anything even noteworthy about Ready Player One?

Attached: 1504717902.jpg (481x491, 61.45K)

Other than the fact that they seemed to wait until the very last second to finalize the movie so they could F5 KnowYourMeme for more references to stuff into the final battle, not really.


Polygon is getting Blown the fuck out here. Archive of the article: archive.fo/HwF9K

Attached: Polygon Journalism.png (611x606, 108.13K)

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Making an ugly ass sweater
☑ Made Logan Paul level up
☑ Gave the Alt-Right an Asian fetish
☑ A precursor to the Alt-Right movement
☑ Trained a sealion to attack hipsters in San Francisco
☑ Defeated magical pedos in card games
☑ Helped a Korean improve his English Grammar
☑ Made Cathy Newman lose the lobster debate against Jordon Peterson
✓ Destroyed 4chan image posting
☑ May have exercised[sic] the evil from NeoGaf
☑ Bought Mombot™ merch
☑ Was caught with weapons of mass destruction by Batwu but framed a GamerGazi mod for the crime
☑ Evolving across industries
☑ Saying that dyed hair is criminal
☑ Played To Catch a Predator with GGrevolt
☑ "ethics in gamming journalism."
☑ Review bombed Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes to break it's perfect 100% score
☑ Kingdom Come shows #Gamergate has won in every sense of the word
☑ Used the GamerGate Time Machine to inspire a play about trolls, bots, and hactivists
☑ Dis-invited Anita from Trump's meetings with game industry executives
☑ Causing a 50% decline in viewership for the Oscars in 4 years
☑ Helped contribute to the rise of the alt-right
☑ Made ALL videogames inspire Alt-Right ideology
☑ Turned Reanon into gamergate's grim harvester of souls
☑ Death by Easy Cheese™
☑ Ordered user to fuck the feminism out of his female friend
☑ Created life

Delete this you context Nazi, Polygon is absolutely correct in every possible way.

Attached: 1465815817760.gif (516x402, 627.5K)

Nope, no political agenda pushing there. No sir, Polygon is a bastion of gaming journalism and isn't going down the same death spiral Penny Arcade Report did under Kuchera's watch!

Attached: taste of rage.jpg (450x443, 58.6K)

And remember, guys, if anyone says "that doesn't represent the site's opinion, just the author's," that can be countered with the fact that such obvious lies had to get past an editor's desk to begin with.
And BOY do they have some characters filling that role.

Attached: Ben Kuchera implies that Trump is the reason he isn't taken seriously.png (635x351, 19.76K)

Attached: Livid man is ready to do it.png (1073x875, 666.8K)

But those are two girls. Or two very girly faggots.

What in the nine levels of fuck?

I would like to see them try take the guns of rednecks and hillbillies.

Like half our elected representatives are guilty of crimes more serious than that, and never have or will see jail time.
Politicians are the new aristocracy.

No, it's the explanation for the words that appeared IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT. Are you just bad at reading comprehension, or do you genuinely not understand how a generally passive, creative personality up against a hyper-aggressive personality in an unmoderated(?) debate is a farce?

Besides, Jim talked more shit back than Mike did to begin with, and then a hell of a lot more when Mike declined the debate. Gracefully, I might add, while Jim salted like he was on vacation in Carthage, because he wasn't handed an automatic win.





What is this writer even talking about. The only thing I remember is this obvious bait petition that got 69 signatures: archive.fo/ZiLb1

If gamergate is as big and bad as they say it is I doubt anyone would waste their time with a petition with less then a hundred signatures.

Attached: Gamergate bullying 2.png (840x641 8.26 KB, 332.14K)

Isn't that how things are supposed to be?

Attached: danielle gilda wu parody.png (800x693, 160.49K)

In a working market, yes.
In [Current Year] where demanding you get what you pay for is self-entitlement, no.

Attached: vivshrug.png (320x240, 34.67K)

It feels good to be feared.

What the frick????

Attached: 59969da3365d2461cecb0fd7ace9c6ff848a77753f32651140edb7603d9d42a4.png (304x262, 17.75K)

Actually he's completely serious in that comic and got really mad when people congratulated him on making a joke.

Can't allow those right-wing conspiracy theorists spreading Russian propaganda about fair and just news lying to the public for the clicks.

Attached: 353597589.jpg (783x718, 106.44K)

I don't suppose you have an archive?

Damm, this is some next level salt right here.

Do you honestly think that anyone sane person would play streamerbait trash games like Getting Over It for hours without a paycheck? "Yes" Kizuna Ai is a fucking commercial hawking shit like the cartoons from the 80's. We all know this. Why don't you?

Attached: __kizuna_ai_a_i_channel_drawn_by_tomato_lsj44867__74b5dbfaef6ac6dfd22661c88763ea31.png (800x1278, 463.56K)

He's wrong, and like all gun grabbers, completely ignorant of the law. You can have rocket launchers, granted after a mountain of paperwork, and a tax paid on the launcher and each round you have. Flamethrowers are completely unregulated and you can have automatic weapons, again after filling out paper work, paying the tax stamp and paying the equivalent of a sedan to get one since the closed registry makes them limited and thus extremely valuable.
Like most gun grabbers they use this ignorance to scare the uninitiated away from gun advocate's arguments by presenting, in their mind, an extreme logical conclusion when advocates argue that there are too many burdensome laws and regulations,when in fact their extreme is legal, albeit after a lot of financial investment and paperwork, but legal none the less.

I've always held the theory that the reason gun grabbers want to grab guns is that they don't trust themselves with them thus they don't trust anyone else with them either. This is why you see instances like Dianne Feinstein finger fucking a rifle while muzzle sweeping an entire courtroom of people, or shitlib tumbler types taking pictures of some guy with a gun on his hip saying that they could easily take it and shoot him, or face book posts telling people who are pro gun they deserve to have their family murdered after every shooting. Gun grabbers are emotional and unhinged the exact type of people that you don't want to around guns .

Good evening.

I don't have his twatter mads, but have his explanation instead.

Fuck, I forgot the archive archive.is/1wODw

Attached: suicide penguin.PNG (371x255, 106K)


Cosmopolitian got screwed by Walmart, and it happened thanks to a right-wing organization using the language and rhetoric of SJWs to do it. Who knew that heavy push for censorship and retarded rhetoric would be used by your ideological enemies and come back to bite you in the ass?

Attached: 1521241550.png (773x459, 380.55K)

I miss you boos

Attached: 1519191360.gif (480x270, 249.57K)

Or maybe they're just trying to gaslight people.

Attached: Parkland_Survivor_When_They_Give_Us_That_Inch,_That_Bump_Stock_Ban,_We_Will_Take_a_Mile_-_2018-03-28_08.58.00.png (622x681 316.06 KB, 434.93K)


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 008.jpg (592x409, 73.05K)

Tarr is certainly gaslighting. In a Fox interview she explicitly said 'they' weren't trying to ban all guns. Compare that to this 'we will take a mile' statement.

Would you believe that they're all jewish?

There's multiple reasons why he was called "mouth" in the Goonies…

Attached: Rosalita The Maid.webm (640x360, 6.2M)

i get it! he sucked a lot of producers' cocks!

They ALL did, son. It's Pedowood.




Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 010.jpg (822x899 127.05 KB, 218.34K)

Attached: AJ Fuck Off With That Gay Shit.jpg (477x446, 140.18K)

That is the correct attitude to take when making a Duke Nukem film - or game, for that matter - but they will not have the backbone or financial security to survive the inevitable feminist backlash without removing every single molecule of testosterone from it.

He should be used to strange men putting several inches inside of him by now.

Attached: 6f69586cf754adec29e2e7658a761459d4c7e4c4a264efbf5c2fd3d28eb77f47.jpg (989x1018, 88.66K)


>Some (((people))) think that the US isn't a sensitive market, but of course it is, Edwards adds. It's very sensitive to things like sex, nudity, racism.
No, that's just you.

The answer is "NO!" you spineless worm.

I'd like to ask gookanon if the game was banned anyway by the megalions

I can't stomach "culturalisation", if I want something written about and for my country, that's where I'll go get it from. When I'm reading something set in or made in another country, it's because I want to experience what they have to offer, culture, history art and all. I don't read some obscure Garo manga trash and demand they perfectly "localise" it or remove some obscure Buddhist reference because it might confuse the 18-35 demographic. Whatever happened to enjoying something because it's very culturally different and offers new perspectives and cultures?

Well, fuck. I think everyone was expecting something like this to happen sooner or later. It's great news that he's not dead though.

the amount of asshurt on twitter is out of the charts


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 014.jpg (783x647, 250.47K)

You seem to forget who owns Duke, what they did to wrest control of it, the depths they'll sink to for any sort of positive or negative attention, and which ocean their spouses come from. There's won't be any feminist backlash to deal with, most of it will be neutered willingly, and the rest ignored via kowtowing.

Attached: Randy Pitchford Sings About Bigots And Gamergate.webm (638x1273 52 KB, 166.41K)

Polygon shilling a 2 year old piece about LKD's "game"


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 016.jpg (604x668 136.61 KB, 100.4K)

Headsup that NCSE's declared endgame is to ban all pornography.

Will they ban Yuyus?

Attached: e498ae3d06fa251376a1c20f22ef5811becc34b31afa1ecf8fee7b0c65485061.mp4 (640x360, 4.48M)


Attached: 70dccbcd6e7d93c1f91f5a7b0df8492d0af6fc1d5435efb15cb425754e0c2177.png (638x714, 123.64K)

eew gross

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 017.jpg (598x644 102.94 KB, 143.61K)

Attached: cross.jpg (480x712, 15.38K)

Ugh, totally not cool dude.

Attached: c6147c2ebd71ec972b1f62dec30888b98863e990add9a5e1695a8df6f152e025.png (1222x1100, 144.35K)

wew laddy


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1424x2162, 465.87K)

Where do I report possible malware?
This is in relation to the mabi thread. Please help.

Attached: 2017-12-31 23.10.46.png (672x560, 403.78K)

wtf i love the master race now

Attached: Panduan-Merakit-PC-PC-Master-Race.jpg (760x939, 85.73K)

Attached: pachy inhaler.jpg (191x178, 18.08K)

Have you ever heard of a show called Kung-Fu, user? It was an EXTREMELY popular series that came out back in the 70's. Want to know something funny about it?
Also, stated in The Kung Fu Book of Caine: The Complete Guide to TV's First Mystical Eastern Western…
>Before the filming of the Kung Fu TV movie began, there was some discussion as to whether or not an Asian actor should play Kwai Chang Caine. Bruce Lee was considered for the role. In 1971, Bruce Lee wasn't the cult film hero he later became for his roles in The Big Boss (1971), Fist of Fury (1972), Way of the Dragon (1972) and Enter the Dragon (1973). At that point he was best known as Kato on TV's Green Hornet (1966–1967) (Kung Fu guest actor Robert Ito reports that Lee hated the role of Kato because he "thought it was so subservient"). "In my eyes and in the eyes of Jerry Thorpe," says Harvey Frand, "David Carradine was always our first choice to play Caine. But there was some disagreement because the network was interested in a more muscular actor and the studio was interested in getting Bruce Lee." Frand says Lee wouldn't have really been appropriate for the series—despite the fact that he went on to considerable success in the martial arts film world. The Kung Fu show needed a serene person, and Carradine was more appropriate for the role. Ed Spielman agrees: "I liked David in the part. One of Japan's foremost Karate champions used to say that the only qualification that was needed to be trained in the martial arts was that you had to know how to dance. And on top of being an accomplished athlete and actor, David could dance." Nonetheless, grumbling from the Asian community would have made sense, given the fact that major roles for Asian actors were almost nonexistent. James Hong, an actor on the show and ex-president of the Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA) says that at the time Asian actors felt that "if they were going to do a so-called Asian hero on Kung Fu, then why don't they hire an Asian actor to play the lead?
However, since 1993, they've been trying to say that the show was Ed (((Spielman)))'s "original idea" and state the the accusation of them stealing the show from Lee only came as a result of the 1993 film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. However, the biography the film is based, Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew, made the same accusation back in 1975 when Linda Lee Cadwell first published the book.

Okay, it appears that video was taken down. Here's a mirror of it.

pls respond. I'm a paranoid neet and someone injecting malware in modded game software doesn't seem farfetched or the possibility of an update being malicious.
whois gives out a name that is linked to malware. Unsure if I should panic solely on that. >>14557646

Attached: 1401858379247.jpg (840x700, 368.13K)

everybody hates boogie

Report the post and ask mods to edit link?

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 020.jpg (638x2432, 404.92K)

I'm familiar enough with it, but I hadn't read on the creation of the show. Dropping Lee for Carradine is pretty much exactly the problem with suits. They think they know best, they think to play it safe, and they'll steal and cheat because of this. And now you have a series largely remembered from how Carradine's life fell apart later, and Bruce Lee is one of the most legendary people to be filmed. This happens so often that it makes you wonder how the business even stays afloat, just a structure of "safe" cheating and "marketable" slime from retards in monkey suits that seems to never earn enough to continue, but do so anyway.

I have no idea specifically, other than posting on sudo or something. I've always thought it was up to the user to protect themselves though, I mean, it's 8ch. I wouldn't download anything from here. I see the thread has it's discussion going on about it, so I think that's pretty much enough to let the players know.

Also install norton.

Yeah, you want to know why?
You mean like Ben Kuchera and Nathan Grayson?
Oh, one of Anita's buttbuddies.

Attached: confirmation bias.mp4 (1280x720, 1.46M)

you best be of jokings nigger

Attached: c67.jpg (604x438, 15.02K)

I hate these hypocritical zombie mother fuckers so goddamn much I can't stand it sometimes. That's what gets me the most about them, they're just fucking hypocrites and all they do is lie and twist shit to fit their narrative. And they ALL do it, not just the queen bees and high up "journalists" but even the foot soldiers on social media or god forbid, the zone chat in shitty video games. And they always act like they some kind of noble purpose behind it all, but there isn't. It's all just about control.

As far as video games and politics and society are concerned I'm beginning to think things will have to get worse. Much MUCH worse before anybody besides a handful of people take a stand. Maybe after the "No Fun ALLOWED!" police take everything away, ruin everything else, political discussion is impossible and riots in the streets are a daily thing, maybe then people will realize it's time to make these shit stirrers fuck off.


Attached: __drawn_by_dan_kim__7ac9f5e707e350472daa72154764d1b0.gif (227x227, 43.21K)

Wait, it actually came out? How much of a shitfest was it? Have the normalfags come to a consensus?

They seem really intent on making that happen, with every single platform suddenly having these censorious fuckwits on payroll to police communities with their "basic manners in an online game is toxic behavior" nonsense.

Far as I can tell, it's "eh."


clever girl

Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 021.jpg (678x772, 195.36K)

Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and maybe register on their forums and make a post on the Malware removal sub-forum. Worth a shot but it might take some time.

Attached: 1449899101780.png (878x900, 968.86K)



Attached: danielle fake benis.png (885x841, 210.17K)


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 022.jpg (619x3120, 610.87K)

"As CEO of 38 Studios" Haaa!

Post from previous bread got shoahed because of Torniggers sperging out.
Pretty autistic reach so perfect for the list


Attached: Screen Shot - 18-03-28 024.jpg (602x705 72.35 KB, 135.82K)

Shall not be infringed.

Initialisms. It's only an acronym if you pronounce it like a word, such as UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund).

Those children running around the playground, doublejumping, and hastily bashing together structures out of balsa wood and scrap metal really are a menace.

I don't know how to tell you this, Dope, so I'll let Magog do it.
No embed because necessary timestamp.

Attached: ifonlytheysawwhatisee.jpg (900x1273, 301.07K)


Attached: 250px-HornedRatSymbol.jpg (253x254 5.02 KB, 9.8K)

A gaymergate baby…

Attached: It's an abstract kind of feel.jpg (680x684, 37.07K)

I truly expected her to have liver failure by now.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1424x2932, 715.57K)

Nips did it better.

Attached: serveimage.jpg (1366x768, 236.45K)

I hate the fact that this belligerent drunk bounced back super hard after she failed as both a games journalist (being the fall guy for Ben Kuchera) and as a gaming marketer.

That's connections for you.

Devolver Digital more specifically

Isn't this just a mobile game, for apple, of all things?
If so I would say "bouncing back" might be a bit generous.

I've seen the gameplay of Reigns, its basically left swipe, right swipe, keep balance "game". The fail stats is not just "one of the 4 ideas got empty people hate you, army to weak, etc. but also if the 4 sectors gets filled as well.
Base game is fucking retarded.

Ask a guy that's going to see Ready Player One tonight anything.

Attached: smug_nurse.png (674x410, 277.46K)

Where did things go so wrong in your life?

Attached: the fuck is this.png (204x214, 89.72K)

Why does he wear the VR Mask?

What made you decide to cut off your own balls?

I figure it'll either be an embarrassing train wreck with cringy autists hooting in the lobby like with the last star wars, or Steven Spielberg will find some way to make the movie actually good. Either way it'll be a fun time.

Attached: sexualenergy.jpg (1010x1035, 98.36K)

Could you list out all the references later?

These people stay afloat by cheating people out of their work and living off of their success for as long as they can.. And, if anyone tries to fight it, they realize just how much their agent screwed them or they get buried in lawsuits (Look at NetScape VS Microsoft, or what happened to Bleem!).

Attached: EA was always evil.webm (480x360, 5.41M)

Finally a proper waifu simulator

Attached: Qt3.14.jpg (540x540, 90.89K)

If its meant to be set 50 years in the future how come its full of references to current pop culture and video games that are obviously going to be forgotten within a decade?

That would be like making a virtual world in 2018 and populating it with cultural icons from the 60s like Lawrence of Arabia or The Mamas and the Papas.

What if it's just boringly mediocre? Also listen to and bring pen and paper to write down as many references as possible.

Attached: boozechan.jpg (640x640, 129.4K)

It's actually one of the worst parts of the book. In the book the guy that made the Oasis, the virtual world the story takes place in, grew up in the 80s and is obsessed with 80s pop culture.As a result he filled the world with 80s references. On top of that, he hid an easter egg in world and whoever finds it gains control of the oasis, so everyone obsessively reads up on 80s pop culture to aid them in spotting the easter egg. I'm assuming the movie will be similar, but extended to current day pop culture.

Eh, then I wasted 2 hours. Me and my buddy will have a good time regardless.

to be fair , they'll produce every thing between a 10% and a 70% risk

So they dont try to come up with an explanation why the cultural references are all out of date?

I guess its one of those movies thats OK as long as you dont think about the logic of it too much or at all.
Like that movie Bright.

Jesus that sounds fucking retarded.

Thanks for the chuckle user.

Attached: 1440832164693.jpg (547x471, 42.14K)

Jesus, that's what those two look like?

Attached: huurrrrkk.jpg (420x420, 55.97K)


Attached: 1411084314119.jpg (319x310, 38.27K)

This is basically how Americans celebrate Christmas every single fucking year: a bunch of shit songs/movies/TV-show memes from the 50's and 60's that baby boomers feel nostalgic about from when they were kids. Furthermore, these shitty memes are bing passed to the next other things like "A Christmas Story", "A Wonderful Life", and Cocacola Santa that make Gen X/Y feel nostalgic for the shit boomers grew up with and go and infect their own kids, so all this commercialized Christmas cancer won't die when the boomers do.

Attached: die_hard_christmas.png (610x295, 235.63K)

There's an interesting story behind this one. When the movie came out it bombed, critics hated it and nobody liked it. Later when the VHS or betamax or whatever came out the movie was mass produced and sold for cheap, it was like the first bargain bin movie so as a result everyone bought it because it was cheap and the tech was new. This is what caused it to be so wide spread.

Attached: oDpyQwLV9K2vRVFR.mp4 (1280x720, 15M)

What the fuck, I love youtube now.

Attached: Capture.JPG (258x314, 21.68K)

Attached: cancer is happening right now.PNG (603x265, 167.06K)

It was so badly recieved at initial release that it became public domain and shown on TV for years, too. How it got OUT of public domain is another story.

Interestingly enough, quite a few of this channels thumbnails include breasts.

Attached: Capture.JPG (1317x416, 80.17K)

That's what it was. I knew I was misremembering parts of it.

The same thing happens in my country. But its a bit different because your talking about a traditional holiday festival.

If im following correctly the plot of this movie is that someone created a virtual world in 2060, and filled it with pop culture that was popular in 2018. Nothing from before and nothing from after.
They could have explained it away by saying that numerous virtual worlds were created to represent differnet time periods, and all the other ones except the 2018 one got a virus or something.

I wonder which one has more cats. Since she's clearly older and fatter I'm gonna go with the one on the left, but just give the other one a few more years and I'm sure she'll catch up.

So they cut out all the good shit and kept everything written by Burch?

Attached: Anthony Burch Greenscreen.png (290x457, 222.66K)

Youtube allows 60's titty movies too.

Admit the truth, Holla Forums.

Attached: the horrible truth.webm (640x360, 556.6K)

Why are they cooking that cat!? something something loli something pussy eating something

Crazy nips and their highly efficient cooking appliances…

Attached: propane accessories.jpg (432x256 17.55 KB, 57.99K)

Wew. Though I suppose this has always been the trend.

Straight up tits is a-ok but National Anthems of dead nations and toy solider adverts are verboten

Attached: 1434189580535.png (580x606, 205.79K)

Don't you mean wine-fu simulator?

Attached: smug.jpg (329x344, 16.91K)

That almost sounds like some martial art.

I am bad at multiplayer games, unless I can abuse luck-based skills to bully some whale in gacha games.
It's more fun than it should to be honest.

Drunken fist. Look it up.

I knew about it already.

Oh ok.

Attached: thisassholeagain.png (900x1174, 2.36M)

He's just butthurt that superioir lifeforms such as us don't give him the time of day.

Attached: 1448043318532.png (2400x1775, 1.42M)

does NOT constitute "intellectual criticism"

Kevin understands his tax dollars pays for this (the ABC is the same as BBC) so he calls out fact less propaganda pushed on children. Then he tells other Australians where their tax dollars are being spent instead of acting how they want him to "eat his potato chips" instead letting them spread propaganda to children unchallenged. What bitches.

Shitposting is a God given right and the only thing of note that Aussies export. These cunty Walking Jew Ribs need to fuck right off and stop ruining everything for everyone.

Attached: 1408833212553.png (800x600, 966.16K)

Overly dramatic and unique sensibilities that constantly change, because they're not complaining to get anything done, they're complaining solely to complain.

That second to last paragraph is almost self-realizing for the SJW.

Oh yeah, admitting that Safe Spaces are bullshit, but then immediately snapping back to "B-BUT WE NEED THEM!" No you don't, it's a crutch used to prevent people from actually applying themselves.

The last one too about fetshizing victims. But these fucks have been drilling normalfags to have less attention spans than goldfish for years now. They can't complain if they can't keep their attention long enough for donation drives and finding jobs for those poor LGBTQWTFBBQYOLOSWAG developers who lost their job at Midboss.

Attached: 1444665782341.jpg (1045x583, 87.57K)

Attached: pedobutts.png (1117x1796 98.35 KB, 669.88K)

Someone bought Twitter bots last year it seems. Is the hipster welfare well drying up finally?

Attached: 1436475026215.png (560x432, 186.24K)

Wow, if they didn't want to be called "a bunch of no-fun cunts," I guess it's too late now.

some shit going down, they have cut Assange's internet again

Attached: goncern.png (600x474, 5.74K)

Don't worry, he's Australian. He should be used to it.

I can't keep track of all the bergs. Was this one confirmed as a pedo?

it's the one that admitted being 'pedosexual' in some IRC group

i think it fucked its little brother or something?

Yes but he was just being edgy. Cause, you know, that's something people like to have attached to them

>still holed up at a place where the Deep State actively fucks with his shit because (((someone))) wants him disappeared

Attached: 1510961397130.jpg (600x791, 41.06K)

Yes, the FFShrine pedo, that's defense was that it was a teenaged (20) edgelord.

No his brother killed himself. He diddled the cousin

Not only that, but you had Izzy, one of Chelsea's dicksuckers, run interference by filing bullshit DMCAs everywhere, while Katherine Cross did damage control and coached Sick Nick through the whole process.

What is happening with that cuck Izzy lately? Been a while I heard his name.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1424x2042, 1.03M)

Good morning.

Attached: GDC Retard 25.jpg (1200x900, 152.08K)

Those fucks are grasping at straws.

Wasn't he fired from amazon?

Attached: 70146adf1651f4bc10188803ff96940dc087a0437078c5630c3c291be1f8f222.jpg (1920x1080, 385.98K)

Well, they couldn't successfully argue that "GG means Git Gud, and is therefore toxic," so yeah, they're going through the alternate plans to retain control over how platforms are being policed.

Attached: desperate.webm (1280x720, 368.71K)

Attached: 1431176276089-0.jpg (287x230, 25.06K)

More than just that. There were several pushes just to support the pedo, for no reason other than evil goobergrapes. Then the CON logs came out and all of that kind of dried up.

Attached: vivid subs supporting pedobutts.png (621x3511 161.65 KB, 245.65K)

Attached: xythar gets triggered.png (2158x1310, 504.78K)

Goddamn Torposters

Attached: haruhara-haruko-full-172090.jpg (1600x1200, 490.79K)


the CON logs leaked a year after the pedobutts shit

Attached: p_apologists2.png (1187x1094, 1.38M)

But remember, the entire time, they insisted that they weren't a closely-knit circlejerk, but rather a random group of "concerned citizens."

Attached: days since last Hipster Clique member was found out to be a sex pest.png (800x1001, 409.21K)

Yes. And after that happened any sort of support completely dried up, before that you'd still have faggots rallying behind him, with a few of the tertiaries going against the grain and saying Nyberg is sick.

This is 58 archived and annotated pictures of retards supporting said known pedo, like your image there

someone managed to take down the original URL in this archive
I'm not sure I archived it after updating the list for the last time. I have the slight feel it had a few more lines in it

Attached: p_apologists2.png (1187x1094, 1.11M)

Just noticed the second filename. Also forgot about srsbutts pedobutts.


Milo did a big expose back on it back in 2015. Even had to get lawyers to check it over before posting to cover his ass.

Attached: 006.png (1230x1800, 987.99K)


BBC 3 made a satirical video, but comes off somewhat more as an antifeminist video.
Can't embed on overchan phone app.

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.25.45 pm.png (720x421, 157.03K)


Attached: Feminism.png (1500x3719, 781.78K)



There's some huuge problems with reassigning primary moral agency to the family rather than the individual. Most notably the children of the family will eventually have to leave to start new families themselves. What civil rights do these young people have in the interim period? Are girls to stay with their mom and dad until they can get married off? If the family is the nexus of moral agency and legal responsibility does that not imply that the sons and daughters are the subject of their mothers and fathers? How does a society like this make it possible for young adults to cut the cords of their parent-child relation in order to form family units on their own? Are they expected to form family units before they fly from the nest when they're still formal subjects of their family with no individual rights? Are you seriously considering going back to arranged marriages, because that way lies inbreeding and stupid tribe/clan conflicts of the likes we see in Muslim shitholes?

No, it would be extremely unwise for a Western conservative to abandon the idea of indivdual rights, responsibility and moral agency as that is what allowed us to rise above the rest of the world comparatively.

Thanks. I use youtube-dl and it's easier to just copy a link than to actually access an embed.
I don't get their point. There are actual women who think like that.
Are they trying to discredit them for being anti-women or is it a muffled cry for help?

Not sure their monthly costs - see pics capped from blog - which pretty much covers the questions anons asked about donations etc.
Originally donations went to some animal charity by the looks of it.
First post of pic1 says financially no problem - the last post of pic2 states how best to make a one-off donation - but that may be a librapay thing - or out-of-date info idk.

First post on pic1 again - have a backup at more than one place - which is clearly a good suggestion.
Anyone looked into alternatives [other than the known ones] or open source archives etc?

What's Asuka cooking?

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British lawyers, no less. But they tried claiming that the article was full of lies when that would have landed both Milo and Breitbart in hot water.

If no one steps up to baking, I'll do it again.

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This BBC video is like that one B^U comic about Hatred, but exponentially better because it's by MSM, is a full video instead of a shortsighted comic, and involved a fair amount of people working on it either being so retarded they didn't realize it didn't look sarcastic or they knew it didn't but went along with it anyways. Jesus Christ this is hilarious.

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Next bread!

Next bread!

Next bread!

There are no alternatives

- archive.org: respects robots.txt and deletes stuff on request
- megalodon.jp: respects robots.txt (most likely also deletes stuff on request)
- freezepage: deletes stuff on request

there's webrecorder.io but their ToS says something about you needing permission to upload certain "user submitted content". I don't know if it's just legalese to protect themselves or if it's intentional vague so they can delete stuff if someone claims they didn't gave you permission to archive their site.

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I tried to build one in the Bad Angler days, got pretty far but lacked the skills to make it work well. I might try again but I am not hipster, queer and californian enough to be a good web dev and I haven't programmed in some months now. If it was GG dedicated, disk space wouldn't really be an issue. There would be some troubles with hosting, most of them are cucked and use cloudflare which is now the tool used to make websites disappear.

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I tried to learn but shit just don't stick in my brain

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Stop forcing me to un-filter tor faggot

You're better off learning really programming instead of web dev. They'll all be replaced by pajeets anyways.

wow we actually made it past 500 posts this time

I blame assmad torfag and /vg/

In the past we've had difficulties like this before, so we could just be in that phase again. Torfags shitting the place up and board splitting drama could also be a contributing factor as well.