Jackbox stream 4

Time for another Jackbox stream. Trying something different this time. Hopefully everything goes well delay wise.

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First off is Quiplash 2 with the room code SZIO.

Another round comes a new room code which is, BTLG

Room code BRXS. This time it's a custom episode!

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Found a link to that one guro gif that's making the rounds that was brought up.

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Gave me halfchan nostalgia. When it wasn't cucked.

Time for some Trivia Murder Party. Room code is TXXV.

Here are some of last round's answers.

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Time for make your least worst shirts in some TeeKO. Code is ENOX.

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Get in, faggots

Some shirts.

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And remember to buy Skyrimâ„¢

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Some survive the internet answers here.

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Last game of the night. Drawful 2.

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Thanks for the streaming, OP. See you next week.

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It was fun

This is always fun. Thanks for streaming op.

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Thanks OP also >tfw 5/8 of the prompts were made by me

Till next Monday.

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