So I bought a new CPU when I was building a computer a while back and AMD said it came with a free game...

So I bought a new CPU when I was building a computer a while back and AMD said it came with a free game. I only playgoodgatcha master race games like GBF and FGO so I didn't match care. Evidentally the game isn't coming out or something and they want me to pick a different game from the choices of Hitman, Prey, Sniper Elite 4, Wolfenstein II, Deus Ex, DOOM, and Total Warhammer. Is any of this shit good or is it just a waste of HD space.

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I pirated Hitman and really enjoy it. It’s probably better when you can play the other 90% of the game which is blocked if you’re offline.

Wolfenstein or Doom would be my picks, but those all look like good picks. Basically just pick what looks best.

I can get all those games for free and I didn't even have to buy an AMDShit processor

Fuck off, Todd.

Hitman is probably the best pick there, or total WaWa, but there's a second one out, so I'd still go for Hitman.

DOOM is actually fun despite what Holla Forums tells you. Not 10/10 but probably up at 8/10.

Hitman it is. Maybe my nephew will like it. I don't care. Thanks for the help Holla Forumseddit.

It's a 6/10 at best. The game becomes horribly repetitive after the first few levels. I would be more forgiving if it wasn't an entire 60 GBs. But I feel like my HDD space could be better served otherwise. GTA V is a better use of hard disc space. At least it has variety

Eh I think you can't hold filesize against a game even if its pretty dumb for it to be so big. Doom would be better regarded on Holla Forums if not for the name it has attached to it.

You absolutely can. Developer should be held to a higher standard over shit like this. The file size effects how much the game is worth keeping on your HDD. Doom is not worth its 60GB file size. If it was closer to 20GBs then maybe. The game is just way too repetitive

Blatant propaganda, and shit at that

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Hitman is not my cup of tea. That was just my personal opinion. It's not like he can't just pirate the rest if he really wants to try them out anyway.

It's just a game, fam, and it was fun.

You get to murder Hillary Clinton while playing as Hitler? That's awesome, I should have picked that.

Shoo shoo shill.

Playing as Hitler in any game would be pretty great, but what's wrong with you?

Hitman™©® would be my pick, but it doesn't offer as much free choice like in Blood Money, despite the larger map sizes. However, I did enjoy it more than Silent Ass and Contracts.

noDoom was completely upstaged by Modders copying it then proceeding to do everything it did but better after it's release. The snapmap made it DOA, shit you think Holla Forums didn't like it? There wasn't even an online community to speak of so you'd end up waiting hours for a game that would never come.

those games are too mainstream for Holla Forums , you need to sell your pc and get a Switch

Total Warhammer seems to be the least shit. Really depends on what type of game you want.

Deus Ex for sure.

you really aren't making any criticism of the core game.

Because the core game ultimately doesn't matter, it is simply average so the only other two things that could've carried it is it's online multiplayer and mod support.

This is some sad evasion, I've never seen someone go as far to say that game play doesn't matter.

You said core game so I obviously assumed you meant the campaign.

no shit, the most unique thing which allows you to fully explore the games mechanics is the most important thing in the game. multiplayer is for 13 year olds but I'll cut you some slack and assume you're 15, and lack of mod support isn't commentary on the core game.

Mod support and multiplayer matters more, the campaign is average. It is not great, it is not awful it is just average. There isn't anything bad to say besides criticsms over glory kills and how dull it is both in it's aesthetics and shit story. Doom can be completed in an afternoon and it's certainly not why people keep coming back to it.

No online gaming community + no mod support means it's dead, it really is that simple.

nope, it's literally irrelevant. if you have nothing to say about the core game you have nothing important to say. single player games can die and it doesn't matter.

It is the entire reason Doom is still alive and Quake is where professional mappers go and make maps for fun. The single player campaign is average, just accept it. It's not great it's not awful it's not anything worthy of note and that is the worst trait a game can have.

why do you think doom 2016 would replace it or even stand a chance to? doom 3 didn't overtake doom 1 and 2 mapping and modding. quake 4 didn't overtake quake 1 mapping. not even quake 3 overtook quake 1 mapping. You literally don't have a legitimate point to make. The unique experience of a single player campaign is something only single player can deliver. mod tools may have provided more opportunity, but I guarantee you even here more people have played doom and doom 2's single player more than they played and mods or any multiplayer doom. SP is forever, MP dies until revived for a week.

say something meaningful, describe why and stop evading.

There is no evading going on here, you want my opinion of why it's shit and I gave it to you it's average. It plays the same as every FPS I've ever played but everything looks like it's been deliberately filtered to look like the doom logo, various shades of red and brown, and absolutely nothing stands out to me as being particularly memoriable I figured it was a difficulty thing but all that did was make the game feel like a complete slog. i gave it 5 fucking chances and ultimately my feelings and expressions was a still unmoving nothing, I fealt fucking nothing. If it was awful i'd have plenty to say, if it was great I'd also have a lot more to say but no there is nothing about it beyond "it's average".
if you can't accept that and demand everyone give you meticulous detail about every single thing too fucking bad

That's retarded, unless multiplayer completely changes how you shoot guns, how you move, and everything else from control schemes to UI then core gameplay mechanics will effect both the single player campaign and the multiplayer campaign.

He'd literally be better off just spending the $12 to buy God Eater 2 and get Deus Ex and Mafia III for free through IGN.

yeah this is fucking saying nothing.

So we're in agreement then, the game is nothing. Instead of fishing for my opinion why don't you go snag the game for yourself and play it Denuvo has already been cracked.

No, we're on total opposite ends of the spectrum here and you've done nothing to convince me of the legitimacy of your view, of your feelings on how any part of the game is "average." And repeating it over and over again isn't substantiating any part of it. No commentary on the level design, on the mechanics, on the games internal systems, nothing. You don't have any argument.

Then that's your problem not mine, nothing is stopping you whatsoever from playing the game to see for yourself what it's like or if you don't want 60GB of space the demo but the demo is actually worse then the full game since it picks up after the second level where the demo ends.
Enemies with over inflated health who die to headshots and are also pinatas, the glory kills have exactly zero variety and get repititie immediately, it's corridors and arenas with extremely small enemy numbers, etc., etc., blah, blah, yadda, yadda Unless you want me to repeat "X is repetitive and boring here is why" over and over again in a coup,e paragraphs "it's average" sums it up nicely.

Hitman sucks user, it was really underwhelming.
I'll admit the visuals are gorgeous but it gets boring so fast.

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No, I actually want you to break it down and describe what about it is average. Say something substantiative about the game because since the game's been announced I've seen nothing on the actual content of the game or how it works on a mechanical, design, or systemic level. You need to describe why these things are bad and rely less on reddit cop-outs and appeals to consensus.

I cannot tell you any specific one thing and say why it's average and forgettable, it's everything in it's totality that makes it so. Outside glory kills it plays like any other FPS with a "progression" mechanic tacked on to it. You upgrade stuff with Weapon Upgrade Tokens and Elite Armor Nodes which you find by exploring the map for eastereggs, secrets, and playing challenge maps. The levels ar corridors, arena, corridors, the glory kills are your only source of ammo and health almost all the time and once you've seen one you've seen them all. As I've said their corridors and arenas it's just that the game hides it's linearity from you in various clever ways that ware thin once you figured it out. Big enemies have glowing eakpoints and enemies die to headshots this is relevant to UV because they're complete damage sponges. There is nothing else to say about it, the weapons are really fun when ported into Doom wads but for the most part since it's open arenas your strategies are going to pretty much boil down to the same things.
If that is unsatisfactory for you too fucking bad, and no this alone doesn't just make it average it is forgettably average in it's totality.

Just play the fucking game already since you need to know so badly, nobody is going to give a satisfactory answer to you because games where the sum of it's parts is "it's average" cannot be isolated and broken down so easily for people.

No yeah, it's pretty weak and as far as I can tell you don't know enough about games, how they're designed or how to describe their mechanics and don't really have a strong opinion on these things.

I'm not a gamedev so I don't know what else you'd expect, unlike half the people on this board I play vidya without a care of technical details or "how or why". Merely what I felt from what I experienced playing the game, if that makes me an idiot in your eyes so be it.

Since you haven't responded I guess I should mention my online experience with the game.
I dicked around with Snapmap too when I saw the Revenant webm to see if it was real, it's true.