Everyone is trying to ride the Black train recently so it's just a fact that videogames are going to get hit by it too...

Everyone is trying to ride the Black train recently so it's just a fact that videogames are going to get hit by it too. What do you expect? What do you want?
I'll start

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The black train isn't going to leave the station because niggers are too stupid to know how to make it move

Jews will be the ones moving the train.

I used the first pic as an example but I expect to see a ton of games made by a majority white group of people with a black person as the head like what you see in black films, shows, ect.

Trains were joint invented by whites and Japs. Jews fer the train

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So… Def Jam?

There are already good examples of black characters in video games

The problem is that SJWs always come and fuck shit up by making black characters boring John Doe's because they're cucks who don't want to offend "muh norities!" and don't realize that decent writing calls for characters to have actual flaws.

What you'll get is a bunch of games by leftists trying to further indoctrinate blacks, not anything they'll actually be interested in.

So are Numales worse than niggers?

It's time for white developers and journalists to step aside and let African Americans take their positions as leaders in video games. If you are white and disagree, you're racist. :^)

nuMales are the lowest life forms on the planet, yes

You mispelled ‘jews.’


Traitors are worse than enemies jimbo. The jew cant help his nature, Numales can.

She is 14 canonically

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I really enjoyed the historical documentary game I played back in 2004. I strongly recommend Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Niggers love lolis, just ask any black girl about the familial sexual abuse in black communities. :^)

You think that is all? I watched some shitty african movies and it was better then 85% of the shit in Hollywood.

Ghetto Nigger: The Rogue like

It actually unironically lools decent, like a western and less serious version of afro samurai.

T. not a nigger

San Andreas has shown that people like playing as Ghetto gang members, we just need more genres that take advantage of it.

Nice hitlerdubs, Tyrone

In the time of hurt feelings and bubble wrap it's pretty refreshing to read something like Body Bags.

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Niggers have simple interests, and numales don't put pressure on them about their politics for obvious reasons. So, they make things that just try to be fun.

I'm ok with it as long as we get some top tier nigress waifus from it

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Uffff, that's extremely lewd, user.

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Which is one of the reasons I don't care if they make anime, comics, or music. Just keep them out of everything else.

Crack dealers would be a summon class, crack dealers often have crack heads acting as maids and servants and paying them in crack, they're called workers.
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I could also seem them having a debuff aura, so when other characters try to use buffs from things like weed or black n mild, you would spike their shit with crack which due to their unfamiliarity with the high would debuff them instead.

See the thread was going fine, now we are going to get 10+ posts of shitposters screaming


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Isn't my fault niggers here overreact the moment a sheboon is even mentioned


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Thanks for ruining the thread, you tremendous faggot. Also, it isn't coal burning when the nigger is a woman. Learn your terminology before you screech about it.

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is that cartoon fun?