Flamethrowers in Video Games

So, this is the awesome power of the flamethrower IRL.

In video games, however, flamethrowers have pitifully short ranges, need to douse somebody in fire for several seconds before they start breaking out in a sweat, have trouble getting into windows, don't hurt anybody unless they're directly touching the flame, are more troublesome to aim than your own penis and their projectiles have a lower velocity than your own piss (exactly like the one in Team Fortress 1).

I suppose developers prefer to keep their flamethrowers nerfed, not only for the sake of balance, but because it sounds like a nightmare to program a flamethrower to suffocate enemies in an enclosed room. How would you do that? Maybe you could simulate it by making it do splash damage through convection?

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Flamethrowers in real life are massively overhyped. They're less for attacking single targets and more for drawing people out of buildings, blocking enemy paths, or clearing obstacles. you can't "aim" with them so much as you just point them in a very general direction and just spew fire at it hoping something happens.

How much of a factor would the shape of the "nozzle" be in "aiming"? I imagine, if you were to shoulder a ROKS-3's like a rifle and, yet, not take into account which direction the wind is blowing: you'd get a face full of flaming fuel.

Your only real options are “circle” and “flattened rectangle.” It would be between “hit a point at maximum distance and pressure” and “slightly broader–and more dangerous to you–close range band”, but you wouldn’t want a close range band because you don’t want to be near fire or enemy combatants when you’re carrying fuel on your back, and you can get a band simply by moving your sprayer back and forth with a circle exit. And besides, a wider aperture doesn’t mean a (significantly) wider AoE, due to the fire destructively interfering with itself once out of the nozzle.

But that's not how they work, they act like a hose but with flammable liquid.

Depends if it's liquid or gas fuel.

Are you implying hoses don't "spew" water? And besides, fire itself isn't as predictable as a stream of water, it wants to rise and spread

You can aim a hose pretty well man, and oil behaves exactly like water even on fire.

SS13 has oxygen systems and air temperature, so using fire-based weaponry, including flamethrowers, does eat up oxygen and can heat up the air to dangerous temperatures.

True, but that's irrelevant because flamethrowers don't throw fire, they throw liquid that's on fire.

Rising Storm 'Nam has some pretty good flamethrowers. Answers pretty much all of your complaints, especially reaching through/around windows.

Best one I can think of off the top of my head was probably Killing Floor. Shot an actual stream of adhesive liquid rather than a cone of burning gas.

How about flamethrowers in non-FPS games? Firebats were pretty fun for fricasseeing zerg rushes and protoss shields weren't they?

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What's the name of that book?

Because they would actually have to balance it and that scares them shitless.

Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia by Martin J. Dougherty.

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i am the only one that thinks that both rising strom1 and 2 makes japs and gooks too flamable? since the stream of ignited fuel just explodes in the game you just need to touch a weak flame to be covered in fire

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Modern technology made flamethrowers irrelevant, since the vogue these days is to go from the super-soaker jellied gasoline model to thermobaric rockets, which do the job just as well except for an extra kilometer of range, not needing a bulky tank, being less overt, and also having the ability to kill through overpressure and damage buildings. Or if you really don't like a few city blocks, you can use heavy flamethrowers, like the TOS-1 "Pinocchio."

Shooting the tank will generally do almost nothing except throwing the operator on the ground because you ruptured the pressure vessel. You're not going to ignite the fuel with ordinary bullets, no matter how much it sparks off the tank.

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Project Brutality's flamethrower is the most satisfying flamethrower I've ever used. Open a door, napalm whatever's standing on the other side, close the door, and wait until the screaming stops.

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Literally all they would have to do to balance it is limit it to 1 second bursts and only give to 6 chances to do 1 second bursts or one chance to do a 6 second burst. Ya know, like real flamethrowers
You do know flamethrowers are almost never not filled with napalm right?

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