So does anyone know if there's a download for this somewhere?

So does anyone know if there's a download for this somewhere?
It's not out yet but has apparently already been cracked:

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I feel like this is going to become a new trend like orange and blue and "character walking towards audience" game covers

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Really? Shit, I kinda wanna try it. I'll Google it.

Did they copy the Dark Messiah's orc and pasted it on to that big guy's head?

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fuck I mean right

The game is about killing giants you mongoloid.

I just go on thepiratebay so I'm kind of a fag when it comes to finding games. Any assistance would be super appreciated.

That has nothing to do with what he's talking about.

I'm not seeing it

damn, it looks like a great turn-your-brain-off-em-up and I could really use something to take my mind off shit. I'm going to be living in a hotel for the next month and it's depressing.

yeah, it's very weird that this went live when the crack isn't even downloadable.

Why aren't you asking Reddit?

Because you guys have good opinions and I'm MAC address banned from reddit.

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Except he is.

Going on reddit to bully autistic people and baiting the left and the right into raiding each other because they both think the other is behind a falseflag pedophilia subreddit room doesn't make me Reddit.
Sometimes people go on Reddit just to ruin it for others.

user you are already tainted. You must be decontaminated, go shitpost on Holla Forums about politics for a few hours.

No thanks, I'm sick of talking about politics. I just want to turn my brain off with some AAA trash.

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From the interview gameplay it looks really easy to take on a giant. All their armors break in one slice and you reign supreme in mobility instead of it being a "hard to master" control.

yeah but it looks like fun in the same way prototype was fun. Although I haven't seen enough footage to stand by that claim.

You're depressingly shit.

What about me faggot?

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This game actually looks really cool and I want to try it. I can't wait for a crack. It looks like someone saw attack on titan and were like. I can make an even edgier version of that but with more freedom because it's a new IP. It looks like a promising new AA style game like Darksiders.

At least it's not pic related.

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Wew, this is reaching RPG maker tier levels of same shit.

You're ok.

Come on man. That's like criticizing all 2D platformers for having the same camera. The over-the-shoulder look is a great perspective, lets you see the character (especially good if you can customize their look) AND a clear view of the game. Plus, you can shift shoulders. I'm happy they understand that they found a good technique and they're sticking to it. Do you really want all games to be that generic disconnected GTA V player-in-the-middle zoomed out look?

Props to Sony.

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Hahahahahahahaha, Japan wins again.

Just came in this thread to say i love this guy's art

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Could take the same screenshots of Shadow of the Colossus, Last Guardian, Bloodborne etc.

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What kind of weak sauce ban is that?
Change your MAC address and stay there.