Fighting Game General - SNK Girls Edition

Najd trailer along with her new stage trailer:
Najd, Heidern, Oswald and one more character coming in April as DLC along with version 3.0. New stage based on Masmak Fort and Najd comes from a fan contest held in Saudi Arabia.

Next character teased to be a grappler not featured in KOFXIV will be announced on April 6th. Game confirmed for an arcade release.
Game announced for summer 2018 for Nintendo Switch and PS4. 2v2 tag team game featuring female SNK characters. Game will be published in the west by NIS America.
Nakoruru confirmed for the game. Alternate Costumes Trailer:

Broly trailer released: Bardock trailer:
They'll be released on March 28th along with Z-union System.

Blastoise is out:
Pokken DX 1.2 patchnotes out:

Geralt from the Witcher series is confirmed as a guest character to appear in SCVI:
Producer Okubo says it probably won't be 20 characters at release, confirms Junichi Nakatsuru as part of the team, teases about Character Creation: Game is announced for 2018.

Aegis, Carmine and Jubei are confirmed as the second batch of DLC characters:
Game comes out in May 31 in Japan/Asia. June 5 for North America. It'll cost U$49.99 for the base game, U$69.99 for the game + the first 6 character packs, U$19.99 for the bundle of the first 6 character packs each costing U$4.99 containing 3 characters.
Blake Belladona and Yang Xiao Long announced as Free DLC characters

Noctis newest trailer: He'll be released on March 20.
Summer Lesson colab for the arcade version:

Shadow Geist confirmed as the newest character: Blair Dame and Jack trailer:
The game is schedule to be released in June. The game will cost U$59.99 with 12 characters plus the original Hokuto as a variation to Shirase and 15 gougi decks. More colors will be sold as DLC. A Lite version with less features will also be available.
Official Facebook page for feedback and news:

Blanka is released. Trailer:
Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G and Sagat are the characters for the third season.

Shark Girl schedule to be released in Summer 2018. She with her Arcana Parace L'sia and Dark Heart are announced as the DLC characters coming to the game.
Arcana Heart Illustration Collection:!R1pjnL7D!eiWMlKDeo-03ByL4iw8h5TstYUm9gZsUNN0e_0tneKs
Arcana Heart Heart Full Sound Collection Best:!5l4hAb5B!PCKrpfNCtHMJWVqH0ANHWqVwctrE2eEhZjFL3JnQDjI

Ver 2.10 english patch notes:
Daisuki Ishiwatari says to expect the next game to be less complicated with reduced system:

Legendary Edition confirmed with all the DLCs, new expanded tutorial and new gears confirmed for March 27.

Nicalis is producing a new fighting game from Studio Saizensen that has characters from Cave Story, Code of Princess, Umihara Kawase and others for PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4 in the Q4 2017.
Newest trailer:

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Cerebrawl funding moves to patreon:
Fantasy Strike Team Battle Mode trailer:
Kemono Friends Fighter Mechanics: Website: Hippo in the 1.5 update:
Omen of Sorrow Radegonda vs Hyde EVO Japan build:
Punch Planet Steam Early Access page:
Glitz'n Glam Brawl new character Cecilia:
Them's Fightin Herds is released as an Early Access game for Steam: Basics:
Touhou 15.5: The Antinomy of Common Flowers was released:
TRAF: Suits of Fate: New build available for public and Early Access stated for Early 2018.
Umineko: Golden Fantasia is released on Steam:

Open Beta for Fightcade2 is now live. Download:
Download and register for Fightcade here:
Get the full rompack over here:!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw is necessary for MVS games
Fightcade 2 full Romset!Ll8XwSYC!FaAKN04HdnPXcIT18dgMyF9FuNZvoealj6SLS3B-Z0w
Website with mods:

Steam Group:
disagreement group:


For most fightan in general:
For fundamentals in ST (still applies to other games):
Maj's footsie guide:
The Beginner's Incomplete guide to KOF:
KOF Shortcuts/Sequential Buffering:
KOF XIV Combo & Tech:
Guilty Gear Crash Course:
Airdash Academy:
The Complete Killer Instinct Guide by Infil:
DOA5LR - Full Character Guide & Frame Data - Created By Arcade Sensei:

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I want chun-li to choke me with her legs

Did he enjoy the set? I always "hold back" when playing with friends who I know are beginners, casuals or just still learning.

>I couldn’t go to an event without someone acting extra nice to me and then slipping in “aye put me on excellent adventures bro!”. Or, “hey dawg, you’re black but you haven’t helped my streams ever, you only help white people”.
I know I'm going to regret asking this here but, what's wrong with burguers?

I need to rev up my Chizuru stuff for the really patient user.

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Anyone agree that Najd is a delicious brown?

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No and it's not the same thing.

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She was sexier in the NESTS saga. Now she's a crazy 40 year old hag that won't graduate because she keeps playing Sailor Moon instead of studying.

Bearing in mind how she got added, I'm expecting her to be exactly that.

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Shut up Whip

You do know about the OTP shit with her and Rashid, right?

Remember guys:

Also, more SC6 shit when? Looks like a nice casual fighting game.

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Do you mind explaining what that Mike Ross post was about? I didn't see anything meaningful in the last thread, and the last I remembered he had abandoned his Twitter and CrossCounterTV to play Guilty Gear in the desert or something.

Down for me, what the hell is going on?

It's up for me.

Mike "SFV is one of the worst games I've ever played" Ross?

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Thanks user

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Jesus Christ. What a fucking industry.

Good on him for leaving that cancer butthole FGC, it's better to live a humble life then a shallow one.

What's the point of juggle combos in KI? They seem to do significantly lower damage than normal combos

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Krizalid is cool, that mudshit representative is now. I didn't expect this poz and I do no want it. I want to see her stripped from the game for supporting terrorists.


being flashy I guess

The burger FGC is filled with hustlers, I dont know why Mike was so oblivious to it until recently.

The "burger" FGC is filled with niggers who need to get the fuck out of gaming culture altogether. Niggers bring nothing of value with them to the communities they plague and people just go along with the association and let them fucking have it just because they dont want to be called racist for telling them to FUCK OFF.

Does anyone even care about Pokken anymore?

But if you take them out then all you’re left with is weebs playing Animu fightan and the wave of beaners and BRs endlessly jacking it to KoF.

Reminding you the game is shit.

Niggers are loud and goofy, they don't do shit beyond shouting for no good reason. Some of them play alright
If you truly think that's the problem in burger FGC, you're more retarded than a nigger.
Video related has way more to do with that. An stupidly high paying tournament with token tranny and "woman" shoved in. A commentator randomly praising the fat faggot when all he did was tap a button twice and so on.
The whole shitshow is the problem with American FGC. Meanwhile, in Korea or Japan, all you see is the best going head to head against the best, no pandering, no forced inclusion (minus some IRL waifu events), all of that along with populated arcades gives you good performing players. You go to play, if you're good, you win; that's that.

If you're losing to niggers you're worse than them, stop being a bitch.

Why are you guys acting like Najd was a diversity hire when she was designed by a Saudi Arabian in a character design contest held in Saudi Arabia? Also is it just me or have these threads gone to shit recently?

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Really showed me, Habeeb.
I want the presence of muslims fucking removed from gaming, it is all support for terrorism.

It's a huge market. Companies want to make money. Money is made through sales. Having a local market consultant is a perfectly rational way to approach the market (even more so on such a weird market).
I much rather have a muslim character in KoF so that they get extra founding for their next game rather than not having Muslims and giving in more market share to capcum. I want the next KoF to have good production value and to become a more relevant game at tournament as high end fights are very fun to watch.

Any muslims are soft support for islamic anti-white terrorism and I won't abide by it. The ones who won't cut your head off cheer for the ones who will when they do it. There's no reason for them to be represented in anything but their own sick backwards blood thirsty "countries"

But the character doesn't have any signs of being a terrorist despite her country of origin. Or is this the same autist who keeps on preaching about "Geoff the SJWcuck" or whatever he's called now?

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I want to get into King of Fighters guys does it play any similarly than any other fighter? Also is the triple pack on Steam include good games in the series?

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all the games in the triple pack are dead online. KoF98 is my personal favorite, but inputs are much more strict compared to the later games.

Attached: Shermie 19.jpg (579x819, 71.27K)

Download Fightcade and give a few of the earlier games a try for free.

And I agree with you entirely, all available surveys show that, even in Muslim communities inside western countries. Now go cry about it where someone cares. This is a fighting game thread, we talk about fighting games.
Again, companies aim to make money, not comforting faggots (unless said faggots pay extra). KoF not including a muslim wouldn't change shit about shit on that other problem you're pointing out.

XIV is actually a good entry point for newcomers. As said, older titles are very strict with your input (more so than most fighting games). I personally would do as said and, only then, consider buying XIV to have a -somewhat- active online player base.

Please do not post Tomoko when your post contains content which positively references islam or muslims. Tomoko is a nice girl who does not need to be associated with that kind of thing. Nice dubs.

what video?

also friendly reminder that Leona and Testament are the best girls

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That's weird, since in 98 I can pull out Shermie's/Clark's specials and supers consistently on keyboard without much trouble while in 2002 I can't get anything done
Though I haven't played XIII or XIV yet so I can't speak for those


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So what is the point of the Guts mechanic in fighting games anyway? The less HP a person has the the less damage they start taking. Is it to make it so matches are settled less in the end by random trades or pokes, or is it to force players to spend more resources and/or do longer combos to finish someone off?

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It's called Taqiyya you fucking idiot, it's a deception tactic which exactly what they're using to infiltrate and conquer the west. Look it up.

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Phone posting should be a ban-worthy offense

Both. If you fail to finish your opponent off in one go (something that is likely to require resources), your opponent has higher chances of pulling off a comeback while you try to poke from a safe position. This creates all the memorable matches.

NRS is nigger central. Only niggers and soyboys play that shit. I'm sure the next MK is going to have pupper animations again and retards will keep on eating it up.

That Motherfucker…

Care about online is kind of meaningless depending on where you are anyways.

Maybe Bamco because they want to bank on it.

That is what happen to people who are fans of big corporations. I am a huge fan of MK as a series, but now it is a WBGames product, so, fuck´em.
By the way, fuck Arika too, 20 dollars for Hokuto and some extra variations is pure bullshit too.

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Sorry if I disappoint you since she's not my main:

Ok, Chizuru overall is an insane pressure character in '98 who can build meter like no other. Has a great mixup game and her supers are really unique. Probably the hardest character in '98 though and I myself never "mastered" her but I can't ignore her since you will see many Chizurus at higher levels along with Daimons and Ioris.
Basic stuff:
close.D is a good meaty and is good to cancel into clones.
I think her f+A overhead is not safe on hit, not sure. But I remember that it's way more recommended to use in a combo rather than an overhead
>qcf+A can reflect projectiles don't bother with the C version even if it has a few invincibility frames

Now let's talk about clones:
The clones have hurtboxes so you can't be retarded when sending them at your opponent except to bait muiti hit moves like ranbus but that's not gonna happen at higher levels.
>hcb+A/C is your poke. You can control how short she travels by input another punch button. It is risky but you can punish early jumps, whiffs and even when blocked you can just start again with a cr.C->f+A/cr.D->slide into another one and if they try to hit you during it, do the qcb+C follow up to do a hard knockdown, wait to bait and then dp the shit out of him. Make him mad. A sends the clone but if you do the qcb+A/C follow up if you do the A version(clone) DEEPEST LORE happens then Chizuru herself continues the attack. You can even wake up with hcb+C to cross under your opponent and be at a safe distance

Her DMs are really unique. The seal DM can be comboed and fucks up many characters that don't really have many great normals (don't bother with the SDM/Max version). Now her clone super is amazing. Can counter GCCDs and if the opponent doesn't have meter, he is fucked up close. She sends a clone that keeps hitting the opponent so even if he blocks you can open him with lows or jumps. Too bad you can't do command or specials or else she would go full anime when doing this.

For combos and situations, look for chinese matches like Dakou and Xiao Hai. And combo videos you can easily find on youtube.

See my low quality print from a previous thread. And yeah, you'll need discor-like groups to get matches in those games. There are more people in XIII from those three games and specially from USA since 2002UM and 98UMFE are basically brazilians and chinese. Of course XIV being the newer and with actual lobbies have way more people in. Also, XIV is the easiest KOF to get into, yeah.

You can argue between '98vanilla and 98UMFE but 2002UM is a full blown update and XIII is high regarded too. Only XI is missing from the "greatest KOFs" on Steam. And you have both '98 and 2002 on Fightcade along with every other NeoGeo iteration.

You'll have nigthmares in XIV. Starting with 2001, KOFs went to have a more lenient input reader so you probably do the exact inputs in '98 but in 2002 and later games you don't need some diagonals and stuff. I recommend looking up the shortcuts in the OP because stuff like doing tk-like motion (2369/qcf,uf) for fireballs come out instead of a dp is really useful in combos like in 2002 and XIII.

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I can imagine Ono with a purple fur coat and matching hat knocking on Ross' door shouting "Bitch, where's my money?"

If what a user in the previous thread said is true then this plus the SFV and T7 kebabs were bought by a Saudi media company which is no different from some autist throwing wads of cash to put his stupid OC in a game. Regardless of it being true or not, those characters are so obnoxiously inoffensive it's actually insulting. At least Hakan was fun in a goofy way.

They're banning the furfag so the game is watchable.

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That's very in-depth, thanks user
Would it be better to try going Shermie/Chizuru/Ralf or Clark/Chizuru/Ralf

I just want Shermie to come back.


Menat looks great.

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Apparently they added Bruce Wayne skin to Batman. Honestly looks nothing like what I expected, Arkham City's Bruce Wayne still looks better imo. Would be cool if he had different quotes in this skin tho

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This is gonna be the first year where I watch AnimEVO over regular EVO.

Man, I hope they give an Elysium variant for Sophitia in Soul Calibur VI

To be honest, I always wanted a vampire character in a Mortal Kombat game. I learned they would have made one in Deception and there is some concept art for him, but he was never finished. I am so bummed out we never got a new vampire character in the reboot series

Damn son. I didn't knew I wanted this.

Olá, fellow anão.

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I'm one of those fags that plays fighting games for the story
So which Guilty Gear games should I play and in what order to get most of the picture?

Attached: Fragezeichenmödchen.jpg (251x251, 12.87K)

>trying this hard to be like REAL SPORZ™
So it's not crapcom-exclusive.
My sides are in orbit. And my soul is crying.

Just play it as it came out.
But the early games don't really have a story mode so you'd need to find the manulas for them.
Or just go to the wikia page.

But keep in mind that GGs story is all over the place, not many people can make sense of it.

Great list for AnimEVO this year. Sadly no Aquapazza and Nitro+ but we get TvC, Sailor Moon, Puzzle Fighter, TMNT, and HnK instead. Also would have liked to see some Touhou 12.3 or 15.5.

Lillith Juri comes off as a trap to me. I think Sakura would have been a better fit.

I heard Blazblue had a much better story mode than Guilty Gear. Also I heard Xrd revamped some things so I don't know if it even matters.

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This is E-Sports, man.
They are trying to make the FGC into a reality show.
I hope it'll end before it really begins though.
I mean you can hardly sell shit like Leagueoflegends to normalfags let alone fighting games.

I heard it was a clusterfuck, but I'll try it that way.

I already played all the Blazblues and yes, the story mode is really good, it even has a in universe explanation that makes all the arcade mode endings somewhat canon

Se for, estamos na praia dos gringos aqui, haha!
I am OK with that. Nitara, Skarlet, Sheeva, Jade not returning. I mean, the artists at Nether are great, they can make cool characters, but once those arts hit the desk of a certain NOOB, it gos completely down hill.
For me, MK died at 9, and I am extremely happy with that game.

I don't know, I hated the character in SCV, but, they will probably have her parts as DLC.

I mean, they are not bad, but, that game is basically a fucking ASSFAGGOTS, so why are people still worried about that? Any other fighter in the market, even Injustice 2, feels more complete than that.

The only info you need is this: Sol is the Father-in-Law of Ky in GGXrd

So, I have an important thing to ask you people. I live in Hueland, so, things are a bit more dangerous around here, but, I wonder, do you think it is possible to build up a scene from the ground up? What would be the most basic mistakes to avoid? One think I can guarantee is, every skin available, every stage, every character, would not be banned, never. I hate that shit.

Attached: sheeva_by_osmar_shotgun-dbz66du.jpg (1024x1257, 265.43K)

At least they are not raping the real Darkstalkers

Those thighs look like turds, man.

That is blatantly false, not because Mudslimes aren't trying to culturally enrich the whole of Europe, but because the average Mudslime is just a couple of steps over niggers in terms of intelligence. (((Organized muslims))), on the other hand…

I agree they are too big, but I can't say I see the same as you. But I will leave some others here, to compensate.

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why doesn't he have a dick

It's irrelevant. It's just a collage of random words and terms Ishiwatari thinks sound cool.

I'd probably put Urien as Demitri and Abigail as Victor in a admittedly desperate attempt to make him less vomit inducing. Julith doesn't look good - misses some details, keeps the eyepatch, got deboobed and because of SFV's style where everyone looks like a fridge, this looks like a fatass cosplaying Lilith.
I like what they did for Menat, picking a NPC, maybe they should have had a Mei-ling costume for Chun-li. After all, the poor girl has so few.

Morrigan and Jedah already got tiger-fucked by Disney and Marvel.

Attached: morrigan & lilith80.jpg (1000x700, 174.97K)

Mike Ross quit reality because the Nips at Capcom didn't like niggers.

Attached: 2eb.jpg (980x349 22.15 KB, 47.54K)

All these years, Capcom's been looking out for us even when we kept vilifying them.
It's time you apologize and buy some DLC to make amends. :^)

Attached: kolin12.jpg (707x1000, 141.2K)

Grorious Kappukomu™ di eru shii onry come in boxes of 100.
How many boxes you buy, firthy gaijin?

Attached: dlc salesman next door.jpg (587x731, 80.24K)

In short, Clark has more options and Shermie has more setups. Both are better in Extra with the steps and evasion until your opponent realizes you can't tech throws but Advanced anchor Ralf is one of scariest shit in the game, so Advanced is fine for both. Chizuru can go both ways.

I can go more in-depht if you want. Shermie is my main

Me too user, but I don't know how she would fit in XIV. She was never a combo-heavy character but if they made Athena and Clark fine, I say, go for it.

So, that's what people who complained about the boob job Juri got in SFV? And please don't tell me Menat is supposed to be Anakaris.

This looks fun. Does Supes gets a Clark/reporter costume?

I liked how Elysium showed how fucked up Patroklos was in his head since she was supposed to be an avatar of SoulCalibur in the image of what he thought it was the most confortable and appealing thing in the world: his mother almost naked.
Como vão amigos? Mas eu não vim do 55

Same here. There is a KOFXIV scene in a city near me. They have a small space in a mall with a few consoles but KOFfags are passionate and use facebook and whatsapp to manage and spread their scene.

But I also have a few friends who casually like fighting games but some are more of Magic the Gathering fans and are well stabilished. I talked to the owner of the place if I could bring a console to play a few casuals with people there once a month and for now, everyting is fine. People there like DBFZ, Virtua Fighter 5 FS, DOA5 and SamSho V Special.

I think the biggest mistake is thinking you are above anyone else. Stages and costumes are usually banned when they affect performance like some Blazblue stages and SFIV where some costumes affected hitboxes. So unless you make a place with great PCs for perfect performance, you'll hear a lot of bitching.

Garubito, one of his summons.

Doubtful. You're not supposed to like Superman anymore.

Attached: anakaris27.jpg (528x714, 248.97K)

That would be great, I want to get better at the game and every bit helps

I got tired of Tekken so I went to play some Guilty Gear and Blazblue and I quickly realized why Tekken feels much more frustrating than either of those other two games to me. I will admit that I'm far from being a competent player so feel free to call me out if what I'm writing is wrong.
But from my experience it seems that in Tekken offense is a lot easier than defense whereas in those anime games it's a bit more balanced. What I mean by this is that for once combos are easier to do because of fewer and simpler inputs (at least for bread and butter combos) and also because it is easier to react to a successful launcher than hit confirming from a 2P > 2K in GG for instance.
On the side of defense there is a lot more work to do in Tekken since there are so many moves you'll need to learn to block properly, like Snake Edge-type lows, mix-up strings, quick unblockables and so on. Of course GG can be pretty overwhelming when you're being pressured by the opponent but a crucial difference is that GG gives you some extremely useful tools, namely Faultless Defense and Burst, which are immensely helpful to give you some room to breathe and find a way to reset the situation.
Sure there is side-stepping in Tekken but it requires knowledge of the enemy's moves and precise timing and if done at the wrong moment you'll be punished heavily for it.
Finally, rushing down your opponent also seems less risky in Tekken since there aren't any really long-range pokes comparable to GG's far slash or even moves like Johnny's Mist Finer and not many characters have projectile attacks.
Again, this might be either complete nonsense or common knowledge but I'd be interested in others' opinions about this. Though I feel reassured in my opinion by the experiences I had playing online. You'll find far more hyper-aggressive/button mashing players in Tekken than in anime fighters and even at mid-green ranks there are loads of players (myself included) who will have a hard time defending against certain attacks and generally lack a lot of fundamentals because it's so easy to rely on heavy offense and rushdown to win against other amateur players.

It's the same price as a regular game if you want all the characters and gougi.

There's certainly more of it.

Keep meetings consistent and regular - at least once every two weeks. If you have arcade machines, then that's nice but you will likely need to invest in some monitors/consoles/game discs if you don't. You should try to have a variety of games assuming anyone in your country wants to play anything but KoF if possible, but don't go broke buying stuff no-one'll ever use.

If you can partner with a local bar or barcade or community centre basement, that's step one. Step two is deciding how you want to schedule everything, how many hours you want to devote to equipment moving (many players have a tendency to leave conveniently 15 minutes before cleanup), and so on. Step three is shilling and promoting yourself, either with posters or social media or bribing the town crier.

Mike Ross finally went on Reddit to bring up why he left the fgc, saying how he hates the community, Capcom, and Duty Fighter V after all the work he did with Gootecks. Wong and the others are on suicide watch despite more people know how much of a two-faced, scummy cunt Justin Wong and his SoCal fgc buddies are.

I can't wait for more leftist-sjw pandering if they announce MK11. Let me guess: Darius will be s pro-BLM/Black Panthers where his crimes and rapes are justified and glorified by Raiden and Ashley Bur-I mean, Cassie Cage? Or Sareena and Li Mei will go full lesbians for sjw pandering to a point it will piss off the LBGT community? Kotal will be a full Trump parody that condones nationalism, or not following leftist social justice bullshit? I also can't wait for day-one microtransactions and disc-locked content announced during development, or see how much uglier can they make all of the characters; Or all those fucking shitty movie-tie-in characters that will be broken and OP as fuck like Alien!

Nothing can make NRS games watchable thanks to Chris G being a scummy bitch with Reptile and Perfect Legend being a cunt with Kung Lao back in the day. Sonic Fox just put the nail in the final coffin.

To be honest, I'd fuck Sheeva.

I don't into a lot of fighting games but enjoy them now and then. What is/ are the best Tekken games and why? Whenever I played Tekken I always really enjoyed it.
Capcucks, Bizarro Mike, Eventscrubs, and Wong are still on suicide watch after Mike Ross called them out. I know no one cares about Twitter shit, but it's still amazing to see the Duty Fighter V or SjwMarvel vs Capcom train wrecks.

Tag 2 is okay, but it's bloated for new players. If you want a current Tekken, Pirate 7, but don't expect much because it's pretty shitty. Tekken 5 and 6 are pretty decent, and Tag 1 is always good stuff.

Tekken 7 is objectively good at core gameplay. The lack of content is shit, but gameplay itself is great and input delay is now about on par with other entries in the series.

It doesn't take alot of intelligence to do what they do. All they have to do is cheer for the fucking radicals, and they do.

goddammit i hadn't come to the threads in a while and the first thing i read is your autistic rants about sjw this and that, that you spam on every single thread, can you fucking shut up 5 seconds or talk about games instead

Can we get an edit of this image with the shiggy background.

One job, Capcom.

Thumbnail of embed related reminded me of this gem.

No. It's called discussion, and it's not always about shitty Japanese streams or shitty games no one plays. fuck off.

The person you're responding to has been sperging all thread

Too bad the soundtrack is terrible dubstep, Tekken Bowl is pretty bad, and it has that faggot Noctis.

If you read ids instead of making alt accounts to make yourself sound good, more than one person bitched about the new KoF character (She's okay, but her hair and backstory suck. I can't blame Mudslimes for SNK making a generic-style gameplay). I like her bgm, but her gameplay sucks (that's more SNK's fault).

Yes, but this is really a small game, for a niche group of people. Arika have been leaving the community disappointed for years. This game was supposed to, first, be a thank you to all the people who kept their brand alive all these years. And yet, their first move is to add DLC day one? Sorry, but that is not acceptable for any company. And the worst part is that we know Hokuto was one of the first characters they made for this game.

SF and MK still have a nice reception in genral. Tekken is also very common. It would be harder to implement BB, GG, UNIB or very exclusive ones like Dengeki Bunko or Skullgirls. But we never know for sure.
The place would be a bit hard to find, but I think it is doable. I have plenty of games on PC, but, unfortunately, the gaming sharing ability of Steam is abysmal. But, I also have consoles, so, who knows.

We know costumes are not always banned because of hitboxes, even more in e-sports. But frankly, I think that even if people can abuse this in some way, it is not exactly a good reason to ban anything. That is how the game works, a good player can manage through that. Like Birdie food in the Beach stage of Duty Fighter V, It would not mean much for a good Bison or Dhalsim player.
And indeed, I am not above anyone else, but, if I am organizing the event, I must have a saying about these things, no?

It is funny because in the first Injustice, it is Superman who saves the day. I felt the duality of choice at the end of Injustass 2 too stupid. I mean, Clark was receiving many tips from Batman that he wanted the team back together, and Super could start a new life with Wonder Whore, who was leaking that pure, mythological love nectar all over the game for him, but no, the fucking retard wanted to "rule the world" When in fact that would not make any sense for a being like him who could literally sleep on the moon, and return for lunch.
In the case of the Crime Syndicate, at least, they were not the real league.
And the fucking lootboxes. Jesus, and the level system, the animations… Nether is weird.

People usually like one game more than others, it is how things are supposed to be, don't worry about it.

MK 9 is all that we need.

I think that is only natural.


Attached: chunli_morrigan_cosplay_wip_02_by_brutalace-dc0wxcr.png (3840x2160, 12.87M)

cool, i didn't know you can command grab him out of it, shame most of that stuff in the video won't work if Ralf doesn't hold the super all the way.

It's a shame NRS never ported some of the Vita costumes like the remaining MK2 ninja outfit for Skarlet or UMK3 Rain. Despite the meta, MK9 was pretty good.

At least you didn't have to spend money on them, right?

This may just be me needing to git gud, but does Pokken reward spamming? Feels like if you are an up close character (pikalibre) you are at a HUGE disadvantage to characters with spamming ranged attacks. I have damn near been perfected several times now by beam characters.

Be careful when it fails:

look here, dumbass. politics is downstream from culture.

The problem with the lootboxes in Injustice 2 is not that, thank god, it is how it makes progression kind of boring.
The game does have day one DLC, and also had nine DLC characters, but if you get the basic game, it is, well, complete. But the progression in the game is pretty stupid.
In the game you can build your costumes, and in general, that is a pretty good feature. You can add many different parts per character, and use a color scheme, and many are available. But…

Seems like a decent, promising system has been ruined with a little greed. MK11 is probably gonna ramp the greed up because WB Games and Boon give no shits.

Sounds like they're doing a good job in keeping you out. Try a beam character and see if you can do the same.

Politics is downstream from biochemistry.

True. Good thing you can fix that with a mod that works online.

Yes, specially since it doesn't even have online. Good thing they aren't making bowling games

Well, at least the character sucks, so it isn't much of a problem.

Again, core gameplay is great and online works as intended. That's all I care about. I'd have prefered Tekken ball, Kiryu and proper arcade ending for each character, but that's really not that important.

Telkken Bowl and Noctis aren't important, but it's disappointing to see how Tekken 7 isn't much better than SFV. As a console port, it's so lackluster and barebones (endings, modes that aren't Harada's shitty fanfiction mode, and the customization is a joke; like you can't change Kuma's fur color? Seriously?), and who knows how long will it's activity last with the playerbase declining (What did you expect?). It is almost tempting to pirate, and brush up on my Kuma if I wasn't a complete fucktard at that stuff.

I fucking hate bears, but some people online use them surprisingly well. I guess you don't see them online because they are too risky.
I'd say the worst things about it are no lei, yoshimitsu is still shit and weak customization (they straight out re used assets from 6 with the same fucking textures, mainly with accessories).
The game is quite well in Japan, arcades have people playing all the time, some even have a floor only for Tekken. I'd say that, being a re-release of a two years old game, it did quite well so far.
I think SC will have more content, If it sells well enough it might convince Harada and his overlords to put more money into SP content. Hell, being that they already transitioned to a new engine and got it to work on multiple platforms, they should have enough budget and man power to work on customization and more content, there will be no excuses then, so they better not fuck up.
I actually quite like fighting Akuma and the weebo, I wish we could have them on the cast again, which will not happen.

I'm happy gameplay is good, we don't have options with 3D fighters, al having good gameplay was critical.

I've been a Kuma main since I got Tekken on the PSX, and my area had a Tekken 2 ver. B machine. He's meant to be a joke character, but in the right hands he can fuck your shit up (like most of the roster).

Yoshi always had problems since what? 5 or 6? He was always a high-risk, high-reward character, but at least he wasn't trash like Zafina. The only reason you'd use her is if you liked Voldo, but hate what Soul Calibur's become and you hate your life.

It's bigger in Korea and Japan (Korea still have shows where the best compete with each other like the old Starcraft stuff). The scene just isn't big in the West out of NY and Cali. It doesn't help the Western scene hogged frame data from everyone else, and the scenes aren't very welcoming (The SC2 scene was very infamous for this when a mod purposely kept frame data to himself).

I'm very skeptical with SC6 after seeing how shallow and barebone Tekken 7 was, and remembering how SC has been shite since 3. Expect microtransactions and day-one dlc. Reminder that Harada is responsible for ruining SC5 with the director in charge of that game. We'll be lucky if we get any decent modes in SC6.

Harada will make sure they put more money into his shitty fanfiction and self-insertions for himself and his clique (Mike Murray, Aris, etc.) than the customization. SC5's was really 4's if you think about it.

One day we'll get a VF6. One day (I can dream).

I can definitely win matches with chandelure but I just don't find the range gameplay fun. Feels more cheap than anything. I'd rather figure out how to get past their plethora of spam. Surely there has to be a way to counter that in this game… right?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (576x324, 363.03K)

wait, I got it. Crazy this wasn't covered in the games tutorials. Any other pokken players here know any other mechanics in this game that aren't explained in the game but are important to learn?

This is interesting, since my experience going from GGXrd/UNIST to Tekken has been somewhat different.

Defence and offence in Tekken seem much more one-dimensional than in GG: many attacks are high, and are thus beaten completely by simply crouching, but many high attacks look like mids which personally makes me afraid to crouch. Sometimes I'll feather a 141 input and accidentally duck something, which surprises me because the character model clips through my character's head - you'd think Tekken's 3D models would be more accurate, but nope, you were doing the One Single Answer to this chain, so of course it whiffed.

Combos are definitely easier on a conceptual level since almost everything is launcher > chain > corkscrew > chain > additional chain depending on circumstances/wall distance. Despite this, the sheer arbitrariness of Tekken attacks and the strictness of its inputs makes it tougher. Obviously chains are built into Tekken's design, but it's so weird to do Asuka's baby mode combo of wrLP, RK > 6RP because my brain just cannot fucking grok why those two specific inputs get a dedicated chain.

Tekken's gameplay is "honest" compared to something like GG in that characters don't teleport around or fly across the screen with 5f lows, so naturally the defensive options are more honest as well, like sidestepping and BDC. It's just that choosing the right one is incredibly scary and executing it in the heat of the moment is even scarier. When a couple of scrubs are playing honest characters and bobbing and weaving decently, it's a lot of fun. As soon as someone understands basic pressure, the other player needs to work overtime to force him honest, which feels impossible in any detail without training mode.

You're wrong to say Tekken lacks long range pokes, although the 2D concept of a poke is more like an approach option in Tekken. Alisa has tonnes of them, and Dragunov's running RP is oppressive. These attacks combined with defensive options are more about application than concept: sidestepping them incorrectly will kill you, but doing it right will kill your opponent. Using FD or IB correctly will give you a minor advantage, but not outright lose you the round, and your payoff is similarly medium: an opportunity, nothing more.

GG's combos are technically harder due to much less hitstun and rules about gatlings, but they're more "conceptual" than Tekken's throw-darts-at-a-move-list approach. That alone makes it way easier.

I want to like Tekken, but the most frustrating thing about it is how much information it refuses to show the player, because the game is (in my experience) based around overwhelming your opponent with unknowable bullshit. Even something as simple as a combo counter would mean nobody ever got fooled twice by chains that don't combo.

Go watch matches that aren't just Mishimas and top-tiers in shitty Socal events. Non-ewgf characters are actually different than ewgfs like the Mishimas. You don't know much about Tekken.

It wouldn't be so bad if frame data was out during a game's hayday, but again 3d fgcs are infamous for holding frame data, and if a character is trash like Zafina, they won't bother doing anything for her. 3D fighting game scenes died for a reason. Good luck finding decent stuff on Zafina or even Chloe (you might have better luck with Chloe or Giga, but still).

How hard was it for you to see what Mike spelled out what others have?! the EESPORZ scene is shite, SFV is shite, and Capcom gave guys like him the finger for not catering to their garbage. It's not rocket science, and it's sort of a big deal when a guy who did shit for Capcom says they gave him the middle finger. For a guy who acts like he's in the scene, you're not that smart.

Fuck off.

I'm pretty sure the game teaches you how to counter-attack cancel, also Mewtwo's hyperbeam can be ducked under by most characters.

It did, but I did the character tutorials and missed it…
either way I’m just not having fun with this fighter. It’s so counter and throw heavy that it just doesn’t feel good to me, not to mention some of the balancing just feels fucked as there are some characters that will get you into spam chains that’ll get you lower than half health in one go with no way to get out of it. I think I’m going to sell it and maybe get DBFZ.

How’s the online life for DBFZ on pc? What are the chances they’ll announce Fighterz 2 next year?

Attached: 46E578CD-129E-4CDC-89CA-11F5F8677E47.jpeg (750x1010, 127.05K)

What next? Megaman costumes?

Attached: 20171298black.gif (1856x1051 313.78 KB, 386.42K)


gay ass nigger tbh

Pretty proud right now. Time to work on my Wagner before he leaves me behind. UNIEL definitely won't replace BB for me though, squirrel power too stronk.

Attached: Hb_mik2017.png (2048x2048 391.14 KB, 1.62M)

I'm real glad I decided to pick this up. This is the fun I was looking for. Might sell pokken to make up for the price of Fighterz.

Also, I've been out of the fighting game scene since Super Street Fighter IV. Are there any other fighting games on pc that have some consistent online life to them? I'm guessing Injustice 2 was a bust.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (831x1176, 969.66K)

SFV, DBFZ, Tekken 7 are the only ones that will have ranked matchmaking. KI is also there if you don't care about ranked, Steam version doesn't have crossplay for ranked but has for lobbies. Otherwise you have to have friends or use disagreement

I don't know how it's for Inj2 but I know that it's near the end of its lifespan and MK11 is most likely on its way, I'd wait for that

I’ll stay away from SFV as I’ve heard that’s a trash fire, and I think I’ve realized with pokken im not a huge fan of 3D fighters (aside from Sould Calibur). Is the new Killer Instinct actually any good? Does it have a solid following? I liked the original.

Attached: C806B0AC-FAD2-43BA-BCE6-599ADFE8F8E0.jpeg (750x1660, 159.06K)

Attached: 1461502893938.gif (145x170, 193.23K)

Not even normalfags enjoyed the visual holodomor that was MK 10. That game can give you optical depression.

KI is intersting. It is not as good as it could be, but not a complete disaster either. And now that you can play it on Windows 7, and with all characters, it is not a bad acquisition.

Attached: mk gurls.PNG (1200x1170 182.66 KB, 242.78K)

Finding matches will be fast in KI but since you'll be playing player matches if you have steam version, you might not find people on your skill level. Imo the gameplay is hit or miss, I really like it but you might not. I'd watch some matches and remember you can refund before 2 hours in Steam. Also I'd suggest W10 version or Xbox version if you have either of these, ranked matchmaking is even faster from what I heard. If you decide to try it is an excellent site for it

Also you can pirate T7 to see its gameplay too, I don't really know how similiar it is to Pokken

I really should play UNIEL[st] more but I can't find anyone who works for me. Lenne and Akatsuki come close but feel like they are missing something.I feel like Sol and Iori spoiled me for finding a fighting game character that instantly click for me.

KI isn't a terrible game, but it does have lots of really annoying flaws. It also doesn't help that the devs are SJWs and the community is full of the most pants-on-head retarded people you will ever find in ANY community.

Although I do think it's insanely cool that they added a Battletoad.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1067x600, 1.49M)

You guys sure about finding matches? Looks a little rough.

Attached: 41F00A59-2F35-42A2-B45E-003C54816ACA.jpeg (1136x532, 230.93K)

Player matches have crossplay with Xbox and W10. It even has a f2p version on those systems, so yeah there are shitload of players

Ahhh, gotcha. Well cool, guess I’ll be picking it up. Shame about the SJW devs but I suppose they aren’t getting the money any more and were probably moved to something else once this one was finished.

Still you should watch some gameplay videos and read about it a little bit before imo, it plays rather different from other 2d fighters especially with combo break system

For PC, I guess only DBFZ, SFV and Tekken have an easy life on PC besides Fightcade. For others, you're better finding disagreement groups and social media.

Injustice 2 was released much later than on consoles so the majority who wanted to play went there since even a fucked up release like MKX still has people playing it after the fixes

Well, it's not like the costumes in MKX were pretty shitty. And I'm not talking about the redesigns or animation. The "classic" costumes like those MK3 and MK2 stuff are pretty underwhelming compared to the previous game.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Well, fucked up stages like the tall grass from Alpha and this beach stage from SFV shouldn't even be available by default for competitive play unless the if you want the meta for the game include stage picks that favors some characers more than others. And as far as I know, the beach stage also has framerate problems on the PS4. But you also need to buy that one, so if you're organizing an event, just not get those stages.

By the way, if you want to organize events, be prepared to spend a lot more than you'll earn initially to grab all the required DLC like characters.

I liked that she looks fast, seems to have good normals, a counter and a command grab. Considering I never really liked Heidern and have PTSD from Oswald in XI, she's the first character from the batch that I liked.

Well, good for you. I've been playing DBFZ with some friends but I tend to get better faster than then even if I don't have the game. But have you ever had these kind of problems?

Will do later user.

Attached: httpst.cofaE7EmJ3JJ.mp4 (1280x720, 4.33M)

KI has tons of people, but idk about the steam version, makes sense for it to have those numbers though, it released on steam when it was already EoL.

About the stages, we can all leave to luck, or we can leave to the players to decide if they want to play on them or not. I would never ban a stage or a character, but, if both players do not agree, we can always go random.
For characters, I also think it is meaningless, because of patches being a constant in fighters nowadays, any character have the possibility of being broken at some point, so, let the players react by themselves. If I managed to get it run, it will be player against player by the game rules, the organization would not interfere in gameplay more than organizing the players.

Anyways, I still have a very good catalog of games at my disposal. Just need to be careful when using it.

it looks pretty solid, shame about the SJW devs, but I'm excited to try out

also, it was only 20 bucks on microsofts app store. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake getting it off there.

Where is Falke

I'm still waiting for UNI[st] to hit PC. Meanwhile, my friend's first fightan was BB:CSE from the humble bundle a while back. It's my first BB too and I'm having fun learning Rachel and Plat. The only thing I don't like about the game is guard primers. These don't come back in the newer games do they?

Isn't she fighting in the Nazi army or something?
But, frankly, Crapcom getting late is nothing new already.

Attached: Absolutely Falke.jpg (600x800, 586.46K)

(very nice dubdubs)
Especially in the not-delivering-shit departement.

So, is she buddies with Orochi Shermie? The memories I have of this anime

Where's Mileena?

Attached: luchs.jpg (270x313, 19.07K)

Orochi Shermie and Whip too. Three nice Dolls, let me tell you.
I never watched the whole thing, but Leopard still looks like a damn frightening enemy to this day.

About Mileena, she went out there and got gains!

So, do you think that Blue Mary is the next character, or could they be mad enough to add someone like B. Jenet instead?
And why would Arika not add anyone from Fighting Layer, and yet, say they will add two new characters, that is pretty weird.

Attached: MILEENA.jpg (800x800 119.03 KB, 166.96K)

Someone datamined the new DBFZ update and found pics related. Seems the devs left a file that contains all the planned DLC. 'CharaBDN' and 'CharaBRS' are respectively Bardock and Broly, for reference. I'm assuming the fact that Vegito and Zamasu are the only ones with semi-complete lobby avatars means they're coming next.

Attached: vegito zamasu.jpg (615x464 79.73 KB, 151.26K)

So ZMB and VTB are Vegetto/Vegito and Zamasu, GKN and VGN should be base Goku and Vegeta, and CLF is obviously Caulifla. Who's AVP then?
Also hopefully BGMAnison1 is Akira Kushida's song from the finale.

Shame they are probably saving Ultra Instinct and Jiren for the sequel.

Since BBTAG has mote than seven blaz blue characters, anyone have any guesses as to how many characters from each game will be added in?

Next time just say friend you faggot.

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Attached: 1398642 - Mileena Mortal_Kombat cosplay.jpg (873x1280, 219.67K)

Why would you want another Goku? Ultra Instinct should be a mechanic of the game, not a freaking character.

Well, dubs, I would prefer Kefla better. Her power used a more unique color pattern, and she also had a better physique.

It never fails.

Attached: KLF.jpg (800x1067, 153.71K)

But we both know it’s not gonna be, plus it was just a cool form and it would animate well.

Attached: 95E43796-D784-4CB6-8B2B-85FBC13D5ED3.jpeg (674x960, 152.77K)

From the looks each pack will have one of each franchise: 1 Blazblue, 1 Persona and 1 UNIEL in 6 packs. So in the end we'll probably have

I don't think the lobby avatars are a clue. There's even a Chiaotzu one and the "leak" said about Fused Zamasu which would make more sense with portal moves, the halo and other stuff. Albeit really underwhelming since while Vegetto have many fans and I really hope we get a SSJ Vegetto color besides Blue and the saiyan girls along with #17 and Jiren built quite a fanbase during the tournament, the popular one from the Black art was… Goku Black who is already in the game.

That's clearly Arale Version Powerful please!

Attached: Arale Super.jpg (758x428, 43.5K)

God Bardock feels so good to play

Combine him with Cell and It's just fucking cyclones of death
I cum in my pants each time

What should my Anchor be though?
I've been having some success with Piccolo but the problem is that I can win the first 2 matches pretty flawlessly but then people get used to my bullshit and I lose the next 3 after

Come up with new bullshit?

Still looking for ways to disappoint you.

Now there's a trip down fapmory lane.

Attached: saber dolls6.jpg (850x1205, 455.33K)

That's incredibly hard though especially with Pickle man being my trump card in each round

Ya know he wins because of his range and quick reactions that the brain can't follow fast enough but once it's picked up one can start to track him fairly easily. He's also got stuff that people already know about now that the lifetime of the game has increased. For example a lot of people don't fall for Stun Beam anymore.
It's the same problem I ran into with my other team of Gotenks/Tien/Fat Buu
Where I can't land a single chiaotzu/Ring of Death at this point in the game unless I'm facing like Supreme Kai or Lower.

If the original leak's to be believed then I'm guessing AVP is the DBS version of Android 17. If not him though I have no idea who it could be. CLF has to be either Caulifla as you said or final form Cooler (although the Cooler victory voice file that leaked a while back was labelled 'CLN' apparently).

The leaker also tweeted out pic related and I think it's cleared things up a bit. The 'N' in these abbreviations seems to imply a character's base form (e.g. those base Vegito and base Zamasu lobby avatars were respectively labelled VTN and ZMN), whereas the files for the playable characters are named 'VTB' and 'ZMB'. That probably means we're getting Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu with avatars both for those forms as well as for their base forms, especially since we got 2 avatars each for both Bardock and Broly today.

Attached: lobby avatar files.jpg (456x256, 54.48K)

Looking at the Saudi Arab character in KoF, I just had a realization that Soul Calibur doesn't really have any similar characters. How would you feel if they added some Ottoman Turk like what Street Fighter did with Rashid?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1275x1650, 1.75M)

tbh I don't really care about RWBY, but I want to see more than just the main four characters just to see if they have any interesting playstyles.

Attached: Cozy Remy.png (378x328, 67.51K)


Attached: Are you a bit mentally retarded.jpeg (727x480, 36.88K)

Anyone remember how big KoF XIV's 2.0 patch was? I'm trying figure out how big 3.0 is gonna be so I can clear up space.

Attached: 5d438f7df44f72f4d21797e94a6c081dda9c4f6480685d93cbae06271ee3b1b6.png (512x768, 616.14K)

I know this is a man but I still can't figure out the joke. Is there a dick in the mirrored picture? Is it just a world renown tranny?

Attached: spoonfeeding.webm (720x370, 679.6K)
>Freeze and zoom when KO I was pretty bummed for this since the slowdown on last KO is in KOF since the first games and now it looks goofy when fading to white

For now we know rolls are now unversal along with a rebalance and the DLC characters. I hope they bring back the slowdown on finishers that I suggested to Gunsmith on his document to SNK.

The Alexandras are Ottomans since Greece was part of the empire at the time :^)

But seriously, I wouldn't mind as long as fan favorites comes first. SCV had a lot of backlash for not including many and this cannot repeat again.

Did she exchange her height for mass? She looks a bit short.
The anime is an oldie 90's harem/SOL with a heartwarming ending in both the first season and the J to X sequel I stupidly waited years for a Saber Marionette X series

You can't fool me again

Anyone think we're getting bamboozled on Sunday? I'm expecting:
SNK - something really obvious like announcing Xanadu in a dress for SNKH
SFV - something people would want and will be left bitter about because Capcom is that detached from reality
DBFZ - as the above but on a lesser scale like announcing a DB character like Lunch or Pilaf
T7 - some stupid shit only Harada thinks is funny

Patty was one of their conscripts. I'd say leave it at that. Camel jockey hate doesn't need to be brought up, it's just that if SCV and the new edgelord are of any indication, those people can no longer make a good design to save their lives.

Attached: rose & menat3.jpg (1000x655, 65.95K)

I'm mean download size not content

On Saturday*
>2016 was a King of the Monsters movie with Maxima and KOD plus Robo Army 2
inb4 they announce a new Days of Memories

Attached: narique.png (541x348 211.33 KB, 92.27K)

What's happening this sunday?
SNK Heroines announcement is schedule to April 6th. KOFXIV next character probably only at the end of April right befor the release of the patch. Maybe we'll see more beta builds of 3.0 like last week with the 3 announcedd chars.

Looks like 2GB but why?
Also, it had 2 new stages and some new songs. So far only one was announced but maybe there's anothe with the last character.

It's April 1st. Even the nips like their pranks.

alright thanks
HDD is almost full. I just wanted to figure what I should check off my backlog to clear up space before the patch drops

Likely JNPR team
Can't wish for Cinder, Qrow, Velvet, & Neopolitan

or buy another HDD. 5 posts when you could've searched your answer

…. I've been getting butthurt with vidya a lot lately. I need to get my anger in check, especially now that its led me to buying a game I was going to get on sale considering the sequel will get announced next year. Oh well, at least it's really fun.

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