Do video games have any intrinsic value/useful return?

Video games seem like massive time wasters. I have yet to see any proof of muh hand-eye coordination, and if you want that, go shooting. So what do video games actually return? Don't tell me you waste so much just to have hedonistic fun?

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Everything people enjoy is a massive timewaster. Any attempts to attribute some higher virtue to the arts by the same people who lambast video games is desperate flailing. I'd certainly agree the majority of video games are low art however.

Does OP have any value?
OP seems like a massive homosexual. I have yet to see any proof of muh OP is not a faggot, and if you want someone who is not a faggot, you're not gonna get it from OP. So what does OP actually return? Don't tell me you waste so much oxigen just to live and suck dick, OP?

Video games, among other media such as literature related to robots and artificial intelligence, made me consider pursuing a scientific career seriously.
For this inspiring reason I hold such media in high regard, though I could have easily substituted video games with books or movies to get the same effect.
This also means I unfortunately don't have as much time to play video games.

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No and you should grow up and stop playing them so much.

Games can be used to teach a lot of things. A foreign language, basic math skills, historical events, typing skills, communication, teamwork, strategic and critical thinking, etc.

I used to struggle with typing until I started playing Jedi Outcast online in 2002, where all communication was done with typing because VoIP was basically non-existent or too bandwidth heavy for my 56k dial up.

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No, video games are marxist-indoctrinating trash created by kikes

The sooner video games die, the better it’ll be for the white race

Nice try Chaim, back to the oven with you.

Way to prove him right. The industry has long been taken over.

That platforming one was my jam. Also the monster lab in the 4th building, good shit

What were the other two from activities from MB again?

Two that come to mind that are either of some real-world utility or teach you something which are fun and interesting are Foldit and Typing of the Dead.

Typing of the Dead is a pretty decent game for practicing typing skills, especially fast and accurate typing in the later levels where you're imputing short sentences of complex words or with tricky structure, but fails a bit as an educational tool by not counting punctuation, supplementary keyboard functions, or numbers. Foldit is a pretty decent puzzle game where you're trying to arrange a protein fold in order to reach the lowest energy state possible and get a score over-par - with the highest scores being uploaded and fed into an AI to teach it how to more efficiently fold proteins when testing new medicines/vaccines.

There's also a lot of cancerous games which have drops you can sell on the community market to make money, so those actually have an objective and quantifiable return on time invested.

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Releasing stress for traumatized people.

I feel it depends on your interest in the subject, as learning something can be the fun itself.
Do you have any examples of games that teach a decent amount, but are boring/lame?
I would like to try them.

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topkek, kill yourself OP
video games are meant to be fun first and foremost, and to form fond memories of, especially when played with friends

All I can remember from it as a kid off the top of my head was that every time I would go up or down a ladder in that area, my computer would have some kind of error pop up but you could just close it and keep playing, and also I remember the game where you had to throw water balloons at some liquid alien dudes to manipulate them into going into the right tubes to complete math problems.

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Learn what intrinsic means.

video games can be part. The medium is perfectly conducive for art appreciation and showcase. The issue is that the medium is currently majorly for profit, and thus it is not entirely art, although it can easily be so.

They can teach you simple problem solving skills and multitasking, as well as mental agility Unless literally all you do is play vidya, then you're just conditioning yourself to only function in a vidya environment.
Let us lay down some examples.
TBS teaches you how to plan ahead
RTS teaches you to think on your feet
FPS teaches you how to prioritize and react to threats and, for classic FPS, lets you practice navigation skills (those mazes can be tricky).
Platformers can teach you… uh, pattern recognition? I'm at a loss here.
ARPGs are garbage clickfests.
Puzzle games teach you critical thinking and curiosity.
And that's all I've got. No idea what racing games would teach you.

Just wanted to add that vidya is mostly just entertainment so please do not actually expect to get anything of value other than a good time.

The entire point of human life is to have hedonistic fun.

Vidya is entertainment, I mean sure My Summer Car has the bare minimum basics you need to build an engine and simulate what happens when you fuckup but it doesn't teach you everything. However vidya gaems can be designed specifically for veterans who are shell shocked and the results are far better then the old school way of treatment.
Anything else beyond that really boils down to the type of game you play, the fully autistic games will teach you more over time but half the skills it'll teach you can be pretty useless like perfect fortress setups.

DotA 2 is a microcosm of everything. Memory, planning with and against other people, execution. But most people play it unconsciously so it only serves as a ruinous distraction as they rage, day after day, never cognizant of their actions. It all depends on the person and if they're aware of their different mental faculties at play.


I highly doubt all your time is spent productively, OP. The fact that you made this lazy shitpost thread is proof of that.

Nothing. They are a waste of time and that's why I stopped playing them.

Dis is my life makes me whole all at one


missed opportunity tbh

Video games, like shitposting online, are an addictive, but cancerous waste of time that could have been spent doing something actually productive. In return for enjoying vidya, your precious brief moment of life across the infinite expanse of an empty void of nothingness is being fruitlessly chipped away.

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you're right


Video Games drive hardware development. Which trickles up to higher end sectors. Since gamers are the biggest spenders in the hardware market, they fund chip designers for the enterprise market.

This has always been the case. The Commodore 64 was the first computer in history to market to gamers specifically and it ended up becoming the single best selling computer model of all time. It had superior sound and graphics capabilities to the IBM PC when it was first released. Microsoft realized this importance early on since they supplied the version of 6502 BASIC for the C64. Video games drive the industry.

time wasted having fun is not a wasted time

Simple yet true

Just about everything by Zachtronics has a heavy focus on programming/logic puzzles from what I've heard. My preferred is Brain Workshop, simple open source game typically played in short sessions daily. it's been helpful learning to multitask and focus more effectively. Tracks your progress through each session and adjusts difficultly accordingly. Most relaxing MKULTRA training program ever played 9/10.

I already study programming, lift, run, read, and draw. Why am I not allowed to have my vidya, OP? Are you a 55-year old man mad about those damn kids and their 8-tracks with the hippy hop music?

RTS teaches you economy, simple warfare tactics and map reading.

Pretty much strategy games are a treasure trove and I would say they are better than chess.

they're fun

All these have no "intrinsic value" by your metric, OP, and the last one makes you a hypocrite.

Okay mister (1) and done, I'll bite. Vidya is…
More engaging than watching movies
More challenging than bar sports
More fulfilling than watching sportsball
More fun than nature walks
More interesting than modern art and literature
More community driven than social media
And more valuable than collecting antiques
Do you know why, faggot? #1 reason is because vidya immerses you with gameplay and requires you to overcome challenges, set goals, and get good, all in a pretty package with good enough graphics, sound, and story that facilitate the gameplay. And if there is little to no gameplay…there's a reason we came up with terms like "walking simulator."

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I learnes English by playing mostly RPGs so at least for me games have value beyond just dumb entertainment

Games are just entertainment like tv and movies, unless you're a full time streamer or esports pro you're not going to get any real life reward from playing video games and you shouldn't expect to.

videogames are kiddie shit, life is about getting laid & marrying a woman & taking care of her children

Even shitposting is better use of time than video games. Even as toys for little children video games are actively harmful. Everyone would be better off without them.

Back to cuckchan, faggot.

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Chess is a meme game anyway, Checkers beats it in every way

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