System Shock 1 remake "delayed" until 2020

Have to say I thought this was totally dead but sounds like they're at least pretending to be releasing something coming up. Still think they might as well not say anything but two years is appropriately far in the distance that might as well be like they're saying nothing.

Also, System Shock general

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Any mods that fix the shitty hitscan projectiles?

Heck, not just hitscan, ANY hit register fix?

Well,there i was hoping to experience system shock for the first time.

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That too. I only have a problem with the guns, which is why I usually go psi when I play SS2.

The remake demo was shite, just play the enhanced edition.

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Kickstarters are such a ruse, not only is it practically free advertisement for someone's pitch to publishers, they're outright being paid to shill themselves. At least the 2 years thing has the hint of being realistic.

The enhanced edition is just too archaic for me,i'm sorry.

Are you underage by any chance?

Not at all.

This was literally their plan from the get go. They switched from Unity to Unreal 4 for that and the level design shifted from somewhat faithful recreations to straight up generic modern shooter hallways.
In the later years all they did was shit out concept art while not spending a single moment on the actual game.

You should blow your brains out for being this stupid.

Yeah, fuck that. I got wise to that bullshit years ago with modding and waiting for mods.

it's really not that bad user, give it a try and eventually you fall into the world. The only thing that takes some relearning is paying attention to stuff that blends into backgrounds like switches and buttons and some critical items.

kikestarters are infamous for this shit and I'm just surprised that it took them this long to first put it on hold and then come back with this new date

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Yeah,alright,i'll keep it in mind,just gotta be positive.

You however are an asshole.

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You don't belong here redditor.

I am shocked.

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But the graphics are ugly and it plays weird! I just want a reskin of something I'm familiar with, not some old, shitty game for Gen-X people!

Cool,take your buzzwords and shove them down your urethra where they belong

You can change the control scheme to something better, once you do that then you should get into the groove of things. I do not recommend maxing out the story cap otherwise you get a time limit.

Are you… system shocked?

Remakes always ruin the original. They'll FUCK with the story, music, mood.

I am by no means a nostalgia fag who thinks all modern games are bad but how many remakes turned out GOOD versus which one were soulless cash grabs?

I love CSI. Only show that made me root for the kidnapper pedo basement rapist instead of the police. Hell that detective was insufferable.

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It's sad when more decent DEmakes come to mind than remakes.

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I'd seen the previews when it was first announced, it's basically Bioshock. That sounds kind of weird when Bioshock is System Shock 2

Say hello to regen health, two weapon limit, instakill knife button, lootboxes, multiplayer focus, Season passes that slowly give you access to 40% of the original game they cut out, hamfisted diversity, and facebook integration. Also, Nightdive Studios is already a publisher, they got Kickstarter funds in addition to the ones they already had and yet they need MORE help from OTHER publishers? How unbelievably inept do you even have to be to-
Well that explains alot. Also, NightDive has never developed a game before, why the fuck did people throw their money at them like this despite having no experience whatsoever?

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why are you trying to depress me user? The only bright light in this whole ordeal is that we all know this thing is never coming out, at least not within their arbitrary 2 year schedule

You need to stop.

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Jewish double-speak. Their intention is to exactly fulfill their promise. Only, it will be missing some promised features that they couldn't. Also, they more worried about the timeline for their ROI than they are about feature completeness; both explicitly enumerated features and implied/expected.

With Jews; goys lose.

Are you so bad you can't see obvious sarcasm

I know it was obvious bait hence the image.

But what about System Shock 3 being currently in the works?

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I'm surprised that the game is still being developed at all and the studio didn't just fold in on itself and implode.
Part of me just wishes they would let it die.

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have we heard anything? I keep forgetting about it except when I think about the SS1 remake fuckup and wonder how much worse it could get

Serious question for the black hearted anons here and be honest: if nuPrey had been called System Shock 3 and they had changed around a couple of things would you have hated it as much as you did?

I didn't hate nuPrey but wish they had called it something else

But sarcasm isn't bait,it's sarcasm.

Play SS Enhanced. Youll get used to the UI easily if youre not retarded.

Doesn't change the fact that I knew it was an intentionally false statement.

No point in doing so

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People from the original team are working on it, like Warren Spector, there's some concept art, but that's it.
Based on concept art, the game will take place in the cidatel, and based on what we know, the protagonists of the previous 2 shocks games will be in the game too

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Modern concept art is a cancerous amalgamation of too much photoshop and talentless hacks I want hanged.

It is, from what I understand the entire project went so badly that they completely axed it

along with other stuff, I guess some exec came in and called them out on how bullshit everything was and cancelled. I bet they're restarting from almost scratch

Even better is that kikestarters almost always end up needing to get a publisher anyways because devs suck at business managing or even basic money management

Oh boy, anyone cares to guess what happens now?

yeah nah.

I have no problem playing X-com, and other old games.
I cannot into system shock.

It's way less clunky than the original xcom, user. You just have to give it a chance because skipping it is missing some solid gaming as well as some legit spooks because it's still pretty freaky to this day.

Also the music is kickin rad:

forgot embed

You're better off watching a fucking longplay than playing some dumbed-down inferior 'remake' done by milquetoast SJW libcucks and thinking you're experiencing the same game in all its glory.

I wouldn't be opposed to playing a fan made remake,but i have a feeling that would get booted.

Assuming you're talking about SS2, get SCP. It fixes basically everything, even meleeing monkeys works well.

From what I understand there was no project beyond the initial kickstarter build. Virtually all money was spent on "concept art" in an attempt to woo AAA publishers into paying for a AAA game.

i'm pretty sure we had a thread about this a couple of weeks back when the developer basically said as much on steam

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I'm currently playing ss1 enhanced edition for the first time and I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun playing a video game. I really like the atmosphere in the game, and the change of pacing when you find the medical reconstructor is welcome.
I'm playing completely blind, but it didn't take long to familiarize myself with the UI and controls.
The only thing I'm wondering about is that if there was no free mouselook in the original version, wouldn't the game be really fucking difficult? Most of the time you can just take it slow and peek corners etc., but sometimes SHODAN throws a shitton of bots or mutants from every angle, which could get a bit tense if you're low on hp and meds and haven't flipped the reconstructor switch yet.

The game doesn't control all that poorly without mouselook. Vanilla is SZXC in place of WASD with A and D for turning. Mouse is like in lightgun games/Wii shooters where you can aim on the screen. So it's still superior to every console game ever released and well ahead of its time. The only really awkward action is looking up/down (R/V) but since you can already shoot up/down thanks to mouse aim it's not needed often.

They had only announced that the game was on indefinite hold then, the new thing is that now they think that the game should be ready by 2020. I don't think that they will respect this release window considering what has already transpired but you never know.

>put on hold to reassess the development
I'd bet on that horse with great confidence

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My nigga. I did the same and it became one of my favorite vidyas. feels good man.