"Myths" from GTA games

If anyone played the GTA games (especially San Andreas), you come to notice there's these group of people in the GTA community who spread "myths" and "urban legends." Is anyone here get interested in them? Any favorite ones?

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rat man

All trash, every last one of them. Clickbait for little children who unironically believe in this type of shit. Shitty low-res videos with x-files OST playing in the background with low-res FRAPS or HYPERCAM recordings of their modded game.
And of course the devs rather than simply putting an end to this fucking cancer type of "myth-hunting" by straight-up officially admitting that there isn't a single real myth in any GTA ever ever ever, they bite the bullet and add fucking ghosts and other garbage in GTA V to pander tto the shitty underage autists and clickbait myth hunters.

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Not really a myth, but those ghost cars in GTA SA really unsettled me as a kid.

But it's fun pretending that spooky shit haunts in SA.

The shit you're talking about was epic back in 2000s, when Youtube was full of obscure tutorials, glitches, & Minecraft Alpha gameplay videos.


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It was even acceptable to call it that

I think the urge to start myth hunting comes from the fact that certain parts of games seem strangely barren. So, on that, I can see why they would play into it. Not excusing it, mind you.


I didn't think any of this shit would have this much of an impact back in 2008's /x/.

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Not a myth but at night time you can hear heavy breathing in CJs house and some other places. That shit was spooky.

I'm still upset it never recovered from Holla Forums shitting up the board.

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I feel like game myths stopped being believable after the PS1 and N64 generation.

I wanna destroy the Internet so games can have genuine mystery again
We can live in villages, JC

Oh yeah? Well, how about this - go to Leaper's Bridge in GTA IV at 1:23 AM and you'll find a blonde woman called (((Jill von Crastenburg))). She will only appear if the first bin on President Ave has this symbol on it though. If you approach her, not running but walking, with the knife drawn, she'll jump off the bridge (hence the name). Most people stop there, but if you jump immediately after her (again, without running), you will find yourself in an alternate portion of the game. I'm not giving everything away though, so try it for yourself.

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They say V was good

SCPs are still relatively obscure. And the normalfags who know about them don't know shit. 1 out of 30 normalfags I speak to know what SCPs are, and so far I've met only one person who didn't go "Oh yeah, that's like that video game right?"
Also, did anyone die because of this shit? I know that some dude got shot over a "slenderman prank", but I think SCP hasn't become that mainstream yet.

Make this feeling go away.

Helios 4 lyfe

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i was 7 yrs old and really liked video games so when i heard gta was getting a new game i was really exited because i loved gta vice city and tommy vicecity was my favorite character of the game. so one day i was just walking around and saw on a yar sale this boy was selling a copy of gta san andreas… but the cover was all black and under san andreas it said 666 in red numbers but i thought "its must be a joke this guy put to scare people" so i ask him how much he wanted and he says "SIX DOLLAR AND SIXTY SIOX" and i felt really bad on my skin like a worm was on it but i dont care because i really wanted to play the game. i give him the money and go home again put the cd in the ps2 and i noticed that ps2 makes this strange noice like cracking of bones but i dont notice too much and keep continue. the intro of the game dint play and then SUDDEN on the screan appears and image of cj but he was all black and had BLOOD COMING out of his eyes so I scream in scare and turn off the ps2 but the tv doesnt turn off so i take the game out and break it but the tv is still on and cj starts walking turns into a skeleton too i take off the plug but CJ is walking out of the tv and then he was completely turn to a complete skeleton and said "come with me" with a really creepy voice and I say "NO PLEASE CJ" and then he grabbed me by my leg and bite me but my dad came from the closet where he was hiding because he know all this happened and shot the skeleton cj with his gun and said "GO AWAY EVIL MONSTER LEAVE THIS HOUSE" and then the tv exploded and CJ soul went to heaven and the game turned to normal again

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That's 2 spooky 4 Holla Forums user were a chrischan board and this kind of stanism mite curseyehameha us.

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There was the two little girls who stabbed another little girl nearly to death to try and summon slenderman.

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I remember being obsessed with the bigfoot in GTA:SA for maybe a week and that's it. The content of majority of these hoaxes was rather forgettable and unremarkable.

I remember that one too, what grand childhood memories for all involved there.

GTA has been normalfag shit since III

That was probably a bullshit attempt at an insanity plea.

If they want to find a skinny white guy they can always ask 4chan amiright?

In public school, my "friend" who was that kid, said that in GTA2, there's a guy that walks his dog on the beach and it deletes your save/corrupts it

I don't remember any beaches or bitches is GTA 2

I miss this shit being viable. Now between lazy developers never including crazy easter eggs/weirdness, too much coverage, datamining, and general attitude it never happens.
Mostly play games to explore and these myths really added to that, especially when something like the heart in the statue of liberty happened and made it all seem plausible. Now its just 'No we checked the files theres no model or texture for it'.
No fucking mysteries allowed we need to know everything and quash rumors immediately. And if we don't lets make a low quality mod for it.
I can't even play open world games anymore because of this, I know everyone's explored the world and theres no good easter eggs to find or rumors to test. Theres no fun in it anymore.

My favorite was the 'UFO's that were the streaks in the sky at night.

I wish it wasn't murder but I'm glad someone thought this up and someone else believed it world work. Its like an extreme of what I did.

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How do I get the golden warthog guys

The one that started it all.

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Did you remember to shoot the monkey's teddy?

If it wasn't for Big Foot, the entirety of the forest area of San Andreas would be complete boredom, I want to believe all this shit is real just because.

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I seen some big scary shit in back o beyond, I dont know if it was sasquatch or not, but it made me turn the game off.

Nigga I used to run out of the room when Super Mario Brothers for the NES sped up the 1st level music (it did that when you had 100 time units left)

pretty sure Slenderman and The Rake are from SA

No fun allowed faggot spotted
Those were the best
I miss those times

Same. They were so comfy.

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If /x/ had survived it would have been another tumblr bridgehead just like Holla Forums. Better it died than got cucked.


Come along anons, let's start up a new let's play channel.
We'll record our games with unregistered hypercam or bandicam, and we'll keep our screen resolution at 800 x 600. We'll have a shitty Windows Moviemaker tier intro with lens flair and shit music (Breaking Benjamin).

I'm sure there's a huge market demand for this.

I miss that shit. I still remember reading shitty Runescape blogs about easter eggs, and they'd usually give some manner of unlikely shit you were supposed to do to make something happen… but some of them actually DID work, so when they others didn't, you'd wonder if they were bullshit or if you performed some step wrong. Wikis ruined all this. It feels like all MMOs are just metagaming now.

MMOs are essentially lobby content breadlines at this point.

Dont forget about captions made in notepad or added in Windows Moviemaker

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Oh, look at this fancy motherfucker right here, with his emo music, video editing skills and recording software. I'll stick with Drowning Pool and my camcorder, thank you very much.

Man, you are taking me back. I can't believe time flies so fast.

By the way, GeneralKidd on youtube is a hidden gem. The guy hasn't changed since 2008. The madman still edits his videos on moviemaker (I think) and his videos are so poorly edited that he gives you 2 mins of info in 7 mins.
Definitely one of my fav channels.

I found it, the holy grail of mystery videos:

There's also this gem that I remember from way back when.

Crisp video quality for 2007

I remember rumors that it was possible to go to the prison you were originally being transported to in gta lll. Something about driving off of the destroyed bridge before it gets repaired, or alternately, reaching the lighthouse and going through the door.

Those are real in lll and Vice City. You can clearly see saucers through a scope. You can even reach their level in Vice City if you fly the tank.

I've managed to get across the bridge before it's repaired and nothing happens, you just get chased after by the popos.

I don't recall a lighthouse ever being in GTA III.

There's one by Salvatore's house, look towards the sea.

Is it very hidden or something?

Those mysteries used to drive me paranoid in that game, because at the time, you didn't have any reliable ways to check if it was true or not

I'm glad they put some real ones in GTA V though

It's off the coast on a rock. Not very hard to miss.

I used to play this mod often, it was the wet dream of any myth lover in GTA.

It's on the rocks in the coast behind Salvatore's mansion
There's even a couple of benches in the mansion overseeing the whole thing

There was a rumor going on in my school that on a certain day of the week, at night you could find a serial killer with a chainsaw in Red or Flint County

I still don't know who, or why, did anyone think of that

Has anyone proven the myth that women are made from sand?

its okay user you can always teach that scamming nigger andrew to stay true to his fucking word

That's a misconception actually. They're not actually made of sand, as such. They're actually a silicon-based organism. What this results in is a body that undergoes a different respiration reaction. If you have ever seen a woman's blood, you will notice that it is blue and not red. The reason behind this is that the blood contains copper hemoglobin and not iron hemoglobin. Copper does not react with silicon while iron does. The problem with silicon based organisms is that the body is not as efficient in using and conserving energy. This is why women tend to be both physically and mentally inferior to their male brethren. The advantage is that they 'ooze' an aurora that allows them to jump significantly higher than their male counterparts which is a distinct advantage in both escaping predators and acquiring sufficient oxygen in mosh pits. t. knower


Love these dumb videos

It's not just GTA. The "transition era" (ie. the era of video games during the transition from 2D to 3D as the standard industry model, about 1995 to 2005) of video games was full of shit like this. It was the early days of the world wide web, and AAA 3D games weren't as "polished" yet and it was experimental as fuck. So games from this decade are often full of programming quirks and underused assets that make the game full of ambiguity. And the world wide web wasn't as well indexed back then so it was easy for people to post myths and come across as falling down a rabbit hole because this was before the era of "Deep analysis" YouTube commentators ruining the suspension of disbelief

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Nah I'm pretty sure he got expelled from the school a month or two before graduating, and he ended up moving or going to a different high school than we did.

sage because samefagging. I want to also re-iterate what I said by also pointing out that most of these ambiguity comes from the fact that 3D dev kits were still pretty shit back then. It wasn't until the late 2000s that game developers started getting the hang of their 3D game engines. That's also why we don't see "myths" in video games anymore.

I think game developers often try to re-create this era in video games by intentionally making their game world large and vague, games like Breath of the Wild for example, but it just doesn't fucking work anymore. I miss those days tbh

To be fair, all you had to do was memdump a cartridge to take a look at it.

Also, please consider that CRTs are flawed and display the image incorrectly. While they are likely what the developers saw, the image is stored internally as an RGBA byte array (or the equivalent, depending on hardware). Thus, CRTs were never accurate.

This is true. But while these tools did exist back then, there was jack shit documentation for these tools available online, so for the average pleb doing cart dumps was some esoteric wizardry. Today you can just fire up a YouTube video on a tutorial on how to search cart dumps. This shit didn't exist back then.

What the fuck is that?

the mew truck has been proven, some guy did it by a glitch

ratman i believe

more like a desperate Mickey Mouse trying to rise to fame

That doesn't prove shit. You can literally program GameBoy memory byte-by-byte with a series of glitches in Pokemon R/B/Y. All bets are off.

An elaborate one I was told as a child was that in Red/Blue/Yellow versions that if you lost to the final trainer on the cerulean city bridge you would be forced to join team rocket. the implications were that you could enter building through windows, confiscate pokemon from trainers you defeated, and if officer jenny battled you she could confiscated your entire party if you lost. And that you couldn't use pokemon centers as a team rocket member

I never played PokeMon games before but that sounds like whoever told you that must've really hated you or something.

I think they were pulling my leg, it was two kids on a church retreat. Another oddity, all the kids in my region (virginia) called the legendary beasts "legendary dogs." According to bulbapedia "legendary dogs" and "legendary cats" are very common misnomers. Another was the notion that mew was a reward for completing your pokedex

No fucking wonder.

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Gen Z-tard NEETs actually believe the shit they spew.

well this person did it by a virus

it shows, its a simple ruse thats all.

>crt monitor: hmm what? okay i guess i'll use a raygun to set it and an adjacent area to something that might resemble red? also i'll bleed a few areas over and no you can't predict how long i'll take because its hardware :P

They weren't even called "Legendary Beasts" back then. They were officially called "Legendary Pokemon" or just "Legendaries" back in those days

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How's your 14yo LCD going? Oh right… they die after 5 years. LOL

English is not your first language is it?

You need to go back to tumblr. No one believes your lies. No one likes to be around you. You are lower than everyone but jews for your hipster bullshit.

You sound like the kind of person who lost their sense of wonder.

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Oh shit nigger, my friend made that video with his older brother when he was ten.
Why must you remind me of better times, user?

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I've never seen someone this underage before. You don't know anything about display technology and have no idea how CRTs work or how they fail.

He's rusing bro

Don't post again until your girlballs drop, little lass. The adult heterosexuals are conversing here.

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Only thing I remember is Bigfoot is supposedly near Mount Chilliad.

Were you at the top or something when you spotted Bigfoot?

Youtube ruins everything. Spot on about BotW though, I remember seeing a few things that hit me of trying to be a myth from something like wind waker or OoT. Off the top of my head that blue spirit horse thing in the mountains that only appeared when the mountain had a glowing spot on it, and the master sword being hidden away with the contrived forest torch run to get to it. You can just see this being on an old forum like
'To get the spirit horse, the fastest horse in the game with infinite stamina wait away from Satori mountain at night until you see a glowing light. Then glide over to the light, make sure its still night time and you'll see the horse. Put on your best stealth gear and walk up slowly to it then you can ride it. Just be careful as soon as you get off it'll disappear'

This better be not a ruse

Man, spending hours in those woods, looking for shit that wasn't there and I loved every second of it.

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I can only remember the thing with the girl stabbing classmates to please Slenderman.

Is there a mod that adds all those "Creepypastas" into the game, or do I have to find each one and download them one by one?

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That's amazing. Can't believe people dedicate themselves to one fucking game, and can find all these holes original devs never even considered

I remember watching those youtube vids that used loquendo and had that 009 sound system song, I dont know why I have so much nostalgia for them

Ausfag here, my group of friends always called them "Legendary Dogs" as well

Wow, you're having a bad day today.

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I remember playing San Andreas for the PS2 when I was about 12 years old or so. I first heard about these myths when looking up easter eggs for the game online. Back then, Youtube wasn't a thing or it hadn't taken off so the only other info I had to go on was user-posted guides on forums and google-images.
Given the abundance of actual easter eggs in the game and spooky locations in the middle of fucking nowhere, it wasn't hard to believe there could actually be something to a lot of these myths. Pic related, for example. It's just a cabin out in the middle of the woods with no missions or anything related to it, yet it's enterable unlike 99% of all other buildings in the game.
There was some other stuff in the game too which just fed into the whole concept, like those cars pictured in the OP. They would spawn in a slope and then roll towards you if you come running through the area, so they essentially became known as "ghost cars" to players.
So yeah, I ran around chasing shadows of Leatherface, Bigfoot and all manners of ghosts in that game for hours and hours and I don't regret shit. Would I do it today? Fuck no, but it was fun as hell for a kid with a vivid imagination.

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If everything was black how could you see CJ?

You just answered your own question.

Wasn't that the cabin where CJ goes to to kill some witness that was trying to snitch on Tenpenny?

The one you're talking about is on mount chilliad, the one in the pic is in the badlands, close to the area the ghost cars spawn. crazy how much of that map I still remember

While sad I kinda agree with


One day I always wanted to be in a scenario where I had a friend who played GTA SA multiplayer with me everyday and we talk about it in school all the time. We would be like "oh we should go to Muholland Drive to case the place" or something and then see the confused faces of other people around us.

I think that cabin is a movie related easter egg, like VC had the Scarface appartment

Cabin in the woods?

Woods in the cabin.

The only myth involving GTA games is that they're not all trash made for niggers and wannabe niggers.

This is you

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This is my favorite one. GTA 2 takes place in 2013, Rockstar was one year off.

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that just means it's the Legendary pokemon, kind of like how Pikachu is the Electric Mouse pokemon.

Honestly, I kind of cherish this stuff. It's back from a time when a video game would still give you a sense of adventure, rather than having everything broken down by Jewtuber and the knowledge that everything which happens on screen is a result on scripts which the developer made for one reason or the other.

Half-chan maybe but if you mean fullchan Holla Forums then you are mistaken.

If game devs made more effort to hide stuff in or make another reason to explore like the system used in far cry 2 then you could just explore and find a old train half-buried off the map or actual easter eggs instead of just going on a marker on the map. Far Cry 2 had such a great system of putting diamonds close to landmarks on the map yet you didn't know wich had some until you visited so you had to visit all if not most of them which has even more weigh in harder difficulties as you don't know if you will be ambushed or find nothing. For anyone that hasn't played, diamonds are the currency as well as the most common collectible. The check point system was cool as well and really added to the atmosphere of hostility though the instant respawn gets really annoying on the hardest difficulty on some parts
It would be so cool to be able to find stuff like that in open-world games, but that will never happen due to lazy devs, reddit existing, none of the kiddies being smart enough to try and find something by themselves instead of *go to the bright yellow marker*.

It's true. It's easy to forget how different things were back in, say, pre-2007.

I think that year is a wonderful landmark. Not in the sense that it was "good", but because it was iconic with the jewish shit becoming full force and ramping up every consecutive year. It's a clear divide between the "before" and "after" of vidya.



Why are these so entertaining to read?

The Panopticon area is named after the facility where they sent the guy that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is based on. It was rumored that he'd spawn there since the area isn't used for much else

Completely right. I know people are desperate to find something fun in the empty, boring lifeless sandbox that GTA presents, but there's nothing there. Play a real game instead, preferably something that isn't shitty.

Isn't our Holla Forums busy imploding over hotpocket drama anyway?