Ridley thread

I see there's a thread about Witches and Wizards, which aren't vidya characters.

So if that's okay, let's have a thread about Ridley, who is a vidya character, and who will be in Smash

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But some witches and wizards are vidya characters.

as a stage hazard when they reuse the pyrosphere stage

tbh, i'd rather they reuse the pirate fregate stage

No because this is a general thread about Ridley. I meantioned Smash to start the discussion, but it can be for fanart, strategies, discussion of him in games, even porn (since that is allowed)

Prove he'll be in smash

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he was all in smashes (except maybe 3DS, does he have a trophy there?) so far:
64: Stage hazard
Melee: Intro video
Brawl: Recurring boss
Wii U: Stage hazard

I Mean, stage background

Metroid needs another rep. Fire Emblem does not need 6.

it'll probably be Dark Samus
or Adam

get rid of marth, roy and lucina, tbh

Can you imagine it? Sakamoto demands that Samus becomes unplayable vs Samus or locking all her special movements if he is present.

There should be a mode where one person plays as a boss (Ridley, Master Hand, etc) and the other players team up against him as normal characters.

I honestly thought that was what was gonna happen for the WiiU version of Sm4sh, but instead they included smash tour that no one fucking played.

Dark Samus would be the "easy" way out, though her moveset would logically hardly be anything like Samus' and as we all know, Sakurai is fucking terrified of making new movesets. Ridley is the logical choice considering he is more important to Samus' character than any other villain-to-hero in any of Nintendo's IPs, considering Samus' entire "hero" role stems from Ridley killing everyone.

Another option would actually be the Zeta Metroid from Samus Returns as it IS a cardinal villain from the franchise (Metroid), can't be part of the "lelelelele tooooo beeeeeg! xdxdxdddd" bullshittery, and has a versatile moveset to work off of (though we know for a fact that means jack shit). Throw in an Omega Metroid metamorphosis ALA Giga Bowser for a final smash and it could work quite well.

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Fucking Ridley fags every single time. Never ever. Fucking Alduin is more likely to get in Smash 5 than that guy.

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He's already in smash, all of them, really.

Anyway, you may be right, but only for a corporate reason. Namely that nintendo is too up their own ass about "advertising" that Ridley won't be playable and instead, we get a bunch of shit from recent or yet-to-be-released games.

You know, like Corrin or Inklings or Decideueye or Wii Fit Trainer or motherfucking Cloud and Greninja, while cool characters are shoved into mii costumes.

The catch here is that Samus Returns is a recent game that was well received and the final battle fucking looks like a smash bros stage in the making.

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it's already happening. Albeit it's not alduin just yet.

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Don't tell me what to do. Fuck off I cant read.


I'd be lying if i said i didn't want to know more.

What the hell orifice am I even looking at?

The end of an untied balloon

I want Ridley to untie my balloon