Anyone else still playing? Too many fucking chinks on this shit.

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That is good bait, congratulations.

The game is gay, but play FPP to avoid the chinkfest you retard. For whatever reason they don't know how to change it from TPP to FPP at the title screen.

i am, i like killing chinks because they rage over mic lol

Holy shit, this bait is unreal. Are you using a proxy?

All they'd have to do is fucking region lock the game but nooo they have to let the dirty chinese in because they drive up sales.

The game is owned by chinks, why would they ban chinks?



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so, who is "PLAYERUNKNOWN"?

That's unknown.

Filter the cuckchanners.

Avoid having to see threads like this by joining the real video games board today!

Where's that?

Also why do 9x39mm guns suck so bad in this? They were good in stalker.

It's a little known fact I suck chink dick on a regular basis

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my understanding is that this one of those streamer bait games that started as a mod before its own thing (like Day Z or Dota 2) and Playerunknown was the modder

Commies get lynched

Even if it's bait, fuck off back to Facebook

How am I empathizing with them? They bankrolled a shitty game that OP is using to bait replies. I empathize with OP, he's going to get a hilarious thread here.



What did Hiroshima do to warrant another wave of cuckchan migrants?

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You'll find your way there.

He's Russian though

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stopped playing a long time ago

I wouldn't mention the name in this thread either.

Fuck off.

Too much drop because the round is fat and slow for suppression reasons.

Wait what? It's thicc?

If he's Russian, why is he wearing this Jamaican hat?

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But he didn't make stalker?

Slow and fat is better for a subsonic round since you need to go slower than the speed of sound anyway.

could be worse, could be niggers.

Why is this garbage being posted on Holla Forums? We could've had a video game related thread made instead of this

new exodus soon, boys

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Kill yourself faggot.


You have to go back.

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Turns out mods agree with him.

Looks like a new guy, probably the same guy who's trying a little too hard to fit in.

Contribute to a pubg thread?

Great for once I ain't the one getting the boot.

Surprise me.

If it's video games it belongs on Holla Forums. Currently we're in a situation where 4am threads, friday night threads and waifu threads are kosher despite being explicitly non vidya but a game literally about a video game isn't because some anons don't like it.

a thread*

Just because those threads are shit doesn't mean cancer vidya isn't.

Holy fucking christ anonymous posting amongst other anonymous users is very liberating, and very isolating. You end up forming an an unintentional clique because you only ever post in specific threads pretty much most of the time so you don't ever crossover into Anons who never post in the same threads you do.
How out of touch do you have to be with the Anons you supposedly hangout with to not realize that friday night threads is one of the small, small number of ways Anons have a chance to actually connect with each other. Nobody shitposting in other threads actually plays vidya while they shitpost otherwise the gamenights would have more activity in the threads besides screencap dumps.

4am threads I just read that as butthurt for not being in a US timezone, too bad.

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You know you almost made an acceptable point when you started with the Friday Night threads, and then you defended the 4am ones.

The friday night threads list 8 things in the OPs of which one is video game related. There's also no need to 'connect' with other anons this isn't fucking /soc/ do we even have a /soc/ on Holla Forums? In all these years I've never checked.

I know for a fact at least one mod regularly posts in the 4am threads and that's the only reason they're tolerated. For god's sake there's someone who avatarfags so hard he's known by name as ritsufag and nobody does anything.

My point about user's desire to connect with eachother and Friday Night threads filling that need still stands. I don't live in a European country so I don't have to deal with 4am drama sucka.

Well I had a look and unsurprisingly it's even more cancerous in the disagreement age.

Anons should connect with each other through video games and nothing else. Better yet they shouldn't do it at all.

Heh. That all you got?

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